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[Drama 2020] It's Okay not to be Okay, 사이코지만 괜찮아

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LOL that deer... is the deer version of MY. I was wondering if the deer will make another appearance. I'm glad the deer is indeed still around. That scene was hilarious. :joy: I kind of didn't want to see their first kiss to be in the cursed castle, it was better that it happened during their trip. So it was a good save by the deer.


I think the patients' love story is kind of also what is happening to KT and MY and what is going to happen to KT and MY. Jung-Tae and A-Reum were about to run away together. In the end, he decided not to because it wasn't right. They separate so they can become better and truly be together later on. MY and KT's conversation in the car about it and MY saying she is different because she would never let KT go makes me think that at some point, she would let him go for his sake.


MY: Is he a fool? Why let her go if he loves her?

KT: Because he loves her a lot. Sometimes, that's why you must let someone go. 

MY: So they broke up because they love each other? That's complete BS. I will never let you go. 


From the beginning, she was always chasing after him, needing him, lusting after him, and calling him her safety pin. It's good right now they are helping each other become better and heal but it's not good to always be needing him and chasing after him. 


The conversation between Sang In and JR is nice. I actually really like Sang In as a character, yes he's funny but his attitude towards what life throws at him is really positive. And what he says about MY shows he does care and know a lot about her. I don't think JR deserves SI at this point but maybe her character gets better. i'm still indifferent towards her as a character. 


I still think there are answers in the last book MY's mother wrote. And eyebrow twitching from the head nurse is making the drama head in that direction. But the drama is full of twist and turns so It'll be interesting to see if it's really the direction they are going.  


This episode threw a curve ball at the end. Although it can be seen coming since last episode that ST would lash out at KT, just the way it happened was totally unexpected. There a lot of parallels in this episode. MY and JR's childhood story is kind of what's happening to ST and KT here. MY and JR were friends for a while, and because JR starts hanging out with other kids, MY wanted to go back to being her only friend. So she does it by isolating her from kids and making them not want to be around her. ST wants to keep KT to himself so he starts screaming to everyone that KT tried to kill him and wished him dead. And that event at the lake that day does need to be resolved. Because from the drama so far, ST actually has a really good memory. 


Next episode seems like it'll be a really sad one. I hope through it, there will be breakthroughs for ST and KT. The rain before the rainbow. There are a lot of raining scenes in this drama, so I hope to see a rainbow soon.  

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I have a wild theory that POR is Do Hee Jae’s twin sister, and the real murderer was POR, not DHJ. But it could well be me grasping at straws, hoping that MY’s mom didn’t kill KT’s mom.   DH

For one reason or another I kept thinking of the old Beatles' song "Eleanor Rigby" during this last episode. The chorus kept reverberating in my ears : "All the lonely people... where do they all come

It is worth mentioning that Mun-yeong became a writer too but not of (adult) crime fiction but of children's books. Although the mother's influence on the daughter was palpable, the daughter resisted

"Who's more in love? The one who's more patient. Why? Because love is all about patience" (right before KT exercises extreme self-control and patience once again)


That stood out to me. So far we've seen KT be the patient one not just with MY but his brother and in general. I definitely believe MY has genuine feelings for him and might even love him but KT is really in love with her and he has been since they were kids. I hope they aren't separated for too long...


I feel like there's gonna be a big time jump. 

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I'm loving the show's development, and I also thought hey, happiness seems to come a bit too quick for the OTP, and then little did I know the writer planned a surprise at the end. I like the it for the storyline development and I'm thoroughly amazed at the explosion of emotions, but went to bed and woke up with a heavy heart...


When I watch this episode of Kang Tae with Jae Soo and Moon Young, and they discussed about Sang Tae, I had thought about how I wish one of them could talk some sense into Sang Tae, to help him understand Kang Tae's loneliness and hardship. But because Sang Tae is autistic and behave differently, it's hard to know how much can be communicated through. I just feel, especially Jae Soo, needed to let Sang Tae know even if it is baby step. Otherwise Kang Tae will break down one day, physically, and become sick (not that I don't welcome this scene because it'll be a good watch).


Re: Moon Young's father and mother

So this episode her father said he killed the mother. He also said the woman (to me, that means the mother) was a monster and she killed someone. That had me wonder, it's horrible but it'd be a twist, that it was Moon Young's mother who killed Kang Tae's mother. Could it be because she was so obsessed with Moon Young at the time that she wanted Kang Tae to stay away from Moon Young and the mothers got into an argument? Was Moon Young's mother wearing an all butterflies clothes and threatened Sang Tae never to tell hence traumatising him along the way? Moon Young's mother is portrayed to be scary to Moon Young and I can imagine Sang Tae fearing her too.


