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[Drama 2020] It's Okay not to be Okay, 사이코지만 괜찮아

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I have a wild theory that POR is Do Hee Jae’s twin sister, and the real murderer was POR, not DHJ. But it could well be me grasping at straws, hoping that MY’s mom didn’t kill KT’s mom.   DH

For one reason or another I kept thinking of the old Beatles' song "Eleanor Rigby" during this last episode. The chorus kept reverberating in my ears : "All the lonely people... where do they all come

It is worth mentioning that Mun-yeong became a writer too but not of (adult) crime fiction but of children's books. Although the mother's influence on the daughter was palpable, the daughter resisted

1 hour ago, Teeners said:

Jae Su on GT: He needs a friend, not another brother

I am still reading the posts but a few quick reactions :)


@teeners your post made me smile. I was just going to ask everyone here:


do you think that GT will become like his mom? Pulled in two directions while obviously having to pander more to ST and expecting MY to understand. (His mom pandered more to ST and expected GT to understand!)

the preview scene of GT running behind ST with a camera and forgetting MY behind is almost a a mirror of what his mom did with GT and ST in earlier memories. 


i think ST throws a tantrum because he learns that GT gave his doll to MY... i am prepared and yet not prepared for tomorrow.


but the quote above again underlines what GT needs and how MY is another ST but in a different way! 


i loved episode 7 and I think MY taking the shawl which ended up freeing the patient was a fluke. why MY does what she does we will never know :D


and I think the drama will bring in guests as patients for one or two episodes. We had the politician's son and now the shawl lady.


show you are warm and a tease. Hope you get lots of love.

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everything was great about episode 7 and i enjoyed reading people's theories and insightful analyses here. while i agree with most of them, i can't seem to wrap my mind around the fact that ST might potentially hinder the growing relationship of MY and KT. anyways, this shall be discussed after watching episode 8. 

after watching episode 7, i grew even more curious of what might be behind the mysterious disappearance of MY's mom. her character seems very appealing to me and also the title of her last book made me think about all the possible theories about her. while i failed to gather one, i think (also hope) we'll be getting a separate episode focusing on her. also, the name "The Murder of Witch of the West" sounds interesting. maybe it's related to her death/suicide/disappearance?



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2 hours ago, TiNaDo said:

KMY & MST having "fun" while writing and drawing, respectively. Yet, the moment was cut abruptly. So it is interesting to see their kind of "fun".

I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up writing smut. It would be very KMY-like.


Needless to say, I enjoy reading your perspective. I love how the episodes are coming together, along with everyone’s indicidual and collective analysis—the Beauty and the Beast, Clementine, etc. This is the drama that you look forward to, but at the same time, don’t look forward to because it means it will end :((( 


Kim Soo-hyun is amazing. But Seo Yeji. Had any other actress played KMY, I don’t think a lot of people would easily empathize with her. SYJ acts so well with her eyes and voice. I was amazed during the scene where she first tried to cut her hair. No dialogue but I felt her hesitation, fear, and frustration. Then, when she was given Mang-tae. Small shifts in her facial expression and tone but it was on point.


and lastly, we have the last scene. When she moved her hand and a tear fell, and how neither of them have to speak (yet again) to convey the relief, happiness, and comfort they found in each other. At this rate, the cast should be preparing award speeches  hahaha they’re amazing!

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31 minutes ago, Dramafreak said:

I was just going to ask everyone here:



do you think that GT will become like his mom? Pulled in two directions while obviously having to pander more to ST and expecting MY to understand. (His mom pandered more to ST and expected GT to understand!)

the preview scene of GT running behind ST with a camera and forgetting MY behind is almost a a mirror of what his mom did with GT and ST in earlier memories.


Ah, that's a very good comparison you made, I didn't even catch it. Yes, I think he will be torn between ST and MY.  If there's any feelings of favoritism, I don't think he'll be as obvious as his mom because GT is a sensitive soul.


GT says MY does whatever she wants to do, but the same goes for ST, thus causing GT to be pulled in two directions. 


