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[Drama 2020] The Flower of Evil, 악의 꽃

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If only the TIME didn't stopped... The kissing session will consume for 30 minutes.       The slow-burn sweet kisses  were so HOT and sexy.           

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49 minutes ago, jeonghyang said:

came across on a tumblr and read this. 36.gif I can imagine FLOWER of EVIL eats her/his life.

This applies to FLOWER of Evil:sipsboba:


On 8/24/2020 at 11:02 PM, Madu Mita said:

People who pre- recorded their dramas and completed filming be like

But most of preproduced dramas flop though...I dunno why. With live filming dramas, they can rewrite the script, cut out scenes depending on audience response etc..but with rona around.Its true preproduced dramas have more advantages now

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She was about to spill the secret. But BHS/DHS found a way to distracted them. Smart move.















He finally noticed her finger without the wedding ring.





















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1 minute ago, chickenchopflipflop83 said:

ok i keep thinking dhs is a cinnamon roll but he is scary af...

He is really both. So broken, so scary! But somewhere inside so sweet but unable to show.


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Hello Everyone!


@jeonghyang MVP with scenes of ep 9 (Thank you!)


Finally saw ep 8 last night. I read a few pages of past comments. WOW!

I don't have anything to add to the mix but great stuff.


@lightbringer06 @chrissydiva @violina @Samuel Yohanes @chickenchopflipflop83 @Jillia etc and others.




Ep 8 was a doozy and lots of stuff.


-MJ saying he is the NORMAL person and then drooling over Hae Soo. 
(Yes, I am in agreement he SHOULD apologize to Haesoo. I am agreement with Hyun Soo upset that he said those CRUEL words breaking up with her and acting like nothing happened cause they were kids. WORDS are scarring and hurt. Plus when he said he wanted to only work and then separate, the gall to LOOK sad when HS said yes. I cannot ship them until he apologizes. Though I do agree the actor as KMJ is very talented.)


HS so happy to see her brother changed and different and having a happy married life with a beautiful daughter. She knows he ISN'T aware of feelings he IS feeling (or how to name them).  So he is TRUTHFUL in his way saying he is not in love with JW.  He was extreme to say not even for a moment. (He does love her or at least CARES for her. The time he stood look out for the store at electrical outage. All his LOVE language actions. Though they are IDEAL husband action goals--he DID them for their marriage.) I liked he said he shows her not answering "love" by actions.  Cause words get him in to trouble ---poor JW hearing his confession of him THINKING he doesn't love JW. He does. Still it doesn't hurt less hearing it for JW. As others pointed out, just he doesn't realize it--110% agree with them.  While dating JW always pushed to him when he tried to constantly push her away saying she SHOULDN'T be with someone like him.  


Hyun Soo fake mom is complicated. Initially thought she was mean but turns out that her marriage is complicated and she is actually more multilayered. Her hubby is status quo and definitely more evil vibes from him. (Why was the real BHS in the hospital bed---Hyun Soo asked never got answer. I agree why?!) Fake mom is human and when she torn into BHS dad about ---where were you when BHS was growing up? What is wrong with cooking meal for EH ?  I have pity for her. She is a decent person but she must had some break down so that is why she tries to emotionally detach to NOT build bonds with JW and EH. (Seeing her look kindly at EH saying her cheon was delicious (more than mom) then cheekily add not as good as dad's cheon. She is in her personal hell and to pull the plug on her son. Woah. But it was eerie to see him awake and conscious not DEAD. (Will he speak? Will his mind be fuzzy?)


EH comforting mom JW when she NEEDED it most wanting to show the family drawing of them all.

SHe is adorbs and the little girl love her. Loved seeing her bright smile light up the scene! she is the needed ray of sunshine.


DHS and her reunion with her brother was bittersweet. Both did not want to meet and wow Hyun Soo loves his sis to take the blame and want her to live well. He knew enough he was not considered normal. He willingly took the blame for something he did not commit. That alone he may lack in so called "emotions" but he knows right from wrong in this sense. He had multi layer of grays and has done questionable things. But his CORE base line is to NOT kill someone (easily) as we saw the Kim Moojin (thought torturing him in the basement was crazy) and even after being tortured by the cab driver he let him off and did not kill him (helps preserve his position as fake BHS). Also at reunion, he hugs her but asks-how have you been? HaeSoo knew not to expect much emotion from Hyun Soo (but she knows the love is there). Glad she PUSHED him at KMJ place to say--what you REALLY want? He wanted to keep his life as BHS. Instead of saying everything but that. Despite all those years apart, HaeSoo Nuna still is aware of her dongseng.


