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[Drama 2020] My Unfamiliar Family, (아는 건 별로 없지만) 가족입니다

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You all are welcomed! Bed time for me (In Aussie) But work time for yall in america!


Gah, Why do i feel Eunhee might end up going to america for work? i mean they won't break up, but long distance could happen .. Noo! Also that preview seems pretty heavy for a last ep. WAI.

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Okay this show is like amazing for red herrings. Can double as a mystery show because everytimeI think I figured something out, it's wrong HAHA   also, I was split in my opinion regarding th

Just rough typing as i go, so there'll be heaps of errors.   EP 12 Spoilers   (I can't type everything on the go cause they speak too fast but i'll do the best i can!)  

Okay, ep 6 got me out of my silent lurks. EUNHEE AND CHAN HYUK IS MY SHIP.    I'm so confused by them tbh. The way they know each other so well, its like your typical best friend to lovers t

@triplem, I really want mom and dad to get a second chance. Due to their misunderstandings they lived such a sad life. Now that they understand they loved each other all along and neither betrayed their marriage, I can’t help rooting for reconciliation. Let them rest and enjoy their twilight years together.

That video you posted with the parents and the kids looks so sad but it was something that needed to be addressed before the end. Thanks to @Redpinkboxes recap, I know what’s going on in that scene and I can sympathize with the parents’ perspective. I guess Ji Woo will have to grow up now. 

@Redpinkboxes, I don’t know how I feel about EH going abroad but I suppose if it’s the case, it all depends on how the writer handles the separation. @triplem, I love that video with CH and EH. I can’t wait to watch the episode later.

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@Redpinkboxes Thanks again and dang such a rollercoaster episode and tomorrow finale is going to be interesting.

Get some well deserved rest!


@triplem Thanks to you too for the clips.


I am just watched the posted clips and thanks for the awesome recap. I have to wait til I go home in a few hours.


But as I stew and thinking over what I know for ep 15.


-SY called it on the fraud for JW and dang he had NO money to even come back to Korea (somehow not surprised) the plane ticket is pricy. Plus he bought pricy present necklaces for the sisters. EJ being sharp saying there must be a note (not like JW to not give something with NO note. )


-TH being there for the family and though he is leaving, glad he was able to get info to the kids and the sisters.


-EH and CH---oooooooh loved he showed up to be there at the hospital. YES. Then the cute confession scene that EH is ready to try and start. Too shy to tell him face to face but with the back hug was too cute. Very EH. The supermarket scene when CH is just shopping with her cause he will treasure ANY TIME with her even if doing errands. LOVE these two! The fact CH declares wanting to see her daily. Then the no lies to CH and how he is like not even minor white lies or sweet lies. LOL. The bright spot on the episode.


-YES Minwoo cameo is longer and he is FINALLY able to show his interest in EJ to her. We know that EH sensed something and since EJ is not in the frame of mind. I liked that he defended and defused major gossiping about EJ last episode. Def LIKES her and the fact when he saw her again after many years--he really wanted to have coffee with her. (Love he was trying his darnedest to get her attention or some time as he knew he might not get that chance again.) 


-Adorbs he gave EJ a ride and his mom being a mom embarrassing him anyways on speaker phone. I love it. He definitely will adore EJ that she deserves. I think having an EH personality around her is a good thing. We know the sis were at odds but they bring the good out of each other an d comfort. EH is way more comfortable being expressive than EJ but EJ craves that warmth and comfort under her so called icy exterior. 


-JW coming back and trying to pretend all is fine. CH telling mom the truth about JW and frankly there have been too many secrets dredged up.

So ALL have had it ---- mom is tired and sick. From EH to EJ cold war, JW leaving the fam without any prior warning, TH and EJ divorcing (without a peep before abut their issues) and Dad (with the accident to YS, upset over the book quote underlined to thinking a guy at EJ wedding was EJ's bio dad. Mom def is up to HERE with the family. So in the preview she is ready to leave. 


-I could see her leaving with some time away to ground herself and get some freedom (like 1 yr time lapse or 6 months).

-The preview showed SY and JW having feelings (we knew SY started a while back) now JW is after he got catfished and his heart broken.

-I like MW trying to court EJ---she needs to smile for HER . The search for bio dad, I don't think it is a bad idea.

-GJ and EH this episode she saw him at the conference (plus will see him more) it is interesting.  Interesting he is NOT going back to USA. (HR totally lied as expected to EH).

-Glad dad's surgery went well and he did not have memory loss at the moment


We know they will sum it all up and give us an ending on our fave Monday family. Sad to see it end. But wishing them all happiness as they work on it. Like others, I wouldn't mind mom and dad working on their relationship, even if they don't want to date but at least be companions to each other. I loved she wrote SS a poem. Cute!

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Love the new love interest for Eun-Joo. Loved how "earthy" his mother sounded on speakerphone. Very different from her stone-cold previous mother-in-law. She can have someone who adores her. Go for it!


Love Eun-Hee and Chan-Hyeok *finally* becoming a couple. I wish they just grabbed each other with hot kisses like in all those teasing fantasies, but it is so very them to just talk, talk, and then talk some more.


Love that Eun-Hee is looking into self-publishing. Love that she told Chan-Hyeok that the lecturer was Geon-Joo. Communication. Honesty. Nice.


Even though Geon-Joo is OUT as her romantic partner (as it should be), I think it's nice that their professional relationship can continue. He definitely recognizes and appreciates her talents.


I don't feel like we got to know Ji-Woo quite enough - at least not as well as his sisters - to really appreciate what he went through in deciding to uproot his life for a girl he met on the internet. Having said that - pretending to be a former classmate who moved away is apparently a classic "phishing" scam in Korea. Don't fall for it!


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This episode was soooo good and it didn't felt like it was a penultimate episode. 

I love how the question, "What is a family?" looms around especially in the ending.

What I want to point out is that capitalism is a huge issue. 

