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[Drama 2020] My Unfamiliar Family, (아는 건 별로 없지만) 가족입니다

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I'm keeping my comments about today's post as short as possible. (Unfortunately, the dark mode hurts my eyes and I don't want to stare at the screen so much) 



I am loving how EJ and TH's arc is closing up and there's so much honesty and open communication between them. Also, I love that TH is finally thinking for himself. When EJ gave him the talk about not threatening people, she suggested to him to look at his own room and clean up after himself. Noticed that TH was confident and straightforward when he met his mother at her office? He is slowly taking steps to overcome his fear. 


EJ's talk reminded me of a specific chapter in Marie Kondo's book titled "If you're mad at your family, your room may be the cause." Essentially, when you look at your own room, you're staring at your own mindset in a physical space. Tidying helps you to organize and prioritize things that are important to you. Of course, it has to do with looking inwards which TH did. 


If anyone is having trouble tidying and loves watching kdramas, you can start by looking at what kind of spaces that each character lives in. Which one appeals to you? Would you want to live in that space? What steps can you take to visualize your own space and make it happen? 



Another scene I liked was when EJ called EH to be the middleman for mom. Hahaha EH ran away and then came back. Love her. What I enjoyed even more is that all three of them had a conversation and got to know each other. Moreover, EJ decided to enjoy the moment and finally came back with TH to tell mom about the divorce. Oh I am looking forward to the next episode! 

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Okay this show is like amazing for red herrings. Can double as a mystery show because everytimeI think I figured something out, it's wrong HAHA   also, I was split in my opinion regarding th

Just rough typing as i go, so there'll be heaps of errors.   EP 12 Spoilers   (I can't type everything on the go cause they speak too fast but i'll do the best i can!)  

Okay, ep 6 got me out of my silent lurks. EUNHEE AND CHAN HYUK IS MY SHIP.    I'm so confused by them tbh. The way they know each other so well, its like your typical best friend to lovers t




I honest to God believe that the only reason they inserted the scene of GJ looking at a ring box is meant to manipulate us LOL but we know better!!!! That is Chan Hyuk's

ring for sure!



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@ponderings Ahh thanks for your post as always. Sigh then I need to work in my inner mind in regards to my personal space. Lol good points. 

Omg random side comment, thank god the background is light /white themed came back. The darker background colors I know were better for your eyes but frustrating to read , so glad to see the white background back!! 

@triplem I love romances and this second chance for the parents is nice too! Better not be too much crazy indeed!


@blademan @lalalaelala The confession scene by CH was so him and loved it. Glad he got his point out to her about being each other’s lives. Hit home more after he said planned to tell his hyung story only to one person who would stay in his life. EH saying he is that person to him, so that point hit home. Plus she told him , he was the first male at her place not a family member at her home.



I read somewhere and based on my Korean friends , unlike in the United States people unless very close or family are invited over to owns personal space/home. Not as casual as the habits of people to have people over.


I admit I don’t freely invite people over to my place myself unless close or good friends.


My first close  Korean friend is here in the USA on sabbatical and I am sad it’s during this current pandemic . That aside, she said once I am the only non family member to have her homes pass code whenever I visit Korea. Also I am the only friend to sleep over and visit her home in USA and Korea. So it’s why her kids thought I was a blood relative from the USA. 

Gosh yet another good episode.


-Loved seeing getting ready for the date looking pretty and enjoying looking at the flowers in the home from SS. Glad dad was fine at the hospital but glad she said I know you didn’t listen to me before but listen to me now and get your health checked ! 

- The sisters and EJ wanting EH but ends up not telling mom she is divorcing TH but they all have beer together was sweet. I liked how EJ wanted to know mom’s plans after graduation and when EH said go out with dad. Lol how mom didn’t want to tell them she is doing that. Lol. I like the idea of the women in the family bonding and enjoying their time .


-JW maknae with dad hanging out and learning dad self taught himself guitar was so cool! Loved they had their moment together.


-JW telling EH why CH doesn’t drive and CH seeing through EH with JW prodding to find out the reason. When we hear of CH and his 2 year older hyung passing at the age of 12. Omg! The driving site is the place of the bad memories . Dang! ( so I was right with a family member passing away in an accident). To hear that when CH met JW at the age of 12 and the affinity he felt for him and reminded him of his hyung. Aww. JW really loves CH as a hyung. Got his first adult gift the digital camera at 12 and taught how to use the camera and enjoy photography thanks to CH hyung. Though their bond started with EH needing to watch JW dragging JM and CH, CH built a lovely brother bond with JW.


