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[Drama 2020] My Unfamiliar Family, (아는 건 별로 없지만) 가족입니다

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My Unfamiliar Family: Episode 13

by quirkycase


You can’t change the past, but you can learn from it and create a better future. Our family is realizing how much they’ve missed out on and trying to make up for lost time. It’s taken a few decades, but they’re finally figuring out how to communicate and connect with each other. If they keep putting in the effort, their family motto “A family harmonious through love” might just come true.




Jin-sook happily gets ready for her date, leaving a note for Ji-woo that she won’t be home for dinner. Realizing they haven’t said it enough, she tacks on an “I love you” at the bottom.

Eun-joo chides Tae-hyung for his destructive behavior when he was drunk. She understands where he’s coming from, but it doesn’t make his behavior right. Eun-joo wants him to truly see the mess he created – he trashed that room – and clean it himself.

Elsewhere, Sang-shik collapses in the street and is taken to the hospital in ambulance. At the hospital, Jin-sook sits by his bedside listening to a pair of siblings complain about taking care of their “troublemaking” parents. As Jin-sook considers the burdens they’ve placed on their own kids, the doctor comes by and attributes Sang-shik’s symptoms to vertigo but encourages further testing.

more https://www.dramabeans.com/2020/07/my-unfamiliar-family-episode-13/

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Okay this show is like amazing for red herrings. Can double as a mystery show because everytimeI think I figured something out, it's wrong HAHA   also, I was split in my opinion regarding th

Just rough typing as i go, so there'll be heaps of errors.   EP 12 Spoilers   (I can't type everything on the go cause they speak too fast but i'll do the best i can!)  

Okay, ep 6 got me out of my silent lurks. EUNHEE AND CHAN HYUK IS MY SHIP.    I'm so confused by them tbh. The way they know each other so well, its like your typical best friend to lovers t

@larus Thanks for always giving us goodies and articles /recaps . You are a star!


@ponderings Thanks for yet another post on the characters and their spaces & relationships.


He he thanks EH waiting for sis & making the gossipers next a bit ashamed was daebak! 
You go EH! Def see now how EJ thought of her dongseng thanks to Kwon Yul’s cameo. Lol. Aww.


@larus @marrez1 Yes brain tumor and brain cancer are different . Hope the dad has a speedy recovery but being a drama not sure what writer nim wants to do. 


I have a close friend with early stages of rare brain cancer. His tumor was removed as it really was early stages. But then detected more later that had to be removed. Cancer is horrible! 

JW maknae with his Toronto gf. For a gal in Toronto, her one English sentence that phrase was awkward in English. Definitely NOT believable.


Agreed loved CH opened up to EH, Conquered some demons of his past , held EH hand (I squealed-finally ) for a hot few seconds & their continued closeness. Loved EH welcomed CH to her personal haven only with family allowed then him . 

Mom and dad continue to amaze with the depth of their acting . EJ upset seeing dad and wanting him to use the money he saved for her to get a better place. 

Mom upset that MIL ignored them at hospital. Interesting MIL parting gift to EJ letting her know she ignored her folks but saw their expressions parents keep secrets too from kids and I cannot share medical info to you even if you are family. 

Sad we are entering finale week.

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27 minutes ago, Nodame said:

Mom upset that MIL ignored them at hospital. Interesting MIL parting gift to EJ letting her know she ignored her folks but saw their expressions parents keep secrets too from kids and I cannot share medical info to you even if you are family. 

 I am glad she told Eun joo that there is a medical problem with her father. We found out that she indeed saw her ex-family in law in that hall of the hospital but she ignored them. I found it rude to not exchange a salute with people once shared a family. Even with strangers you should show courtesy. 

I understand that they are strangers now but Eun Joo and her family did not do anything wrong that deserved such treatment.

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Watch: “My Unfamiliar Family” Cast Has Fun Rehearsing Together On Set

Jul 15, 2020

tvN’s “My Unfamiliar Family” has released a new behind-the-scenes video!

In the clip, Chu Ja Hyun and Han Ye Ri work with the director as they joke about how their conversations always go back to the topic of alcohol.

Later, Won Mi Kyung joins them to rehearse a scene, and the actresses practice their lines under the watch of the director. As Won Mi Kyung greets on-screen daughter Han Ye Ri eagerly, the director comments, “You’re too excited,” and makes the cast and crew laugh. Chu Ja Hyun, who plays the sister of Han Ye Ri’s character, feigns disappointment at her mother’s brighter attitude toward Han Ye Ri.