  1. The father worked hard to make a living for the family. He never went to school and so he never got to fulfill his dream, playing the guitar at the College Music Festival. 
  2. The mother had trouble raising up the kids because she didn't have enough money.
  3. The sisters suffered and took a lot of jobs just to survive, especially the time when father got injured at a construction area (mentioned when mom and dad were sitting at the bench at the hospital). He didn't have insurance so it was even worse.
  4. Dad was stubborn about atoning his sin (hitting ) and making it up for his "other" son because he didn't have insurance.
  5. When mom didn't know about Jiwoo's true intention of going abroad, she insisted on telling Jiwoo about dad's surgery when Jiwoo comes back. She says that work is important and Jiwoo's heart would break if he knew the truth.  

We've mentioned early on in this thread that money was a problem in this family. The larger scope is that capitalism has affected this family (and in the real life) to be in this mindset of "work hard and earn more". And so with this mindset, we can't focus on human to human relationships. We have trouble connecting with people. As an individual, we feel worthless if we don't have a profession and/or we don't have something to contribute to the world, or rather the economy.


I loved that both sisters were able to sympathize and/or empathize with Jiwoo's situation. 


Look at Jiwoo! He's so lucky. He has so much support. And I love Eunjoo's character growth! She didn't criticize Jiwoo's situation! She even suggested to tell their parents later. aahhh :loveu: 


But going back to the problem of capitalism, Jiwoo came back with no money. He felt down. He was scammed. Worthless. Shameful. Unable to tell your story. JW is lucky to have his sisters and CH understand him and it also shows that his supportive crew has matured! I am looking forward to the next episode because the scriptwriter's intention is to simply to tell a story about a family. The scriptwriter isn't here to give us sugar and candy. She's here to tell a story woven with complex thoughts and feelings! 


Also side note, mom is poetic with her notes. I can see where EH gets her writing skills from. I think personally out of all three of the children, EH has a nice mixture of both dad and mom's personalities.

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@chickfactor @ponderings Loved your posts! 

I finally watched the episode.


- Yes EJ def holding back and not being harsh on maknae & learning with everyone else as EH wants to be more honest. She didn’t want to hold back once knew JW was away. But interesting EH didn’t offer the letter that JW wrote with the necklaces.


- MW is adorbs and live this Kwon Yul cameo. Omg he totally was eager to drive her. In the care his quirky and funny mom- gochujang was actually a berry jam lol. Too cute! I loved EJ thought it so amusing she kept smiling well into the office . Even his gifts are thoughtful to purify the air & he made sure good feng shui location for her desk. Aww so thoughtful. (You know he grew up in a warm and loving family from the car phone chat. A far cry from TH cold family ok Mom as we never saw the dad .) As I said before , I think having an EH like person will be a great partner to her. Plus in the preview he confesses being on her side ever since training! Will she give him a chance? It looks like she isn’t 100% adverse to the idea.


- SY trying time help CH and JW nunas after worrying about him. Fast in the uptake CH suspicious she stepped away to take call. Good he asked and good she confessed it WAS JW. He was sad he wasn’t told feeling a bit betrayed by JW. But to his real nuna he did the same in sense not telling him was treating him as a real hyung. He did not think twice to give money for a flight home. Aww.


- CH and EH were true to their friendship being all talk and their now comfy skinship was adorbs. Smiling EH and CH - love it! EH confessing seeing him at the hospital she can be herself and breathe. In the market, his letting her know I want to see you everyday was sweet (plus even doing mundane errands was fine too).To chatting and when EH finally agreed officially to date as she gave him a back hug was so her. Too shy to say directly facing him but also bravely sharing her thoughts and fears first. 

- Mom liking CH and unfortunately also finding out real reason of JW’s departure was not a work trip. Cute she said he was handsome and loved EJ wedding pics he took and gave to her via JW.


Mom and dad together in this episode. Gosh seeing how she was upset still seeing TH after the divorce chat. Plus didn’t help when TH moved dad to a private room & he mentioned his mom told him. This just upset her more about his mom. To her upset heart, it was a farce. Glad that she and dad are talking and healing together.


When they had the family meeting post dinner , everyone knew something was up. Both parents looked upset. Dad 100% backed mom who shared so what does family mean to you? Her heart was torn to shreds by the kids with the divorce, EH feud with EJ but the worst knife stabbing her heart was JW hate and leaving the family. The necklace was cold comfort after she read his note in his room. (I am glad CH told the truth. Tough but she knew already from JW trashed drafts of the note sent to EH Nuna).


EH feeling betrayal and CH but as expected EJ was calm. But everyone holds secrets and suppressing info. All the siblings never shared dating info with each other nor mom  so not surprising they were in the dark. The parents to each other and the kids and the kids to them. 

Mom is sick of living for the kids. Her constant belief that maknae treasured the family and would be upset to know dad was in surgery would break JW heart. But to find out the truth what JW really thought was a shocker and stunned her. Heart sick for mom and dad so not surprised mom wanted to get away. So my guess a time lapse with mom might be a reality? She needs to cool off and frankly only lived for the family since marriage. She needs time to live for herself! 

Glad EH going towards her goals with learning at a Conference seeing GJ presentation. Glad she learned she can be professional with him despite their romance being over and also he is moving on. I like he told her about HR to be clear he wasn’t all that bad a person . Lol still worried about it but glad he shared and true HR lied and EH saw through her lies.


Honesty being the best policy for EH to her next BF as with her ex she told white lies. Cute that CH is ok with sweet and warm lies. Lol. She was on a roll confession no lies. Aww cute! Loving these two!


The driving scene where EH was holding on for dear life, teaching a partner driving us hard. It can make it or break a relationship. You need patience and no anger, impatience, and yelling. EH was calm not saying it loud you but her death grip during the car ride was funny.


Mixed and sad emotions that this drama is ending in a few hours. I need to sleep as almost 4am.

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Might have started a little later again.


LAST EP -- I'll tidy this up later, heaps of mistakes and incomplete sentence, but had to keep on typing. 


EDIT - I have been tidying up this so it looks a look cleaner with better translations now :)


CH and EH meet up.


Might have started a little later again.

CH: On Eunjoo's wedding, i realised that there are some expressions I can't show in photos.


Stream buffers.


CH: They were taking photos.

EH: My dad and mum?

Eunhee mentioned she also saw some EJ wedding photos of her dad - that mum had. 

EH: It didn't even come across my mind, so i was shocked.