- It was weird to see GJ ask CH to hang out for lunch and do something on his day off. I guess he felt CH is someone he could befriend even despite the EH connection? CH being himself is a good listener and realized GJ hardships being abroad and giving the sympathetic ear he needed.


-GJ hanging with EH work BFF and worrying about EH reputation. EH not ashamed and let him know her work pal knows about their situation. ( I admit I wondered too.) But EH has complete trust in her to not gossip to others.


-We learned what JM and CH ended their friendship and seriously JM was rude to tell CH not to be with EH later it would be suspicious (their were rumors of EH and CH anyways though they were not in touch). Glad CH punched him and got upset that EH thought CH hung out him and his woman who wasn’t EH def upset him. I am glad we saw that! Also the fact EH shared am despite their being apart he got her changed contact number thanks to the chat. I liked CH said he blocked JM and most likely JM did with him so that’s why he doesn’t have his latest info.


-TH and EJ talking about moving forward about the divorce and finally breaking the news to mom at the end. Glad TH got to open up to EH, glad EH told him why she didn’t clean up the room after his anger /frustration episode when his mom happened to visit their home. Glad TH himself told his mom his thoughts!


-The Kwon Yul cameo we learned EJ had training with him and she said he was like the male version of EH. So he liked her too? Trying so hard to talk more with her asking about EH and wanting to grab coffee with EJ. Def interest on his part and we shall see him in the next episode based on the preview.


- The quick scene where CH and EH meet up she is wearing a ring , obviously some significance of it. If CH gave it to her- its so pretty. When did he give it to her? So curious. Yeah I agree the Writer nim trolling us viewers to show a quick scene of GJ holding a jewelry box def a red herring, EH would not accept anything from GJ now for sure based on their current situation.


preview for Tuesday episode:


- dad says something then at end I want to be proud of it and boast (?)


- Oooh Maknae has secret as VO SY mentions of GF in Toronto (?) as she is talking to CH


- dad wants EJ to look for her biological father


- EH mentions Kwon Yul saying something to the others she observed others were talking about her(?), but EJ shoots it down saying we are not that kind of relationship 


-JW says you know I love you 


-JW says sorry hyung 

What I can make out excuse my Korean is not that great/strong.

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My favorite scene was when Eun Joo and Eun hee went to see mom and she told them about her dream and later they had a quality moment together. Ji Woo came later and joined them. They were laughing and had a happy family moment and Jin Sook imagined Sang sik there and asked herself : "We could`ve lived like this?". The moment made me cry.




Other little moments were very nice. Ji woo telling his sisters that mom is dating dad, Chan Hyeok meeting with Gun Joo.

I never had bad feelings about Gun Joo like other people here. It doesn`t matter to me that he is the third person in the love line of Chan Hyeok and Eun hee. I did not hate his ex fiancee HaRa either. What I like about this show it that we don`t have  villain people, just ordinary people with their own feelings, with good and not so good traits. I think Gun joo is a nice man. I like how he reacted with Eun Hee and the whole break up situation. he needs his closer as well. It is not very easy for him.

I like that we learn more about Chan Hyeok. Just like Eun hee said, she is the type to talk about her issues. He is not. He is the listener in the relationship. He told her (because he trust her to be alwasy on his side) about his past trauma, the death of his older brother, the hard time for his family ever since.


The ring thing.... Just two words. Red herring. I still think like this. It doesn`t make sense for Gun Joo to give Eun hee a ring. We saw him looking at a ring but I am sure he was looking at the ring and thought about his life. Maybe it was the ring he wanted to propose to his fiancee in the past, or it is a ring he will propose to his future fiancee.

When Eun Hee came to meet Chan Hyeok and saw the ring, I got the impression he knew about that ring. Maybe it was a ring that simbolise their cenection, and she is giving him a sign wearing it right now. We`ll find out soon in today`s episode.


The new guy for Eun joo!!!!! YAY! A few people here wanted to see Eun joo happy and we `ll have  out wish come true. I like the guy. He is succesful lawyer like her, a cheerful man,  just what she needs right now. I laugh when he said that he thought she was considering him close because she compared him to her sister but it was not a compliment. She was lectured him how sloppy he was. It is her style. Even back then she was very serious and perfectionist at her job. He was happy to see her and he was eager to talk to her more. Maybe we won`t see much of them but I think the writer will tell us that their story will continue. She has a chance to find happyness now.


