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[Drama 2020] It's Okay not to be Okay, 사이코지만 괜찮아


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Choi Woo-sung joins 'Psycho, but it's okay'


Choi Woo-sung join tvN's new Saturday drama 'Psycho, but it's okay' (directed by Park Shin-woo, the script). 


'Psycho but okay' is a healing romance that meets the psychic ward guard who refuses love with the heavy weight of life, a fairy tale writer who doesn't know love through birth defects, and heals each other's wounds. Cho Yong-woo who wrote the drama  "Jugglers '' and director Park Shin-woo who directed "Incarnation of Jealousy '' and "Boyfriend '' agreed together. 


New actor Choi Woo-sung confirmed his appearance on tvN's new Saturday drama 'Psycho but it's okay'. 

Choi Woo-sung is a new guardian with less than a month of experience in the play, but will take the role of 'Oh-yong-yong', who has no word for the senior guardian 'Moon Kang Tae (Kim Soo-hyun)'. 









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Korean Drama “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” Confirms Complete Cast


Upcoming romance Korean drama “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” (also called “Psycho But It’s Okay”) has confirmed its complete cast and recently first script for the drama was held. It confirms Seo Ye Ji (Lawless Lawyer), Kim Soo Hyun (The Producers), Park Gyu Young (The Nokdu Flower) and Oh Jung Se (Stove League) in the main cast. While Kim Joo Heon, Kim Chang Wan, Kim Mi Kyung, Jang Young Nam, Lee Eol, Kang Ki Doong, Park Jin Joo, Woo Jeong Won and fromis_9’s Jang Gyuri are confirmed to take supporting roles.
“It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” will tell a love story between a community health worker Moon Kang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun) and a children’s story book writer Go Moon Young (Seo Ye Ji). Moon Kang Tae is a community health worker at a psychiatric ward who is smart, has great body and has a monthly salary of 1.8 million won ($1,520). He doesn’t have time for love. Go Moon Young has antisocial personality disorder and she doesn’t know what love is. Both meet each other and find their true selves while ending up falling in love.
Kdrama “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” is expected to release sometimes in June, 2020.






Kdrama It's Okay To Not Be Okay cast

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Cr: ocview0
The actor who  'Moon Embracing The Sun'  that mom loves seems to be in front of the house 
tvn 'Psycho but it’s okay' 
I am your fan from You Who Came From The Stars 
This is the roadside of Ayajin Beach







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It felt like a fan-made trailer, but It's in the YouTube channel of TvN too! :sweatingbullets:



For now, we've seen how the main couple will look but It's just one month before the premier, I think that TvN should start to show us more things (pics, trailers...)! 

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Psycho but it's okay'  NO 1 in Naver hot search list





2020.5.21 Taiwan media: Kim Soo Hyun’s "Take an episode and earn NT$ 4.9 million." The broadcast date is also released
After Kim Soo-hyun retired in July 2019, many guest appearances will also officially return to the small screen with the tvN drama "Psycho, but it does not matter".
The preview is only 15 seconds, but the melancholic temperament of the actor Kim Soo Hyun and the long flowing hair of the female lead Seo Ye Ji's temperament, have attracted many fans' warm expectations.
This drama not only serves as Kim Soo Hyun’s comeback masterpiece, but also sets the highest pay in Korean drama history. Kim Soo Hyun can earn 200 million won (approximately NT$ 4.9 million) in one episode, making Kim Soo Hyun sit on the throne of Korean drama. 
The story "Psycho, but it's okay" tells the story of a male nurse (played by Kim Soo Hyun) in a psychiatric hospital. Since his childhood, his parents were killed and injured, and he had his shoulders to take care of his autistic brother. Because of the pressure of life, he refused to love outside. However, after meeting a fairy tale writer (played by Seo Ye Ji) with antisocial personality, a fantasy love story emerged.








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Upcoming tvN Drama 'Psycho but It's Okay' by Kim Soohyun and Seo Yeji released their first ever teaser!

Upcoming tvN Drama 'Psycho but It's Okay' by Kim Soohyun and Seo Yeji released their first-ever teaser!


Netizen comments :

(+237,-10) Celebrities like Kim Soohyun should be on a roll.
He has been in the public service for a while
And working out and been active service under re-examination.
That face, that popularity, no scandal.
Above all, he is good at acting as an actor.
I hope there are more celebrities who are faithful to their jobs and to society.

(+132,-6) I'd like you to film Hotel Del Luna and Blue Moon... You look so good in the last one.



(+12,-4) Psycho but It's Okay. It looks fun, I will watch it!

(+11,-3) How many more women can't sleep at night if the day comes soon~!!!!!!!!! Don't miss the show~!!!!! I'm going to watch it twice.

(+10,-3) Kim Soohyun is flawless except for real. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

(+8,-3) It's already exciting!



Translation cr: https://www.storykpop.com/2020/05/upcoming-tvn-drama-psycho-but-its-okay.html

Original src: https://news.nate.com/view/20200522n05561?mid=n1008





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mydaily | 2020. 05. 21.


Kim Soo Hyun's new drama releases intriguing teaser



The teaser video of the drama "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" starring Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji has been officially announced.