He said that he had the photo in his phone and showed it to her.

She asked why he had it. 

CH: it's a photo that i like. Thats why i asked Jiwoo to give it to your mum.

EH: Why?

CH: Since uni, you kept saying that your parents were living for you kids, and were worse of than others. But i didn't feel that way.

EH: Then what did you feel? It's complicated. "The reason you are standing here today, how you got here, and how you persevered and came all the way here. I'm the only one that knows" that expression. That look in the eyes. A look that is deeper than love. That look. They didn't look like they hated each other and lived their life. 

EH: Send me this photo too. But anyway, why did you come all the way here to talk about this photo.

CH: I don't know. I feel like your mum is a very wise person. Listen to whatever your mum is going to say today, nicely.

EH: Okay. But i know you too well, and I know you are not telling me everything, but im sure you have a reason.. So okay. I need to go, so let's go!

She held his hand and walked off.

EH: Wow, how can holding hands make my heart flutter like that?

CH: If your heart is fluttering, there's no way you can act like that.

EH: Chanhyukie, I'll be nicer/better!


EJ talks to JW and helps him with some of her thoughts and advice.

EJ: How are you feeling? Are you better now? I understand your worry, and what you wanted. But don't cling onto it. There's no use to it. It might have started like a cute love story to you, but you know it deep inside yourself. You held onto it because it was easy. 

EJ: There was a time i wanted to do the same. It's such a scary thing to say. Anyway, I am divorced. To think of it, there were many moments where i didn't share with you things this way. Because you are our baby, so i acted that way. But let's chat like this and be honest with each other from now on. We both made a mistake (not sharing) but lets not repeat this mistake again.


EJ: Eunhee has arrived at home, so i'll go home to.  so go get some cake and come back as well. Whatever happens now, alll these will be a good change.

She smiles and left him a card to buy the cake.


Jiwoo arrives at home and Eunhee passes the necklace in which he passes to his mum.

Mum closes the necklace box and tells him to go to the living room.

EH tries to break the cold atmosphere but fails.

Mum looks at her daughters popping the necklace. 

Mum: What is family? To you guys, what is family? I really don't know thats why im asking. Do you guys not know too? Or did you guys never think of it and lived your life? When you didn't see your sister for years, i wondered what happened, and i tormented myself (To EH). When you divorced, you didn't discuss it with me and i didn't say anything and took it in, but it still pains me do you know (To EJ). You, do you even know what you did? (To JW). 

JW kneels down when he realises mum figured it out.

JW: Mum.

Dad tells Jiwoo to leave.

Dad: Get out. 

Dad: Your mum is going to end things with you guys. Me too. 

Dad: Did you not hear me? Get out!

Mum: Don't do this. I can't chase him out. I have been chased out before, so i know how it feels like to be chased out, so i won't do it.

Mum: I won't chase you out, so answer me properly. Do you know what you did wrong to me?

JW: I am wrong.

She recalls back to when she felt like him back in the day...

Mum: I wouldn't have left like you did. Why did you do that?

EJ: He still doesn't know what he is wrong about, he just wanted to live freely overseas that's all.

Mum: He just thought that we were burdens (family). 

Mum: My family had immigrated so i had nowhere to go. Mum, dad, im hurting, i can't live like this. I can't do this. I was so depressed, I cried heaps. (Talking about her situation without family)

Mum: But you wanted to leave to a place without your family and go to a country without us, to live your life freely?

EH in a voice over: To mum, mum also had a mum and a family. But she forgot about that and lived her life. 

Mum: Bring the cake. He just got out of the hospital from a huge surgery, lets wish him to get better.

JW: Mum im really sorry, i won't do this again. Please forgive me.

EH and EJ whispers in a corner as they ready the cake. (Trolling banter)

EH: How can he be so thick skinned about this? 

EJ: He is not one to think he is wrong.

EH: Annoying.


Jiwoo: Im sorry, im wrong. I cant live without you mum.


EH: I will definitely be born as the baby of the family in my next life (I want to).

They gather around the cake and EH asks dad to blow the candles out.

They wish him a happy discharge.

JW: Mum, my present. Let me wear it for you. It looks pretty.



EH in voiceover: However, this is not something that we can get over that easily. Always, that was going to be a problem. 


EJ to siblings after they left the house: It isn't something that can be over so quickly... So lets use our own methods to fix this in each of our own ways. Go in (to Jiwoo)

JW: i brought the car keys out, i'll take you home (to EJ)

EJ: You brought your car right (To EH - suggesting EH can take her home)

EH: He doesn't wanna go in now so you should just let him take you home and have a chat with him.

EJ: Are you seeing someone? 

She tries to brush it off.

JW says he will take EJ home and walks off to the car

EH: In this moment, i feel he isnt a baby anymore. 

EJ: He is already old enough. He should know what he has done wrong on his own.

EH goes to find CH

CH: You came alone?
EH: Yeah, Jiwoo isn't coming. My mum is too kind a person to kick JW out. 

Then she confronts CH about how he knew.

CH: I met her.

EH: You guys met alone?!

CH: She asked me about JW and going on a business trip, and i couldn't lie to her.

EH: I guess all mums know their kids well. I just forgot about it over time. 

CH: She didnt tell me to not tell you, but i made the decision to not tell you everything until she talks to you guys first. 

EH: That's why u came to talk to me about it this morning.

CH: What could i have done, i didn't want to keep any secrets from you. (lie to you)... But I was on your mum's side.

She smiles looking at him. 

EH in a voiceover: I love you. The words that i couldn't say for a long time, suddenly almost came straight out of my mouth.

CH: Why are you looking at me like that?

EH: Oh no it's nothing. You kept the secret well. Personal safe to everyone. (As she brushes it off)

CH looks suspicious....

CH: No way, you are flushing.

EH: Me? no?

CH: What is it....?


Dad and mum at home chats.
Dad sighs.

Mum: Are you alright?

Dad: What is happening?

Mum: Kim Sang Shik...

Dad says when she calls him like that it is scary.

Mum: Don't be angry...

Dad: Am i angry?


Mum talks about bok dong (His truck). 

Mum: i decided to sell Bokdong.