I am very curious to find out about Sang Sik`s illness. Fingers crossed to not be a fatal ilness.

I will read everyone`s comments later. I have another two dramas to watch.

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SPOILERS FOR EP 14 (apologies for the bad sentences and all, live recapping!)
Eunhee talks to herself about how she moved into her new place after ending her 9 year relo.

Flashes back to her moving in, with her asking her dad if the place was good. And he said yes and said he'll head off.

Eunhee looks at him drive off from her house.

She realises that her moving out without her family has caused her to be more lonely.

Mum waits outside their house and taehyung comes and find her. She wondered what he was finding her for and he told her that he wants to tell her inside.

Ej calls TH.. But he cuts off, and mum picks her call when she calls.

Ej says she's coming and to tell him to wait. Mum tells him she told her and so he told her that he will wait for ej to go up.

Ej comes and says she couldn't tell her mum yet so he shouldn't come and apologise.

He said he felt bad to Eunhee back then. Ej said, you've become family then. Real family. And he said yes, the moment he came to their family, he felt they were his family (due to their warmth).

Goes to the last scene of the last episode... When TH tells mum they are divorcing.


Ej asks him to sit down comfortably.

TH: We decided to divorce mum. I'm sorry.

Mum: why?

Ej: we decided to end it cause we don't feel for each other anymore.. we can't live together.

Mum: TH answer.

Ej tries to stop it but mum says she knows her daughter and that she wouldn't have been like that.

Mum asks if he has another woman.

TH says no and his sorry.

Mum asks him for the reason if it's not another girl.

TH: I married because I hated being with my family. EJ did the same.

Mum: you hated us? So u got married? Is it true?

Mum tears...

TH: To me now, my family is still difficult and I don't like it. But EJ is different. She loves her family and has warmed up. I didn't know EJ well, and I thought we could live happily as friends. But what EJ needs isn't that. And I can't let her be unhappy, that's why I'm doing this.

Both EJ and mum starts crying.

Wow he broke up with her not because he was just gay, he was okay being friends in the relo, but he wanted happiness for Eunjoo. Gah, these two ~

Eunjoo finds mum in the room..

Mum: I wanted my kid to live the way they wanted to, but I guess it couldn't be

Ej: I'm sorry mum, I'll try my best to live happily.

Mum starts to blame herself, thinking the graduation from marriage and all affected EJ. EJ says no and explains to mum how she's proud of her mum.

Mum: people will think my daughter is still 20 (touching her pretty face). My poor daughter.

EJ says she's called ahjumma everywhere.

Mum asks her to live with her, and EJ says even though she's happy and thankful mum accepted this fact nicely, she doesn't wanna live with mum.

Mum tells her that she told Dad that EJ knows about the fact she isn't her daughter.

Mum asks if she should tell Dad about this. She says she will find dad with EH.

She tells mum not to worry about her and think about herself and live her life well.

Ej back home thinks about what TH said about how he didn't know EJ well.

EJ: we both didn't know each other well.

Jiwoo web cams this girl, a foreigner. They can barely speak to each other. He had to show her he washed his face by putting his hands as if he was washing his face.

Seoyoung asks CH about jiwoos love life.

Jiwoo comes and they stop talking.

He has some banter with seoyoung.

He starts messaging someone and seoyoung points that out to CH. They get suspicious and then he said he was talking to Eunhee.

Eunhee is in a promotion meeting or interview (I think) with gunjoo and someone and he notices her ring.

She comes out and her work bff asks her how it when and she said it went well.

Jiwoo texts her saying it's CH driving test today.

They meet up.

Ej: do you regret what you said to me? I stayed up all night cause I was so excited.

She said something along the lines that she was proud/happy he fessed up.

CH: I had that feeling when you told me about how you checked me out back then.

They recap to their young days. And how they missed their chances back then.

She then talks about her story with jongmin

EH: I started liking my normal peaceful life with myself. This ring is for that. I bought it for myself. Today is the first day for myself. (Loving herself as if she's dating herself).

She said she will give thought to what he said.

He keeps his skin thick and goes forward with being obvious with wanting to be with her.

CH: because of you, I think I am okay with this place (driving centre). With you, I feel less pain.

