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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2020] The romance of tiger and rose 传闻中的陈芊芊

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Let me try telling this story like the story tellers.   The banana told the peach to come at him.  The peach tried, but was thoroughly beaten by the banana. The banana told them, the whole t

Clips of the Douyin meet... at one point he almost broke into tears  https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4513657260878419 [summary: his future plans is to act well. Although HS gave him a lot of attention.

Wow I didn’t realized but LS quit this reality show that could have very well gotten her a lead role in a drama by someone big but she quit the show half way to focus on filming ROTAR!!!   https

12 hours ago, Super_Dede said:

Hi guys. It’s announced today at Tencent industry event that TROTAR is becoming a franchise like eternal love. It’ll potentially be having more than just season 2! 



A franchise? Does that mean we'll possibly be getting merchandise? :o Like that DVD set? Man, if so, that'd be awesome.

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MengGuo, ZiRui and BaiJi new posts about TROTAR :piggydance:

Will the whole original cast be back for S2? Waiting for our Banana and Orange CP :P


MengGuo : "Looking forward to meeting you again #TROTAR" 




BaiJi is also looking forward to S2 he even added his pomegranate sliding gif with a caption "I'm coming !"




ZiRui : "You guys are outstanding, your contributions cannot go unnoticed " and a picture of him with the caption "Can only say 10 words??" 




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5 hours ago, mvrecci said:

my mind goes like....what if the plot wud show HS pov....

his initial plans were all zeroed out when he married QQ...and his jealous-mode when shes with other men...


Oooh. I like this storyline....


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Why do I feel like the poster looks like a guy in red... hmm... are they gonna flip the story? The third princess marries in to a supposedly rotten male lead instead? 

Wonder when filming will start... pls let second season be good...


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On 8/3/2020 at 8:28 PM, Dramanoona said:

So motivated to rewatch and start gif-ing again!

This scene was so intimate, even I felt shy watching them here. LOL.

Guess which episode!

i so liked this ep 10000 times...QQ so fierceful with her conviction to save HS...imo her acting was *truthful*..

and her pleading arguments with her mother-queen so endearing..

no wonder he fell for her...and his scheming plans all went pfffft..



On 8/3/2020 at 9:49 PM, Isrin said:

These two have already started promoting TROTAR S2 :joy:


where's baibai..?

i also want my cp (baibai -ruirui)...


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Chinese fans are really something, they've finally managed to get an "answer" from BaiJi haha

A lot of fans have been using this wordplay in reference to the horse BaiJi killed off in the drama :

原班人马 (yuanbanrenma-马 ma meaning horse ) an idiom used to refer to an original team / cast / staff 

But 吗 (ma) is also a particle used at the end of sentences to form a question 

So this fan asked BaiJi whether it will be the original cast for S2 but instead of adding the question particle, she only used its homophone "horse" 

And BaiJi answered :  "This time there's no horse" lol

I might be going too far but if BaiJi is also playing on words, we could infer that it's indeed gonna be the original cast for S2 


I'm well aware that my explanation is extremely confusing haha but I still wanted to share this

Please take it with a grain of salt haha I'm just in delulu mode :joy:




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It's me again :joy:

Weibo detectives have noticed that our Banana and Orange real names have been tagged in the official announcement of WeTV Taiwan for TROTAR S2 on IG  




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7 hours ago, Isrin said:

Banana’s dad is very funny. Did you guys remember the scene where he gave Banana’s mom the flowers when they were sneaking around the “palace”  trying to save Orange’s mom? He really killed the moment and pissed of Banana’s mom Lol lol

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Mainland Chinese Drama 2020] The romance of tiger and rose 传闻中的陈芊芊

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