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[Drama 2020] My Unfamiliar Family, (아는 건 별로 없지만) 가족입니다


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I made the time to watch the last episode! I loved it so much ((: I love how the ending wasn't sugarcoated and it wasn't mentioned that family issues are endless. Father asked if we should go on a family trip and there was silence. I think my mom can relate to that as I always give an indirect no.

----- Quick thoughts (I will come back to read your comments!!!)

I love that EJ always catches on whenever EH starts dating or is in the midst of dating. JW felt the deja vu (first time was when EH was dating with Vice President and the second time is with CH). Haha :D And when JW finds out, he has these sparkling eyes towards CH and says, "brother in-law?" hahahahha


The meeting between EJ and her biological father was quite interesting. The biological father states that relationships between parents and children become empty after a period of time. And not too soon, we see mom leave and the house is empty. But what's so heartwarming is seeing the father and the children come back to this home. They come back together. It reminds of this quote, "A house is not a home." A house is just a physical structure while a home is full of memories and is lived in. 


I enjoyed seeing mom away from home because she was finding herself again. She was living as Lee Jin Sook and she did what she always wanted to do. When she came back home, her face was telling, "I am a mom, a wife, and also Lee Jin Sook." 


EH said, "We spent time by ourselves individually outside of the family and we searched for ourselves individually outside fo the family." It's so important to always find yourself, to define your own individual identity outside of your family role. In other words, get to know yourself and don't be stuck in a family role. For example, JW has always been adored and spoiled and he didn't know until he was scammed and came back home to open arms. He recognized his place and he's also getting older.


Oh! I can't believe it's the ending. CH's mom has always been out of the picture, but I'm curious as to what her first impressions of EH was. She does remember EH as the loud girl hahaha. I need a season 2. 



This was a wonderful cast and I don't think I will be watching a new kdrama anytime soon. 

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@ponderings I know!!! I feel like this is the type of drama we can totally have a season 2, but it'd break my heart if it goes to S2 and CH and EH has to break up or something. Hahah But at least, im sure they'd be friends for a lifetime but let's not jinx this.


But yes, i did like to see CH and his mum, their relationship. And Eunjoo and Minwoo developing their relationship. Dad and Mum at their second chance, and Seo young and Jiwoo going onto something. 

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@Nodame thank you for keeping the thread alive too. New term takes me away from my weekly dose of dramas so I only see updates here and there.


That said, thank you @Redpinkboxes for being a great help to all of us. Just by reading your recap i'm certain that this drama is a gem and i'm happy with how things wrapped up beautifully. And the last picture of the family that @ponderings posted is soo precious. 


The highlight of this drama for me is (1) mom and dad (2) the sisters. They're the ones that brought tears to my eyes with their struggles and relationship with others around them.


I remember tearing up reading the live recap from @Redpinkboxes a week ago about the conversation of mom and dad. With mom saying he's been a great dad and dad saying he'd been in a fight with himself (cmiiw since i havent watched it myself)


And the sisters! They always open the floodgate of tears for me. Starting from EJ's breakdown when she first figured out TH's secret. That scene when EH cried in pain seeing her sister taking the scissors is just so sad. Then to EJ crying at the road in front of EH's house when she reached out to EH after finding out truth about her birth. The sleepover. And there's one more in one of  last week's episodes but i cant recall it since again i'm just reading the recap. I just love how different yet complementary they are to each other. They balance each other out.


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I like how they dealt with the Eun-Joo's father issue. He was very similar to her in that he immediately put up barriers and made clear that he was not interested in a parent-child relationship with her, but did so in a very matter-of-fact way, very similar to the way she does things. I feel like she got closure on this issue, which is what matters.


Loved that Mom went on a "eat pray love" type trip for herself! Loved how she offered to go on a trip together with Sang-Shik at the end.


This was a great show. It was just thoughtfully written, and made me feel like every character and their emotions mattered far beyond the sensational set up (Gay husband! One-night stand with your new boss! Amnesia! Birth secret! Secret love child!)


Everyone be happy and safe. See you in another thread! :)

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I am a little sad that it is over but I am happy that I watched a good kdrama. How I wish more kdramas will be like this! From the first episode I felt that I will love this drama and not even for a moment the writer/drama dissapointed me. Eight weeks passed so quickly.


I smiled and got emotional sometimes watching the final episode. I like how the three siblings spent more time together and with their father, how Sang Sik kept in touch with his Jin Sook, how mom had her free time to herself, Chang Hyeok and Eun Hee happy together, how Eun joo find a good friend and possible romantic partner, even Ji Woo grew up a little. 