Perhaps MY will learn to yield a bit to others' feelings and needs. I'm not sure how this will happen, but I just hope we don't end up with something like GT's love cures MY's ASPD. Given how mature and well-written this show has been so far, I don't think we'll have to worry about that. :)



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On 7/10/2020 at 11:01 AM, libra22 said:

Here's the eng sub for the BTS . Who is the 2nd actess on the left 

She's a member of a girl group"fromis_9" Jang Gyu Ri.  She acted as one of the nurses at OK Hospital.


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Whoa! Been gone for a few days due to RL. 

Just finished the episode! Man this drama always has me like this:




amazing episode 7! I cried then laughed then cried and smiled with them at the end.


These two have severe sexual tension going! Give us the kiss..soon.





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Hello everyone! It’s my first time posting in this thread though I’ve been following your discussions for awhile. I finally decided to unlurk to show my love for the drama. I knew there must’ve been something special about this drama for KSH to choose it as his comeback project. Even though this drama might not be for everyone, I’m happy he chose such a meaningful project. I couldn’t have been happier when  SYJ was announced as his leading lady because she blew my mind away in Save Me. I’ve been her fan since then and I she hasn’t disappointed me with her acting so far (not to mention she has such a unique raspy voice for a k-actress as I’m allergic to overly cute and whiny voices female leads usually use).


As someone who’ve suffered from the sleep paralysis at least dozens times in my life, I feel so sorry for Moon Young. It’s hard to describe how frightening and suffocating the experiences were and I definitely wouldn’t wish it upon anybody. For a long time I didn’t even know what happened to me had a name. I didn’t know there were people who experienced the same thing. It’s worse than a vivid nightmare... at least you can wake up from a nightmare by will, but sleep paralysis just leaves you... paralysed. Can you imagine how scary it is not to be able to control your will? I’d best describe it as a brain waking up before a body. You mind is awake but your body is still asleep, your body doesn’t listen to you. You want to open your eyes to finally wake up from the “nightmare” but you can’t! Your eyes won’t open and your limbs are paralysed. You can’t move, you can’t wake up, all you wish is that someone come to shake you, to wake your body. It’s like you are being trapped in your own body and the worst nightmares and fears come alive. I eventually woke up but after what felt to me like long hours spent in hell. Every time it happened I was drained and couldn’t dare to sleep again. I just wanted to curl up and cry my eyes out.

That’s why I feel so deeply for our heroine despite her arrogance and mean demeanour. I hope she’ll find her way to free herself from the sleep paralysis.

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3 hours ago, softestfairy said:

Idk why I kind of expected a heartfelt moment with MY and that patient.. I guess when KT told her she "did great" I thought she was being nice. LMAO. Sometimes I feel bad laughing at her antics because I know she's not well but she's hilarious. I felt bad for the patient until she said she finally felt free. MY did do great even if she wasn't trying to. :P I can't wait to see our leads let go of the past. MY already started with the hair. Such a cute moment!

When I watched the preview for episode 7, I was thinking the same...MY did something admirable, but it's not in her character. Of course, she would help a patient indirectly in HER own way, and she none the wiser for it. At least KT acknowledged it  lol. I also feel bad for laughing at her antics, but I can't help myself. SYJ is killing it with her performance. She makes this anti-heroine likable.

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Thanks again for this forum! A lot of my thoughts were already eloquently written out already by others. :D


I watched today’s episode and I know I am joining the thundering chorus of opinions loving today’s episode 7. I knew what was going to happen overall, but after watching it, the acting by our cast and OTP are pretty darn amazing. Here just some fave times during episode (there were more of OTP but highlighted well by others than I could explain)


- I got my wish for CEO and JR in some scenes together lol, just not knowing it would be in front of the convenience store getting drunk lol. She giving up on her crush and him upset over MY treating him this poorly after 10 years. When JR realized CEO Lee was MY publisher she got upset and about him not reigning MY in etc. He recalled her later as Nurse who called . 

- The morning after where JR realizes from mom a new man her mom didn’t recognize brought her home. In true Kdrama drunken stupor morning after memory recovery - JR recalled all her actions slapping, being silly and yelling at CEO Lee. 

- When CEO tried to get MY to leave the cursed castle as he didn’t want her to suffer again her hallucinations, in his mind this is the right solution. He does care for her a bit obsessively and he did make money too. Loved KT stepping in!


