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[Drama 2020] My Unfamiliar Family, (아는 건 별로 없지만) 가족입니다

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Han Ye Ri And Kim Ji Suk’s Relationship Approaches A Turning Point In “My Unfamiliar Family”

Jul 13, 2020
by S. P

tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “My Unfamiliar Family” has released new stills from the upcoming episode!

“My Unfamiliar Family” tells the story of the relationships and misunderstandings between strangers who are like family—and families who are like strangers. In the drama, the characters find themselves growing apart from their families as they get older, and their secrets pile up as they have a hard time opening up to those who are closest to them. On the other hand, they also learn that sometimes, life introduces you to strangers who can share and understand your deepest emotions and secrets.

Han Ye Ri stars as the optimistic and overly considerate Kim Eun Hee, while Kim Ji Suk plays her free-spirited college friend Park Chan Hyuk.


Previously, although Kim Eun Hee acknowledged her deepening feelings for her longtime friend Park Chan Hyuk, she drew the line and decided to remain friends with him. Meanwhile, her sister Kim Eun Joo (Chu Ja Hyun) accepted the true identity of her husband Yoon Tae Hyung (Kim Tae Hoon) as well as the secret behind her birth and is getting ready to start anew. Kim Eun Hee’s mother and father Lee Jin Sook (Won Mi Kyung) and Kim Sang Shik (Jung Jin Young) also decided to turn over a new leaf after realizing the mistakes they made in the past.


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1412560wpp/han-ye-ri-and-kim-ji-suks-relationship-approaches-a-turning-point-in-my-unfamiliar-family


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Okay this show is like amazing for red herrings. Can double as a mystery show because everytimeI think I figured something out, it's wrong HAHA   also, I was split in my opinion regarding th

Just rough typing as i go, so there'll be heaps of errors.   EP 12 Spoilers   (I can't type everything on the go cause they speak too fast but i'll do the best i can!)  

Okay, ep 6 got me out of my silent lurks. EUNHEE AND CHAN HYUK IS MY SHIP.    I'm so confused by them tbh. The way they know each other so well, its like your typical best friend to lovers t




I missed the first part but Chan hyuk meets Gunjoo and gets on his car.


Dad talks to mum some sappy stuff, saying he wouldnt wanna forget Jinsook etc.


He then recalls about how he was a terrible husband, about how he threw the lunchbox and broke the glass.


Eunjoo walks around her house realising that TH is not around. She goes into his room to see his empty desk, and she walks away looking upset.


TH went to find his mum.


Mum: Youre the kind of person that knows how to come here aye?


TH talks to mum talking about how she should leave EJ alone saying they'll settle things with a lawyer.


He says he would shut down the hospital but will continue being a doctor.


TH: I would be too pathetic otherwise, if i stop being a doctor.


Goes to the scene of Jiwoo talking to Eunhee, asking why CH doesnt have a licence.


She asked why he is suddenly curious, and he said it seems like SY seems to know something.


He said he seems to know everything about us, but you know nothing about him. And she brushes it off saying she’s an open book, whereas he keeps things to himself more.


JW says something like she lost the chance.


Scene changes to GJ and CH.

GJ talks about how the change in environment from USA to Korea was weird, and he kept making mistakes.


CH empathises, saying him moving to america must have been hard. And he says yeah, learning english was hard and trying to speak korean again was hard too.


EH goes home and thinks about why CH doesnt have a licence. 


She calls him.


He picks up with Gunjoo by his side.


EH: “Where are you CH”


CH: Im out eating…


EH: OH, you must be having a sogaeting (Meeting girls)


and she cuts off.


GJ: You guys must be so close that she just knows when to back off thinking you are meeting again


CH: She just likes to pretend she is fast at realising things. (think shes fast)


GJ: What does EH hate most?


CH: Hating someone. She hates hating someone.



Mum and dad eats together, and mum feeds dad sweetly (CUTE).


Mum: Kim sang shik sshi, you didnt listen to me all your life, you know right? Listen to me now, please go and do your checkups, you are older now.