Dad: How do you know Bokdong.

Mum: To me back then who was pregnant with Eunjoo, you kept calling bokdong. I almost forgot about that. (Guess he wanted to call his kid bokdong)

Dad: that's not what we are talking about now though. 

Mum: You can't drive. I know you're stubborn and i can't stop you... but...

Dad: I understand. I won't drive.

Mum: A while back, when my heart was crumbling, but i held it in against u for the kids. 

Dad: Why?

Mum: i guess i have been living like that so thats why (to protect her kids, she survived the marriage). I have never been like that before, however, I felt hatred for the kids today. But how in the world... im a mum, how can i hate my kids.

JW is siting downstairs being angry with himself. He starts to head into the house. 

EH: The problem hasn't ended. It just exploded today.

CH: Why? You think this is like an onion? Just keep cutting and there's still more layers?

EH: Can you imagine how mum felt today? And how her baby's money got stolen?


And she goes on to act about how her mum should have exaggerated... and how EJ got scammed into a marriage..

She reenacts what she thinks her mum should have said. Like a ridiculous mum in other kdramas. 

CH in a voice over: I love you. 




EH: Your expression... what's wrong? You're red.

She looks at him suspiciously as well.


CH: Im fine...!


Yoo saw Eunjoo and they got into the lift. However he is in the back of the lift and shes in the front. So when she gets off, he queezes out of the lift to get off with her even though it was not his floor.


Yoo: Your office isn't ready yet but you are here for your first day of work already.

EJ: Yeah.

EJ: I heard you brought my sister to the resting area the other day. She said you helped me when the others were gossiping about me.

EJ: I heard you took my side. 

Yoo: I didn't think that was defending you. I just hate people talking about others behind their back.

EJ: I'll go straight to the point. To a divorcee, being on their side, or listening to them or being nice to them can get uncomfortable. The best thing to do is to leave them be. Divorce is different from a break up. 

Yoo: I understand. Btw i paid for the stuff for the delivery if you can transfer the money to me.

Gets a little awkward.

He gives all the receipts and his bank details. (cheaaaap boy) HAHHA. 

He talks back to when they were in training and how she scolded him heaps back then.

EJ: I'll send the money now.

As she turns away...

Yoo: Do you remember me? I was always on your side since trainee days. So this is different about defending you. Whatever the case, don't be uncomfortable/awkward with me.

He walks off but turns back.

Yoo: Btw, you said something similar to me back in our trainee days, but you said it was a mistake and apologised later. 

He walks away coolly and EJ ponders.

Dad ask his work bff if Bokdong has been sold.

Bff said Bokdong is a nice one and everyones waiting to buy it, but he needs Dad's signature (stamp) so not yet.

His bff talks about how he should stop working.

Bff: As i look at you, i want to do the same. i realised that i shouldn't be focused on just money, and that family should be first. Shall we start a business together? Your wife's kimchi is great, it'll sell well.


Dad gets angry saying her life has been bad enough and now she has to work hard to sell Kimchi!?

Bff: Either way, its good your surgery went well. I was worried.


They continued chatting.. and he talked about mum.
Bff: Your wife was crying heaps when she was tidying bokdong.

Dad: You should have stopped her.

Bff: How could i. She was crying so badly that when she left you could see how swollen her eyes were.

Dad looks around in his empty truck.

Eunhee looks at her phone, and the photos CH sent her from EJ's wedding.

She recaps back to the wedding when CH took photos happily for them.

As he takes the photos, he asks everyone to smile bigger, as they werent rly smiling.

She then recaps to their sweet moments recently.

EH in voice over: The words of love, you actually don't say it to the people you actually love. 

Gyeonguk comes and find her


GU:Are you gonna always be alone like that?!

EH: My lovely gyeongok, have you been lonely without me?

GU: Didn't you say you didnt like me?

EH: noooo not me! 

Gyeongok: I wasn't the one who spreaded about GJ and you. But its not like it could have been hidden even if you wanted to. it was obvious with him showing hearts to you everywhere.

EH: Was wondering when you did tell me. It's me that was wrong... please forget this!

GU: I read something in a book today, people always waste more energy on people they might not love as much. You are like that. You do that to people you work with everyday, saying i love you to all of them. I also got too many i love yous from you. (Back to the point of how she only says i love you to people she doesn't love as much dearly - CH, Mum etc)

EH: yeah yeah... Anyway, youre losing too much money. Stop treating others!

GU: It's my life, leave me alone!



Seoyoung JW and CH are in the car together, when CH asked to be stopped somewhere. 

He gets off and walks towards deoksung wall.

Seoyoung makes some comments and JW got confused, and she just told him to drive.

He walks in front of the wall and EH calls him.

He picks up happily and thereafter waits there.

EH arrives and they walk towards each other.

EH: I love you park chan hyuk. To my 35 years of living saying all the i love yous and the combination of all of that can't even equate to this.... Me, in this moment.. i love you.

Moment of silence.

And CH lifts his hand with a ring on it.

He then picks her hand and puts another ring on hers (COUPLE RING).

KYAAAAAAAAAAA i melting in a puddle.

CH: I love you. 

And he kisses her.. <3 <3 <3

She slowly puts her arms on his back as they kiss.

Flashes back when they almost held hands in front of her house... and all the moments they had together of teasing and all.

And the moment he confessed to her that he was nice to her sister n jiwoo, because of her. And to his lame confession about how he only wanted to tell the person by his life forever, about his trauma.


Flashes back even more to back in uni, where he watched her on her part time job, and always looked out for her. (man, dude loved her all the way)

Then back to when they were young and deoksong wall and back to this moment as they continued to kiss.


EH sits in the car as she judges someone as he/she try to park... badly.

She continues to comment, wondering how he is parking like that, and if he doesn't have a back camera.. then finally sees the dude parking.

Yoo min woo.

As yoo min woo comes out of his car, EJ appears in the car park. They greet each other. EJ looks like she wanted to say something (recapping to what he said earlier) but Minwoo walks away.

EH suspects something is going on.

EJ gets on the car.

EH: come on in. I will escort you to mum.

They hang out with mum.

EJ: I am going to meet my real dad, mum.