- When he was falling, the bewildered look on CEO Lee thinking KT is it going to save me?! Lol and when KT did, the relief and puppy whimper while resting a hand on his chest was funny. When he tried to reach out to MY, KT bat his hand away. Oooh KT is territorial of MY. 

- KT caring for MY and getting her temperature down wiping her forehead and sleeping by her side. Aww. MY not remembering but glad later she shared her nightmares were always regarding her mom . He knows her trauma is with his mom and he has one of his mom. Both having moms who passed away.


-Later when MY enjoyed her time with KT, always stickler KT took day off to be with her and not runaway (like he did when he came by after being rejected by her) was touching. Driving her (since won’t take fever reducer, eating a lovely lunch and basically being great company but not eating himself, so sweet and thoughtful. Letting down his hair with MY was lovely. I loved his apology to her when she cannot fill that hunger she has, and him letting her know she is not an empty can. YES!


- While in the car, I loved her feisty answers to what to eat? Xxx Where to go? Xxx lol. Aww MY!


-JS telling ST why he had pizza places and only this time got chicken thinking getting loan and sowing roots after constantly moving was touching. JS loves and cares for KT. Being jealous of ST then realizing his tough life, JS smartly knew KT needs a friend not another brother. Lol ST said softly , I need a friend too. Awwww. Glad ST told JS he wasn’t betrayed by KT more following ST contract with MY.


- KT drinking with JS, he was overboard red faced drunk but cute he is comfortable with JS. Loved HS fetal position facing KT while hanging out drinking. Glad JS talked to him about his mom and tried to make him feel better. JR mom giving needed mom perspective. I had only JR and I wanted to runaway. Your mom raised two sons well alone is not easy  and one as you hyung who is special . Now you know caring for ST it is not an easy job.


- MY waiting for drink KT cause he told her to wait. Lol and their banter was cute. He being so open and honest . She was too! Thinking of getting a kiss but getting Mangtae. After declaring it old and ugly, she changed her tune learning of its origins. Aww . KT cares to get it from home so her nightmares can be eaten by it like it did for his hyung. Cute she thought he would kiss her! 


- KT hugging hyung and needing comfort missing mom learning the Chinese Korean place with delicious jjampong was for him . He and hyung had some but she didn’t. (She probably did not have enough money ). She was full just seeing her sons eat well.  Glad then we saw KT mom in his memory NOT exclude him and only worry about ST.


I had chat with mom a few years back and she said do you realize the macdonalds runs we did , your dad and I didn’t eat it. Only you and your siblings, did you ever stop to wonder why we didn’t eat it? We couldn’t afford to eat it often but it was a rare treat for us. We were a working class family and struggled financially growing up but I don’t feel deprived. It was not perfect life but seeing the mom not order her own portion. To all the moms who finish their kids meals , or don’t order as cannot afford to but try to give their all. Thanks to all the moms!

  So much more but stopping here, others mentioned the other gorgeous moments. 

KT calling MY beautiful, patting her head saying she did well understanding her actions taken the burden of the expensive shawl. Such a bittersweet story one month salary to buy it . 

Thankful for this forum & looking forward to tomorrow.

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3 hours ago, glory said:

"The Murder of Witch of the West" sounds interesting. maybe it's related to her death/suicide/disappearance?

Wizard of Oz reference.  The wicked witch of the west didn’t carry a broom, she carried an umbrella.  Like the one MY dragged along in an earlier episode? Dorothy “accidentally“ killed her by throwing a bucket of water over her.  Did MY do the same?  The lake?  MY looks to be embodying her mother (like she’s possessed by her).  

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Good morning, afternoon & evening all from around the world.


Fashion Poll:

Hope all is not having too much hard times choosing the best fashion :) It was unexpected that the white lacey attire is leading at the moment.


Episode 7:

Another great, strong episode from last night. Story-wise it is still going strong although the witty transitioning between scenes seem to have disappeared in this episode. Kind of want to see it more because it's so creative.


Relationship Change:

I am surprised how quick (but natural) Moon Young and Kang Tae's relationship had transitioned into, especially Moon Young, because her arrogant façade had completely melted away at the scene Kang Tae returned home drunk. She was also seen being considerate of his feelings on "ugly" doll he had made for his brother, which was sweet.