I want to thank the writer for giving me such a good scene with Eun joo and Tae Hyeong. I was happy for them and in the same time I got emotional. I got emotional when I saw the closing credits with the pictures of cast and crew members like family pictures.


I enjoyed reading everyone comments as well. Thanks for keeping each others company in this thread in those few weeks.



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So sad this is real this drama is over.


The cast saying farewell.



I watched the finale too @ponderings. Sad it is over. Thanks for sharing your thoughts plus loved the family pic on your post.


I did write already about some things I liked before watching it.


-EH and CH my OTP and loved their lovey dovey moments. The cute bickering over the camera and book purchases. LOL. The cuddling in bed while wearing EJ mom's hawaiian shirts . (Loved mom had a shirt for JW boss and gave it to EH and NOT JW lol. EH asking why give it to her. LOL you sly gal.)

Chilling at her place eating and then have JW and EJ unni crash their party. Funny how EH told CH to wear something--it was not helpful at all. Def no matter what they were BUSTED! Loved seeing JW say hopefully lol Brother in Law. The smile on EJ's face, love she approves. We knew she did when she told him her secret crush on him in the past.


-Seeing with my own eyes the horrid parking job by  MW was hilarious. Then EH seeing EJ looking back at MW (after he went in) thinking over what she apologized to him in the past---def EH was like AHA! (More than meets the eye indeed.) I liked that EJ told MW she heard he led EH to the lounge in the building and defended her. Then when he reasoned I have always been on your side. LOL when he was nice and had a GF , EJ thought he liked her. So MW is just adorbs. I liked how she told TH , he doesn't ask nosy questions for TH to assume he is quiet. EJ admitted he actually talks alot like a magpie like EH. 


-Already love that EJ and TH are friendly and at piece. He did look cute riding the bike to EJ, who thoughtfully got him some wine. Since they had great wine in Seoul, she was sure he would want some as the selection in that small sleepy coastal town would seem like limited wine pickings. DEF top scene.


-When the kids all welcomed mom back home--- loved it. Each came in with their personality and in better spirits from before mom went away. She needed it. Glad the kids chipped in taking care of the house while she was away.  Glad mom accepted the necklace. When EJ wanted to find out about her dad, it was good she did.


-Meeting her dad, EJ could be at piece. OMG it says alot when he started off telling her about marrying late at 50 etc and his life. Plus wanting to give her a painting, glad EJ declined. She now knows of her origins. I am glad she kept got her closure. Dang the mom told the bio dad but he did not want to be involved. MOM went through so much living for herself.


-EH when she said she did not think about mom and her family and struggles. When she told dad she couldn't kick maknae JW out because she experienced it herself. Glad that JW got to feel remorse on how he made the family feel.


-The family chat with no on responding to dad wanting to do a fam vacation, (not unfamiliar in my family) and glad mom DM to just go on their own. Love he is working and not driving long distances. Dad flirting with mom was cute, playing the guitar, I think the time away was much needed for her to heal.


-EH being cute with CH when she realized his mom knew about her. His pouting, you wanted me to still go on those wedding date meetings? EH feeling embarrassed that his mom remembers those few chats with her but she was a bit drunk. (Yikes ).  Those two--but that kiss confirmation and JW being clueless dropping him off none the wiser and EH declaration of loving CH. OMG. The ring but the KISS I watched a few times I admit. Squealed a ton. Or when EH lovingly gazed at CH when he did not share he told her mom thinking I love him. Then later same conversation CH realizing he loved EH (He always did but cute they were thinking those thoughts at similar time frame). Going to miss these two crazy kids!


-EH coworker talking about love/affection and defending herself saying she did not spread the gossip. It did not help that player GJ just was shooting hearts at EH. (Yup EH trust in her was right--- when she told GJ she has trust in her to not gossip.)


-SY and JW with their moment taking pics and potential some to start. LOL.


I guess that is it for now. A great drama I will miss and definitely a GEM!  I agree with @larus just quality all around.

Thanks to all for being part of the journey.


See everyone in another drama forum! Take care and be well! 


@larus @triplem @Redpinkboxes @celebrianna @ponderings @0ly40 @icemaid @partyon @bubu678  @Alice Wonderland @joonminfan @Samuel Yohanes @nat_phoenix88 @Ameera Ali @thistle @D27Gjk68 @ktcjdrama @chickfactor @Yippeun_eonnie @marrez1 @ck1Oz @lalalaelala @sal2 @foreverempress @roli @Kitty_Litter @bee_wannabe @loopo @sasha1818 @calledtoteach @Ima Imo @africandramalover @blue003 @Nymeria289 @Sirry Usly @tas82 @superspace @Helena @blademan @joccu

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My Unfamiliar Family: Episode 15

by quirkycase


We’ve reached the penultimate episode, so of course that means some last minute angst and pain. This family has been through it, and they keep pushing on through crisis after crisis. But is there a breaking point? We’ve only got one episode left to wrap things up, so let’s hope there’s some sun after the storm.




