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[Drama 2020] Search, 써치


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5 Reasons Why “Search” Is The Monster Drama You Didn’t Know You Needed


Nov 19, 2020
by shalini

Korean action thriller drama “Search” is the perfect way to wrap up 2020’s year of dramas with monsters, mayhem, and some good old-fashioned fighting against evil. Sergeant Yong Dong Jin (Jang Dong Yoon) lives a simple life as a sergeant in the South Korean armed forces. He has a tight group of friends, his military dog, Leo, and is one month away from being discharged. All seems well until he’s ordered on an expedition into the DMZ in the middle of the night to investigate some soldiers that have gone missing. Who’s heading the expedition? None other than his ex-girlfriend, Lieutenant Son Ye Rim (Krystal Jung). The two must put aside their past friction to track down their missing colleagues. Yet, something watches them from the dark of the DMZ, and it isn’t human.

“Search” is a must-watch with its blend of heart, action, and bone-chilling moments. It’ll have you on the edge of your seat one moment and tearing up the next. OCN is known for its darker fare and this drama is no exception. At just 10 episodes, it’s a quick, thrilling watch and is easy to fit into a cold Saturday afternoon. If this isn’t enough to entice you to watch the drama, check out these other reasons why you should add this show to your binge-watch list below!

A warm male lead



Yong Dong Jin shatters the stereotypes of military men being stern and taciturn. Like Yoo Shi Jin in “Descendants of the Sun,” Yong Dong Jin is very much in touch with his feelings. He’s caring and supportive with his team, and he isn’t afraid to question authority or show emotion when he loses someone he cares about. It’s especially great in a military drama to have a character who is easy to root for like Dong Jin. You feel his pain and fear as the conspiracy he uncovers grows greater and greater. This connection between character and viewer would not be as deep with a less likeable hero, for example, a stereotypical arrogant male lead.


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1438170wpp/5-reasons-why-search-is-the-monster-drama-you-didnt-know-you-needed

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This drama had a great premise, basic story line, but my god, it was such a nonsensical, badly executed (no pun intended), dumb, illogical drama. The writers obviously took inspiration from d-grade makjang soap operas and did zero research on military or its operations, village life, DMZ area, basic concept of disease control and high risk zones, even combat or soldier life, North or South Korea, or how governments work, or ministers or generals or tour guides or frankly, love lives of adults or even how to write a coherent script! It's fine to go OTT once in a while, but nothing made sense in this drama, no action by any person made sense, and all dramatic situations looked silly and laughable at best. 


I like horror and zombie stuff, and the Tale of Nokdu ML is the only reason why I've sat through atrociously irritating hours to finally finish this badly written drama today. This may have been a good gig for the ML, but I hope he chooses better scripts, better production houses and better channels next time. 


Writers and producers have obviously taken audience / viewers as complete idiots who would believe any kind of plot line or character arc that they came up with, ignoring that viewers are not fools to sit through episodes believing or enjoying all crazy OTT moves by main characters who are supposed to be soldiers (whether corrupt or non-corrupt, wayward or professional, zombie-or rabbies-bitten) or politicians in some government / societal set-up, or generals in command or menial tour guides or village people living near DMZ. This was beyond ridiculous.


Too much screen time was given to non-essential irritating 'filler' characters, and too little time to build up the journey of key characters (which included Capt. Song), all important characters were shown making irrational, unrealistic, dumb moves all the time! The pace was too slow in first six episodes and only picks up in episode 8 (in a 10-episode 'thriller').


I am hugely disappointed at this missed opportunity to make an intelligent zombie / military-crime human drama. 


No self-respecting professional adult can come up with this kind of crap or sit through it. 


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