The test centre guy comes out and calls him and she says good luck.

Dad and mum are in the hospital and dad hears some bad news and he need to do surgery to get better.

Dad tells her he wants to push back the surgery.. but mum nags at him to do it quick and listen to the hospital.

He reminds mum that they graduated from marriage and so it's his decision.

Mum says you chased me like a fool and now you're telling me you're doing your own thing?

She says that he should do the surgery asap as she did be worried and the kids will be worried too.

Mum then sees THs Mum walking in the hospital but THs mum doesn't even recognise her. She gets angry and says under her voice angrily that she sent her daughter to their home and ....

Dad asks who that was and she said no one. Strangers.

CH passes and EH congratulates him. He says he looked it up on sns and saw some congratulatory stuff with coaches and they should do it too.

Jiwoo is picking out a ring for someone.

Mum thinks about dads operation at home and says him being old will make the surgery more risky.

Jiwoo comes home to hug mum and says he loves her very much. He asks mum to ask dad to come home.

Jiwoo talks to mum and says he'll be okay moving out too.

Dad talks to youngshik about stuff and gives him some advice.

He says he knows that youngshik left his partner cause he was insecure about his leg. He says he knows it we'll cause he has a similar situation.

Yoo minwoo sees Eunhee finally and introduces himself with his card. So she actually doesn't know him.

She asks him for directions and he said he is going the same way and brings her that way.

CH talks to JW. JW says he wants to be a freelancer. Not a full timer.

CH says does he like him so much that he doesn't want to have CH waste money on giving her a salary?

Eunhee sits in the cafeteria and hears them gossiping about eunjoo. (Minwoo is in the gang)

As eunjoo comes in, eunhee calls her to distract her from hearing anything.

Minwoo realises that eunhee was... Eunjoos sister. He comes to them and says how he wanted to meet her. He talks about 10 years ago with Eunjoo.

He talks to Eunhee and they both compare their Soju tolerances back in the day. As they stand up to leave, eunhee reminds him that eunjoo hates drinking Soju. He passed her a office rental thing saying he found it for her.

Eunhee drives eunjoo and she teases eunjoo about the dude. She tells her that he wanted to meet her cause of the things she used to say. Like he was like her sister, eunhee (guess their crazy chatty personality which was why they bantered off so well just then).

Eunjoo asks her about the ring. And she asks if it was the dude she met outside her house.

She said no and she ended it with that dude. Eunjoo said well done.

Eunhee explained the ring was for self love.

Ej: you already love yourself enough. How do you love yourself more?

Man I love these sisters.

They find dad at the container. Eunjoo looks sad.

Eunhee runs to find dad and dad realises eunjoo was here.

Dad: I was scared you would be uncomfortable that's why I told eunhee to keep it from you.

Ej: mum will be worried and sad if she sees you like that.

She tells dad to use the money in the account. Saying that if he feels indebted to her, then she has a bigger debt because I would have to calculate it from when I was a kid (in him looking after her)

He feels sorry so he says he will find a place with the money.

He then tells eunjoo to look for her dad. He said not to worry about him if that's why she doesn't wanna look for her dad. She says no, and she says it's because there must be a reason why mum didn't live with him in her life

Dad talks about how he was curious about her dad all his life, and what did mum lack to choose a non amazing guy like him. But he feels bad for feeling like that all his life. He reminds her to find her dad because he knows her personality of wanting to find out everything. He knows it all too well.

Eunhee is at Eunjoos home and eunhee asks her if she told Dad about the divorce.

She said no cause he would think it's his fault as well about the divorce. Awww.

She tells eunhee to go cause she knows how there are times being alone is what you want (cause she lives alone).

CH is waiting for her outside her house.

EH: why are you waiting here? Did you miss me and wanted to see me quickly?

She asks why he is here and he said he just wants to treat their time together previously ... She looks happy then he said actually I came because of jiwoo.

He tells her how jiwoo doesn't wanna be a full timer. And he asks about jiwoos foreign girlfriend.

She then says: actually I realised we don't know much about each other in the family. I guess we all just live our own lives.

They chat about what to eat and both gets nervous trying to hold each other's hands.

Eventually a group of students walk past them and he pulls her away and he uses it as an opportunity to hold hands.

Eventually eunhee pulls away awkwardly and he giggles.

They are both courteous to each other at their meal and the ahjumma comments on them.

They begin eating shyly.