The actresses continue to have fun on set as Han Ye Ri and Chu Ja Hyun try out a funny way of saying their lines.

When the director stops them, Chu Ja Hyun points out to him, “The camera filming the making-of video is behind us,” and jokingly scolds him for not keeping up with their antics. Then, Shin Jae Ha and Jung Jin Young join the scene, making the on-screen family complete.


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1413022wpp/watch-my-unfamiliar-family-cast-has-fun-rehearsing-together-on-set


by C. Lee
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@larus Aww cute article BTS of our fave Mon-Tues family of the moment.


Yes,I am glad the MIL told EJ about the possible health situation. Plus how she immediately asked TH to immediately find out for her. 

But I did not care that the MIL was so snooty and ignored EJ's parents. Even if the kids are divorcing, you can be a gracious human being. No wonder TH had felt like a family member with EJ's family over his . Riches and status don't make a person kind, warm and loving.  TH had the status, wealth, and smarts and looks but he was unhappy. He couldn't be himself and had his mom pressuring him to pretend to mold to society's standards. She handpicked EJ for him.  (If she was not pretty or smart and her personality, the fact her family was poor was not of consequence due to the special circumstances of TH's truth she was avoiding.)



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4 hours ago, Nodame said:

@larus Aww cute article BTS of our fave Mon-Tues family of the moment.


Yes,I am glad the MIL told EJ about the possible health situation. Plus how she immediately asked TH to immediately find out for her. 

But I did not care that the MIL was so snooty and ignored EJ's parents. Even if the kids are divorcing, you can be a gracious human being. No wonder TH had felt like a family member with EJ's family over his . Riches and status don't make a person kind, warm and loving.  TH had the status, wealth, and smarts and looks but he was unhappy. He couldn't be himself and had his mom pressuring him to pretend to mold to society's standards. She handpicked EJ for him.  (If she was not pretty or smart and her personality, the fact her family was poor was not of consequence due to the special circumstances of TH's truth she was avoiding.)





Yes. In fact, it's probably what made her a better candidate for what her intended role. That she would more likely put up with her husband's sexual orientation due to the financial advantages of marrying into this family.


Even though it's right for EJ and TH to divorce, I really like what their relationship became. They know each other well and understand each other on a deep level.

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@chickfactor I agree I am enjoying the more comfortable and honest relationship of TH and EJ too. He was honest telling mom he cannot make her happy but living like friends is not fair, he said everything without bluntly saying he is gay. Sad mom thinks it’s her wanting to graduate from marriage. But their family was a family to him unlike his own cold one. Mom knowing EJ loves TH deeply and when he admitted not having a mistress or cheated on EJ, she was right. A woman wanting a divorce wouldn’t be in love with their spouse. But as we know their love can never be. 

The hurt mom had after hearing they got married to each other to escape their families. But it was true though.


Wondering if JW will be back for finale week or stay in Toronto .


Will Kwon Yul be back, I feel he likes EJ but she won’t consider him as he is a noisy puppy as male version of EH. Loved her interest looking at him in the building lounge and EJ.


EJ surprised that EH bought a ring to love herself as I her eyes EH has enough self love. Plus she applauded her breaking up with GJ. ( Darn it I wanted her take on him).

Then their talking about maknae and how even if family you won’t know everything . That is definitely the truth!!


Though communications are better within our fave family they still harbor secrets still from each other. SS didn’t tell YS his health situation or the kids. If the MIL didn’t tell her, she would know either. We know TH will get the info per her request.


So EH quit , she threw away her journals and realized many goals she didn’t achieve. GJ was worried for her but EH seemed like she is free! What does she have up her sleeve? 
1) write new stuff/stories 

2) get a new job

3) date CH 

4) be there for dad & family 

So the lie from Hara that GJ is there to close that branch was not truthful. Finding out EH trusted GJ and not HR words to hurt her but still their relationship was not meant to be. Plus the fact HR wanted to cause friction but not getting reaction must have been annoying to her. As EH wasn’t taking the bait lol.


So sad this gem is ending next week. 

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@Nodame I am looking forward to EH writing stories because it has been hinted several times about her writing and literary skills. I can't believe this drama is ending soon. ):


Before the last episode comes, I just want to thank everyone here who have created a wonderful conversation of insights. The discussions surrounding the family relationships are profound. Lastly, thanks for responding and/or reacting to my observations of this drama. I feel a little bit more confident in posting and sharing my thoughts! It means a lot to me. 

