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[Drama 2020] Dinner Mate/Shall We Eat Dinner Together?, 저녁 같이 드실래요?


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Not my kind of humor at all.  I was kinda cringing because I just knew what was bound to happen with the boyfriend during the first half of the episode but I kinda liked the second half and the characters began to seem likeable, so I think I'll follow this show.  

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“Dinner Mate” Cast Talks About Their First Impressions Of Each Other, Their Characters, And More

May 25, 2020
by C. Hong

On May 25, MBC’s new drama “Dinner Mate” held an online press conference with its cast and crew.

Based on a popular webtoon, “Dinner Mate” tells the story of a man and a woman who have grown jaded about romance after experiencing painful heartbreaks. Through their dinner dates, they recover their ability to feel emotion and begin to find love over food.

Seo Ji Hye, who plays the female lead Woo Do Hee, said, “When I was in high school, Song Seung Heon was a really big star. I had never seen him even after I made my debut as an actress, so I was really curious about how good-looking he was in person. When I met him in person, I really liked him. I felt like I was becoming his fan. He is really good-looking in person.”

more https://www.soompi.com/article/1402602wpp/dinner-mate-cast-talks-about-their-first-impressions-of-each-other-their-characters-and-more




“Dinner Mate” Premiere Sees Promising Ratings, “Sweet Munchies” Sets Off To Quiet Start

May 26, 2020
by R. Jun

MBC’s “Dinner Mate,” starring Song Seung Heon and Seo Ji Hye, is a drama about a man and a woman who have grown jaded about romance after experiencing painful heartbreaks. Through their dinner dates, they eventually recover their ability to feel emotion and begin to find love over food.

According to Nielsen Korea, the May 25 broadcast of the drama recorded average nationwide viewership of 4.8 and 6.1 percent, for a solid beginning and a 1.6 point increase from the finale of its predecessor, “365: Repeat the Year.”


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It was still a little painful to see Kim Jung-Hyun &  Seo Ji Hye together again - but it was funny the way hers/his tone changed right after he's caught kissing the flight attendant - close your eyes and the voices and cadence are spot on - Seung Jun - Seo Dan bickering


The second half was better ... I'll keep watching





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I watched the first 4 eps. and I really liked it.


I found it sweet, funny and light.

I liked the chemistry of the actors, they seemed at ease with each other.

it is not a very original plot, but a good drama to pass the time.


I'm watching TKEM and Born Again, so I need a light drama to give my brain a break :joy:

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I have to admit that this drama is growing on me.  It is funny (even if it does make me cringe a bit and even if it's necessary to overlook possible psychiatric malpractice).  


I thought it was great that they included Seo Ji Hye's former co-star Kim Jung Hun from CLOY in the first episode and Song Seung Heon's former co-star Lee Si Eon from Player in the second.

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Have only had time to catch episode 1 and really like it so far. It seems the story will have a good balance of romance, humor and healing. The cinematography is also really pretty and I dig the narrative style of both leads' inner thoughts. Totally smiled from ear to ear when Hae Kyung came back for Do Hee.

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“Good Casting” Breaks Downward Trend With Ratings Increase, “Dinner Mate” And “Sweet Munchies” See Decreases On Day 2

May 27, 2020
by R. Ju
MBC’s “Dinner Mate,” starring Song Seung Heon and Seo Ji Hye, recorded 5.9 and 5.7 percent in ratings, for a 0.2 point decrease from its premiere.
What`s with those countryside ajumma clothes? :lol:
BTS from press conference
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Caught up until episode 4 and thought it was so charming. The ajumma jokes about the outfit were hilarious. It doesn't seem to have the same darker undertones as CLOY but obviously touches upon mental illness and self harm what with the lead being a psychiatrist.


I was hoping it would finally be a romance between Seo Ji Hye and Kim Jung Hun where he actually gets to stick around but, alas, his role was just a cameo. Their scenes together made my heart ache for Seo Dan and Seung Jun. I loved the little CLOY reference as well. Its so nice to see Seo Ji Hye in a lead role, she's simply fantastic and so funny on this show.

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after watching the first few episodes, these are my thoughts: I kinda wished the characters were established more, were kinda just thrown everything, also there were some scenes that were too draggy for me and ended up skipping some seconds haha (im impatient). But I do appreciate it and hopefully next week's episodes deliver, dont get me wrong the premiere episodes were great but something was just lacking, I was hoping for more. 

One thing to note though on this drama is the comedy, its a double-edged sword, sometimes it delivers but there are instances where its kinda awkward to watch, but hey you can't have everything haha

let's look forward to next weeks episode, finally we're gonna be introduced to the second leads


also, let me just ask, is the  guard from Sky Castle a part of the love triangle or not?

