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[Drama 2020] Lies of Lies/ Lie After Lie, 거짓말의 거짓말


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The Ridiculously Sadist
Eun Se-mi, ex wife of Kang Ji-min, she who thinks she still has the right to take back Ji-min and be a mother to Woo-joo... Se-mi ridiculously sadist thinking her affair with another guy is not wrong as it happens when she was in so much pain and like no one can understand. And even better is she brings the guy back to her married home in the bed she is sharing with her then husband Ji-min. Wow...yet appearing after leaving the family...alright Ji-min divorced her...so she had to leave...but to come back and say she still loves Ji-min and wants to be a mother to Woo-joo and that Woo-joo needs her as a mother... That is really triple blow to the heart and soul.
She justified her affair as being in pain and no one understand that pain...
How about she leaves the pot cooking on the stove and head out with her "affair-guy"? Is that justifiable / right?
The Wicked Beyond Justification
Kim Ho-ran, ex mother-in-law of Ji Eun-soo aka legal grandmother of Woo-joo. When things do not go her way, she is out to destroy. She use every means to destroy another person without a blink of her eye yet she can make it like she is the "victim"  She uses Mr Yoon Sang-kyu weakness which is his hospitalized son to manipulate Mr Yoon. Yes Mr Yoon is her right-hand man or so called "dirty man" as in doing all the dirty work for her.
If she seriously love her son Jeon Ki-beom, she would love his daughter as it would be her grand-daughter. But her hatred for Eun-soo is so strong so full of violent she would do anything to destroy whatever is related to Eun-soo. Strange be it that she asked Mr Yoon to kill her grand-daughter. Cannot comprehend her mind but seeing how crazy Ki-beom is... guess can close on an eye on that.
Even better is she hides the fact Kim-woong who became her right-hand man after Mr Yoon left...is her blood son.  She is a destroyer and guessing could result from the many years of abused from her abusive husband.  

Shall end with this two for now...
need to eye wash first :P

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