If anyone is ever going to rewatch this drama after it ends, please let me know! 

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What To Look Out For In The Final Episodes Of “My Unfamiliar Family”


by S. Nam | Jul 17, 2020




tvN’s “My Unfamiliar Family” is gearing up for its finale!


Below are four points to look out for in the last two episodes of the drama:




What will Kim Sang Shik’s fate be?

In the last episode, Kim Sang Shik (Jung Jin Young) went into cardiac arrest, putting him between life and death. As the end of the drama approached, Kim Sang Shik and Lee Jin Sook’s (Won Mi Kyung’s) relationship started to transform for the better after they shared their sincere feelings with each other. Although they had finally regained their happiness, Kim Sang Shik was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Following his surgery, Kim Sang Shik woke up and saw his family, but his heart suddenly went into arrest.


Kim Sang Shik unexpectedly faces a life or death situation despite his desires of wanting to live on for the sake of his family. Viewers are curious to find out if Kim Sang Shik will be able to return to his family’s side safe and sound.





Will Kim Ji Woo return to his family?

Since Kim Ji Woo (Shin Jae Ha) was known as the gentle youngest child, his sudden move abroad delivered a huge shock to his family. However, Kim Ji Woo was also hiding a secret and concern of his own. Despite being an extreme cheapskate, he suddenly decided to move out on his own, only leaving Park Chan Hyuk (Kim Ji Suk) a text that hinted he was running away due to a secret his family couldn’t find out about.


Although his family wondered if the burden of “family” had surprisingly been too big for Kim Ji Woo, Park Chan Hyuk explained that Kim Ji Woo is an adult that should be able to decide what he wants to do. With Kim Ji Woo not even knowing that his father’s life is at risk, viewers are curious to see whether he will return to his family in the remaining two episodes of the drama.






Park Chan Hyuk’s confession and Kim Eun Hee’s decision

Although Park Chan Hyuk and Kim Eun Hee (Han Ye Ri) have been friends for 15 years, each had their moments in which they felt something more for one another. After a four-year-long break, the two finally rekindled their friendship, and they began to feel things for each other again. Although Kim Eun Hee tried to maintain their distance as just friends, Park Chan Hyuk opened up about his inner wounds and confessed his feelings for Kim Eun Hee, who replied that she would have to think it over, leaving questions as to whether the two will finally get their happy ending as a couple.




What family will result following the growth of the characters?

Although “family” can sometimes be the closest people around us, unexpected secrets can also leave behind wounds that build walls through misunderstanding and selfish recollections of the past. However, each “family” has their own method of solving problems. Kim Eun Hee, Park Chan Hyuk, Kim Eun Joo (Choo Ja Hyun), Kim Sang Shik, Lee Jin Sook, and Kim Ji Woo is one such family that is comprised of members who each have their own thoughts on what a family relationship should mean. The finale will shed light onto what kind of family the characters will create as they mature and grow by accepting each other’s differences.





The second-to-last episode of “My Unfamiliar Family” will air on July 20 at 9 p.m. KST.


Catch up with the latest episode of “My Unfamiliar Family” below:





Source (1)

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My Unfamiliar Family: Episode 14

by quirkycase


After all the turmoil and revelations our characters have experienced, it’s time for a fresh start. Our sisters are moving forward with greater knowledge of themselves and those around them, living their lives more confidently. Our maknae is grappling with a big life decision of his own. But our family isn’t out of the danger zone yet, and it looks like another storm might be headed their way. Hopefully, they’re strong enough now as a unit to face it.




At home, Eun-hee cries as she looks through old planners full of notes and goals. She narrates that when she found herself too lacking to date, she “planted a single seed and waited for it to bear fruit.” Eun-hee then permanently deletes the folder with her writing projects on her laptop (nooo) and packs away her old planners and notebooks.

After her break up with Jong-min, she decided to change her life and got her own apartment. She and Sang-shik were both emotional as he helped move her in. That simple separating from her loosely held-together family made her lonelier.





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@larus always on the ball! I woke up and saw this post Dramabeans recap of ep 14. Only the weekend and finale week. Oh my heart is not ready to say goodbye.


This lovely family journey is ending.


EH and CH will continue to grow and blossom now CH knows EH actions feelings don’t connect per EJ.


JW coming back from Toronto? I mean he left not knowing the dire health condition of his dad. That alone will have him rush back - you only have one dad. Plus his recent bonding time with him was precious. Though due to his crazy work schedule driving, he wasn’t able to be present as much for him. No wonder he was jealous hearing his commitment to YS.