I'm trying to find the scene where lil' Moon Young saw her mum on the ground in blood to see what she was wearing but I can't remember which episode was that.

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I'm revisiting the scene to see the fact .... A moment can change everything. MY was the only witness of the incidence.  Will MY be able to be the mediator ?  Was ST feel betrayed by what he heard about KT and his new good friend MY? Will KT be able to forgive himself for that moment of thought of leaving his brother? Was ST trying to hurt his brother's reputation as a way to separate KT and MY, so that he will get his brother to be with him.

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4 hours ago, madmad min said:

I wholeheartedly agree. First Kisses are awkward at best. Dunno about MY , for KT even if He is an adult it might not seem apt as this is His Very First Time in any kind of Love or Sexual Attraction.

@madmad min Amen to that ! Haha first kisses are always so awkward hahah!! Takes me back to my first kiss as a teen where I knocked over a set of cds haha!! Oh god....... I bet its going to be super awk when those two sleep with each other :joy:!! You got a ferocious beast and a meek kitty LOL :teaze:!



6 hours ago, TiNaDo said:

But you all make a valid point which makes me think that this was their childhood, not their adulthood. But its innocence stops here. MST took them back to reality with his comments. Because, even if children are all innocent and sweet and everything, almost everyone has their childhood traumas as well. And MST reminded all three of them actually about their shared trauma. 

And now the adulthood kicks in. So we'll see how the drama goes on from that point. 

@TiNaDo Yea the scene with ST was heartbreaking as well as a reality check for all three of them :bawling:

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Today's Episode (10) will be 1 Hour and 35 Minutes long, while next week's Episode (11) will be 1 Hour and 42 minutes long. Can't wait!


Source: Netflix


Update: False alarm, Episode 10 was only 1Hour and 20 Minutes long. Damn, Netflix! I want more.

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CEO Lee looks very young in the new photo with Ju Ri. I think he can def help her grow into a better person. 


Re the kiss, I also think it was perfectly suitable for KT and MY and def fits their story and the drama for the same reasons that many friends here have already pointed out re their first relationship that came from childhood. 

Re ST - I may be wrong but I remember that ST has a very good memory and in the last scene re spilling the secret - I don’t think it was a case of selective memories a la KT. I think he is intentionally hurting KT to punish him for lying again mixed in with the fear that KT is gonna abandon him and especially to run off with his new BF. I would be happy to be wrong about this though. 

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My angst for making this vid is happened one by one.. The three are surviving from some point when they were child. Especially KT in that drowning ice accident & how it affects ST we can see now it becomes big explosion. This drama core is about monsters they are haunted to & survival to seek resolution


Somehow KT feels himself being a monster that day & guilt, try to atone that by loving his brother at all cost. They are all hurting




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I take a look at the preview for episode 10 and it shows ST found a note inside MY’s mom book (seems to be a flashback) Maybe that’s one of the triggers of his explosions and the note seems  to be planted by Patient Park since she’s reading it all the time.....

Regarding The Tale of Shepherd Girl, it’s seems to be a twist from The Tale of Shepherd Boy aka The Boy Who Cries Wolf....


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Gosh. As is the case with every episode - so much to unpack and digest.


The episode started off on such a humorous note.

  • Do NOT provoke MY when she's driving or, for that matter, when she's holding a sharp object.
  • Jae-Su is hilarious, joking with GT that he caught the lunatic virus. I wish he had more scenes with MY. I bet they would have great great chemistry. 
  • The director can always be counted on for funny lines - holding farts in 99 times and finally letting it out, it could kill people. :D
  • What? The director had crush on JR's mom when they were young???
  • I've noticed ST is very big on manners. He chastises the director for talking about farts while eating and previously chastised MY for entering his room without knocking.
  • I've never heard a deer cry in real life, but wow, did the show purposely make it sound like a person moaning? <_<
  • I love MY and her outfits, but the giant hat was a bit extra.:lol:

So many moments that made me say aww.

  • Sae-Ju is such a good friend, telling GT, "I'll help you out no matter what." But then he teases GT, asking who GT likes more between him and ST. Lol.
  • ST telling MY that GT has the most beautiful eyes.
  • MY's offer to be best friends with ST. At first it seemed ST was suspicious but then we see him smile. Also, MY plying him for info on GT was super cute.
  • MY being a baby on the bridge was pretty adorable. I don't think we've seen her exhibit fear/uncertainty very much in the show.
  • The art director is playing matchmaker for SI and JR! I love her, she looks like a little doll.
  • I hadn't cared much for the show pushing SI and JR together, but now I see they serve important roles. They open up to each other like we haven't seen before. They both recognize that GT and MY are lonely and need to be taken care of.
  • MY protected JR from bullies when they were children!
  • I love how MY sneakily got in some selfies with GT on their little date.
  • I thought the kiss was sweet. It was likely the first kiss for both of them, so there's definitely shyness on both parts. We even see MY revert to her younger self after the kiss.