Before he leaves, Ji-woo starts and discards several letters to Eun-hee. He goes to the jewelry shop and buys one ring and three of the same necklace. He texts Chan-hyuk from the airport.

Eun-hee immediately calls Eun-joo once she finds out – no more secrets (progress!). They gather at Chan-hyuk’s office where Seo-young is trying to break into Ji-woo’s office computer. Eun-joo thinks they should just wait. That is, until Seo-young mentions how suspicious it is that Ji-woo sent some woman money before meeting.

At the hospital, Jin-sook clears up yet another misunderstanding with Sang-shik: she wasn’t hiding the fruit. That’s where she always kept the fruit she took to the care facility. He apologizes but so does Jin-sook. She intentionally let him misunderstand, finding it cathartic.

more https://www.dramabeans.com/2020/07/my-unfamiliar-family-episode-15/



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My Unfamiliar Family: Episode 16 (Final)

by quirkycase


It’s time to say goodbye to our messy, loveable family. I feel like I’ve been with this family for much longer than two months, yet I can’t believe their story is already over. This drama provided a surprisingly nuanced, frank look at family with all its beauty and flaws. I’ll miss seeing them on my screen every week, but I’m pretty happy with where we ended up.




Chan-hyuk goes to Eun-hee’s work to talk to her. They sit outside where he says that the one thing he couldn’t adequately capture through pictures at Eun-joo’s wedding was her parents’ expressions. Eun-hee recalls finding a photo of her dad in Jin-sook’s book. (That’s what she was so shocked about?)

She’s surprised that he has that very photo and a few others of her parents on his phone. Chan-hyuk liked them and passed them along to Ji-woo. In their expressions, he saw a tacit understanding between them that they alone knew what it took for each other to get there.

He calls it deeper than love and surmises that they didn’t hate each other or stay together only for their kids. Chan-hyuk thinks Jin-sook is wise and advises Eun-hee to just listen no matter what her mom says today. Eun-hee can tell he isn’t telling her everything, but she doesn’t push.


more https://www.dramabeans.com/2020/07/my-unfamiliar-family-episode-16-final/


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'My Unfamiliar Family' asks how well do we know the people we live with?

July 26, 2020


Actor Won Mi-kyung on the set of the drama series ’My Unfamiliar Family“ on tvN. [TVN]


TvN's recent drama series “My Unfamiliar Family” received accolades from viewers for its realistic portrayal of a family, which questioned what really defines a family and how much we know about the people we live with.

Its Korean title “We Know Nothing About Each Other But We’re a Family” perfectly encapsulates the message the drama wants to deliver to its viewers.

While packed with the clichés of a drama series, from a secret birth to amnesia and divorce, “My Unfamiliar Family” actually resonated with many viewers.

It made the best use of such dramatic devices to present a clear picture of a family that often hurts each other because of both minor and complex reasons.



Won plays Jin-sook, a devoted mother of three children, in ’My Unfamiliar Family.“ [TVN]


Well-written scripts and the meaty performance of actors allowed viewers to focus on the drama's message.

Among the cast who perfectly embodied the message of the writer on the screen, was actress Won Mi-kyung who played the role of Jin-sook, the matriarch of the family.

The JoongAng Ilbo talked with Won over the phone on July 16. The 60-year-old actress was scheduled to leave for Gainesville, Virginia, a day after the phone interview.

She had been living in Seoul since February to shoot the drama series but spoke with her own family via video calls everyday.

“As I began this drama series, our conversations changed a lot. I came to say ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ more often than before. This drama made me put myself in other families’ shoes.”

She continued, “I’ve been thinking all my life that I’ve done my part for the family. I thought I sacrificed myself to them and did everything I could do for them but this story made me see my family from a different point of view. I think my husband must have had difficult times and the children also struggled to do their part.”

Just like Won, Jin-sook is a devoted mother. She married Sang-sik, a truck driver, and raised three children. She is suspicious that her husband may be cheating on her.

But she can’t confront Sang-sik because she feels indebted to her husband. Jin-sook was a single mother when she tied the knot with Sang-sik, who also thinks Jin-sook is in touch with the biological father of Eun-joo, the first child of the couple, but Sang-sik can’t openly ask about that because he feels inferior to Eun-joo's real father.