EH tries to dodge saying she needs to go to the toilet but EJ tells her not to, telling her not to do that anymore.


Mum asks why.

EJ explains that she needs to find out instead of being curious. She asks how she can contact her dad.

Mum says: I know where he is, he appears on tv.

EH: Is he famous?

Mum: If you're going to find him, i'll let you know how..

EJ: Okay.

Mum: Anyway, im leaving.

Kids: Where? When? 

Mum: I don't know yet. I really don't. 

EH in a voiceover: Why did we think our mum's anger will be over after a while?

Jiwoo shares some animal video with mum. 

*Stream buffers*



Dad takes some pictures of a new accommodation he was looking at and sends to mum.


EJ talks to Minwoo. 


EJ: I have a personality where i am too curious and can't hold it in. I want to know what i did wrong then that i also apologised for. 

YooMinwoo: Oh you're still thinking about it? Im disappointed you don't remember... Okay i'll let you in on it. Back then, i was very obvious with being nice to you, and always followed you around. However, you told me back then you weren't interested in seeing anyone then, and that you were uncomfortable. But i had a girlfriend then. Back then you had the same expression too. 


Stream buffers...




Seoyoung talks to JW about his gf and the fraud.

SY: I know how your mood must be bad, i know that more than anyone else. "Even though it was weird, even though she asked me to send money" You believed her till the end right?

Jiwoo: Yeh i did. It wasn't as if we were complete strangers.. 

SY: Because she was your first love. 

JW: Im just angry with myself now cause i fell for such a unbelievable scam. 

SY: And you feel such a waste for your money right?

JW: I did feel that way at first, but more than that now, I feel upset about how badly ive hurt my family. Not rly the money. The baby of the family who received so much love acting this way. 


JW asks about CH and he hasn't been around these days.

SY: Don't you think something is suspicious about him? His romance life is really....

JW: What?? Did his meetings (sogaeting) work? he is in love now?!

She says he is really slow, and he is dumb.

CH and EH is on a picnic date as CH takes photos and EH reads a book.

EH: What pics are you taking/did you take?

CH: A new feature on my new camera.

EH: You bought another camera???

CH: Another?! Am i supposed to feel guilty about this.. I don't say things like, "Oh you just bought a new book again"

EH: How can you be upset about me buying another book. It's not comparable, the price difference is so huge between a book and a camera!

CH: Why are you feeling that me buying a new camera is a waste~~ How is it comparable, camera is about my work. 

EH: Guess this is the reality of dating.


She asks if he is keeping this well from JW.

CH: Do well on your own (in hiding from JW)


She lies on his lap. She talks about her family... 

CH: Why? You can't wait to announce/boast to the world that "Im dating Park chan hyuk!"


She then talks about how he isn't funny like before when he was a friend. 

They do some punny things. "Am i really not funny" (Really = dwaegae).
CH: Daege was always not funny (Dwaege to daege - snow crab)! Snow crab is expensive. I dont like snow crab cause its expensive. I used money that i could buy Snow crab with to buy a camera.

( To reinstate that he is still funny - how cute (lame) hahhaha). 

EH: Stopppp this hahahaha!


They troll each other and lie on each others laps. So cute.


EJ gets a text from mum... to go to dada gallery.

She walks into the gallery and a man welcomes her.

EJ: Hello. I called, and i am Kim Eun Joo.

Old man: Sit down.

Old man: Can i tell you my situation first? My eldest daughter is now in high school year 3. I am loyal to my family and i love my family. This situation now is going to be difficult for my family.

EJ: Mum told me that she didn't hid my birth fact from you. Didn't you know this day will come?

Stream buffers...

EJ: I only knew about my birth fact recently. All i wanted to do is to find you so i won't be curious that's all, cause i am the type that needs to solve things. That's just it. 

Old man: There's lots of similarities.


He brings her a painting that he wants to give her.

She reintroduces herself saying she is Kim Eun Joo. Please remember it.

She says she doesn't have interest in paintings so she won't take it, but tells him to stay healthy and live well.

She smiles as she leaves. (As a closure for herself)

EH in voice over: At the point, mum made a decision which is not like a mum. Choosing her life first, as lee jin sook. Like when she was to do when she was 22.


As mum left the house with her luggage.


EEks my stream buffers again.


Dad is in the house alone.


Mum: I want to leave
Dad: Yes go. Do what you want to do. I read your bucket list. Go do everything you want to do at this age.

Mum: I read your bucket list too. Do you think the kids know? That we still have heaps we want to do at this age. And that we are still contemplating about our future.

Dad says they have too much on their plates to even think of these.

Mum: Yeah, would be hard for them to know. Living is hard. Anyway, Im leaving. But i dont know where i want to go yet.

Dad back alone in the house waters the plants. 

EH in voiceover: Mum left. But we didn't talk about the lack of her presence. We were actually feeling it was weird about not knowing about what mum was doing at the beginning. We missed her, however, we did overcome our guilt over how we gave her that blow over time. Eventually, it became easier for us, and we started getting over the burden and guilt we felt we gave to mum. Mum was spending time for herself, not for a family for once.

EH looks after Jiwoo, and Eunjoo comes home, then dad comes home. They look happy. Shows quite a few moments of them hanging as a family without mum. 


EH bumps into Gunjoo in a book shop. Guess EH wrote a book and is selling it!

EH: Haven't even sold a 100, I am glad to have met one of the people reading this. Thank you.

GJ: im actually buying it for my staff as gifts.

EH brushes it off, saying writing might not be her thing and she should give up.

He then gives her advice about what she should write.

GJ: The thing you do best, the one you contemplate most about, find something within that.

EH: What do you mean? 

GJ: How did you complicated family relations go?

EH: Can there be an end?

GJ: Yeah sounds about right. When i was in america, i kept thinking about my family, but when im here, we dont contact each other. But i keep thinking about my aunt more, who i hated when i was there.

EH: Are you giving me an idea for my book right now? About family.

They discuss a title about him saying it can be like "we are family" and she says its weird with we and family etc.


She then asks if he is well, and he said he is doing very well.

Later, Eunhee looks at other people arguing and just normal people relationships.