Dad brushes it off saying it wouldnt be anything big.


They flirt cutely and dad says that no matter what, the kids will always look at them as a set. 


He then picks a fruit for her to eat. 


Mum continue looking worried. 



Jiwoo waits outside home, trying to see who is mum’s date… 


He sees his mum and dad.


Dad: go in safe and dont think about anything.


Mum: Go home safe..


Jiwoo smiles happily from afar, seeing his parents behaving sweetly.


He texts his sisters of course!~

JW in katalk: The guy mum’s meeting, is the recently turned 22 yo dad.


Mum goes to her room at home and thinks about dad collapsing, and turns worried.


In the car meanwhile, dad recalls the pretty moments he just spent with mum.


Dad: What did we do? How is time passing so fast.



JW in katalk: Big sister is right, im so dumb and stupid and slow in this.


He then imitates his parents about how they mushily said goodbye to each other.


Both sisters are busily working and he annoys them in katalk.


JW Katalk: Before they graduate from marriage, they start a new semester.



Kwon yul guests stars!!!


He bumps into Eunjoo randomly and talks to her nervously, calling her Lawyer Kim. He asks to meet for a coffee.. she says shes busy.


He then talks about eunhee asking how she was. My stream buffers here. Wonder what is this, was he into EJ and EH.




Eunhee sees her work bff talking to Gunjoo intimately. 


She comes back and tells EH shes having martini with Gunjoo that night. Asking her to come along. She said she’ll have to work overtime so no.


Later that night, GJ sends her bff off on a taxi and EH waits for that and finds him.


He goes into her car.


EH: She knows about what happened with us. So if you’re curious about it, dont waste too much time on that thoughts. 


GJ says things like he wanted to be careful incase if it affects EH.


EH: She wont talk about it. She is a kind person and she is really careful about things and she wont say anything till either of us leaves the company. 


GJ asks for some clarity with EH and they talk it out, and GJ then talks about how he met with CH the other day.



TH and EJ at the lawyers office.



TH says he has become more sorry to her and that if his mum didnt come to their house that day, he would have apologised sincerely to her, but because his mum came, all he had was anger.


TH looks at her sincerely: Im sorry. Im so sorry that even saying sorry is difficult.


EJ looks sad and almost about to cry.


The lawyer comes in


Lawyer: If you guys are here together (both clients under him) what do i do?


They smile at each other.


CH and EH hangs together at the driving workshop.


She teaches him through a stimulator. 


He fails and she beats him haha.


They chill in the coffee room, and she asks him to try hard again. They have a little bit of banter.


He talks about JW asking about why he doesnt have a licence.


She talks about other things she wanted ask instead of what JW said. 


She said: The day i met Jongmin, he asked for your number. I wanna know what happened to you at him at the end of your friendship with him.


Flashes back to CH coming home to a drunk JM.


He tells JM off for standing up for EH, telling him to say sorry EH. JM gets suspicious of their "friendship", and says that they shouldn't get together even though he has broken up with EH.


JM: if you meet EH after this breakup with me, do you know how suspicious it is?


Back to the current moment ---

EH: i know you beat him. I heard all those rumours, thats why i know the rumours between us too.  (Rumours that they'd be a couple).


He said, since you know everything, why are you asking. 


She asks for him to let him use her as a personal safe for once.




Changes scenes, EH rushes to find EJ outside their family house.


EJ says shes gonna tell her mum about the divorce tonight…


EH says okay good luck im off! And EJ asks EH to be by her side… but EH rushes off. 


Mum prepares food while EJ looks around the house. She sees flowers everywhere.


EH comes home with bags of beers (she wasnt abandoning her sister of course).



EH asks mum to drink while they both drink. EJ jumps straight to the point.


EJ: What did you want to do most after graduating from marriage mum?


Mum drinks her water and says she wanted to go hiking in a certain place, saying there was a movie she watched and she wanted to be like the person in the movie. I guess thats how your dad lives too.


EH looks sad, and says we should all go together to hike in jeju and all.