EJ moving on from TH and moving out of the gorgeous but cold house she shared with him. Since she won’t live with mom where will she go? I wonder how it will look like? At least we know her return to work was smooth.


EH true on others saying she will write again. I guess she has enough saved up to not worry about expenses as she finds herself and her passion. If she allows it, also a treasured person CH by her side to be there for her!


CH needing to replace JW or unless he returns due to dad. Will he still need to sleep at his work or possibly move in with EH later when their dating relationship deepens, I think EJ approves of him. Why would she share EH liking him in the past?!


Dad will recover I hope but for how long? Mom being patient and by his side. Poor mom. Both gone through the wringer and back due to mainly SS misunderstandings and lack of communication. 

Cannot wait to see more of their journey!

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12 minutes ago, Nodame said:

This lovely family journey is ending.


Even if it is ending I will have a good memory of this drama. I knew I will like it very much since the first episode. I did not need to see another episode to knew we have a good production.  I already said it. I wish more family dramas will be like this. There were problems and unexpected situations but that`s life. Sometime life is full of dramas. If the writers has something to say, they don`t need unrealistic situations, over the top twists to keep audience engaged in their project.

I will keep an eye on Kim Eun-Jung`s next drama. 


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@larus I do agree quality writing and great story telling overall. There were other dramas started well then midway had a seizure and ended poorly not by acting but plot. There are red herrings but this is not too strong on tropes and cliches which I appreciate plus acted out by an amazing cast! What is there not to love?

Edited by Nodame
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@Nodame@larus I agree with both of you that we've been blessed with quality storytelling and acting! Those herrings that could have been tropes and/or cliches is like 101 Guide to kdrama scriptwriters to make cliches more interesting!  

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Kim Ji Suk And Han Ye Ri Enjoy A Sweet Moment Together In “My Unfamiliar Family”

Jul 19, 2020

Han Ye Ri and Kim Ji Suk continue to grow closer in tvN’s “My Unfamiliar Family”!

“My Unfamiliar Family” tells the story of the relationships and misunderstandings between strangers who are like family—and families who are like strangers.


Previously, the members of the family were hit with another storm. Kim Sang Shik (Jung Jin Young) had decided to put his regrets about the past behind and live on with his eyes on the future. However, he experienced a cardiac arrest after his surgery, and it was unclear if he’d be able to survive. The youngest son Kim Ji Woo (Shin Jae Ha) got on a plane to head to a foreign country without saying goodbye to his family. Meanwhile, Park Chan Hyuk (Kim Ji Suk) confessed to Kim Eun Hee (Han Ye Ri), bringing change to their 15-year relationship as friends.

New stills revealed by tvN show Kim Eun Hee and Park Chan Hyuk enjoying a picnic together. Kim Eun Hee smiles peacefully as she leans on Park Chan Hyuk’s back and reads a book. She then says something to Park Chan Hyuk that surprises him (see top image).


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1413630wpp/kim-ji-suk-and-han-ye-ri-enjoy-a-sweet-moment-together-in-my-unfamiliar-family

by U. Kim
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@triplem Beautiful post! Yes thanks for writing it!


It is true JW was outshined by his nunas so this last three episode arc is finally giving maknae a bit more love。 I too feel he will be back & I agree no matter what advice you give even if right, the receiver has to make their decision. 


I had a close friend get married to a guy (I didn’t think she should marry). I talked to her asking if she was marrying him for the right reasons . She knew I meant well, I ended with I will support any decision you make . I just wanted her to know, she ended marrying the guy. They divorced one year later. I was the first person she told,she said many came out and said they were not a match(after announcing her separation). But I was the only one to tell her first out of concern before getting married. 

Dad is a complex character and the actor portraying him is in of my faves. Yes lost happiness due to low self esteem, bad decisions and embarrassment plus wrong assumptions caused so many years create a big avoidable rift with mom. Sigh agreed but hope we can see him with the fam and JW comes back.



Edited by Nodame
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Missed a tiny bit of the first part maybe.


EP 15 Recap/Spoilers


Begins with Jiwoo trying to write to his sister about leaving.

In his head: I don't think i understand what being family means.

He heads to buy a rings.

He bought 3 necklaces (and a ring) and sends the message to CH.

EH: Was i really nothing to Jiwoo? A family he wanted to break away from? What's going to happen to my family? My family really knew nothing about each other.