I do like that the hostility is gone and dynamic have changed. They are conversing more normally too and having deeper talks. Though I don't mind it if Moon Young still tease Kang Tae once in a while, hehe. I like seeing exasperated Kang Tae at times since he's withholding himself so much.



In just one episode, the Show has resolved the long time misunderstanding of Kang Tae towards his mother and Moon Young releasing herself from her mother. I've no issue with this if the Show has more contents to fill in the next...9 episodes but if it doesn't then it's worrisome that these got dealt with so soon. I do see the intention of the writer to resolve each of their problems first before moving a step up in the relationship, so let's hope the concern is all for nothing.


Kang Tae:

Eeekk, those tears from Kang Tae really gets me each time. I always take comfort knowing that he has at least Jae Soo to confide in and knows his pain. That he's not completely alone and not loved. I so appreciated the scene where Kang Soon Duk (Joori's Mom) joined them and gave them another perspective from a mother's POV. It was a moment of enlightenment electric-light-bulb_1f4a1.png It was there so obvious all along but Kang Tae was so blinded to see it. The revelation was beautiful, and I love the raw emotions at that moment as he cries into Sang Tae's back. It was heart-wrenching but it was sweet, that in that moment he was the little brother, not the adult who had to take care of Sang Tae.


Moon Young's Book:

I really like this episode story book's tale. The last couple ones were too gory for children, but I think this one is perfect and can be shared. I'm liking the theme of each episode linking to fairy tales or legends. It introduces me to more that I may not know or was aware of its origins.

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Just finished episode 7 ...


Add one more great episode to list ...


To begin, my thanks to everyone for this great thread and all its content - the BTS, memes & gifs, videos, and all the incredible posts on theories and insights - its all just great ... I can hardly keep up :lol:


Thoughts on the episode -


The OST is again, incredible! Why-Why-Why can I not download -"I Still Live In Your Time"- yet?!


- Speaking of the OST, I loved that they used "I Still Live In Your Time" during the re-showing of MY awakening from the nightmare ... it was so good when KT first arrived at the Cursed Castle, with MY looking down to him from the balcony, and I think it was even better in this scene, plus we got to hear more of it.


- I loved how KT was still with MY in the morning, even more so, that she woke up first and found him there. She may have been a bit cold to him, but after he left, she saw the water bowl and wash cloth, he cares for her, she knows this, and now all that's left to do is find out how much he cares


- ST's line that ..."the heart is a liar" ... was both poignant and prophetic ( a great line )


- I just love the publishers assistant Seung-Jae, she's an absolute scene stealer


- The Date - from the beginning, I love the dynamic between these two, the guards are coming down, and they are learning to be at ease around each other. The whole exchange around where to go -Motel, and what to eat - You, was great:lol: Normally, KT would get upset, here he just got exasperated, and MY normally wouldn't have stopped there, but seeing his exasperation, she lets it go.


- The Date II - when KT apologizes for the "empty can" comment, I liked how it brought MY to pause. It was touching as KT is trying to come to grips with his feelings for MY, but she hilariously derails a tender moment when she asks if hes ever slept with a woman - then she goes seriously intense when she asks if she should pull his safety pin .... the anticipation with these two is agonizingly delicious - I really really hope the Writer/PD don't over or under do it - When KT and MY finally give in to each other its going to be more than special


- The Date III - With KT's growing feelings exposed, its like the smell of blood, and MY is hunting! I enjoyed watching MY toy with him from the ask to be carried, to stealing his phone, and getting him to put his arms around her, to her answering JRs call - where she finds out he took time off to care for her - It was fun but came to a somber conclusion when KT told her why he stayed


- Not quite sure how I feel about JR and the publisher, but that scene together was cute ... and apparently he carried her home


- The Date IV - the drive home scene was sweet, MY happily replaying his words in her head and in a roundabout way, thanking KT for nice day together


- Let the healing begin - ST triggering KT's memory of his mother, and remembering her caring was a major tug on the heartstrings - just beautiful. Couple this with MY's inadvertent help to aid the patient mother in her own healing was special too  


- Waiting Up - another simple yet swoon worthy scene - MY waiting for KT to come home. From MY's interrogation on where he was and who he was drinking with, to KT, even tipsy, knowing that MY shouldn't drink at that point, to MY thinking she was going to get a kiss but got the Nightmare Catcher instead - soooooo good!


