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[Drama 2020] Midnight Snack Couple/Sweet Munchies, 야식남녀


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JTBC Drama

Midnight Snack Couple / Sweet Munchies



Network: JTBC

Genre: comedy, romance

Episodes: 12

Director: Song Ji-Won (The King 2hearts )

Writer: Park Seung-Hye (A Man Called God)

Release Date: May 25th - June 30th, 2020

Airtime: Mon & Tue @ 21:30 KST (following drama "When the Weather is Fine")


OST: part 1 Lee Jin Ah - Love With You

         part 2 The Vane (더 베인) - Superhero

part 3 Jung In - 반짝 (Twinkle)

part 4 Jung Dae-Hyun- All Things Will Pass



Official site: HERE




Park Jin Sung (Jung Il Woo) is a chef who runs his own late night restaurant and decides to take part in a variety show. He is famed for his cooking skills and good looks. Kim Ah-jin (Kang Ji-young) is the PD of a variety show and she gets caught up in a love triangle between Park Jin-Sung (Jung Il-woo) and Lee Hak-joo`s character.




Jung Il Woo as Park Jin Sung



Kang Ji Young as Kim Ah Jin



Lee Hak Joo as Kang Tae-Wan



Choi Jae Hyun as Park Jin- Woo (Jin Sung`s brother)

Kim Soo-Jin as Cha Joo-Hee

Kim Seung Soo as Lee Sang Young

Yang Dae Hyuk as Nam Kyu-Jang

Park Sung-Joon as No Jae-Soo

Gong Min-Jung as Yoo Sung-Eun

Shin Woo Gyeom as Kang Min Soo


Character Chart:






















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Jung Il-woo to play chef in SBS rom-com, Midnight Snack Couple

by stroopwafel


After weeks of being courted, Jung Il-woo (Haechi) has confirmed he’ll be taking on the lead role in the latest SBS rom-com, Midnight Snack Couple. Kang Ji-young (Soshite, Ikiru) and Lee Hak-joo (Be Melodramatic) are set to costar.

Jung will play a chef who runs his own late night restaurant and decides to take part in a variety show. His character, Park Jin-sung, is famed for his cooking skills and good looks. Kang Ji-young’s character, Kim Ah-jin, is the PD of said variety show and she gets caught up in a love triangle between Jung Il-woo and Lee Hak-joo.

I’ve seen Jung Il-woo on the variety show Convenience Store Restaurant, where the cast members create dishes and compete to have them sold in convenience stores and he really knows his way around the kitchen, so I expect this role will come quite naturally to him. Kang Ji-young (formerly of idol group Kara) is a bit of an unknown quantity for me. She’s been very active in the Japanese acting scene, so I’m hoping–if she is indeed the lead–that her experience will translate here.

Midnight Snack Couple, written by Park Seung-hye (A Man Called God) and directed by Song Ji-won (The King 2 Hearts), is set to air during the later half of 2020 on SBS.





February 28 2020

Jung Il-Woo cast in SBS drama series “Late Night Snack Man and Woman”


Jung Il-Woo is cast in new SBS drama series “Late Night Snack Man and Woman” (literal title). For the drama series, Jung Il-Woo will play lead male character Park Jin-Sun. Actress Kang Ji-Young (formerly of idol group ‘Kara’) has been offered the lead female role and she is currently “positively considering” her offer.

Plot synopsis by AsianWiki: Park Jin-Sung (Jung Il-Woo) is a chef and runs his own late-night snack restaurant. He is physically attractive and loves to cook, but he also has a secret. Park Jin-Sung gets involved with TV show producer Kim A-Jin.

“Late Night Snack Man and Woman” will air as a completed pre-production, sometime in the second half of this year.



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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2020] Midnight Snack Couple, 야식남녀 - Jung Il Woo - Premieres in second half of 2020
  • 2 weeks later...
5 hours ago, kiefshi1056 said:

who will play the lead actress, i wish they pair him with SANDARA PARK, SHIN HYE SUN, kim seul ki, park shin hye, hwang jung eum or IU

 It was said who will play the lead actress. She is Kang Ji young. I don`t know her. I did not see her in anything and I am not familiar with kpop either. I hope they cast her well.

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1 hour ago, larus said:

 It was said who will play the lead actress. She is Kang Ji young. I don`t know her. I did not see her in anything and I am not familiar with kpop either. I hope they cast her well.

:(:bawling: i have nothing against kpop idols its just that ....:dissapointed_relieved:

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8 hours ago, kiefshi1056 said:

i have nothing against kpop idols its just that ...

I am not enthusiastic about kpop idols either but if there is a good script I can watch anyone. It seems that she has some experience as an actress. We should trust the casting director.We`ll see.