EJ: Dont make promises you cant keep, 3 girls hiking like that isnt safe.


EH: No we will be fine lets do it.


And mum agrees with her saying we should and asks for abit of beer too.


The three of them drink happily together.



Jiwoo hangs out with dad. 


They ride one of those carts in the cargo container areas.


Later, they sit together as Jiwoo strums his dad’s guitar.


Dad asks why he came all the way here, did mum ask you to come?


Jw: I missed you thats why i came.


Dad then strums the guitar for JW and JW is impressed and dad said he learnt it on his own. 


JW: That day, i acted like a little boy.


Dad: you’re the youngest, so obviously you acted like that. but you’ve grown up.


JW: Quit your job now and drive safely… and come home now… (with the sneaky smile)


He said he is worried for mum being alone, and your health as well. 


Dad says they’ll know what to do on their own and make their own decisions.



EJ at mum: If you made your decision, dont hang it there.. Don’t meet him and stuff…


EH: Im against it, you should meet him and do what you wanna do.


Mum: We will know what to do, leave us be.


EH: We??? (Dad and mum) - We in korean has a more significant meaning. it’s the same word as when they say my in “My beloved daughter”. So it has a belonging feel to it. 


Mum: I like ____ (some singer/actor?? idk)


EH googles him and mum says he is really handsome.


They later sing while being drunk as JW looks over and judges as he washes the dishes.


Mum calls him over. JW tells them to stop drinking and that they are addicted. EJ looks at them happily from the couch. 


Mum imagines dad sitting in the living room looking at them, like they are one big happy family.


Mum in a voiceover: We could have been living happily like that.




Mum and dad in the hospital

Mum: Calm down.


Dad says he isn’t nervous. 


Mum: Let’s confess to each other one thing. Why? You said so much as a 22 yo kid, now that you have your memory back you have nothing to confess?


Dad: Okay you go first.


Mum: I never once thought of the guy that left me.. you were fighting with nothing all your life. When you were young, you didn’t ask me anything..


She recalls how he was a good dad, and thanks him for keeping his promise for being a good dad to all his kids. You only kept that one promise, but that was it. Thank you for that. She holds his hand, saying how time flew by.


Doctor talks to them, saying he needs a further scan to find out stuff. 


Dad: I also want to be courageous and confess. I wasn't fighting against that guy all my life, but i was fighting against the idiot i was.




CH is in his car in the driving circuit, and he recalls all the nagging EH told him when they practiced in the stimulation.


I missed that next part cause my stream buffered but seems like he recalled his childhood trauma and had to stop driving cause he hit something.


He squats outside the driving centre, and eunhee comes to find him.


She asks if he is hurt anywhere, and he said no, and she happily blabbers some stuff saying she needs to remember this day of him driving for the first time.


But he walks and goes into her car. she sees him looking sadly.


She asks him: You asked me to come because you needed a personal safe.


Should we go to the office, and he said no.


They go to her home.


She says: Aside from family, you are the first guy thats here.


He says its nice and quiet. 


EH: It is thats why ive been here living well. And i thought you needed this space now.


CH: I had an older brother, and he left me when i was 10. We were 2 years apart. 


He recalls the accident… my stream buffers, but i believe i heard that it was a mistake with his mum and aunt.


CH: the situation was so unbelievable and it was a day my family could never go back to. My mum, no.. my family.. could never return to that stage. We don’t even fight. When i went to your house eventually and saw JW, i thought about my brother.


She recalls to what JW said that CH gave him something when he was 12.


EH: Thats why you gave that to JW? 


CH: Yeah, and my feelings were complicated that day. 


EH started to cry. 


CH: But since that day, i started getting closer to my family. People thought that i didnt want to drive because i lost my brother in an accident. But to me, it was the day my relationship with my mum changed. When my mum closed herself. 


He cries about his brother, as EH listens to him while crying. She walks over to him and gives him a back hard.


EH in a voice over: Im sorry for consoling you so late, the 10 year old you.


