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[Upcoming Drama 2020] More than Friends, 경우의 수 - Fri & Sat @ 22:50 KST - Ong Seong Wu, Shin Ye Eun & Kim Dong Jun - Premieres on September 4th

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JTBC Drama

More Than Friends aka The number of times a friend becomes a lover



Network: JTBC

Genre: comedy, romance, drama

Episodes: 16

Airdate: September 4th, 2020 -

Airtime:  Fri & Sat 22:50 KST

Director: Choi Sung Bum




It is a realistic youth romance about a boy and a girl who have taken turns having one-sided crushes on each other for ten years. It will tell the love story of a boy who finally understands his own feelings and resolves to confess and a girl who has hidden her unrequited love for a long time.

Due to a misunderstanding, Lee Soo and Kyung Woo Yeon have held a crush on each other for over 10 years. Lee Soo works as a photographer and he is attractive. He is also mistaken for a model many times. Kyung Woo Yeon works as a calligrapher. She has had a crush on Lee Soo for the past 10 years, since she was 18 years old.



 Ong Seong Wu as Lee Soo
He is a talented and handsome photographer who is selfish when it comes to love. He is the incarnation of self-love, being very self-satisfied and sure of himself. His life was calm until Kyung Woo Yeon butted her way into his life and shook up his heart.

Shin Ye Eun as Kyung Woo Yeon


She is a girl who doesn’t know much about dating and is stuck inside the “one-sided love” curse. She has had a secret crush on her friend Lee Soo for ten years. She is the type to go all in when she gets interested in something, even quitting her well-paying job to pursue a career as a calligrapher. She has strong preferences, tends to walk her own path, and keeps repeating the “instant date” lifestyle because she cannot forget her unrequited love. One day, Lee Soo reappears in her life along with a new man, Ohn Joon Soo, and her heart undergoes a change.

Kim Dong Jun in Number Of Times Korean Drama (2020)

Kim Dong Jun as Ohn Jun Soo

He is a man who arrives in Kyung Woo Yeon’s life like it was fate. As the CEO of a publishing company, he has wealth, academic prestige, good looks, and a good character to boot. Due to an unfortunate experience with his first love, he has closed his heart to love. When he meets Kyung Woo Yeon, who resembles him in character, he begins to feel his heart beat again.

Pyo Ji Hoon in Number Of Times Korean Drama (2020)
Pyo Ji Hoon as Jin Sang Hyuk
Ahn Eun Jin in Number Of Times Korean Drama (2020)
Ahn Eun Jin as Kim Young Hee
Jo Ryeon in Number Of Times Korean Drama (2020)
Jo Ryeon as Park Mi Sook [Kyung Woo Yeon's mother]





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Update #4 - New rule: "No Instagram embedded posts


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I'm locking this thread since there is no confirmation of any cast as yet. Ong Seung Wu is only considering the offer to star in this drama per the soompi article quoted in the first post. Please let a moderator know if there is actual confirmation of the cast to unlock this thread.

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First still images for JTBC drama series “Number of Cases”


First still images for JTBC drama series “Number of Cases” (literal title) starring Ong Seong-Wu and Shin Ye-Eun. The still images are of Ong Seong-Wu as Photographer Lee Soo and Shin Ye-Eun as Calligrapher Kyung Woo-Yeon. They have been friends for years.

“Number of Cases” is now scheduled to first air September, 2020 in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Due to a misunderstanding, Lee Soo and Kyung Woo-Yeon have held a crush on each other for over 10 years.

Lee Soo works as a photographer and he is attractive. Kyung Woo-Yeon works as a calligrapher. She has had a crush on Lee Soo for the past 10 years, since she was 18 years old.



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OSEN | 2020. 08. 07.
Ong Seong Wu and Shin Ye Eun melt fans with sweet moments in "Number of Cases" first trailer


The drama "Number of Cases" has finally lifted its veil.

On August 7, the new Fri-Sat drama "Number of Cases" (JTBC, screenwriter: Jo Seung Hee, director: Choi Sung Beom) released its first teaser video.