Mum cries as she signs the guardian form for dad at the hospital.

Eunjoo comes to THs hospital and he told her how she's so good at ending this.

She tells him to think from her pov. She mentions how this was a mistake and all from her end.

He realises that and tells her sorry.

He watches her leave sadly.

I feel so bad for these two ... They clearly love each other even if non romantic.

As she leaves, th's mum calls her.

Dad is exercising in the hospital room.

He tells mum not to worry and he feels fine.

She asks if she really shouldn't tell the kids.

He says he wants to do the surgery and get better and once he is good, he will tell them what happened.

She says she has things to do and won't be here today. He tells her to go and he'd be fine.

Th's mum drinks wine with EJ.

EJ says she doesn't wanna have a long fight with her.

Mum thought she wanted an apology and she said she doesn't want it anymore.

She tells eunjoo not to talk about the divorce and reason.

Eunjoo tells her: TH came to my house and like a guilty criminal, he kneeled down saying it's all his fault.

She tries to make TH's mum feel bad about destroying his life and TH's mum starts crying.

Mum comes to find dads truck friend and he talks about how much dad loves his truck. She wants to sell it but she says she can't cause dad loves it so much. She says she wants to cause she's afraid he did wanna drive it again seeing it (for his health he shouldn't).

Mum goes through his diary and find a book filled with guests for eunjoos wedding guests.

A recap back to dad when he was writing in the book excitedly. As he did, eunjoo calls him to tell him not to over invite and he should only invite 10 friends.

He goes home to mum telling her to invite his guests too because he doesnt want to invite his friends anymore.. He didn't want to embarrass eunjoo.

Back to this moment, mum continues looking at his stuff and found a photo of herself he kept.

She sees his diary talking about his happiness and sadness and anger and all.

The diary wrote. 

Sadness: I didn't get a call from my kid.
Anger: me.

Other days, he wrote about his food and all, but under "anger" everyday, was just about him. He was angry with himself.

He wrote things about how eunjoo only wanted him to invite 10 friends.

Again, everyday, he was angry with himself.

Another day he wrote about how his wife hid the fruits from him.

Recaps to when he saw the fruits under the sink in the cupboard. He told her off saying: is it a waste to even let me eat fruit?

He slams the glass and he goes mad about how he drives all night and this is what happens.

His diary continues with him writing that he wants to die.

Mum cries as she reads it.

THs mum continues talking to EJ.

THs mum says she saw her dad at the hospital and tells her to take it as an apology with her telling her about her dad as she thought she should know.

Ej asks if mum and dad were together. THs mum says there are some things parents might not want to share with their kids (in thoughts they might worry)

Ej asks TH to find out what his sickness is.

She thinks back to when she went to find dad with eunhee. They took some photos then.

Seoyoung catches jiwoo coming out from the bank.

She asks what he was doing. He lies about it.

She slowly sussed him. Asking about his Toronto gf.

He accidentally tells her about it and he asks how did she know the gf was from Toronto?

She then asks why he needed to send money to his gf in Toronto. He looks guilty (so he did that).

He tells her to respect each other and not talk about it or dig into it.

Jiwoo texts CH. He says he is at the airport and going to Toronto. Saying he needs to escape he is going now and he didn't tell his family and asks him to tell his sisters for him.

Damn this family with secrets.....

CH gets worried and tries to call possibly eunhee. She didn't pick.

Seoyoung asks what happened and he shows her the message.

Eunhee calls back.

They meet and she says let's go to the airport. CH said he left already and seoyoung read about JW through SNS.

EH: Was I just nothing but this to my brother? A sister he wanted to escape from? What is going to happen to my family? We were really a family that knew nothing about each other.

He moves to sit next to Eunhee and hold her hand. He tells her that jiwoo is an adult now and he has to do what he wants to do. If he wants to leave he will leave.

Family waits outside dads operation (excluding jiwoo) and doctor finally comes out saying the surgery took longer than needed but it's done now and now it's up to the patient for recovery.

They go in and try to talk to him. He looks at them and then closes his eyes. The monitor starts beeping flat...

The nurse calls code blue.

They all scream and cry in fear that he is going to die as they were forced to leave the room. The doctors come in and tries to keep him alive pumping him.
Ep ends.

Oh no :(((((( why. 
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Eun-Hee empties the marks of the past and makes a new determination.


Jin-Sook thinks Eun-Joo's divorce is because of her, and her heart hurts.