She drops him at his office… but as she drives he chases after her.


OMG my screen paused.




CH: I know everything and i don’t mind. Okay you be my friend then.


Omg i missed a key part, but it seems like he would have confronted her, and she insists about being friends. damnnn.



They meet again somewhere in a park.


And she appears with a ring on her finger. CH looks shocked. WHAT, im so confused.



EJ and TH visits mum at home.


Mum preps fruits on the table. 


TH kneels but EJ tells him to sit. Mum looks suspicious.


TH: We decided to divorce. Sorry.


Mum looks at EJ sadly, and angrily.


EP ends.


OMG I'm so confused... Missed the key convo cause my stream buffered w EH and CH, but whaaaat what is the ring?! Was that a sad or happy expression!?!?


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@Redpinkboxes before CH and EH met in the park, it was a scene of GJ sitting at home looking at what seems like a jewellery box. Maybe a ring box? Then he snaps it shut like he has finally decided on something and stands up. Then scene cuts to CH and EH.


If the ring that EH is wearing was given by GJ, I’m gonna throw something at my laptop. I’m so frustrated with the two of them!

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22 minutes ago, joonminfan said:

@Redpinkboxes before CH and EH met in the park, it was a scene of GJ sitting at home looking at what seems like a jewellery box. Maybe a ring box? Then he snaps it shut like he has finally decided on something and stands up. Then scene cuts to CH and EH.


If the ring that EH is wearing was given by GJ, I’m gonna throw something at my laptop. I’m so frustrated with the two of them!


Oh my NOOO WAY I AM SO ANGRY wtf, why are they doing this!? Thanks for the update.


Also if anyone has the video of the scene where CH talks to EH after he chases her car (when she dropped him off) *Im looking at you @triplem* Link it on to me, i'll transcribe it :)

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I keep telling myself that this show likes to throw us red herrings. I keep telling myself that things are usually not what they seem in this show. I keep telling myself that EH will not be so cruel to CH. I keep telling myself that EH will not accept GJ after rejecting him.


I need to convince myself or I can’t sleep tonight! My poor CH... :brokenheart:

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1 hour ago, Redpinkboxes said:


Thank You for the recap. :P I will watch tomorrow for me when I will have the subtiltes.


16 minutes ago, triplem said:

Mum and dad's relationship is what gives me all the feels , so to speak. I have been rooting for them ever since we saw  the flashbacks to their younger selves. And even with the drama continuously trolling us in the early days especially with dad's supposed affair and mum apparently dating the fruit store owner , I kept my faith. And seeing how they missed out 20 years of happiness , because of the lack of communication and  stupid misunderstandings , my heart broke.....But it is not too late. Seeing them reconnect and reconcile, opening up to each other brought tears to my eyes. Especially reading this ........ please writer nim...don't be so cruel....

I co sign this. I really really hope the writer won`t be so cruel but I think she won`t listen to us. I know that even if she will give Sang Sik a serious ilness, the ending will be bittersweet.


About Chan Hyeok and Eun hee... I am so relaxed. Whatever the writer wanted to give us. A friendship or a romantic relationship. I personally know that they will be together romantically in the end but I agree that it is not easy to cross over from so long firendship to lovers.



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1 hour ago, triplem said:

Thanks so much for the recaps! ...I am waiting for the videos to be released.


Mum and dad's relationship is what gives me all the feels , so to speak. I have been rooting for them ever since we saw  the flashbacks to their younger selves. And even with the drama continuously trolling us in the early days especially with dad's supposed affair and mum apparently dating the fruit store owner , I kept my faith. And seeing how they missed out 20 years of happiness , because of the lack of communication and  stupid misunderstandings , my heart broke.....But it is not too late. Seeing them reconnect and reconcile, opening up to each other brought tears to my eyes. Especially reading this ........ please writer nim...don't be so cruel....

EH - CH love line is giving me a headache...perhaps it is realistic because it is never easy to cross over from friends to lovers...there's a lot at stake. But again , I just wish they'd stop making assumptions and let the other person say what they need to....



