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[Drama 2020] The Flower of Evil, 악의 꽃

FOE Poll 7: The ending  

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  1. 1. Did you like the ending of Flower of Evil?

    • Yes, the finale was a masterpiece and it gave the story closure
    • I liked parts of it, but wish we would have gotten more happy scenes in the end
    • No, I hated the amnesia

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I think the real baek hee sung is rebel towarda his parent. Remember do hyun su said to ji won he did not finish high school? I guess he said when he is in persona as baek hee sung. This is just my wild theory.. maybe the real baek he sung is gay? And he is coming out with his parents. Since the mother has anger issue, she hurt her own son. Or perhaps real baek hee sung want to marry and cut of family relarion ship. Hmm too many question..

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20 minutes ago, violina said:

To an extent, I understand why he hasn't come out yet.One, if his sister really committed murder or she is an accomplice to his father.The he is being a protective brother by keeping quiet. Two, keep in mind our guy's mental health isnt exactly in good condition. We are still not clear what his mental disorder is.Is he a sociopath, a psychopath, is it severe depression, PTSD, Anti Social Disorder, Schizophrenia. This means he does not process emotions the way an average person would. The way he relates to people including his loved ones is also not ordinary. 

I am thinking along the same line too. 
He is so comfortable in the bubble he created , he wants to hold on to it as long as he can ...and I think he “fears” if the truth comes out, JW will  leave .(The way he panicked at JW ‘s hospital outburst scene )

A big Thank you to @jeonghyang :bashful:

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OMG as waiting to read the updates for the next episode 8 as i am at work.


@noor1 Def appreciated reading your thoughts and views. I love the forum being able to show a variety of views. I think shedding light on how JW is handling the lying and betrayal (now she knows his true identity). It must be hard.  Yes, to have intimate relations with someone you love, glad is alive but also knowing that person in a NOT so positive new light. I wonder she did not say no to not cause suspicion. They say people when they are feeling they are dying or in life threatening situations  go to have sex as a way to re-affirm being alive.


The theories I hear in other dramas--if you are going to lie, you do it til the bitter end. So if the ML is not showing her his real face, I am not upset more even though he has problems reading expressions or expressing himself (he has become a good actor over time though) there is no POINT to rock the boat. So why I think HS said to JW --it is like nothing changed. But there IS changes. He almost died a brutal death. He saw his wife freaking out and hug him as her life depended on it. (He had to ask the cab driver how it felt if a spouse died). So to that extent, so he prob did that scene to re-affirm he is alive and there and present with JW.


Yes it is true, ML did want to kill 2 people initially but kudos that he withstood the URGES to succumb and ended up not killing MJ the reporter and the cab driver.  So he is not perfect, he definitely did not ULTIMATELY want to kill either. Yes, he is a troubled man with a troubling family situation and past. But circumstances, his inability to read people, having a chilling vibe, mother issues (not wanting people to touch his tape recorders) and sole person who can understand and console him --Hae su Nuna. The flashback where HS nuna told the ML to just agree to dad requests. Gosh it hurt my heart to see the cage. I think the guesses it was used on him could be pretty correct. Poor trauma on him from his dad.


@violina Thanks for sharing this:


Before the revelation she said: Il always show you how much I like you. Il stay by your side. Il teach you everything you dont know. Everything will change like a lie.


Now that she knows his identity: All I want from you is just one thing. A reason to forgive you. These are words that can only come from a spouse who has been betrayed but still cares. 



@violina Yes,I was noticing too about the close up on the wedding rings . Something about the basic sanctity of wedding vows or relationship is trust (?). Right now, there is NO TRUST for JW now the world crumbled around her. She is grasping for straws and trying to figure out her hubby. She knows there is lot of evidence that is not good. But also she knows that he is  not 100% evil either. The layers of gray and their life together is making her thinking was it ALL a lie?!


@Mona Ys  Yes hard to not notice that ML has chest pain. Wonder if pre-existing health issue (though no sign of it before), repurcussions of his near death experience being tortured at the pool, or the amount of stress he is feeling (needing to hid himself from JW and continuing to play this cat/mouse charade with JW that all is well.  Def curious.



@glory Thanks. I agree if JW wante to reveal the ML as the suspect they are looking for she would have done it already and not let him squirm and do her OWN investigation and right in front of him. Now seeing more of the ML fake mom, she seems like a victim and not that evil.


The first time heard after they met with the family for son's bday, the DR father warned the fake mom that she is too sensitive and real and to hold it together. She is deliberately not acting close as she knows being emotionally invested will make her lose focus in this game of charade. So instead of being close to the granddaughter Eun Ha, she pushes her away and JW too. 


Yes agreed the nail clipping by the fake DR Dad for the the ML seemed inane scene but creepy vibes galore for me too. 


@jeonghyang  Oooh the goodies for ep 8 are beginning. Thanks!!!!




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So its do hynso/ do hae soo/ kim moojin against detective Cha ji Won and collegues ...... Damn.


I wish Hyunso would just tell the truth to get her on her side.


Then, the case would easily get solved and suspicions would easily get cleared, since through her, law is on his side too.


But i guess he has to hide and keep lying for the sake of melodrma 

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Posted by tvN just now 




Sorry about the double post, (not intentional)  I tried to find this one and couldn't so made a newer but with the other tvN clips for ep 8.


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1 hour ago, Madu Mita said:

Next week the angst going to be like


Kindly reminder to not pick sides and see both of their perspectives

My fangirl mind says Baek Hee Sung but my rational mind says Cha Jiwon :lol:

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1 minute ago, -Love Blossom- said:

My fangirl mind says Baek Hee Sung but my rational mind says Cha Jiwon :lol:


I don't get why he's not trusting her... have to wait for subs.


Maybe she could reveal to him that he susbconsiously revealed himself to be Do Hyunso but my rational mind knows he will probably deny it...

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