- Cutting Hair - the few words in this scene were nothing compared to the loving gazes MY & KT shared here. One more beautiful scene in drama filled with them


- MY's mom - I think she is still alive, and in the OK hospital. Specifically, I think she's the woman who took the book away from under MY's Dads hand and stating he was always 1 step behind.  Here's hoping she'll be the final piece in MYs eventual healing



Can't wait for tomorrows episode  :blush:




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Aww episode 7 has a lot of cute scenes between MY and KT and was so enjoyable to watch. There is more humor, smiling, lightheartedness, and understanding between them. And I feel like KT is now more comfortable showing a side of himself to MY that he doesn't show to others. I'm so looking forward to episode 8. Hoping there is a kiss next episode. There is so much of building up to it in this episode! 


It's nice to see more humor between them and he finally apologized for calling her an empty can. For someone who is such a good caregiver and considerate of others, that was very mean of him to say. But it was funny after apologizing, he said she's more like a thug instead. LOL. Fashionable queen thug. And MY waiting by the staircase for KT to come home was really cute. How he flicked her forehead shows how comfortable he is with her now. KT telling MY she did a good job by taking the shawl shows he's now more understanding of her actions. The ending of this episode was so beautiful. She finally cut her hair and that scene where she turns from the mirror and towards KT, eyes full of tears, is her cutting off her leash and also showing her vulnerable side. 


Once again, I really like JR's mom. She's helped KT last episode and this episode by giving him advice and to give a mother's perspective. KT's memories of his mom this episode brings to light that she did also love KT but had to be a certain way with KT due to ST and their circumstances. 


The story about MY's father and mother just keeps getting more interesting . There are so many possibilities and it's hard to say where the twist and turns would be. Especially what the father said to MY when she was walking away. 


I really like the honest dog story and if MY's books actually got published in real life, I would want to collect them all. I like the positive message of unleashing, unshackling, and unburdening in this episode. MY's long hair was very pretty but this short hair gives her a different look, very refreshing. 

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Episode 8 [Beauty and the Beast] Text Preview:


Moon-Young, who cut her hair, enjoys freedom for the first time after escaping from her mother's shadow. Kang-tae is embarrassed by his feelings that Moon-Young keeps worrying about. Meanwhile, at the hospital, the identity of the song 'Clementine' which is heard every night is finally revealed.

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as emotional overwhelming about how MY, KT is freeing themselves, i also admire about the details. In twitter, EmbraceFiction has pointed it & short narrative so well:


There was such stark similarity between MoonYoung & Spring Dog

Spring Dog was tied to a tree, while KMY in ep1 was portrayed to be under the shadow of a big tree, seemingly tied, & curiously that tree grew from her own long hair - 

Which MoonYoung cut today (ep. 7)







And then there's that similarity between KangTae's mom & KangTae himself

It further demonstrates KangTae's unintended slippage into the POV of a parent. His "suppression of himself" is quite similar to what his mother, like most parents, did for her children






gif sc. tumblr mufalo


ahhh today ep is so so beautiful :'''' love it..:bawling::heart:

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16 hours ago, bairama said:

remember when KT seems so sad & hate spring bcs they need to move again? I think one of he likes is being the mental health nurse, after all he seems dedicated, relied & so capable (other will ask him to take care the chaos). He is somehow seems really sincere in his job & has the sense of justice for mental disability people.. 

ofc i'd like to know more about him! Is his clothing also remarks that he loves nature? to blend in & play in nature? something like that..


We now know that KT really likes jjamppong as a kid. It's nice to know more about what he likes, just purely what he likes for himself and unrelated to ST. 


He's a great caregiver and does seem sincere about his job and helping people, but being a caregiver is somewhat related to ST. When MY was staying at his place, she asked him why he became a caregiver instead of an actor since he's so good at acting, he said because of ST. Because ST keeps looking at his facial expressions. And not liking spring because that's when they would have to move again due to ST and the butterflies. 

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2020] It's Okay not to be Okay, 사이코지만 괜찮아

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