She sobs. 

CH explains that he is an adult, and he can leave when he wants to.

EH says she wants to tell EJ, cause she doesn't wanna have any more secrets with her family.

Seoyoung tries to log into his SNS i presume with CH and EH watching. 

EJ: I guess he didn't want to explain to us thinking we will be against it. He is at an age of marriage.

Seoyoung says something about the fraud.

Mum and dad plays diamond game and mum seems worried about Dad, tho dad pretends to be fine and happy, with no worries.

Mum explains about the fruit that she hid, and that it was for the old folks at the home she volunteered in.

Dad apologises, and mum also apologises. She said she knew he was upset about that, but she didn't explain it because she felt good that he misunderstood her to get back at him.

She said they both didn't work hard to fix things between them thats why their relo became like this.

*I missed something cause my stream died*

Dad: It was to make you feel pain.

EJ EH SY and CH discuss about JW, and EJ says she probably knows less about JW than CH.

EJ subtly says something, and EH realises there's more problems (parents).

EJ gets a call from TH - about dad i presume.

TH enters Dad's hospital room.

TH asks about Dad and if its tough, and dad says its fine.

TH says it's hard for mum.

Mum asks how he knew, and he said his Mum saw them.

Mum whispers under her breath saying: she saw us and pretended not to see.

TH asks about why they didn't tell EJ, and that it'll be harder for her if they don't tell her.

Dad explains saying that because he is sick, mum has been a little out of it.

EH: Why didn't they tell us?

EJ: Mum said it's their fault the moment i told them about my divorce

They talk about how their parents won't say anything anymore thinking its a burden. 

TH comes and explain how Dad's situation is bad, and that he might lose his memory again if the surgery doesnt go well.

EH starts to cry, and EJ looks sad, but holds it in.

EJ holds EH's hand: We are going to meet them now, so don't be too obvious that you cried.

They walk to the room and EH asks EJ if she looks fine? (Non swollen - showing that she cried).

EH goes in: Dad Mum, What the hell?! you shocked us.

EH: If you're sick, you should tell us!

They ask about JW since he didnt come together.

EH: He went on a business trip.

They asks where, and EJ goes on with the lie as EH stutters.

EJ: Overseas!

Mum tells them not to tell JW cause he shouldn't come back over this, and it'll affect his work.

They send dad into the surgery room.

Mum holds dads hands tightly as they smile to each other.


Dad: I am afraid i did lose my memory again, that i did not come back ever, so I'm scared.

Mum: What's there to be afraid, forget all the bad memories and only remember the good ones.


Dad goes into the surgery room. 

Surgeon comes out saying that he did his best, and that whatever the outcome may be it did be up to the patient now.

They see dad, and they all keep callling him.

Dad looks at them... before he closes his eyes, and code blue...

They all start to cry as they move out of the room for the doctors to save him.

Mum cries and in her head she says: You are as hard as rock, you can't lose your life like this.

Dad in voiceover, mentions his favourite first daughter, and his second daughter, and his youngest son, and his wife.

Dad is alive (phewww) in ICU.

They look at him from outside, as mum asks if he is okay, and if he can see them. 

The two daughters calm her down, as Dad raises his hand.

Dad: The family who i love.

Eunjoo cries (so touching). 

Mum smiles at dad as they leave the room as he needs to rest. 

TH comes find the family as they wait outside.

TH: We haven't discovered anything bad, but we will have to monitor to find out. Don't be too worried and get some rest.

CH is waiting somewhere in the hospital for EH.

CH: Is it okay?

She leans her head on him.

EH: He recognised us. And that Jiwoo wasnt around.

She asks if JW contacted. He said no.

CH: I came cause im worried, just go in.

EH: let's just stay outside here for awhile together.


She holds his hand. 
EH: Even though you're not my family, i feel at peace/calm talking to you. I would hide my expressions with my family, and i would speak carefully in fear i would make a mistake, but to you, i don't have such feelings at all. It's like im on a break (resting). 


CH: I thought you did be tired hence i was contemplating on coming, but im glad i came. 


She leans on him. 


EJ talks to TH.

She told TH about Dad when she had her miscarriage.


EJ: Don't you have work today Dad?

Dad: yes i do, im going.

EJ: Come up for abit, even if its just for a short while.

Dad avoids going to EJ's house because he is smelly and hasn't showered for days.

Dad tells her to rest more and tells her to not work.

Dad gives her some food saying it is good for her body, and she should eat all of it.

