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[Drama 2020] It's Okay not to be Okay, 사이코지만 괜찮아

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6 minutes ago, Ameera Ali said:



the next time she will go hunting for the poor deer :joy:


** you shut up 





I would cuss the deer too :D MOST HATED TSK TSK

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1 hour ago, Dramafreak said:

I was thinking the same thing. I cant imagine going back to work and would probably quit.

Could similar kind of outbursts have resulted in KT being on a constant move?

If anything I think it’s the tell-tale colleague that should be ashamed of himself.. For one, how could he go around gossiping like that; and two, look at the mess that he caused. Fully hating on that nosy colleague right now :evilelmo: 

and I don’t think similar outbursts happened in the past and were the cause of their moves. We know that they had to keep moving because of the “butterflies” (whatever it means), and judging from both ST & KT’s reactions it seems like this was the first time it was brought up / happened..

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My heart is breaking for MKT. Goodness, that last scene of episode 9, KSH's acting was brilliant! Their romance lasted like 5 minutes in this episode and most of it was KT worrying about his brother. When MY was asking ST about KT you can really see something struck him, seriously, her words are magical! Both brothers need to sit down and talk this out, clearly they both are hiding their feelings from each other. I love ST but right now I want both brothers to give each other space, its unfair ST just rubbed that incident in KT's face when the whole time KT never stopped thinking about his brother, good or bad. Yes, I know ST is autistic...so I will not blame him for this outburst either. I felt so sorry for KT in the ending of episode 9, having to choose the woman you love and the brother you can't live without. I hope MY makes it clear that ST does not have to make KT choose, she is the only one who can bring them together.


Also, I really like Ju ri and Mr. CEO. What he said about MY and KT...I think this left a good impression on JR. I appreciate him a lot now, something's changed in a good way for him, he's let go of MY.


First, we found out about KT, broke him...now its ST, in the process at least..we have yet to break MY...I think hers will be the most shocking of all.

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This episode we've got sweet OTP moments. 63.gif









I love how she makes him nervous. The dominant partner. 9.gif



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Big questions (  why oppa lose his mind last time ) 




The fart theory - what we except he a doctor :yum:





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The pure brilliance that is THIS SCENE. 


Idek who I was crying for at this point!





cred. owner

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Is everyone Ok after today’s episode?!? We had our high highs (they trolled all the shippers lol) and then boom!! That ending made me an emotional mess - heartbreaking to see it unfold. Thank goodness there’s another episode tomorrow. I am gonna rewatch tomorrow and some of my immediate thoughts.



- We finally know what happened between Juri and MY as kids. It explains a lot their dynamic and I am happy Juri is reading MY’s books. I hope they can be friends again;


- CEO Lee is a good person and he shined in this episode. 

- ST!!! When KT said that MY is like ST and then MY told KT that ST can be manipulative - I heard the hint but wasn’t prepared for this lying tantrum at the end. It’s interesting because he tells everyone lying is bad and now he’s intentionally lying about what happened on that ice lake.


- Poor KT. Just when he allowed himself some freedom and follow his heart; he’s now being traumatized again for leaving ST just for a day and a night. He’ll def try to end things with MY now.


-MY knows the real story of what happened so I hope she can find a way to help both brothers. 

maybe this incident will help both brothers re-examine their relationship and dependency. 

Re MY’s mom, dad, mrs Park (fan is MY’s mom) - So according to dad, MY’s mom killed someone or so he thought and therefore he tried to kill his wife and daughter?!? Maybe the real killer is Mrs Park the fan all along?


All the actors should win awards for this show.


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Yeah they kissed but episode 9 is a sad episode. I was right in my hunch that Sang Tae would be one of their relationship major obstacles. And I wonder as well if Jae-Su is gay or bisexual. He had nuances of one i.e. mannerisms and the way he acts towards Kang Tae

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OH CHA-YONG is on my crappy character list! How is this guy still working as a caregiver in the hospital?!? Let me count all the times that he screwed up:


1. Kwak Ki-do was able to slip out of the hospital because OCY was busy getting a new gown for Ki-do.

2. OCY was supposed to keep watch over Ah-reum and her ex-husband so nothing bad would happen but he clumsily trips on the coat rack. 

3. Freaking gossipmonger

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Just finished watching ep 9 and I am a sobbing mess.
So many things happened in this episode but the end, the end...

Just like KT memories of his mother were distorted, ST memories are also distorted. As much as that scene was sad, I must say it was very much needed to start their healing. Suppressed resentment and dependency ...oof 

The brothers need to have a heart to heart and bare it all out. they also need to be apart for a little bit.  


I must say the way the writers handled A-reum and JT made me more hopeful about the way they will handle KT, ST, and MY individual healing and their relationships. 


Juri and MY, I can totally relate. I loved the talk between JR and the CEO. I hope MY and JR can become friends again. 

We've been saying that MY needs therapy before a serious relationship with KT and that is true but she will also need support during that time. Even with professional help, recovery is hard if you are alone with no one to be there for you. It will be nice for her to have a friend and the CEO also who we can count as a brother figure right? 