EH in voiceover. Mum is doing well right now too right?

Eunjoo walks alone at a port, and Taehyung rides a bike and finds her.

TH: you should have contacted me before you came. 

EJ: Then i would have never seen you in your doctor clothes riding on a bike like this, something i would have never imagined.

TH: Ill go and change and come out.

She hands him some wine.

TH: I'll drink it well.

TH: Has it been over a year?

EJ: Yeah, i wanted to contact a few times, but i couldn't. I guess it was alot harder for me to get over things quickly.

TH: you didn't know that about yourself?

EJ: No, that's not me. You have too many misconceptions of me.

TH: I know you too well. I knew that even though you didn't contact me, you did come and find me sometime someday without a word. Just like you just did. I was right.

EJ: You are doing art now? You?

TH: Yeah as a hobby. But its not going too well.

EJ: Show me some later.

TH: will that day come? Are you seeing anyone?

EJ: There's someone i am being friends with. He doesn't ask alot of lame questions, so it is comfortable being by him. 

TH: He must be a man of no words like me.

EJ: Nah, he doesn't ask stupid questions, but talks about alot of other things. Super chatty. 
TH: Oh you guys are similar as friends then! You also talk alot.

EJ: Me? Not me... You have a lot of misconceptions about me.

He gives examples when she is chatty. And she says things fast too.

EJ: I am the type that only tells things that is needed and important. Like things that i feel that should be changed, i don't understand how people let these things slide. I deliberately take my time to tell people things slowly, not like....


Then they both realise he was sorta right.

TH: Are your parents doing good?

EJ: Yeah.

TH: I stay in contact with Eunhee sometimes. 

EJ: I know. But sometime in the future, the contact will probably stop.

TH: I think if it's EH, it'll probably be able to continue..


He said there's no contact from JW though.

EJ: Well, he probably has nothing against you, but he probably also wouldnt want to contact you. Being family means different things to everyone.

TH: I always called you Dangshin in our relationship.

EJ: You did call my parents, dad, mum, sister in law (thats how he calls her), maknae (baby JW) as well (Family terms). It'd be difficult to fix that.

EJ: EH said, that there was a time, you left a mark as our family. I wish you would be happy. Because you were my family.

TH: I also wish you would be happy. Like me now.


They both smile. Omg im tearing <3

He sends her off as EJ drives away.

EJ smiles as she drives away.


EH and CH are eating at EH's house. And his mum calls him.

CH: Yes, I am meeting Eunhee for dinner. Yeah, good night. 

Eunhee is shocked.

CH: Why are you so shocked? I ended the call.

EH: You told your mum about me?!

CH: OF course, why would i keep it till now! Besides, she did set me up with more girls.

CH: Are you done eating?

EH: What was her reaction?

CH: EH, yeah i remember her. meet her well, yeah i remember her.

EH: What? How does she remember me?

CH: She remembers your voice wildly, like now. My mum has good memory. Besides, didn't you talk to my mum a few times when you were drunk back in uni?

EH: Oh my goddddd. But this is a secret to my family. Anyway, be nice to your mum.

CH: You too, i will as well.

They kiss a few times playfully but when that happened.....

JW and EJ arrives in her house. He rushes to hide.


And JW and EJ realises they are seeing each other.

JW then calls him: Brother... Brother in law. 

CH chokes hahaa.


EH in voice over: Meeting a person (dating), it is like having another family member.



They sit down at EH's place.

JW: Mum is going to come back soon.

EJ: what is your point?

JW: Dad has been coming home very often.

EH: Hasn't he been coming home often anyway.

JW: But he has been cleaning the floors and tidying up well.. Everything is neat.

EJ: That was me.

EH: Believing you is my fault. 

JW: No! This time its real!

They say he is jumping to his own conclusions but JW is sure he is right.

Jiwoo recaps... he wakes up in the middle of the night, and sees Dad talking to mum in the room on a video call.

They exchange things about the weather, and how she is doing.

Mum shows him her surrounds of the wilderness, and the skies and trees.

Seems like they talk everyday, and jiwoo says dad always plays the guitar and sings to mum.


Then.. Mum returns home, wearing a very beautiful dress.

She looks at the house and smiles happily and sits on the couch. 

She waits and Dad comes home.

Mum: you're here?

Dad: Aren't you tired?

Mum: I'm good.

They smile at each other.

Eunhee comes home and runs to mum saying she missed her like crazy.

Mum says shes pretty.

Eunjoo then comes back and tells mum she looks happy and healthy.

Mum says shes good.

Jiwoo then comes home and cries mum and hugs mum like a baby.

EH in voiceover: No one asked about mum's time away.

Mum starts giving out gifts and souvenirs (Hawaiian shirts). She even bought shoes for Youngshik thinking about his leg, and young gyu.

Mum then tells Eunhee to give something to "Jiwoo's boss". 

EH: Why me..

EJ laughs.

They look at mum and dad talking about her trip, with the whole family is wearing the same clothes.

EJ: Mum went to america i think.

Mum asks them to come over.

EH: You took heaps of photos?!

EH in voice over: Wearing the same clothes she bought us, we felt as if we experienced the time she spent without us together with her. Seeing mum's smile alone, that was enough for us.


Seoyoung takes pics with Jiwoo in the bg. 

JW: Why did you say when the time is right, we should hang out and "ssom ta" (Have something going on). You just want to use me for your sns right?

SY: Either way, even your ex might be looking.

JW: I don't feel much anymore.


He ends up joining her for her photos.

EJ is working and Yoo min comes in with food.

He talks about his client. EJ asks many questions about the client.

Yoo: Are the solutions different based on that?

EJ: We need to know what's tormenting it, then we can find an answer. If you don't know much about it, you can't solve the problem.

EH in voiceover: Dreaming about the future, being nervous about the future, gives us thirst for it.

EH and CH are in bed with the hawaii clothes mum bought them. 

They are discussing her writing.

She said something: Is it because we are family?

he said: Oh, we are family? 

EH: Yeah yeah!

She then kisses him, and he kisses her back.

EH: Chan hyuk, you know me best.

CH: You know me best too.

Mum goes back to volunteering and Dad comes visit with flowers. 

