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[Drama 2020] Search, 써치

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Is the drama going to shift her focus on Kim Dajung and her daughter being kidnapped by the zombies/north koreans.

Does she know more about the 1997 incident. I sure hope she does know some keypoints of the event for YD to figure out who killed his father. I need to know if the show will go that way but that incident needs to be brought to light coz we need justice for Captain Jo and the others who were betrayed by that Lee Hyuk person!


Also maybe we will come to know of Yerim finding out what happened to her parents!


What else are they going to find in the forest of the DMZ . I wanna watch live today!!

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I think it was a nice surprise to have Ye Rim be the missing NK baby. I actually thought it was Dong Jin.  I think the creature might indeed be her father.    I also agree that there’s somethin

Krystal And Jang Dong Yoon’s New Drama “Search” Sees Ratings Rise For 2nd Episode Oct 18, 2020 by E. Cha

The nonlinear story telling of this show confused the heck out of me the first two episode coz I watched first without subs. One time he is lost in the DMZ forrest! Next he is playing with his do

On 11/2/2020 at 4:06 PM, angelbeast90 said:

Maybe the third man is the one who took the baby and gave it to Yerim's gaurdian doctor! But I'm confused on this part too!

I'm sorry to cut your post short. The one that carried the baby and gave it to the doctor was Han Dae Shik. He is the one that carried the cam corder previously and put it down when capt jo ask him to bring the baby over. 

The doctor was came later with the rescue team and he get passed the baby by young daeshik. 

He hand it to the orphanage but decided to report the baby was died coz of malnourished.


For Lee hyuk son's i wonder if he is the real son or just adopted. Coz i remember when he met daeshik, he asked about his son and how old he is, it can't be older than his which is daeshik replied that he have 2 doughters.

Lee hyuk is just married during the 1997 scene which is the time line not match with the son's age that it should be older than yerim at that time.

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@Ima04  Thanks for the clarification.


Now I wonder if the camcorder memory card not break. At first I thought it would be the type of camcorder used with mini tape for film recording!! Well looks like the 1990's were the early stages of digital media!



All I used in year 1997 as I remember was video recorder mini tape 8 mm! heheh


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Tension Rises Between Jang Dong Yoon and Lee Hyun Wook As The Past Comes To Light In “Search”



Nov 7, 2020
by C. Hong

Tension is rising between old friends in the next episode of “Search”!

Ahead of the upcoming November 7 episode, OCN released stills of Jang Dong Yoon and Lee Hyun Wook’s characters at odds with each other. Jang Dong Yoon plays Sergeant Yong Dong Jin and Lee Hyun Wook plays Lieutenant Lee Jun Sung.


These two soldiers hold the key to the incident in 1997 that has not yet been revealed. The central character in last episode’s shocking ending was Lieutenant Lee Jun Sung. After the special task force had been dispatched to Cheongong-ri to shoot the target, Lieutenant Lee stayed behind in headquarters by pretending to be injured. He then destroyed Sergeant Yong’s camcorder that contained footage of the “Two-One Sector” military operation in 1997. It seemed as if he was willing to destroy evidence in order to hide the truth and protect his father, Lee Hyuk (Yoo Sung Joo).

This betrayal was made even more shocking by the loyalty that he and Sergeant Yong have shown each other. Until this moment, Lieutenant Lee was a warm leader who comforted and took care of Sergeant Yong when he lost two comrades-in-arms. For Sergeant Yong, who can be reckless and direct, Lieutenant Lee is one of the few soldiers he implicitly trusts.






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Let's me try to follow and summarise the whole team Search for  "non-human creature" :


1. The Host (NK soldier who was holding the box with the ionizing hazard label at the beginning EP) was infected directly from the radioactive substance ;


2. Then a wild dog with rabies bite the Host and got infected (created a "mutated virus" came from the combination of rabies and the radioactive substance) - bear in mind that the wild dog didn't have a bite mark as mentioned on the EP ;


3. The soldier who was holding the map in the forest, was shot by NK soldiers and got bitten by that infected wild dog and became "The Target" with red eyes, and he attacked First Class Kwon and Corporal Oh ;


4. Now, the "first target" with red eyes has gone but the "Host" with green eyes in the hoodie (probably the male lead's father?? We don't know yet) still remained and may be the strongest one in terms of his speed and swift action.