Dad leaves in a hurry.

She said to TH: If it was Eunhee, he did probably look at her eat before he goes...

But he didn't because he probably always felt far and indebted to her.

Mum at home - she looks at JW's room.

Seoyoung tells CH that Jiwoo's first love disappeared and all traces of her is gone.

SY: It's fraud.

Someone calls SY. She walks out to pick it.

Yoo Min woo finds EJ looking at the empty office.

He breaks into small talks with her about how the office will be nice when everything is in, and asks if theres any help she needs.

She picks a call and then asks him for a favour before he leaves, asking him to open the door for her office when the movers come due to her situation as she won't be here.

SY says she talked to a friend.

CH: Jiwoo's dad is in a surgery. tell me honestly.

SY: He doesn't even have money to come back.

CH tells her he will cover that problem and tells him to come back immediately.

My stream buffers again.

Mum: Jiwoo still hasn't contacted?

EH: He is coming but i havent told him about the surgery. will tell him when he is here.

Mum talks about her baby jiwoo and how he will feel when he finds out about this.

Mum walks away with dad after TH speaks to Dad.

EH tags along to let TH and EJ talk.

EJ: Please understand mum.

TH: Of course. But btw, why isn't JW here.

EJ: It's our family's issue, don't bother with it anymore.

TH: Okay. 

TH: I'm leaving tomorrow.

They stare into blankness.

SY: They met through a game, she catfished him. 

She talks about how Jiwoo had plans with kayaking with her and living near a lake.

CH apologises for not realising all this with JW.

SY explains for JW's situation and that he will be suffering.

CH tells her to get off work. 

EH comes up with a plan when they see JW and talks to prevent JW from being hurt by his eldest sisters words.

But JW comes in, and EH tries to say something... 

But when she looked at JW she says: What happened to you? you look bad, are you okay? You didn't have any money? Did you eat?

JW: I ate on the plane.

EJ walks to him.

EJ: Mum and Dad shouldn't know yet right? We told them you went on a business trip. Don't tell them yet. Eventually, when you can look back at this and laugh about it, thats the time to tell them.

JW apologises and they pat him to say its alright.

JW sees Dad from outside th hospital room, and hesistates to go in. 

He breaks down in front of the hospital door. 

Dad in the room, does a tiny bit of stretching.

JW comes in with a huge smile (pretense)

Dad hugs him. But mum looks suspicious.

Mum: Was going on your business trip hard?

Dad: Your face is half its size (you lost weight).

They exchange a few words, and he told them he went to Canada.

Flashes back to mum checking out his room, seeing that he packed things clean... though he was only going on a trip.

She does his bed, but finds a note he scribbled (farewell note that he didn't end up giving to anyone).

She reads it.

"Eunhee, when you read this, i would have left. I didn't wanna live like Dad. I want to live freely without the influence of my family."

Mum cries.

Back to the hospital room, JW and Mum lays dad down.

Mum tells JW to go home and rest, that he did take over.

Mum: Nah, I need to be by dad's side.

Dad smiles.

Eunhee opens a package at home to find a letter and gifts (Jiwoo's necklace and rings).

Flashes back to him writing the note: Eunhee, I would have left to an unfamily country when you read this. I don't wanna live like dad without accomplishing his dreams. I want to ride a kayak and live my life happily. I hope you will explain this to the family for me well. One day we will meet again smiling at each other.

Eunhee takes out the necklace.

At the hospital, the three kids come at different times to hang out with dad, as mum watches them every time.

She looks at Jiwoo in sadness/disappointment

Dad later talks to her.

Dad: Do you remember when i hurt myself back on the job back in the day? You wiped my feet and looked after me everyday, when Eunjoo had to work exceptionally hard, and the others went to school.

Dad: We didnt speak a word back then. But now, my kids come to visit me, and we talk all the time. I am so happy.

Mum: What are you trying to say?

Dad: Wow you're fast. I am moving into a rooftop place after this.

He explains how good it'll be.

Mum looks away: Back then, it was just a bad situation - and hence i was just all stuffed up inside, so i was mean to you. Im sorry. I know i was bad to you and looked at you like you were a criminal.

Dad: I was a criminal. 

Mum: Don't bother about the kids anymore. Make your decision about us now. We don't have anyone else but us anymore. 

Dad: You're saying romantic things with a sad and angry face. Smile a little!

As he pokes her.

EH and CH in the supermarket.

She asks why he is here with her.