Now I'm back to crying

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Here after episode 9 (love NETFLIX) and must say , damn this drama is like a roller coaster ride and with each episode being better than the other!! I was so happy when finally KT had sometime for himself, doing things he wish to do, with the girl he likes! And boy yes some progress with MY. Funny was when the deer interrupted their kiss lmao and MY be killing the deer :tounge_xd:

i can't imagine KT's burden, because he had to even lie / not be truthful towards ST just for a little time to himself :( because he knew very well ST could only rely on him (and even to the extent of obsessed) + well his mum pretty much brought him up as ST's caregiver before her death.... i was feeling so happy when the belated confession towards MY was delivered + a peck (seriously given their sexual tension i was expecting more but ok) !! But that last scene was so devastating!!!... i was seriously hoping someone could stop ST at the end because obviously while KT did hesitated in saving ST back in the frozen lake, he couldn't bring himself to do it! Instead ST was the one who abandoned KT back in the lake back then and he may not had realized that... only MY's knows the truth. Maybe their mother's last wish will come true? MY will become ST's best friend, and let him realize certain things eventually... But either way, KSH's acting was superb man. I laughed throughout the episode, but ended up crying at the end!


And okay, it was also an interesting touch they brought in JR and MY's relationship. JR's feelings actions are relatable i guess, because such things are common. I guess JR (as a caregiver) will start to understand MY more (after reading her books) and hopefully reconcile with MY. It's progressive, but it evident JR has come into terms as to why she and KT won't be together and why he chose MY instead. I am just wondering if she will end up with the CEO lol. 

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why oppa behaving weirdly lately  


the best friend theory 


Would have best if he less time on making theory and spend more time on learning novel in english :mrgreen:



but I agree with Ko Moon Young :D





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1 hour ago, goldenashes97 said:

Agreed. Honestly, when ST started screaming, I kinda wanted MY to snap and scream back at ST's face that he was the one who left KT. Ugh. I'm so cruel. I'm sorry.

I have the Same sentiments. 


This Episode went from Dark Comedy to Dark Tragedy. My Emotions Just can't keep up.!!!!


Again Best Liners --->>  MY to KT: Are you from Outer SPACE??? Who doesn't own a Passport these days (Homage to YFAS??? ,Lol)

KT to JS: Virus? You almost convinced me, You should write a Novel. (This JS is me, trying to convince my bff not to fall for that Man because his toxicity has seeped into her somehow) 

Although I do not take MY as toxic, JS does because for him she seems so.I get where he is coming from.


Surprising Scenes :

Director and JR's Mom, funnily enough before they mentioned their Long Lost affair I though They have a good chemistry going on , Lol it came true in the story.

JR and SI : Agent Lee sometimes I find you very surprising and a Human not after Money but someone who actually can see through people. I loved their interaction Today.

JT and Aerum: Aww they made me cry, he was so genuine when confessing and letting her go. Hope they get some semblance of normal love.

KT being happy like a Teenage who kissed for the first time. Aww.


So The Darker Modes :

Dark Comedy: My manipulating KT to spend the night in Cheap Hotel.

ST asking JS: Which Boss likes to spend time with his PART-TIMER at his place??? Lol He made it sound scandalous!!!

Dark Tragedy : Again I say here ST memories are also twisted , ST did despise KT because the events happened back to back wherein KT said he wanted ST dead and left him in the ice water for 2 minutes. That left a deep Impact.

I too wanted KMY to snap at ST but that is Not how people will believe, her main focus is KT at this point. The Minds and lives are screwed.

MY's mom killed someone????My's dad Killed Her??? Grain of SALT, I like the character developments, the Story mainly focuses on that but this mystery needs to be explored more I think.

Moreover I think more than KT, it is MY who can convince ST to reveal the truths and let MY-KT be in peace. ST trusts MY more as he knows KT lies multiple times.


Quirky Question:

1. If the Cursed Castle was not in Use for N number of Years, how is the Refrigerator Working? or the House was mostly Clean, when No one likes to enter that place???:omg:

2. Where Can I get JS's Shop Pizza? It Looks Yummy.




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The face of the angel belongs to the head nurse right? Ko Dae Hwan said that she looks like and angel but she’s a monster. Did you see the way her eyebrows ticked when patient Ok Ran walked away? If that’s not a clue, then I don’t know what is.

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That deer better leave the country before we turn him into deer stew! :eats2:


But I can imagine fanfics coming out from this part! Lol :naughty:

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Oppa didn’t get the memo :phew:









 No winning against Ko Moon Young :mrgreen:




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i have finally watch the episode,


so, KDH tell to Director Oh that MY's mom killed someone and he killed her.. uh,, i just hope it's not MY mom that killed KT's mom. then the story will be so tragic T.T if that happened, i dont think KT can accept MY.


i didnt expect SI to really care for MY, i thought he's just a goofy publishing director that only care her for money.

and i hope JR can start to understand in what condition MY is, and it will be perfect if at the end of the series, SI & JR will be one of the friends that  help to heal her.


ST, he's triggered by the donkey story MY told to him, but i guess, later they will get the good outcome from this, like now KT knows what ST think about that accident, maybe they never resolve this before, but now it broke, they will find the solution. MY becoming the trigger to every problem arose in this series, but because her trigger, something is resolved or getting improvement.


it's breaking my heart to see KT like that...(KSH superb acting T.T) and for this scar between him & ST, no one can help them to resolve, they must resolve themselves.


and we got a prediction from Director Oh from the preview, he said ST can be the help of KT one day... i wonder what it will be, maybe to save MY?


and poor MY got push away again, by KT blaming her why did she save him :(


and will ST be in danger? the narration from OR 'should i just kill him?' or she said that to KDH?


can't wait for tomorrow's episode


btw, i hope that they can fix MY's mindset about friends, maybe JR can fix that? 

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