A dire calamity may cause much suffering/death in the next EP. We hope there will be less casualties on the upcoming EP.


I would think that the "Host" did not go around biting and infecting others, he probably knew that his physical appearance that caused by the radioactive substance would pose a threat to anyone and thus he had been hiding in the abandoned old building all these years. If the "Host" went round the forest hurting and infecting others, these "mutant non-human creatures" would surely increase or multiply and became noticeable long time ago after 1997 accident.


I enjoyed watching most of the OCN drama , this drama with the "mutation" elements storyline is really worth watching for the weekends. B)

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Is that Dongjin's mother photo on the news article Dajung was reading. The photo was a bit blurred but I believe it's Mrs.Heera's photo on that article regarding the protest the against north korean defector.






Guess the team will have to deal with the green eyed monster now!


All this time 'it' was keeping an eye on Dongjin and Yerim when they were on their missions!


I wonder what the real deal is with Song MinKyu

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OMG his dad! (He is Yeon Woo-Jin who was in Priest, Marriage Not Dating and slew of other lead roles!!!)





PS: I watched live today but I'm not going to spoil too much. I still need to watch with subs.



Why do I have this feeling that Lee Hyuk is going to send a team to kill of Dongjin and his mother too!!!

Why is Lee Hyuk not even arrested yet after that news!!



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So, Lee Jun Sang indeed not Le Hyuk's son. 

And the mutant was indeed capt Jo. I always wonder why they said he flet to NK. It means they never found his body. And capt jo got his infection from yerim's father plus the substance thus making him have a green eyes. 


But i wonder why some mutant become wild and capt jo still in his right state of mind. I presume since he got it from human not like the other that presumably getting bite by wild dog.

It is getting interested since Dong Jin was capt. Jo's son and he remember the fist bump with his father. Probably his mother change their family names to avoid the crowd

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Today EP8 is the best EP so far as most of our speculations were pretty much answered in this episode. 


The root cause was the radioactive substances that the male lead's father was practically gotten from the spillage of the radioactive substance and from being contacted with the blood fluids of the "Host" (NK soldier with red eyes). 


Female lead's father was the Host (NK soldier) and he was dead in 1997.

Male lead's father was the 2nd target - mutant with green eyes which is everyone searching for him now. 


Lee Hyuk, the congressman,is more monstrous that any mutant.  The last EP shown that he wanted to turn around the table to modify the video tape was really a pissed off.


There is one possible plot hole that how can the mutant father with green eyes hiding in the old abandoned building could recognise his own son (male lead) after so many years (since 1997 event till now) without the connection to the outside world using proper radio or improved technology devices? What left with him was only the family photo- his wife with a young boy. The only possible explanation was that his wife has been connected with him all these while....but how? Lets wait for the remaining two EP for next week. :D  


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Ep. 8 is such a great ep. it has many revelations. I really thought the host was Yerim's dad. And when I saw captain Jo I was O___O 

The encounter of captain Jo with Dongjin, his son, was emotional. But I really think they still don't know abt each other's identity. 

Abt congressman Lee, I agree with many on Twitter, he's the real monster... He wanted to kill baby Yerim >____< is he even human??? grgrgrgrgr... 



Abt the next episodes I have the feeling that there will be many deads T____T and one of them will be captain mutant Jo maybe saving Dongjin or Yerim... 

Dongjin will suffer so much ( and I will suffer with him huhuhu) and also Yerim when she will discover abt her parents' deads... And abt the doctor that is/was her protector, I think he will play a big role in exposing congressman Lee (probably the general, that was murdered, contacted him before taking the desicion to reveal the true) 

And talking abt the general, that man who kill him by Lee's order... The camera focus in his tattoo hmm weird but I think it has a purpose. 


Well, well I hope all the other questions that we have will be answered in the last two eps. I want to know abt the NK radioactive substance. Why Dongjin and Yerim broke up ( totally curious abt :Please:


P.S. I hope congressman Lee will be arrest and pass the rest of his life in prison in shame and disgrace. 



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It was an exciting episode.

I like how DJs feelings are portrayed from the moment he saw that fist bump

in that basement. He was surprised at first and then he began to hope that 

the man was his father.

The scene when DJ recognized that photo on the screen, was the highlight of this episode.


  that was touching...