CH: You said you don't have much time to give to me, so i have to work hard to get some time to spend with you

EH: How's my baby brother.

CH: Im also angry with him, but because im trying to be considerate of his feelings, i held it in. 

CH: how can he be like this to who he calls his "real brother".

EH: Lets get a him together.

CH: Let's leave him alone now cause he is struggling himself. Don't know when we will see his smile again. 

EH: I wished my brother wouldnt ever be hurt and would always see the sunny side of the world. I thought i could be great to my brother (give him the world) that way because he was my only brother. 

CH: This is why family is annoying. What are you to be able to prevent your brother from the pains of the world.

EH: yeah you're right. But that day, was the first time i saw my brother in this sad state. My heart sank. What is our family.

And she looks sad.

He stands behind her and pushes her with the cart.

CH: What is family? Family is the one that gives and takes the most pain, but also consoles each other. That's family. 


She holds his hand on the trolley.

CH: Keep it from your parents from now. I also felt i was nothing to Jiwoo when i realised this, so im sure your parents will feel worse and disappointed. 

She turns around and look at him, and he pushes her back around....

He then becomes romantic and smiles as he says...

CH: Let's see each other everyday now.

EH replies yes shyly.

EH comes to EJ's place. 

EJ preps a good meal

EH: this is betrayal!

Saying she gave unfair treatment.

EH gave her the necklace.

EJ asks where the letter is, saying theres no way he sent it without a letter.

EH says there's none, and EJ says let's stop doing this keeping secrets for each other things.

JW tries to call his "love" but no picks.

JW realises EH would have received the letter.

EJ: Don't talk about the stuff he said about the kayak (Don't tease him).

EH: Im not that shallow.

They both agree that they need to give him RickRoll'D to wake him up from his unrealistic dreams though.

EJ then says: Are you going to keep calling TH brother in law?

EH: Call him doctor yoon? Taehyung? We were once family, i'll change slowly.

EJ: I made my decision. I will find/meet my real dad.

EH looks shocked.

Minwoo sees EJ and asks to give her a lift.

In the car, he tries to small talk to her, but his mum calls him.

Yoo: Im on speaker phone (to warn her not to say embarrasing things).

Mum says some embarrassing stuff and EJ subtly smiles as she listens.

He tries to stop mum then cut her off.

Yoo: My mum still doesn't know much about my work. Doesn't she need to since im her favourite in the world.

They are in her office, and he gives her suggestions about her office.

She asks about the congratulatory flowers sitting in her office.

He said its from him, to give the office some atmosphere.

She smiles and laugh.

Yoo: Why are you laughing? Is it cause whatever i say, you are just thinking about what my mum said about me?

They laugh together.

EH goes to a book event and realises Gunjoo is presenting.

He talks about the small salary of writers in the industry, and said he felt bad reading books without realising these.

After the event, he finds EH as she reads a book.

EH: I just wanna study harder, to improve myself.

Gunjoo: So do you wanna go to America?

CH calls her. 

Gunjoo: Don't worry, i won't be going together with you, i'll be staying here.

GJ explains himself again, saying he didn't want to look like a selfish dude to her. They exchange their farewells and he leaves.

She calls CH back.

EH: My conference is done.

CH: Im coming right there now.

She waits for him as he appears.

He asks how was her conference.

They then get into EH's car.

They both smile awkwardly then swap seats. 

And he drives. 

EH holds for her life.

CH: Im good at this. Are you scared?!

EH: No you're good. 

And tells him how to use the break.

He jams break and they exchange some banter.

They sit together outside.

EH: Chanhyuk, when i was dating Jongmin, I kept lying from time to time. Because he was narrow minded. Because of my part time job, i was rly busy, so whenever i had free time, i was afraid that he did be angry for not seeing him, so i did lie saying i was working, and i would just watch a movie, or see a musical. 

CH: Yeah, i remember. When we went to take photos, he said you were working. 

EH: I told myself that i won't lie ever again if i were to date again. 

EH: That's why player boy couldn't work. Because the start of it was a lie. 

CH: The fact you are saying you won't lie sounds like a lie in itself. I want you to tell me some sweet lies and warm lies from time to time.

EH: At my conference today, the speaker was Gunjoo. I'll be listening to his conference for 3 months. 

CH nods in understanding.

EH: Also, i ignored your call today and spoke to him for a bit. I won't lie to you at all.

CH: Wow you're dead set on this. "I won't lie in a relationship" Hence you're not going to lie at all to me? Okay, do your thing and think about it, we have lotsa time anyway.