The drama "Number of Cases" depicts a realistic youth romance of a couple who have a crush on each other for 10 years. The drama promises to bring fluttering emotions with the chances of going from friends to lovers between a girl who always hides her feelings after ending a long unrequited love and a guy who didn't realize his true feelings until now and is trying to express it. The synergy created by Ong Seong Wu, Shin Ye Eun, Kim Dong Joon, Pyo Ji Hoon, Ahn Eun Jin, Choi Chan Ho, and Baek Soo Min - the young cast that promises to showcase colorful aspects of youth in a candid and interesting way - also makes viewers more eager for the drama.

The first teaser video constantly made the hearts of viewers flutter. Responding to the careful love confession of Kyung Woo Yeon (played by Shin Ye Eun), "I like you", Lee Soo (played by Ong Seong Wu) set a boundary with her immediately, saying, "I see you just as a friend". Kyung Woo Yeon is a girl that can't stop herself screaming whenever she thinks of Lee Soo, whom she has long had unrequited feelings for. As for Lee Soo, that someone like Kyung Woo Yeon keeps appearing in front of him makes his mind disturbed. Every time Kyung Woo Yeon thinks she is dreaming because of Lee Soo's affectionate greeting, the look of him coming up suddenly and saying "It's not a dream, it's real" always makes her heart skip a beat. 

Lee Soo is by nature an indifferent person full of self-love, but he has uncanny actions such as hugging Kyung Woo Yeon silently or carrying her on his back when she gets drunk. His words, "Come again, I'm glad because you come", also made Woo Yeon bubbling with excitement. When continuously "attacked" by such exciting yet "heartbreaking" gestures, Kyung Woo Yeon leaned on alcohol to express her feelings. Nonetheless, their relationship is only friends after all. Kyung Woo Yeon's honest confession, "I cannot like anyone else since I like you", heralds a change in the two's relationship. The teaser made viewers wonder whether Lee Soo and Kyung Woo Yeon will be able to go from friends to lovers.

The story of Lee Soo and Kyung Woo Yeon - two characters who are trying to correct the mistakes in their memories of first love - immediately becomes interesting to viewers. The chemistry between Ong Seong Wu and Shin Ye Eun is the most shining factor. The outstanding aura of the two when perfectly transforming into the characters is bringing fluttering feeling to the viewer. First time challenging himself with the rom-com genre, Ong Seong Wu takes on the role of attractive photographer Lee Soo. Although he is a perfect man exuding elegance even with his cold and arrogant image, Lee Soo becomes a selfish person in front of love. Lee Soo only cares about himself, so when he starts to pay attention to Kyung Woo Yeon, whom he previously only considered as a friend, his peaceful life immediately turns to an unexpected direction.

Shin Ye Eun will play Kyung Woo Yeon - a calligrapher who has no idea about love and is "cursed" with an unrequited love. She is the kind of person who will persistently pursue her passion until it bears fruit, so she has been in a one-sided love with Lee Soo for 10 years. A great chance to end the long-time one-sided love finally comes to Kyung Woo Yeon. Looking impressive with their well-matched visuals, "Woo-Soo" couple - Ong Seung Wu and Shin Ye Eun - is expected to genuinely portray the sweet and exciting love story of youth everyone has dreamt about at least once.

"Number of Cases" will air the first episode in September.



OSEN = Reporter Yeon Hwi Sun / monamie@osen.co.kr
Photo = Provided by JTBC 
Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive

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Oh another JTBC drama for the two male leads. I'm going to check this one. I like early 20's type of youth drama ( we often get een highschool drama).


Both leads are from a group. Often times,  "idols" gets bash for their 'acting skills" (and there is truth to that. I've seen some w/c are cringe worthhy acting) but there are 'idols' that can act well. Case in point the male leads in this drama.  


Ong Seung Wu ( wannaone? I have no idea, thb. I just he's from a group). I'm only familiar with him from his frist drama which is "Moment of Eighteen" from JTBC. If you've seen that one,. he gave a decent and good acting. Played the character well .


Kim Dong Joon. Same as OSW, an idol from a group I have no idea. First time watching him in season 1 and  2 of "Chief of staff" from JTBC as well. It was also good decent acting.


I'll be watching this. Hoping it will be good one. It from's JTBC and they've been coming up with really good dramas.




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