Seo-Yeong looks into Ji-Woo's girlfriend.


Ji-Woo refuses Chan-Hyeok's offer of permanent position.


Jin-Sook runs into Tae-Hyeong's mother while waiting for Sang-Shik's surgery.


Sang-Shik tells Eun-Joo to look for her biological father.

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Of course! @triplem


Ep 15 preview translation below.


Eunhee: Why do you think he didn't tell us?

Eunjoo: Even if he wanted to, he wouldn't have been able to.

Seoyoung: Jiwoo's first love has disappeared (Toronto girl).  *DAMN she took his money, and he thought he was escaping his life to her hence he sent the money damnit*

Eunhee: Even though it's family, the fear of making a mistake has caused me to be careful of what i say. However, for me now, surprisingly, i feel stable/at peace with you.

Mum: Does being family mean that you(we?) have to know everything?

Eunhee: Does that mean that whatever happens to you guys now, because you are afraid that it might hurt us, you won't tell us?

Dad: Sookyisshi, i was thinking this time that i won't be able to ever come back (to her/being alive), that's why i'm scared.

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@Redpinkboxes thanks always for the awesome recap and thanks for all the hard work.


@triplem Thanks for the clips


@Samuel Yohanes OMG you too? I wanted to edit and I couldn't for a few hours, Ok then it def was NOT me then.


-So in the Preview (my rough translations so excuse mistakes)

(EDIT: while I was typing this post @Redpinkboxes was speedy and did this already. So I am not erasing it but good to know how I did with my not so strong translations skills LOL)


-EH--why nothing was said to us?

-EJ--Must have been something unable to say/tell us.

-SY-W first love is missing

-EH- for family to tell us about mistakes made but to me now I am so surprised now I feel more stable/calm.

-Mom--Do family HAVE to tell you everything?

-EH-Don't know what happened to the both of them and then (?) so they cannot say anything.

-Dad--to Mom, if this time I am not able to return and I am scared/afraid



halfway through my work morning


-OMG CH and EH and he held her hand. Cute she got shy and took it away. But later at the restaurant changing the banchan for their faves in front of the other person (OMG too CUTE) Love it. EH thought he came looking for her but CH admitted coming to find JW. Then they discussed about how SY knew about JW GR. EH did not know and was like I guess family really doesn't know even about who our other members are dating. CH is like even I did not know. (Exactly as JW thinks of him as hyung.) Funny how SY found out---guess her interest and sleuthing by paying more attention to JW as he was her object of interest.


-Scary how dad had successful surgery and then when everyone smiled and saw dad open his eyes briefly (where was JW?) and then closed them shut to have code blue. Oh my heart.


Found today's episode clip


-Kwon Yul cameo is cute

-So the people on his table were gossiping about EJ getting a divorced and wondering about if she is living alone. Then said a bunch of other stuff.

I cannot tell really but seems like Kwon Yul's character was trying to talk about something else.

-You can tell EH was not too thrilled by what she was overhearing

-So when EJ entered, I loved she was like your SIS is here waiting for you LOUDLY so those busybody gossipers were a bit ashamed. But Kwon Yul looked so excited and came over to introduce himself saying he heard alot about her . LOL.

-Somehow the conversation goes to drinking ability and how many bottles. Funny how EJ stands up to leave and Kwon Yul is like I don't drink now. EH has this interested expression on her face about him. (LOL)

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what an interesting episode today


is our couple really sail tho. why she seems uncomfortable in preview? is it because of the problem with what happen with the family?


also whats happen with soompi lol it feels broken on PC lmao

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Ep. 15 preview translated:


When Sang-Shik worries that he may lose his memory again after surgery, Jin-Sook comforts him saying that they should only remember the good things.


Ji-Woo was always the family maknae, and Eun-Joo and Eun-Hee can't bring themselves to tell their parents about his sudden thoughts and actions.


Jin-Sook has many thoughts regarding the empty voids that Sang-Shik and Ji-Woo left behind, and she finds Ji-Woo's letter...

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I am glad that Chan Hyeok took the courage to talk ablut his real feelings about Eun hee, he took her by the hand while walking, get a car license. It was about time to confront his insecurities/issues.


Of course, there have to be a brain cancer in the story. I know that the episode ended with a major medical crisis for Sang sik but I hope there will be a medical miracle.

I felt the sadness of Jin Sook when she talked with Eun joo about her divorce and later when she red the medical diary of her husband.