Seeing the back story how DHS took on BHS identity and when his fingerprint did not match 3x and then just kind of complained his way to get his NEW ID. Wow def calls for thick skin to do it. Then to cut ties with his old relations not hard as HyunSoo is a loner to begin with and if he did it online to do it---then no one is the wiser.


JW colleagues know her so well. From flipping hot cold on taking the case---first no we shouldn't and let other handle it. Then later yes got to find the answer and get to the bottom of it (then playing her ring in the drawer). Her burning the evidence to protect Hyun Soo to live as fake BHS was crazy. I never thought she would do that! 


Also, how will JW be interacting with the new trio DHS, KMJ and fake BHS/DHyunSoo?


I wanted to just write these before ep 9 is out. Looking forward to everyone's thoughts. Awww to read ep 12 will be delayed (good to know in advance) it rots but COVID19 safety is real.



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2 minutes ago, mizv said:

Only watched ep 1 so far.....it was hard seeing my man be evil..nevertheless I will binge watch this weekend and hopefully will be able to sit still and watch. :relaxed:

Welcome to the thread! :D I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the drama with us here!


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long preview guys


omg we saw BHS father want to bribe DHS with money??


and then we saw Ji won Hug DHS ( i wish this is real hug not fake hug because i couldnt stand today angst :( ) 


and then the voice come back again? 


any translation is really appreciated guys hehe


one thing that i scared is that if BHS father try to get rid DHS forcefully.. i am scared that he will harm Ji won and eun ha too. idk why but i think soon his identity will got exposed for public either by himself or BHS father did blow it to media. 




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i can only understand about 40% of what they're saying, but it seems the dialogue and character work in this episode is really really good. Its not your typical melodrama where your characters act noble as RickRoll'D, but they have real weaknesses that normal people can relate to. The scene towards the end involving cha ji won left me in tears, it was unexpected but so relatable...i want to give her and dhs a big hug. 
anyway, by matching the clothing, we are getting most of the scenes in the MV in tomorrow and next weeks episode:


the scene where he runs in the park to meet her
the scene where his face is bloodied up and he looks confused 


we still have 1 more episode left this week, but i am already dreading next week where we only get 1, and i am sure the cliffhanger will be unbearable....

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2 minutes ago, chickenchopflipflop83 said:


we still have 1 more episode left this week, but i am already dreading next week where we only get 1, and i am sure the cliffhanger will be unbearable....

the real cliffhanger will be next week ending of ep 11 i think.


i had good feeling DHS identity will got exposed in the end. and then boom 1 week of despair waiting... 


now that real BHS alive and looks pretty well DHS is in real danger as his identity will be gone soon and he will be a fugitive unless he can prove his innocence before his identity got exposed or he will have to run away from police and find justice for his own name.

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tvN ep 9 clip



(My attempt to translate--excuse for errors or missing stuff/details in advance)


Cute scene of DHS  bringing a very pregnant JW into their place (beautifully decorated).

OMG so romantic. She has him touch her stomach (he feels her Eun Ha move).

Then JW tells him to say something to their baby too. (Aww)


DHS is very awkward when asked to do it. The clearing of his throat first (cute) and then kneeling down to be at level with JW's very pregnant stomach. He preciously places his hands on her stomach. We just moved to our new home. Hope you like the color.


JW said she will like it.

Then he stands up and says -let's eat. We have your favorite Bo SSam . (OMG I would kill for some Bo Ssam now.) She is happy to see oysters (OMG so yummy) . DHS agrees yes Oyster bo ssam. 


JW is like--how did you know I wanted to eat Bo Ssam? Oh you are like a ghost. (Saying I hear alot ---I guess their way of saying-" you read my mind") They say a few words. Then JW is like--isn't there anything you want to receive? (I guess in reference JW is always on the receiving end and feels there is an imbalance?) 


They stare at each other. DHS says--There is  (the clips ends).



BHS/DHS says--EH favorite shrimp. He notices and says something and then says you loved it in the past to JW.

JW--No, I like it. I really like so dear it must have been hard for you. I was thinking of that thought.