And then things took a turn...

  • How differently the episode would have turned out had the eavesdropping nurse kept his mouth shut...
  • The last scene was just heartbreaking. I think ST was very much aware of what he was saying, but I'm not sure if he was aware of the consequences/effects of his words.
    • Earlier in the episode MY told GT that ST is very calculating, but I don't think this is what she meant. She was saying that ST only gives something if you give something to him in return.
    • I think the deep sense of betrayal ST was feeling at that moment triggered something in him and unleashed all those words.
  • GT having a mental breakdown of sorts at the psychiatric hospital he works in... I'm kind of scared to watch the next episode.:tears:
  • How prophetic that just moments earlier, MY told GT she would never let him go, and GT responded, "Don't be so sure."
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Someone in this thread mentioned before that KMY uses clothes to protect herself, like an armor. She's right! Jjang! :thumbsup:




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this is my first time in this chat. This drama had made me think a lot.  I rewatch episodes..

i am wondering a lot about this possibilities 

1.suspicious  woman with flower clothes, i think many of us might have thought she could be Mun-yeong’s mother. I feel like Gang tae mother is killed by Mun-yeong mother because she is very possessive about her daughter.  She had told her daughter many times to stay away from Gang tae. Since she figured her daughter wont be able to stay way from Gang tae. Maybe she was planning to kill Gang tar but his mother somehow found about this plan. We can see Sang tar witnessing mother being killed in forest. Maybe somehow Mun-yeong was in lost her memory but as her memory returned she came ti take revenge. 

2. I think Gang tae has some mental issue. He might have dementia. It is shown that he doesnt recall so many memories from past like he liked jampong instead of his elder brother.  I feel like the reason sometimes sang tae is repeating this is to make his younger brother Gang tae remember. 
3. Mun-yeong is shown as cold hearted person.  I think she is the one who understand a human mind most which can be seen in her work.  She knows what people are going through. All stories she tells have helped patient get better.  Beauty and beast being a stockholm disorder may have been i reference to the patient who was beaten by her ex husband. 

4. i feel like later we will seeMun-yeong and Sang -tae taking care of Gang tae.  We see two personalities who are seen as “not okay” helping other.  So it is indeed okay to be not oaky as long as your heart is at right place


let me know if you agree or disagree. 

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@libra22 I totally shipped them from the get go! I know CEO is quirky but to work with MY 10 yrs is no easy feat and she is prickly too. I don’t like facial hair usually but he looks pretty handsome with it. I miss it! :happyshakes:


Just finished the episode , oh the feels.

Great points noted and def like seeing differing views. Allows me to see the characters from various lenses.


So here what I liked.


-That gorgeous looking pizza that JS made for KT- I wanted it so bad!!!! :eatscookie:Gosh cannot watch while hungry! JS doing his fave who you like more ? But the answer he gave KT asking for a favor- I always on your side and say yes. His loyalty is lovely. 
(a Will we ever find out there story of coming together ? Hi am curious as JS is a rare person, is one reason cause he likes KT?) :hwaiting2: He goes above and beyond the typical pal.


-MY ditching KT after getting excited to go away and upset he had no passport. She thought she was played by him and dang she showed her anger. But KT took in stride. 

- ST telling JS he didn’t want to hang with him. He was right who any employee wants to chill with their boss? JS pitifully saying I closed to hang out & picked you up in this heat.


- The balcony scene where the deer blocked KT and MY. Omg I am on the bandwagon with everyone else frustrated by the deer too- what are you thinking deer???!!!!! When she realized he was going to kiss her she was cute and innocent . Not her aggressive lusty self which is not her usually .


- I liked the Director calling KT to say I saw that you would be together . I am glad KT asked about MY outrageous dressing style as self protection. Awww he cares a lot to ask. He wanted to share her dads words and he truly feels MY benefits being with KT. Yes they can all heal .


-JR mom low key cute picking on Director having crush on her. Lol loved it! Now seeing them bicker was adorbs! But ST disliking farts as part of mealtime chats lol. 