The story reaches its climax as Sang-sik releases his anger onto his family in self-destructive ways.

In the drama series, there is a scene where Chan-hyuk asks Eun-hee, the second child of Jin-sook, “Do you know what the real problems of a family are? They don’t talk [to each other]. If they talk, they could solve the problems and dust everything off, but they don’t and the problems are caked with dirt and become sticky so you can’t get rid of them in the end.”

Won received scripts from the first to the fourth episodes via email when she was staying in the States. “I could relate to the story. As I turned 60, I had so many questions for the family inside of me. The timing was good.

“My husband and I once talked about how nice would it be if we could revisit our 20s and live just a single day again. There was a similar scene in the drama series, so I was surprised.”

Won’s husband, Lee Chang-sun, used to work as a drama producer at MBC. He produced hit drama series including “Cinderella” (1997) and “Snowman” (2003). He flew to the States in 2017 and was ordained as a pastor.

Won and Lee first met on the set of the period drama series “Imjin War” (1985-1986) and walked down the aisle in 1987. The two have three children together.

Having debuted in 1978 through an audition held by now-defunct broadcasting station TBC, Won was a prolific actress who was widely loved by drama fans.

But she left for the States with her family after appearing in the 2002 drama series “Confession.” After the last drama series, it took 14 years for Won to make a comeback in 2016.

When asked to define an ideal family, Won said, “A family that accepts each other as they are.”

She continued, “I’ve been thinking of family as a melting pot. All the ingredients blend and they become one. That was my definition of a family but now I want to see it as a salad bowl. A salad bowl where each piece of the ingredient keeps its flavor. My three children are all different. I used to reprimand them with my standards but as I was filming this drama, I thought to myself that I have to acknowledge them the way they are.”

Won shared some behind-the-scene anecdotes while shooting the drama series.

“I think I have to talk with my children just I as did with [Han] Ye-ri,” said Won. Han played the role of Eun-hee in the drama series.

“I should talk about silly things, not serious stuff [with my children.] I used to speak like I was delivering a sermon or tried to instruct them. I believed it was my role. But looking back, I must have suffocated them.”


Won’s wrinkled face was acclaimed by viewers for her natural portrayal of a 60-something mother. Won said she liked the wrinkled face of Audrey Hepburn she saw from the screen when she was young. [SCREEN CAPTURE]


When the drama aired from June 1 to July 21, many viewers talked about Won’s wrinkled face because it is rare to see an actress with wrinkles in a society where a younger-looking, wrinkle-free face is often admired.

“I’ve never gotten rid of moles on my skin. I believe actors should do this because our job is to act naturally.”

Won’s immediate plan is to spend time with her family. All her children are all grown-up so they do not need Won’s care that much, but she said, “I don’t do special things for them but I think moms need to stay close to their children. I have to assist my husband in running his small church, too.

“But if a good story comes to me one day, I’ll be making a comeback in acting.”


BY LEE JI-YOUNG   [kjdculture@joongang.co.kr] 

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I really enjoyed this drama! I thought it started out a bit makjang and simplistic at the beginning, but then they really dug deep into the characters and didn't shy away from the hard stuff. So in the end, it got me. Lovely, warm, realistic, and hopeful ending. 


Thanks for sharing that interview with the actress who played the mom, @Helena. Wow, so she lives in the US and came all the way back to Korea to film this? She did a great job. 

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My Unfamiliar Family | Series Review


Families are not mindreaders. They would never know what’s in our minds unless we tell them directly. This is my greatest realization while watching “My Unfamiliar Family.” The way truth bombs are dropping here and there kept things exciting even though it’s very complicated already. This was only made possible because of the stellar acting and tight storytelling. The drama made me miss my family in this pandemic, and I’m not even the expressive type. It showed us that since everyone faces their own personal hardships, we often ignore the struggles within the family.

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A friend recommended this drama to me & I have just completed watching it (binge-watched it actually, well hello eyebags!)


What a ride! The characters, their clash of personalities, all the roller-coaster emotion, felt so real. Very beautifully done. One of my favourite dramas of this year, I am so recommending this drama to my other friends too :)

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13 minutes ago, frozentundra said:

I saw she was in that! I am looking forward to seeing Minari very much. 


Yeah it was a surprise and delight to see her in the posters. I am currently indulging myself with all the Minari cast interviews. (: 


(On a side note, Youn Yuh Jung is also in Minari. She's my favorite Korean actress because she makes me forget that she's acting.)  

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