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Jang Dong Yoon, Krystal, And More Bid Farewell To “Search” With Closing Comments



The cast of OCN’s “Search” shared their closing remarks ahead of the conclusion of the drama!


“Search” is a thriller drama about a special search party sent to investigate a mysterious death in the demilitarized zone (DMZ). Jang Dong Yoon stars as Yong Dong Jin, a conscripted sergeant and military dog handler who has just one month left in his service before he is recruited for the search party. f(x)’s Krystal co-stars as Son Ye Rim, an elite lieutenant who received her training in the United States.


Jang Dong Yoon hinted at the key point of the final episode as he said, “It’s a shame the drama ended so quickly. Look out for how all the conflict will be resolved as the hidden secrets are revealed.”


Krystal commented, “I had such a good time together with the wonderful director, actors, and staff. I think the hot summer I spent together with ‘Search’ will remain in my memory for a long time.” She ended with a thanks to the viewers, saying, “Thank you to the viewers who tuned in to the drama. Make sure to look out for how Son Ye Rim and Yong Dong Jin will clear up the misunderstandings in their past.”


Moon Jung Hee played Kim Da Jung, a guide at the DMZ memorial center and former team leader of an all-female squadron in charge of anti-terror in the Battalion Task Force. She commented, “I’m so thankful that ‘Search,’ which we filmed while sweating in the hot summer, is wrapping up with such a good reception. I feel really proud.”


Reflecting on the drama, Moon Jung Hee continued, “Although 10 episodes feels very short, and I always feel some regret with every production, this was a production where the film-like angles and camerawork that went together with the storyline felt fresh.” She concluded, “I want to say thank you once more to all of my colleagues, staff, the producers, the director, and everyone who eagerly tuned in to the drama.”


Yoon Park, who took on the role of Captain Song Min Gyu, said, “So many actors and staff worked hard on the drama while sweating in the middle of the hot summer. While it’s a shame that the results of that hard work have finally come to an end, I’m also happy that the viewers gave us such generous love and support. I am extremely grateful for your interest in ‘Search’ and Captain Song Min Gyu.”


Next, Lee Hyun Wook, who played Lieutenant Lee Jun Sung, shared, “‘Search’ gave me the opportunity to try something new and challenge myself. Thank you so much for tuning in to the military thriller ‘Search.’ I’ll greet everyone again through another good production in the future.”


Lee Ha Yul played the role of Sergeant Park Gi Hyung. He revealed, “Throughout filming, we had to deal with heatwaves and a lot of rain, so it’s a production where everyone worked really hard. Although there were times when we were tired, everyone was able to come together and wrap up filming well.” He continued, “I’m so thankful to everyone who tuned into the drama and gave us support, and I hope everyone’s futures are full of happiness. We stand united!”


Finally, Choi Yoon Je, who played Sergeant Joo Moon Chul, said, “It feels like just yesterday that I began practicing the script for ‘Search,’ so I can’t believe it’s already time for the final episode. I have a lot of regrets and I could have done better, but the role of Joo Moon Chul gave me the opportunity to learn and grow.” He concluded, “I’m thankful that I was able to work with good people, meet a good character, and have a good experience. With a grateful heart, I’ll return to everyone again and make an even better impression.”


The final episode of “Search” airs on November 15 at 10:30 p.m. KST.



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  • larus changed the title to [Drama 2020] Search, 써치

After finishing the show, I think it was a good show though somethings would have been a bit better.

But Overall I liked the show. But the biggest thing that kept me watching was Jang Dongyoon. I watched Solomon's Perjury and did not follow any other drama of him after that.


I wish story-wise it was bit more complex and the monster sent out search parties to ferret out Lee Hyuk rather than sit for long hours of periods!:huh:

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“Search” Ends On Highest Ratings Of Its Entire Run + “Homemade Love Story” Hits New High


Nov 16, 2020
by E. Cha

OCN’s “Search” ended on a high note last night!

On November 15, the series finale of the mystery thriller achieved the highest viewership ratings of its entire run. According to Nielsen Korea, the final episode of “Search” scored an average nationwide rating of 3.9 percent and a peak of 4.7 percent for the night, marking an all-time high for the drama.

The finale of “Search” also took first place in its time slot across all cable channels among the key demographic of viewers ages 25 to 49, with whom it scored an average rating of 2.9 percent and a peak of 3.5 percent nationwide.





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