- Can I tell you that was impressed by SJ chatting with JR and tried to help CEO too! Hehehe. Love he overhead and commented she is finally worth her salary. Glad that JR sees why KT and MY are similar. And MY recounting her friendship to KT. As someone pointed out too, both cannot share . They want to be sole person in the universe.  But both are lonely too. Like KT saying his mom dream for him to have a friend who truly understands him. MY knows that’s not enough. ST looking so happy at MY declaring being BFF with MY. But still she doesn’t want to share KT and has to keep them separate and he needs to learn to adjust to their intertwined lives 


Patience , the person with more is more in love. Cute showing the runaway couple are calmer than the OTP. Smiley drunk GT and MY messing with him. I am glad he held back as both are newbies in love. MY is all talk and bluster and likes to shock. But when KT does the same it is her turn to be flustered and caught off guard. I loved how drunk KT kept far away saying I warned you I am not patient any more. Aww.


The flower and kiss so sweet. For me not surprising he is going to act on his feelings his way. So redo on the flowers adding a kiss and asking for his flowers not to be stomped on this time. Too adorbs! I thought befitting first kiss for two newbies.


CEO chat with JR was amazing! Omg loved him more than ever! He is quirky but I loved his fessing up sticking with MY. My heart! Saying she is lonely  and helped him was so kind and shows he is not 100% with MY for money. His comments to KT being boss, family etc to her is true! His oppa to her is neighborhood and reliable oppa not I see you as a dating oppa figure. He looked so cool! He is a sensitive soul indeed.


Already mentioned but the no good for nothing gossiping colleague who screws up everything omg! Ugggggggghhhhhhhh!Shush! PSA - gossiping is bad!!!!


The couple from the hospital , yes if you love you let them go. Proud of him to fight his alcoholism and then go to Areum took bravery and patience plus tons of love & consideration. :hooray:


Mom already likes CEO for JR . JR rejecting his ssam but later low key enjoying the attention after his repeated attempts and little whining to feed her. Glad JR saw another side of him and MY to have her recall their relationship. 

The ending - so much I read already . I teared up. ST you are hyung but your dongseng is NOT your property. Plus your memories are not correct. Poor KT .:cries:

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10 hours ago, leejoongi1trash said:

Just like KT memories of his mother were distorted, ST memories are also distorted. As much as that scene was sad, I must say it was very much needed to start their healing. Suppressed resentment and dependency ...oof 


Juri and MY, I can totally relate. I loved the talk between JR and the CEO. I hope MY and JR can become friends again.

Yes and yes! I really want to see what all ST recalls about his childhood and their mom's death.


It's nice to finally see JR and MY's backstory. I've been so preoccupied with the romantic relationship in the show, I've forgotten about their friendship. I'm coming around on JR, and it's lovely that she owns a copy of MY's book. Even though their last interaction ended in a cat fight, I look forward to their next scenes together.


9 hours ago, floweroad said:

When MY decides to ignore her own desires and puts someone else first, I think that's going to be the biggest turning point for our heroine. On the other hand, KT seemed to readily accept the idea of letting the one you love go, so i think he's turning point will be when he fights for love and fights for what he wants i.e. MY.

I agree! This is a part of that healing we've been promised by the show's synopsis. I'm glad MY went inside to the hospital and witnessed first-hand how devastated GT was by ST's words. I hope this will help her understand whatever tough decisions GT may end up making...


8 hours ago, SweetButters said:
  • It was interesting to see how ST had remembered the whole lake incident differently than KT. To ST, he remembered it as KT pushing him into the lake while KT remembered it as ST falling in on his own because he stomping on the already fragile ice. 

I love how you've described this! Each brother remembered the event differently from the other. Since we didn't see the whole interaction, who are we to say who was right? I think the show is trying to set up viewers to take GT's side, but your'e right, KT's memory isn't necessarily more reliable than ST's just because ST is on the autism spectrum.



2 hours ago, softestfairy said:

"Who's more in love? The one who's more patient. Why? Because love is all about patience" (right before KT exercises extreme self-control and patience once again)


That stood out to me. So far we've seen KT be the patient one not just with MY but his brother and in general. I definitely believe MY has genuine feelings for him and might even love him but KT is really in love with her and he has been since they were kids. I hope they aren't separated for too long...


I feel like there's gonna be a big time jump. 

Interesting idea about a time jump. I can see that happening where GT and MY spend, at most, a few months apart. During this time, it will be MY's turn to be patient as she waits for GT and ST to repair their relationship.

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One of beautiful resolution indeed..


"This time, dont stomp on it (the flowers)"

*MY smiling freely




So adorableeee



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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2020] It's Okay not to be Okay, 사이코지만 괜찮아

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