Mum smiles at the flowers. 


Dad buys a tractor? And sends photos to the family. Mum takes photos of flowers and sends to the family.

Eunhee replies, love it!

Jiwoo is working and EJ too sees the messages while working.

Dad: Shall our family go on a trip together?

EH messages the sibling chat: Dad asks for a trip why arent yall replying?

EJ: Im busy.

JW: Im waiting for yall to reply first and ill make my decision.

EH: I dont know myself.

Mum then messages dad privately: Let's just go on our own.

EH in a voiceover: At this complicated age, to us, we have a family.

EP Ends.

Guys, my heart is full <3 i love this drama.


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Thank you @Redpinkboxes for the recap! I was watching it live, but since I can’t understand Korean, I was also refreshing this page for your recap. Very thankful!


This Drama has been one of the rare ones which managed to hold my interest week after week, and I’m so happy to see everyone with huge genuine smiles on their faces in this last episode. Loved how at peace EJ looked, how JW seemed all grown up but still the family’s baby, mum and dad finally having a warm, loving relationship, and of course, my dearest CH-EH ship! Everything about them was so perfectly normal but just made me smile every time they were together. This is the kind of relationship that everyone should have once in their lifetime. :fullofhearts:

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This is the best drama i watched this year!  Its actually good from beginning til the end & i was never ragey at plot. 


2nd half of the year has a tough competition.  

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@Redpinkboxes, many thanks for the recap. I can’t wait to watch it so that my heart can be full too. JW hugging mom after she returned home brought tears to my eyes. He hurt her so I think he understands now what family should mean to him. I’m very glad to see that EJ and MW are getting along. I kind of wish it happened a tiny bit earlier. However, I’m still fine with it. What can I say about EH and CH. Them finally getting together is long past due. I’m just glad they finally took the brave step to cross the friendship line. Finally, mom leaving for a well deserved vacation is simply lovely. Even better, she and dad kept in touch daily with dad romancing her to boot. I’m glad they’re getting along and making the best of their sunset years. This truly was a gem of drama. I thoroughly enjoyed it right to the end. 

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You guys are all welcome - I have completely edited it now so it's good for reading!


It's been fun giving you guys some live recaps - I haven't done this much since about 10 years ago, as im much pickier with my dramas now! But i loved this so much, and just thought i should share my knowledge with you guys as i have once felt the agony of waiting for subs.


Highlight from the last ep for me was certainly TH and EJ's convo. 

This part: 

EJ: EH said, that there was a time, you left a mark as our family. I wish you would be happy. Because you were my family.

TH: I also wish you would be happy. Like me now.


Would be nice to hear what your favorite parts are. 


Either way, as our journey with this drama comes to an end, thank you everyone for hanging out here. This was such a heartwarming drama, that taught us about love, relationships, family and life. And of course, being courageous, and putting yourself first. Holding on, and letting go. It was such a wholesome drama, and im glad i watched it. 


Thanks for being on this journey with me! I would give a shout out to you all but there's too many of us. Thanks for being around and hope to see you guys in another thread soon!

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@Redpinkboxes Thanks for being and MVP posting an amazing recap. I was tearing up and happy and squealing just reading your recap. I SOOOOO cannot watch it for real. Right now is lunch time. Since clips are stingy only have the ones @triplem posted. 


Just from your recaps only and the scarce video clips:


-I squeeeeeeeeeealed like crazy with CH and EH first kiss! :ohboy2:(OMG they made up for NO kisses for this kiss!) I loved it was at the deoksung wall (I want to visit this place next time I am in Korea ---whenever that is in the future after this pandemic is over). She cutely blurted out --I love you xxxxx. OMG and the smile on CH face.  That amazing montage of CH being googly eyed and in LOVE with EH all the times they hung out during college and even now when they got back together as friends. Just so sweet and lovely, I am glad they did it at their speed. CH matched EH and thanks to EJ learned her habits to push away those she really likes and doesn't feel is worthy. But loved her sharing her memories and liking him (in the past) but not willing to share she still liked CH. It makes sense why she was sooooo devastated about him than her ex. Awww. :heart3:


-A very happy and lighter TH with EJ, seeing that scene was nice. Love they are both wishing each other happiness and being each other's family. Hope he finds someone but at least he is relaxed, practicing medicine and enjoying painting. I agree this is a lovely scene and very sincere. :hooray2:


-MW (Kwon Yul) cameo is tooo cute! I cannot wait to see their scenes. (Still remembering the raspberry jam as gochujang by his mom on the speaker phone. I am like EJ still chuckling over his parent's cuteness.) Even though they are not dating she has a good friend and who knows, when she is READY he is THERE right by her side. I am glad when he brought food to share he shared his difficult client. EJ the problem solver went asking pointed questions to help him out. LOL.:transforms:


-EJ knowing this aspect of herself, glad she went to visit her dad to get her curiosity satisfied. 


-So Yup mom went away for a period of MUCH NEEDED Personal bucket list or activities for herself. But before that, so mom to not want to kick them kids out. Even though her heart was in pain, she was kicked out herself and could never do that. Awwww mom. Glad that the siblings are working on JW maknae to figure out what he did wrong. Glad that when SY talked to him about being catfished and fraud, he is more upset about hurting his family. (YESSSSSSS glad you realized that JW).


-Nice that GJ and EH met up and he was buying her books as gifts to his staff.


-Dad courting mom on video calls while she is away. It was cute that JW saw and though the kids did not ask while she was away was fine. They knew she would come back just not sure of the actual return date. Glad she got presents and souvenirs for all even YS and his son. Ahhhh. I love the family wearing the same clothing. To include CH with his own shirt too. HEHEHEEE 


-I cannot wait to see EJ and JW faces when they realize CH and EH are an item. Despite all that has happened there are still some secrets. But this one will get full approval even from EJ and of course JW loves it. LIke that mom remembered him and liked it already when she met up with him last episode and called him handsome. :cutekitty:


Ok just cannot wait to watch it tonight.