On May 21, the new Sat-Sun drama "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" (tvN cable channel) dropped its first teaser video like a mysterious riddle, giving viewers a thrill of excitement.

"It's Okay to Not Be Okay" is a fairy-tale-like melodrama about Moon Kang Tae (played by Kim Soo Hyun) - a psychiatric nurse who refuses to love because of life burdens - and Moon Young (played by Seo Ye Ji), a children literature writer who doesn't understand love due to her congenital defect. The two will meet, comfort, and soothe each other's wounds.


The video starts with clacking sound and the hands of someone trying to cross letters out with a pen. On the white paper, the line "a little strange romantic comedy about love" appears between the space of the word "psycho", thereby heralding a fresh and unique story.


Next, each letter is sequentially cut out and combined again into the word "psycho". The phenomenon of the letters constantly changing to different colors and fonts and the image of a butterfly flapping its wings hard to get out of someone's hands have fascinated viewers.


The appearance of Seo Ye Ji (as Go Moon Young) intently looking at a red book in a blurry and dreamy space and of Kim Soo Hyun being pensive with tears in the corner of his eyes also attract viewers' attention. The contrast like a world of reality and unreality is both interesting and intriguing to viewers, having them ask what kind of predestined relationship between the two is.


Furthermore, the film logo "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" designed in the form of the word "siot" getting inverted gives off a strange and mysterious sensibility that seems normal but actually not. Thus, the audience is curious about the "little strange romantic comedy about love" hidden in the word "psycho".


"It's Okay to Not Be Okay" will broadcast its first episode on June 20.


My Daily = Reporter Kim Na Ra 
Photo = "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" (tvN)
Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive




First Teaser of ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’ Starring Kim Soo Hyun Has Been Unveiled

By krishkim 


The first trailer of Kim Soo Hyun’s comeback drama It’s Okay to Not Be Okay has been released.


On May 21, tvN’s YouTube channel released a 15-second trailer of It’s Okay to Not Be Okay. Images of Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji, who play the leading role in the drama, were briefly shown, drawing attention.


Kim Soo Hyun plays the role fo Moon Kang Tae, a community health worker at a psychiatric ward with excellent physical and outstanding brain. Although everything about him seems perfect, he has a soft side of living with his older brother, who shows autism symptoms.


Seo Ye Ji will take on the role of Go Moon Young, a storybook writer suffering from an antisocial personality disorder.


Besides appearing as a cameo in Hotel del Luna and Crash Landing On You, this is the first time in five years since KBS’s The Producers that Kim Soo Hyun is returning to the small screen.


In addition to Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji, Oh Jung Se, Park Kyu Young and Kim Chang Wan will appear, completing a fabulous lineup of It’s Okay to Not Be Okay. The drama is scheduled to premiere on June 20.



Source (1)

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2020] Psycho but it's okay / It's Okay not to be Okay, 사이코지만 괜찮아 - Sat & Sun @ 21:00 KST - Kim Soo Hyun & Seo Ye Ji - Premieres on June 20th

mydaily | 2020. 05. 24. 


"It's Okay to Not Be Okay" reveals Kim Soo Hyun's first still-cuts


Actor Kim Soo Hyun is ready to return to the small screen.

On May 25, Kim Soo Hyun's first still-cuts in the role of a boy who rejected love in the weekend drama "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" (tvN) were announced.

"It's Okay to Not Be Okay" is a fairy-like romantic drama revolving around the health worker at psychiatric ward Moon Kang Tae (played by Kim Soo Hyun) who denies love because of the burdens of life, and the writer of children's literature Go Moon Young (played by Seo Ye Ji) who does not know love because of her birth defects. The two met, comforted and healed each other's wounds.

The character Moon Kang Tae, played by Kim Soo Hyun, is a person who lives without dreams and hope. At home, he takes care of Moon Sang Tae (played by Oh Jung Se) - his older brother who is suffering an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and at work, he takes care of patients who are hurt in hearts. However, he cannot take care of his own life, thus refusing even love.

The released photos attracted attention when showing the appearance of Moon Kang Tae sweating while working hard in a nursing uniform. In particular, even though this character has a gaunt face without a smile, deep and firm eyes and compressed lips, his face shines with strangely warm eyes whenever he is with patients, thereby arousing the public's curiosity about the character's inner mind.

Moreover, in another space, Kim Soo Hyun appeared with a hard-working appearance when dragging a wagon full of boxes, thereby making viewers somewhat be able to guess the character's story of silently enduring hard life and increased expectations for the role Moon Kang Tae played by Kim Soo Hyun.

Accordingly, Kim Soo Hyun will display in a diverse and deeper way the charms of his character in "It's Okay to Not Be Okay", from the inner side full of anxiety and loneliness to the bright side where he attempts to live firmly despite his emotional pain.

"It's Okay to Not Be Okay" will air its first episode at 9 pm (KST) June 20.



[My Daily = Reporter Lee Seung Gil] 
[Photo] Provided by tvN 
Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive

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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2020] It's Okay not to be Okay, 사이코지만 괜찮아

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