As he walks down the stairs, she gives him a back hug.

EH: i was worried that it did be awkward, and about what i should do if i don't feel anything (in regards to dating chan hyuk) Let's give it a try (Guess this is her approval to begin their relo!)

CH: Let's do that. 

He carries her and swings her in the air cutely.

Dad sleeps at home in mum's current room and wakes up.

Food is prepared for him in a corner.

He drinks the tea and reads a letter.

"Kim Sang shik, a (rock/shell?) can break and shatter, so be a tree. Our green days(youth) have passed, so now, let's see the beautiful fallen autumn leaves together."

Dad: Sookisshi wrote a poem.

Flashes to mum reading his diary in his van about what he wanted to do for his family and his wife like sending her to america, and camping and all.

Mum comes to a cafe and finds CH.

CH introduces himself and says wow he recognised her quickly, and that she also recognised him.

Mum: You look the same. Handsome and tall. 

They sit down and talk about how they met at EJ's wedding briefly. 

Mum: Oh you're the one who gave me the photos through JW. I loved the photos.

Mum: Sorry im finding you who is busy.

She said she wanted to meet him and thank him because he is the director of Jiwoo's company, but it was hard so she couldn't.

CH: I knew you since i was in university, don't be like that or i'll be disappointed. Please think of me as Eunhee's friend over Jiwoo's boss. 

Mum: I knew it did be weird to ask you to meet me, but thanks for making this time. 

Mum: I wanted to ask you about something thats why i asked to meet you.

Mum: Did my jiwoo really go overseas for a business trip?

CH is put in a spot.

Flashes forward, CH sits there alone looking like he regret what he said.

Back home, mum preps dinner.

Dad: Werent the kids coming to eat with us?

Mum: You need to eat your meds, so i told them to come after dinner.

Mum tells him about EJ's divorce. 

Dad: Divorce? My poor eldest daughter. Are you okay? 

Mum: My chest was hurting. Just like you now. 

Dad: What could we have done? I trust my daughter and her current condition.

Mum: Because of them, our hearts are never at peace. Even so, we always believe them. Are they feeling the same about us?

She then tells dad about JW.

Mum: Do you know what Jiwoo did? He didn't go for a business trip. He left because he hated us. Without a word.

Dad is in shock. 

Eunhee comes home.

Eunhee asks where's dad, and sees dad and mum looking dull and solemn.

Eunhee sits next to dad. 

EJ comes back. 

EJ: Im back. Where's dad?

She sees the situation and also realises something.

JW comes back with a cake. 

JW: Mum im back. 

EH passes the necklace to JW for mum.

JW: Mum, here's a present. It's the same as what i got for my sisters. I'll wear it for you.

Mum tells him forget about it. 

EH tries to fix the atmosphere and says they should eat the cake. but mum says no and sits them down in the living room.

Mum looks at EH and EJ wearing the necklace. 

Mum: What is family? To you guys, what is family? I really don't know thats why im asking. Do you guys not know too? Or did you guys never think of it and lived your life? When you didn't see your sister for years, i wondered what happened, and i tormented myself (To EH). When you divorced, you didn't discuss it with me and i didn't say anything and took it in, but it still pains me do you know (To EJ). You, do you know what you did? (To JW). 

JW kneels down when he realises mum figured it out. Dad tells Jiwoo to leave.

Dad: Get out. 

Dad: Your mum is going to stop being your mum. Me too. 

EH in a voice over: What is family?? Me, us, we still don't know.

Ep ends.




Mum: Do you think the kids know?

EJ: Mum, I need to meet my real dad.

SY: You'll never know, she might be seeing this. (Might be wrong here, couldn't hear it properly)

Yoo MinWoo: I was always on your side, since our trainee days.

SY: Our Boss is really romantic

Mum: I haven't even done that before, but the kids hated it.

Mum: I want to leave.

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@Redpinkboxes Thanks for the hard work and ep15 recap/spoilers. Getting ready for to go to work now.


Glad EH went to EJ, glad TH talked fo the parents. Sad about the JW fib. If SY is right about fraud then JW will be back soon.


Thanks for this & looking forward to the rest.


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@triplem, Me too. I can’t believe I cried reading the scene of almost losing dad right through dad regaining consciousness. This show and it’s relationships are so deeply moving that the recap has the ability to provoke such stirring emotions. Many thanks for the hard work @Redpinkboxes

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