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[Upcoming Drama 2020] Friend Contract, 계약우정 - Shin Seung Ho - Premieres in June

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KBS Drama

Friend Contract

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Network: KBS2

Genre: school, youth


Airdate: June, 2020





“Friend Contract” is based on the school webtoon by Kwon Laad. It depicts the dark sides of love and society during the fresh adolescence period from the perspective of two high school students Park Chan Hong and Heo Don Hyuk.

Park Chan-Hong  is an ordinary high school student. He has talent for writing and he gets pressured by his parents about his studies. He doesn’t have any specific dreams. He is friends with Eom Se-Yoon, who attends the same high school. She is popular at school. Meanwhile, Heo Don-Hyeok is classmates with Park Chan-Hong. Heo Don-Hyeok is not interested in studying and he works to pay for his living expenses. One day, Heo Don-Hyeok saves Park Chan-Hong from a school bully. To pay for his rent, Heo Don-Hyeok asks to borrow 300,000 won ($270 USD) from Park Chan-Hong. Park Chan-Hong lends him the money, but that money was supposed to pay for his private institute tuition fee. After school, Park Chan-Hong now doesn’t have a place to go. He begins to spend time with Heo Don-Hyeok. Credits: asianwiki




Shin Seung Ho as Heo don Hyeok

Lee Sin Young as Park Chan Hong

Kim So Hye as Eom Se Yoon







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[OFFICIAL] Shin Seung Ho, confirmed to star in webtoon-based drama 'Friend Contract'

Posted : 2020-01-23 08:00



Actor Shin Seung Ho has chosen 'Friend Contract' as his next project.


According to multiple entertainment officials, Shin Seung Ho was cast as the main character of KBS's new drama 'Friend Contract' (written by Kim Ju Man, directed by Yoo Young Eun).

'Friend Contract' depicts the dark scene of adolescent love and society from the perspective of high school students Park Chan-hong and Hur Don-hyuk. It is being developed and produced by Kakao M's drama production company Mega Monster, based on the webtoon of the same name (by Kwon Laad) which has been well received for its fresh development and deep and heavy theme. Yoo Young Eun, who directed both seasons of 'Queen of Mystery' and 'Just Dance', is the series PD and the screenplay is written by Kim Ju Man.

Shin Seung Ho turned to acting after debuting in the 2016 SBS Super Model Selection. Since then, he has appeared in web drama 'A-TEEN', JTBC school drama 'At Eighteen', and Netflix's youth drama 'Love Alarm'.

'Friend Contract' is scheduled to start shooting in the first half of January and will air in the first half of this year.

YTN Star Ban Seo Yeon (uiopkl22@ytnplus.co.kr)
[Photo = Starship Entertainment]



Mega Monster, borrows W2 billion from (parent) Kakao M… "strengthening production capabilities"

Chae Sung Woo Posted : 2020.01.23 15:51



Mega Monster-produced dramas / Photo = Mega Monster's homepage



Mega Monster, a content production affiliate of Kakao M, borrowed 2 billion won to expand production capacity. Mega Monster plans to use the borrowings to create content.

According to the content industry sources, Mega Monster borrowed 2 billion won from Kakao M on the 20th of January. The repayment period is 19th of April, with 20.46% return on equity.

Mega Monster is a drama production company established by Kakao M in May 2017 and is producing various contents for different platforms such as TV terrestrial, cable and mobile channels. In December 2018, it co-produced with MBC the mystery thriller drama 'Children of Nobody' and in February 2019 the romantic comedy drama 'Touch Your Heart' for tvN in partnership with Studio Dragon.


The loan will strengthen Mega Monster's overall production capabilities and use it to create new content. A Mega Monster official said to Money S, “Short-term borrowing is the operational purpose required to enhance drama production this year.”

Mega Monster, which signed a drama production agreement with Daum Webtoon Company and KBS in June last year, has confirmed 'Friend Contract' and 'Dead Man's Letter' both based on Daum Webtoon Intellectual Property (IP) as part of its production lineup this year.

'Friend Contract', which plans to shoot this month, is a new KBS drama produced based on the webtoon of the same name. From the perspectives of high school students 'Park Chan-hong' and 'Hur Don-hyuk', it depicts the dark side of adolescent love and society. Actor Shin Seung-ho, who starred in the dramas ‘A-TEEN’ and ‘Love Alarm,’ was cast as the male lead.

An official in the content industry said, “Kakao has solidly established a content value chain from IP discovery to casting, production, and distribution through various subsidiaries. If last year was the time to complete the value chain, this year will be a year of delivering various results. It will be exciting.”



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Kim So Hye Confirmed To Be Cast In Upcoming KBS Drama

Jan 28, 2020
by C. Hong

Former I.O.I member and actress Kim So Hye will be leading a new KBS drama!


On January 28, a source from her agency, S&P Entertainment, told OSEN, “Kim So Hye has been cast as the female lead in KBS’s new drama ‘Contract Friendship.'”


“Contract Friendship” (working title) is based on a webtoon of the same name and tells the story of high school students Chan Hong and Don Hyuk, who lead totally different lives. Kim So Hye will be playing the role of senior high school student Uhm Se Yoon, who is the most popular girl at school and has a crush on Chan Hong.


Drama industry insiders also reported that Lee Shin Young, who currently appears on “Crash Landing on You,” had been cast in the lead role of Chan Hong.


The drama is expected to premiere sometime in the first half of 2020.


Source (1) (2)



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