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Kang Ji Young Gets Support On Drama Set From f(x)’s Krystal

Mar 26, 2020
by S. Park

f(x)’s Krystal cheered on Kang Ji Young’s first appearance in a Korean drama!

On March 26, the former KARA member shared a photo of a coffee truck sent to the set of upcoming Channel A drama “Late Night Snack Man and Woman” (literal title).

Kang Ji Young wrote, “Please look forward to ‘Late Night Snack Man and Woman.” Thank you so much Soo Jung (Krystal’s real name) for the coffee truck.”

The banner to the left said, “Good luck to Ji Young and all of the actors and staff of ‘Late Night Snack Man and Woman’! From Krystal.”



more https://www.soompi.com/article/1390656wpp/kang-ji-young-gets-support-on-drama-set-from-fxs-krystal

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Actor Jung Il-woo showed off his snack tea from actress Lee Jeong-hyun.



Jeong Il-woo posted a photo on the personal SNS on the 1st with the text "Thank you, Jung-hyun! Thanks to you, I am very energetic!

The released photo shows Jung Il-woo posing in front of the snack car he received from Lee Jeong-hyun. Lee Jung-hyun's meticulous support for Jung Il-woo's shooting of 'night and night' attracted attention.

Jung Il-woo and Lee Jung-hyun are appearing in KBS 2TV entertainment program 'Conveniance Store Restaurant (New Version)'. In addition, Jeong Il-woo is also filming a new drama 'Midnightight Snack Couple'.




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Jung Il Woo Thanks Lee Jung Hyun For Sending Gift To Set Of New Drama

Apr 1, 2020
by J. K

Jung Il Woo and the cast and crew of his new drama got a boost of support from Lee Jung Hyun!

On April 1, Jung Il Woo shared a photo of himself in front of a coffee truck sent by Lee Jung Hyun. The actor is currently filming the Channel A drama “Late Night Snack Man and Woman” (literal title).

A banner on the truck reads, “To the cast and crew of ‘Late Night Snack Man and Woman,’ enjoy a refreshing drink and also please show actor Jung Il Woo a lot of love. From, actress Lee Jung Hyun.”

Jung Il Woo wrote in the caption, “Thank you, Jung Hyun! You gave me strength!! The staff are really enjoying it too. Thank you.”

He tagged Lee Jung Hyun and added hashtags for “Late Night Snack Man and Woman” and the variety show “New Item Release, Convenience Store Restaurant” (literal title). Both Jung Il Woo and Lee Jung Hyun are cast members on this variety show where celebrities create new dishes from convenience store ingredients.



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Former KARA Member Kang Ji Young Hit By Drunk Driver; Temporarily Halts Filming For New Drama

Apr 3, 2020
by E. Cha

Former KARA member Kang Ji Young is currently receiving treatment after a car collision with a drunk driver.

On April 3, Kang Ji Young’s agency KeyEast confirmed reports that the idol-turned-actress had suffered a car accident earlier this week.

A representative of the agency stated, “On April 1, Kang Ji Young was on her way home after filming for her new SBS drama ‘Late-Night Snack Man and Woman’ [literal title] when she suffered a car accident. She is currently receiving medical treatment.”

The agency continued, “The driver responsible for the car accident was in an inebriated state. [Kang Ji Young] suffered minor injuries and is currently focusing on her treatment and recovery.”

Kang Ji Young is currently taking a break from filming for “Late-Night Snack Man and Woman,” and she plans to return after recovering from her injuries.



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As the 2020 Tokyo Olympics was postponed due to the spread of Corona 19, broadcasters who had skipped the 'Olympic period' also had an emergency. Eventually, JTBC delays the 'Model Detective' that was scheduled to be aired on 27th April , and fills the gap by organizing the 'Midnight Snack couple'.

Originally, JTBC was planning to take a break from the drama due to the relay of the Olympics after the `` Model detective '', but there was a gap as the Tokyo Olympics was postponed to next year.

Broadcasters who left the broadcast during the Olympics also fell on fire. It is expected that some set-up works will be organized and filled in between.

Although the drama Model Detective has been postponed until July,  it has already taken a large part of the filming. 

Midnight Snack Couple is the work that Jung Il-woo and Kang Ji-young are casting as the main characters, and Kang Ji-young has recently been in a car accident by a drunk driver and hasn't returned to the shooting site, but thanks to the pre-production drama was on schedules. There is enough space, and it is expected that Kang Ji-young will return to filming.




 An official from JTBC said to MBN Star on the morning of the 9th, “We are currently discussing the formation of

“The late night snack Couple ”.