Eun Joo`s colleague has a name. Min Woo met Eun Hee. They are indeed very similar. :w00t:


Ji-Woo left to Canada. It was unexpected. But let it be. I hoped he will do something about his life. Even if meeting that woman won`t bring good results for him, it was the first time he took a decision from his life. But I hope he will return home eventually.


Let`s see the final two episodes next week.



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Guys go check out KJS’s IG account. He posted a “spoiler” video of next week’s episode! 


EH certainly looked happy to be in CH’s arms!


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3 hours ago, larus said:



Of course, there have to be a brain cancer in the story. I know that the episode ended with a major medical crisis for Sang sik but I hope there will be a medical miracle.




Miracle? I think it depends on several factors, it can be 50% healing or only 10%, in my entourage, there was my friend's mother who had a brain tumor, but luckily she was able to heal, yes she has had an operation, many months of rehabilitation, but today she is doing very well she was very lucky and she is very strong
I just hope that will be show fairly realistic in this drama even it's no the genre

but brain tumor and brain cancer are sometimes not the same


only Two episode left, i want to se EH and CH 's wedding

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1 hour ago, marrez1 said:

but brain tumor and brain cancer are sometimes not the same

Yes, they did not tell us if it was malignant cancer. The tumor was in a difficult area and the operation was succesful. He had complication after the surgery. I think he had a cardiac arrest. If he will survive that and it is not cancer and he doesn`t have other complication (an operation has many risks), I will consider a "drama miracle". I don`t put the chances on real life.

Even if it was cancer, the opreration could give him a few more years so the audience will not wittness his end.

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On 7/14/2020 at 11:34 AM, Nodame said:

-So when EJ entered, I loved she was like your SIS is here waiting for you LOUDLY so those busybody gossipers were a bit ashamed. But Kwon Yul looked so excited and came over to introduce himself saying he heard alot about her . LOL.

Hahhahaha that was my favorite scene, too! 


On 7/14/2020 at 11:34 AM, Nodame said:

CH is like even I did not know. (Exactly as JW thinks of him as hyung.) Funny how SY found out---guess her interest and sleuthing by paying more attention to JW as he was her object of interest.

I have a feeling that SY and JW's relationship parallels with CH and EH's relationship. SY is so involved with JW's personal life. I am thinking back to the scene when they were getting ready to set up and JW says she's beautiful (without make up). SY smiles to herself. 



Here are my thoughts on this week's episode:

I thought it was interesting that ep 13 and ep 14 opened up in similar frameworks. 




The camera directly centers the characters, mom and EH, in their physical spaces. (beginning of ep 13) Mom is getting ready to go out on a date with dad. On the other hand, (beginning of ep 14) EH is contemplating about her life and looking at her old journals. Juxtaposing these two scenes makes me realize how similar and not similar these two characters are. Mom has been tied down by family while EH chose to move out to live her own life. She recognized that the fence protecting her family was weak and she felt lonely. 

Although she has her own space, she looks through all of her journals and later self-reflects about it with CH. She had plans and planted seeds, but never saw them through. 

umZLPxi.pngHence, I think it was important for her to buy a ring for herself, marking the importance of self-love. All the plans she made for herself was probably writing about being hard on herself. that she had to do this and that. And I'm glad she plainly told CH that she needs to be comfortable with herself before fully considering being in a relationship with him. She's taking steps to becoming herself and voicing her opinions instead of thinking and empathizing for others. 



As for the relationship between EJ and her ex mother in-law...I loved the juxtaposition of these scenes because visually it shows that both of them are able to see each other's perspectives even if they have disagreements.






The subtle, beautiful camera work shows the interaction of characters. The focus on mom's face shows that she is telling her own story and then, the slight pan focuses on EJ's face. EJ has her opinion. She will learn to lead a good life.



Lastly, when mom decides to turn and talk to EJ face to face, we see an open, understanding mom to daughter intimate conversation. There has been growth between this relationship throughout the drama and it certainly is beautiful.






As for the actress for mom, I can't praise her wonderful acting! Praising her in words can't even fully describe her acting skills. 

F6R6da7.gifThe way she turns around and cries in sorrow and shame is so different from the last scene when she cries in anguish for dad. Each time she cries is expressed differently. She sure is versatile! 


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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2020] My Unfamiliar Family, (아는 건 별로 없지만) 가족입니다

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