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With its first two (of four) episodes I already like it. I like that its light, and there's not much poor/rich emphasis. Also, them being complete strangers (no childhood connections haha) is a plus! Btw, hello guys! :lol:

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7 hours ago, ednamode101 said:

The ajumma jokes about the outfit were hilarious.


One of my favorite parts of that episode.  I think the ajumma clothes are becoming a trend  :lol:  I happened to notice this while reading stories here on Soompi:

(spoiler tagging since the picture is from a different drama)




Twice on dramas in one week?  Definitely a trend.  Time to get your guy some ajumma clothes!  :lol:

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I liked the first two episodes (four short episodes). I am not usually a fan of rom coms but I liked this drama, it had a promising start. I think I will enjoy this series.


Definetly the ajumma clothes scene was so funny. Then, Lee Shi un`s character called him omma, then the receptionists called him granny. And they were not young themselves. :lol:





Of course I continued laughing. :lol:


One of my favorite scenes was when she was drunk and kept doing the swimming styles in a pool without the water. He came to see her and asked if she is alright. He left eventually but came back. She told him what she is really doing. Like she feels like suffocated, even withouit being the water there. She feels the heartbrake and I think he knows how it is. He doesn`t expressed it (like his ex told him) but he suffered too. The biggest heartbreak he had was when his mom left him.

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I agree with everyone that Hae Kyung's ahjumma/granny outfit was hilarious. I can't help but think that deep down, Do Hee partly wanted to prank him. She's funny. Either way, I thought SSH pulled it off well. (Am loving seeing him in a rom com.)




I like how the two constantly bicker and say they don't want to see each other, but they end up meeting again like this...





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Just watched the first 2 or 4 eps however you want to call it. haha


Thoroughly enjoyed the cameos so far, big smile on my face being able to point em out where they were from hehehe.


Seems like a nice good feel romance drama, but of course, still early episodes to see if theres any changes.


Definitely will be watching this one through to the end. :wub:


Wouldnt mind the Ahjumma tops n vest for wearing at home. LOL!

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Based on Hae Kyung's flashback, it seems he had an absent mother which can explain why he has empathy for people who are "being left alone". And, ironically as a psychiatrist, he is wrestling with his own kind of trauma.


Regarding Do Hee, does it seem like hers could be more deeper than the heartbreak with her ex-boyfriend? Somewhere in the opening of episode 1, her phone conversation with her mother implied that her father had affairs with other women throughout the marriage. So, it makes me think that she somewhat lost faith in relationships and feels suffocated more so because her cheating ex-boyfriend proved what her mother said...that "all men are the same". She had thought that she would be different from her mother.


I think this story should be interesting because the need for healing seems to go both ways.


@Ayame I have not seen a subbed preview for episode 3 (5+6) yet. Hopefully, Soompi will post an article summarizing the translations.

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Song Seung Heon And Seo Ji Hye Grow Closer Over A Meal As Lee Ji Hoon Looks On In “Dinner Mate”

May 29, 2020
by J. Lim

The upcoming episode of MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Dinner Mate” will follow Song Seung Heon and Seo Ji Hye sharing a lighthearted meal, only to be joined by Lee Ji Hoon.

“Dinner Mate” will tell the story of a man and a woman who have grown jaded about romance after experiencing painful heartbreaks. Through their dinner dates, they eventually recover their ability to feel emotion and begin to find love over food.

The new stills show Kim Hae Kyung (Song Seung Heon) and Woo Do Hee (Seo Ji Hye) having dinner together. They hold rice bowls in their hands as they take their meal outside, sharing fun conversations and getting to know each other better. They seem to be at ease with each other as they have a comfortable and simple meal.

On the other hand, Jung Jae Hyuk (Lee Ji Hoon) has a stony expression on his face as he watches them from afar. As Wo Do Hee’s ex-boyfriend who left her with many scars to heal, tensions rise as viewers wonder if Woo Do Hee and Jung Jae Hyuk will meet again, and how that would unfold.





Will You Have Dinner With Me: Episodes 1-2

by LollyPip


What a breath of fresh air! Will You Have Dinner With Me delivers a simple premise of two people with very different lives, who find a commonality and decide to strike up a friendship. It’s a show about love and loss, pain and healing, but it’s also a lot funnier than I expected. It’s nice to see a story about people who have been hurt, but who still retain their sense of humor and desire to connect with others.



In voiceover, a woman tells us that her favorite movie scene is the iconic opening scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. She acts it out, standing in front of a jewelry store window sipping coffee and eating a croissant. She says she likes the scene because the character is eating alone, allowing her view of the beautiful jewelry, her tastebuds, and her mental state to form the perfect combination.

more http://www.dramabeans.com/2020/05/will-you-have-dinner-with-me-episodes-1-2/

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