Again thanks everyone in the forum for being awesome. This has been such a solid drama from the get go and no crazy weird twists and tropes (seen in other dramas). Loved the solid acting and def one of my FAVE dramas of the year.  Just quality writing, acting and the flow was great. We got the tears, drama, suspense, sadness, and happiness all in one. What a great roller coaster ride! See you all around plus making some friends too along the way (sorry for those I may have missed ! :heythere:


@larus @triplem @Redpinkboxes @celebrianna @ponderings @0ly40 @icemaid @partyon @bubu678  @Alice Wonderland @joonminfan @Samuel Yohanes @nat_phoenix88 @Ameera Ali @thistle @D27Gjk68 @ktcjdrama @chickfactor @Yippeun_eonnie @marrez1 @ck1Oz @lalalaelala @sal2 @foreverempress @roli @Kitty_Litter @bee_wannabe @loopo @sasha1818 @calledtoteach @Ima Imo @africandramalover @blue003 @Nymeria289 @Sirry Usly @tas82 @superspace @Helena @blademan @joccu

Edited by Nodame
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@Redpinkboxes thank you for the recap. You do a great recap and obviously understand a lot.


I have been following this thread quietly but tbe story was a bit heavy so I waited. I am currently on episode 5 so now I can start knowing the writer tied up the story nicely. I did watch a bit of last week's episodes and all the cast had such soothing voices anyway it didn't matter. They all sound so wise.


Man I must have been in KDrama blue funk 2 months ago as I am now restarting ep 13 The King The Eternal Monarch too. Somehow none of the current offerings has caught my fancy.


However this story appears well written and strongly casted. There's only 1 idol turned actor here but she hasn't gotten a big role so it doesn't matter. The parents roles were significant though no wonder 2 such experienced actors were cast.


See you guys around since I am only watching Once Again. Every drama has derailed halfway so I am doing catch up now once they ended so I won't curse at the known ending. Since I have a 3rd catch up to do Mr Honesty. Lol. That's 30 episodes for 3 dramas.


I am glad to see the actors playing CH and GY. Missed seeing them and glad their roles are meaty.

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2020] My Unfamiliar Family, (아는 건 별로 없지만) 가족입니다
1 hour ago, Nodame said:

To more video clips from today' finale:


Ep 16 where end of ep 15 



@Nodame  Thanks for the clips.


It was funny and appalling ...all in one breath....seeing a mom (the pillar and home builder) pack her stuff and withdraw emotionally and physically remove herself ... from the family she raised all her life. It must have hurt really bad.  Thought this kind of dramatics are only for kids or young adults.  It's the sunset of their lives... and they have not learned forgiveness.


Still ...that was a good drama in a virus-rich turbulent time.

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11 hours ago, Nodame said:

- MW is adorbs and live this Kwon Yul cameo. Omg he totally was eager to drive her. In the care his quirky and funny mom- gochujang was actually a berry jam lol. Too cute! I loved EJ thought it so amusing she kept smiling well into the office . Even his gifts are thoughtful to purify the air & he made sure good feng shui location for her desk. Aww so thoughtful. (You know he grew up in a warm and loving family from the car phone chat. A far cry from TH cold family ok Mom as we never saw the dad .) As I said before , I think having an EH like person will be a great partner to her. Plus in the preview he confesses being on her side ever since training! Will she give him a chance? It looks like she isn’t 100% adverse to the idea.

Glad you pointed out this scene because I especially enjoyed the interaction between MW and EJ. I thought MW would cameo for just one week, but he's back! I love that we finally get to see EJ smile lightly and wholeheartedly.


11 hours ago, Nodame said:

When they had the family meeting post dinner , everyone knew something was up. Both parents looked upset. Dad 100% backed mom who shared so what does family mean to you?

This part! I love the montage of the children coming inside one by one and their body language slowly shows that something's up...."I gotta behave" look. haha.


11 hours ago, Nodame said:

The driving scene where EH was holding on for dear life, teaching a partner driving us hard. It can make it or break a relationship. You need patience and no anger, impatience, and yelling. EH was calm not saying it loud you but her death grip during the car ride was funny.

Hahah I chuckled at this scene! EH warned him to brake lightly and of course he didn't! :D And then he had to say something profound, "As expected...stopping something is never easy." 


I'll go back to comments about the last episode after I watch it. I might have to watch it tomorrow because I got lots of things to do. Anyway, see you later! 

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‘My Unfamiliar Family’ Ends After Resetting Its Highest Viewership

by krishkim

Credit: tvN

My Unfamiliar Family has come to a successful conclusion.

According to Nielsen Korea, the final episode of tvN’s My Unfamiliar Family, which aired on July 21, recorded 5.434 viewership nationwide. With this, the drama has achieved its own all-time high viewership and topped the viewership chart among all Monday-Tuesday dramas, coming to a meaningful end.

With every episode, My Unfamiliar Family received rave reviews from viewers by making them reflect on the meaning of being a family. Also, the ending credit that showed the pictures of staff members have caught the eye of the viewers and received favorable reviews.

Meanwhile, the 6th episode of JTBC’s The Good Detective recorded 4.38 percent viewership nationwide. The figure is a slight increase from 4.306 percent recorded in the previous episode.

The 6th episode of KBS2’s To All The Guys Who Loved Me recorded 2 percent and 3.3 percent, ranking at the bottom.




Source (1)

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I'm gonna miss this drama! It was beautifully created and portrayed. 

We all might have secrets that no one knows even our family is.

Hurting each other, healing, the pain, the sadness, the happiness, they're all part of your life. Life is upside down.

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Just finished watching. LOVE IT. 


It ties up everything nicely. Everyone has their closure. I am very happy for EJ. So glad to see her loosen up a bit, has a "friend" she can talk to, and I'm into this new relationship she has with TH. What a badass when she meets up with her bio dad. 


Even though we are still on some heavy subject, the mood of this last episode is quite light hearted. I am surprised as the # of comedic moments. JW's reaction upon seeing CH at EH's place had me lolling. 


When the kids don't respond to the question about going on a family trip and have their own side chat about it - i cracked up! That's 500% something I'd do too. 


Love all the CH EH moments, naturally. I guess the writers know we are starving so they feed us generously. 


Guys, what an emotional rollercoaster ride for the last 2 months. I'm so happy I picked this show randomly. What a gem! 

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