Im so annoyed tbh. I mean they've suggested and showed to us they like each other from both ends already, and now its just the fear of crossing the line... for a few eps. And it's frustrating. its like a drag for no reason when we know they'll prolly end up together. I'm honestly not impressed by this dragging in the writing. Especially if they'll end up together. And knowing she might have ended up with Gunjoo again at the end of that episode, is just frustrating.. especially if they'll send her finally back to CH arms in next week's final. 


I hope we are just being misled. And the ring was from CH to EH :)


But i agree, its never easy to cross the line, but they came so close to being honest with each other so many times, but right when we get to that moment, the other side shuns it away. URGH.

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6 minutes ago, Redpinkboxes said:

But i agree, its never easy to cross the line, but they came so close to being honest with each other so many times, but right when we get to that moment, the other side shuns it away. URGH.

It is frustrating. I already had a little rant last week about that but I am relaxed right now. I think the writer gives us a little too many red herrings but I forgave her.


I was  looking about the writer Kim Eun Jung`s filmography. It was my first drama of this writer but I watched two of her movies: Il Mare and Gabi. I will check her next drama. I hope is it in a near future.

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39 minutes ago, lalalaelala said:


I really hope EHs ring isnt from VP. Why is he still in the picture?  Go away.  

lol :D My thoughts exactly!


@Redpinkboxes Thanks for the detailed recap! :kiss_wink:


@larus @triplem I'm finally caught up until ep 12. I was so happy to see the parents starting to mend their relationship, but by the end of ep 12 I wanted to throw something at my laptop when the dad fell to the ground. If these two aren't getting a happy ending after having been miserable for over 25 years due to miscommunication and misunderstanding, I will not be a happy camper!


EH - CH.... <sigh> The story is becoming a bit repetitive. I wish they wouldn't drag out on their story line so much.

I really want to know about the ring now,  but like many have stated, I think it's a red herring. :kiss_wink:

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@Redpinkboxes @triplem  Thanks for the recaps and info. OMG as I am sitting at work (almost lunch ) time. I cannot wait to see the subs later after I get off work and dinner tonight.


Sigh I am glad that EH was able to comfort CH


What is this NONSENSE with GJ and CH and EH and the RING? Gosh we know red herrings galore from this writer but STILL?!


Cannot wait to see the Mom and daughters drinking and having fun scene, I think that is RARE that they do that and loving it.


Phew dad was ok and was able to go on the date, but glad that mom told him to get a check up. Gosh dad had alot of self esteem issues and had big pride/ego. Glad mom said he did keep his promise to be a great dad. But all the assumptions and misunderstandings as he felt on the book quote, seeing the guy talk to JS at the wedding (thinking that is what EJ dad COULD look like) , not sharing and telling them about YS and helping that family out all these years after causing the accident.


Glad TH and EJ talk and sad that mom is devastated that they are divorcing.


GJ seriously why you want to keep talking to CH and EH, you are diligent and you like her. A dog gnawing on a bone but RELUCTANT and unwilling to let go. Hello, EH ship has sailed after your mess with Hara. 


CH and EH had complicated friendship, but it is a worthwhile one they both don't want to lose. Interesting hearing that JM (EH ex) was telling CH to not date EH after they broke up. No wonder CH did not keep in touch with him. Plus EH wondering the rumors of them dating, would that have been true (she admitted for helping fan the flames).  I know they are (I hope they are an END GAME) but dang .


Ok off to get lunch.

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I am not that interested in the ring discusion but anyone think that the ring came from Gun-Joo? Come on! It is such a red herring that I will stop talking now. It is 100% from Chan Hyeok and I don`t even have to watch the episode to know that. :w00t:


I will wait to watch the episode and comment further.

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Disclaimer:  I havent watched ep 13 yet. 


After last week and seeing the preview, I had to double check that this is indeed a 16 ep series. Hope they can wrap up nicely, mostly for mom/dad and CH/EH.  


Lolol I know @larus this show is so good trolling us. And I love it. 