JTBC is planning to form “Late Night Snack Couple” as the sequel to “When the weather is fine” and “Detective Model” is likely to be broadcast in June and July.




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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2020] Midnight Snack Couple, 야식남녀 - Mon & Tue @ 21:30 KST - Jung Il Woo - Premieres on 27th April
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Kang Ji Young And Lee Hak Joo Confirmed To Star In New Romance Drama Alongside Jung Il Woo

Apr 27, 2020
by S. Nam

Kang Ji Young and Lee Hak Joo will be joining Jung Il Woo for a new romance drama!

It was confirmed earlier that Jung Il Woo would be leading JTBC’s “Late Night Snack Man and Woman” (literal title). On April 27, Kang Ji Young and Lee Hak Joo were also confirmed to be starring in the drama.

“Late Night Snack Man and Woman” is a romantic comedy about a love triangle in which a man and a woman fight over the same man.

The upcoming drama will be Jung Il Woo’s first drama in one year since “Haechi.” Having already showcased his cooking skills through the variety show “Fun-staurant” (literal title), Jung Il Woo will be taking on the role of chef Park Jin Sung who runs the special late-night restaurant bistro72. Through an offer from his regular customer, producing director (PD) Kim Ah Jin (played by Kang Ji Young), he becomes the host of a cooking variety show (also titled “Late Night Snack Man and Woman”) while hiding a special secret. With his honest words and extraordinary cooking skills, chef Park Jin Sung will receive love from viewers all over the world.

As her first leading role in a Korean drama and her first domestic promotion in five years, Kang Ji Young will be taking on the role of the passionate PD Kim Ah Jin, a temporary variety PD who has been tirelessly running towards the goal of making her producing debut. Her only source of enjoyment in life is having a drink with delicious snacks at bistro72 after an exhausting day. Right before her contract expires, she receives the final chance to make the variety program “Late Night Snack Man and Woman” into a success.

Finally, Lee Hak Joo, who is currently starring in JTBC’s newest hit drama “The World of the Married,” will be making an eye-catching transformation for the upcoming drama as the popular designer Kang Tae Wan who does a phenomenal job of captivating customers’ hearts. Stylish and charismatic from head to toe with a successful career, he appears to be a character who isn’t lacking in anything. However, on the inside, he has built an invisible wall. Through some coincidence, he comes to be in charge of Park Jin Sung’s styling for the variety program.




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Jung Il Woo, Kang Ji Young, And Lee Hak Joo Find Themselves In A Unique Love Triangle In New JTBC Drama

Apr 27, 2020
by S. Park

Fans got their first look at “Late Night Snack Man and Woman” (literal title)!

On April 27, JTBC released the first stills of Jung Il Woo, Kang Ji Young, and Lee Hak Joo in this upcoming romantic comedy about a love triangle between a man and a woman who fight over the same man.

A source from the staff said, “The three actors are completely immersed in their characters from their appearance to their personalities, and are showcasing outstanding synergy. In addition to the completed special romance, it’ll be a drama that can fill your exhausted mind and body at the end of the day through mouthwatering late-night snacks and truly relatable stories.”

Starring in his first drama in a year since SBS’s “Haechi,” Jung Il Woo will be appearing as Park Jin Sung who heals people’s hearts through food. He runs a special restaurant named bistro72 and is hiding a secret at the suggestion of his frequent customer PD Kim Ah Jin.



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Kang Ji Young Transforms Into A Passionate Variety Show PD In New JTBC Romantic Comedy

May 1, 2020
by S. Park

Kang Ji Young will try to succeed at her professional and love life in “Late Night Snack Man and Woman” (literal title)!

This upcoming JTBC drama tells the story of a love triangle between chef Park Jin Sung (played by Jung Il Woo), passionate PD Kim Ah Jin (played by Kang Ji Young), and successful designer Kang Tae Wan (played by Lee Hak Joo).

On April 30, viewers got a glimpse at Kang Ji Young’s first appearance in a Korean drama in five years.

Kim Ah Jin is someone who laughs a lot, likes to drink, and enjoys delicious food. As a contract variety show PD, she bears each day thanks to her optimistic mindset and passion, and by looking forward to a yummy late-night snack at Park Jin Sung’s bistro. She’s presented with the opportunity to make her directorial debut if she can make the show “Late Night Man and Woman” a success.

New stills show Kim Ah Jin’s honest and confident personality. Although she had a difficult day at work, she smiles brightly in front of a refreshing drink and tasty treats. Her passion is still alive even after hours as she tries to cast the chef of her favorite restaurant. Will she able to win over viewers’ interest and Park Jin Sung’s heart?



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