DHS-I like it, so what are you saying it was hard for me.

JW looks at them (DHS and EH). He feeds his daughter --you want more shrimp? She nods and he dotes-you are eating well.

JW- I really wanted to see it be shown .It must have been so hard. I am thankful.

DHS : Bashful and oh the thanks.

EH-Asks dad  her shrimp . DHS dotes on her some more.

JW recalls his comment at the pool--(yup she is obsessed---For not one moment did I love her to answer HaeSoo's question). She gets a question. 

At work, someone is trying to analyze the voice recording (I think) and help her and she is wondering what the results are. The guy says something.Then JW looks at DHS and says when you find results/more info just send me an email.

DHS-Was that about Reporter KMJ request?

JW-smiles -ummm (as Yes).

DHS-Per chance, could they figure out that sound in the recording?

JW-Oh no they were not able to figure it out (I think.)

DHS-Oh I see

JW- Says something then mentions "another man's voice"

This causes DHS to have his attention piqued.

JW gets a text. Then plays it to him. Do you know what they are saying?

DHS-has flashback the sharp sound was ice pick scraping ice (not his dad's workshop sounds) at a bar and muffled sounds is his dad talking

(So he did figure it out.)




(sorry this scene is a bit hard for me to translate as a heads up)


Not sure who the guy yelling at JW is but he is saying---Have you LOST your mind?


Her colleague Choi Jae Sub  is trying to calm him down. Lee Woo Cheol says something about taking responsibility(?) The other guy screams something about what if the person dies and glares at JW. (I really don't know the context of this guy yelling).


Maknae Im Ho Joon calls boss Lee Woo Cheol from hospital saying the surgery is almost over. Says something else too.


JW standing outside the police station recalls a memory--she yells--Dear/Honey running out in the rain to DHS/BHS standing with an umbrella waiting outside for her. Then another scene smiling with eyes closed in embrace with pregnant JW and he is comforting her tapping on her shoulder soothingly. Then she decides to open her kakaotalk. She reads her hubby's texts to her--Are you feeling ok? You left without eating breakfast this morning. Is there anything you want/need? Should we start working out/exercising? are you remembering to eat /not skip meals? JW/JW I feel stifled there is something I have to tell you. He says something about hoping time passes fast and then something about their memories . I hope that I can feel like you.  Back to scene of oysters/bo ssam--JW says--why is it always me receiving? Isn't there anything gift you want to receive dear/honey? There is , he answers. Do not change. I hope that you will continue to be like this and accept. Just it is enough that you only trust in me. JW answers-that is too easy. DHS says-for the rest of my life will only LIVE for you. JW crying saying I miss you as she remembers that last memory.

Edited by Nodame
add text to third clip
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He finally met his father's accomplice. The BARTENDER.










He even asked if he recognized the voice from that recording but still in denial.









He remembered the PEN as present from his father.











He clearly remembered since he was the one who specifically picked the pen.



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39 minutes ago, Jillia said:

and @chickenchopflipflop83

Oh dear, so we're in for a sad ride in episode 9?


yeah.. it seemed ji won really let him have it this episode, i feel so bad for him and then for her later on. Lee Joon Gi was again so good this episode, you could tell that he was 


really hurt by Ji won's words and her actions (not wearing the ring, not replying to any of his messages. the scene at the end when ji won recaps all the unanswered messages was just heartbreaking. and his last message on her phone was somewhat out of character, but shows that he really loves her and is no way a psychopath). Also the way he reacted to her outburst was heartbreaking as well..how impatient he was to try to do something to make her happy. There is no way this man doesn't love ji won. Well at least he had his sister and moo jin to confide it. Then again, i might have misunderstood the dialogue, hahah.

Also, judging by the last scene, it seems like jiwon has finally decided to trust HS. I guess through that situation, she realized that there is reason why he is lying, and if she wanted the truth, she should believe him and protect him by not asking for it directly. In the phone call, even though he sounded angry and nonchalant, she remembered that he had asked for her trust years ago, and realized that he is lying because he was probably in a dangerous situation. In this instant she didn't ask him directly for the truth, but they went about helping and protecting each other in an indirect way. the writing is soo good, the amount of parallel story telling is as astonishing as it is artful. 


However, i wanna cry again as uri hyunsoo will be in danger tomorrow! fighting hyunsoo ya!


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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2020] The Flower of Evil, 악의 꽃

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