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@larus @lalalaelala LOL so true this show TOTALLY trolls us.

Too many times. So yeah I am leaning on CH being happy to see EH wearing the ring. But I haven't seen the latest episode as I am still at work and ending lunch.


Loved the article posted earlier about family dramas are being up more as topic of the recent slate of Korean Dramas. So true, I have watched a lot of the dramas listed in that article. The family is such a fundamental part but now willingly covering single families,  divorce,  separation,  all while struggling with daily life is lessening the stigma (I hope ) and sting by society. Still not easy but better than in prior generations.

Edited by Nodame
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I am really hoping the writers are pulling our legs and the ring is actually from CH because if not I will lose my sh**. Also, I'm glad EJ finally told her mom about the divorce and about the progress her mom and dad are making. 

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“My Unfamiliar Family” And “The Good Detective” Lead Monday-Tuesday Dramas


by R. Jun | Jul 13, 2020



tvN’s “My Unfamiliar Family” and JTBC’s “The Good Detective” are leading Monday-Tuesday dramas.


According to Nielsen Korea, the July 13 broadcast of “My Unfamiliar Family” recorded 4.8 percent viewership, its highest ratings yet by 0.1 percent.


JTBC’s “The Good Detective” also topped its premiere ratings of 3.9 percent, recording 4.178 percent viewership with its latest episode.


Meanwhile, MBC’s “Dinner Mate” and KBS2’s “To All the Guys Who Loved Me” both saw decreases in viewership.


“Dinner Mate” recorded averages of 2.9 and 3.7 percent viewership, for a 0.3 point decrease from the previous episode, while “To All the Guys Who Loved Me” recorded 2.6 and 3.8 percent, for a 0.6 point dip from the previous episode.


Watch the latest episode of “My Unfamiliar Family”:




Source (1)

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Found it @triplem @Samuel Yohanes! Down below, with the key scene i missed yesterday!




CH: I forgot to mention something important.. About what i said earlier, i made a promise to myself that i will keep just one person by my side always. But you already gave me that confession, that you will be by my side.  


Recaps back to the moment where they sat outside, when they reconciled their friendship for the second time after CH ignored her, saying she didn't want to lose him ever.


EH back then: "I will always be contacting you and living my best life while doing that, my friend".


Back to this moment.


EH says: Friend, why do you need to mention these words that doesnt need to be said?

CH: Arent you too much of a coward? At this age, why would you need a forever FRIEND for?

EH: I told you before, and i told you about my relationships and all. (saying he is like a friend and confidante)

CH: And you don't know about my relationships?

EH: I do, i know.

CH: Yeah, so i'm telling you i don't care about it at all. And the you who i know, i'm sure you don't care about it too.


CH chickens out a little and then says: Okay fine, you be a friend. Either way, we are going to see each other for our lifetime. Once we get sick of it, it'll change then i guess. Drive safely.


He walks off.. and EH looks down in shock. CH walks way in happiness, as if he confessed properly.


Well, i guess ... that was a confession? haha a little of a cowardly one, but i guess he made it clear enough, and was proud of himself. And i'm proud of CH too. 


He had to do it this way, as he is afraid of losing the friendship. So he wanted to make it clear that even if she doesn't want to be anything more than a friend, she can be a friend, and they will continue seeing each other for their lifetime. I mean he did his best in this confession, so.. if EH still goes with GJ, I have no regrets for CH. I am so in love with CH and his character, though sometimes he is too much of a coward, like Li Da Ren in In Time With You, but when the character is so perfect and always there for you even if he can't be a lover to you, that's when you know its true love and you shouldn't lose this person, EH.


My heart <3

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Omo omo omo.  Just watched show.  


That smile on CHs face after his "confession",  im right there smiling with him.  

And that ring def something from their past!  Tmr gon be insane at work and personally but i have this show to look forward to!  (plus finale of my other show) :relaxed:

Edited by lalalaelala
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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2020] My Unfamiliar Family, (아는 건 별로 없지만) 가족입니다

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