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[Drama 2020] The Flower of Evil, 악의 꽃

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Sorry I have a question about ep 16.


When ji won visited hae soo in jail, hae soo said that after meeting ji won, she started having a belief that whatever suffering she had to go through, was to prepare herself to receive more (happiness) in the future. 


The next line of the dialogue is something I am curious about. From my understanding of Korean, I thought what she said was, "that's why for cha jiwon, I hope u suffer just a little more" 


But all the translations translated her dialogue as "even so, for chai ji won, I wish u would suffer a little less". 


Does anyone know if the translation "I hope u suffer less" is correct? 

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If only the TIME didn't stopped... The kissing session will consume for 30 minutes.       The slow-burn sweet kisses  were so HOT and sexy.           

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What a ride !


Me during ep 16


The egg tart scene started it all.... :cry:


Honestly I felt a bit conflicted about the episode. I hated that the amnesia trope was used in this drama, even though I can see what the writer tried to achieve. I wish she had gone another route, but I am glad that we got sort of a happy ending. Do Hyun Su had a chance to start over and get to know himself without all the lies from his past. Poor Cha Ji Won and Eun Ha had to go through so much, though.


Still I wish that we had gotten an epilogue and more happy scenes in the end.


I trust though that Cha Ji Won and Do Hyun Su got their second wedding, and that the story came full circle.


A big thank you to all of you who voted in the FOE polls and to everyone who commented. I'll see you around!



And remember: if you have event and/or poll ideas, do not hesitate to reach out to me @partyon and @Lmangla - your resident Event Organizers :kiss_wink:


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More finale tidbits

Hae Soo noona with her memorable quotes



The strongest siblings in the world. Now they dont have to wander through life alone.They have Moo Jin, Cha Ji Won and Eun Ha on their side



More Hyun Soo notes on Cha Jiwon. And he made himself believe he never felt love for her-_-. Boy was whipped from day one. Its good he kept notes now that he has to build new memories with her.

Photo credits: @fangirlshenanigans (twitter)

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My last thoughts


Misdiagnosis can be fatal sometimes. Its is the responsibility of every physician to treat patients as to what they are suffering from. It can be mental, physical or emotional. These kind of mistakes can be avoided but when they happen, they prolong the patient's suffering and the suffering extends to loved ones as well as to the society.


Hyun Soo was misunderstood, misjudged, prejudiced against, stigmatized  and forced into a frame that doesnt fit his real self since childhood. His brokenness can not be fixed by simply saying "I am sorry" "I love you" or kisses. Therapy can only help to a certain extent.A month or year or even decades of therapy is not enough.Its a lifelong journey of learning and unlearning aloy of things.But now that he had gotten a second chance (clean criminal record, blank memory). He can now create new memories and hopefully only regain the good memories he shared with Ji Won & Eun Ha. He can also enjoy their love and love them back freely without second guessing himself.


Last beautiful fanmade videos from youtube



I know award ceremonies involve a lot of politics and there are alot of factors that are taken to recognise and award the artists and film and drama productions. But I sincerely hope this drama wont be shafted aside even just nomination would be wonderful. For me personally as far as the actresses go, in the remaining award ceremonies that have yet to take place this year. I would easily put MCW in the top five. Her contenders being Kim Hee Ae of World of the Married, Seo Ye Ji of IONTBO,  Lee Min Jung of Once Again(because of ratings) and Son Ye Jin of Crash Landing on You(because of ratings. And if they award dramas from last year (Gong Hyo Jin from When the Camellia Blooms). For actors, LJK has tougher competition, there are just so many. If he lost out, the main reason again would be ratings not acting.His acting has been stellar. Although he has won "best actor award" for "Two Weeks" and "Joseon Gunman" at APAN awards and Seoul International Awards even though the ratings were just so-so. So you never know. 


Anyway, its been a thrilling emotional ride and it was great hanging with you all. Bye bye 


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I LOVED the ending. This is one of the dramas that will stay with me for a long time. Not only because I admire LJKs acting. 
I know some are not satisfy with the story but as I watched the final episode, I realized that the whole story was about DHS finding his true self. He’s childhood got robbed  by his father. His teenage years got robbed by the town foreman and his adulthood got robbed by BHS and his parents. In away his whole identity was stolen. Throughout the show he repeats that he “needs Cha Jiwon” .  After his s sister  she’s his anchor.  However  I’m glad that the turning-point was once he saw his daughter at the end. Anything else could be an act but not the love between a parent and a child. 
Moojin looking after DHS as he should have done years ago was also a nice touch. I could write so much positive things about this project. The writer made use of every scene I hand thought to be unnecessary.  From Cha Jiwon liking the rain to zooming in on their wedding bands…. And the egg tarts… all of it had a purpose and was significant to the story. Not many productions have this kind of details that carry on the main character until the end.   

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Phew..that was a roller coaster ride.  This drama had everything; mystery, angst, bromance, heartbreaking moments and of course, romance.  I love how the romance was woven into a gruesome story about a serial killer.  The juxtaposition of Hee Sung/Hyun Soo romancing his wife Ji Won while he had a prisoner in his basement was brilliantly done.


I would have preferred another episode to give closure to the story of Hyun Soo and Ji Won.  The ending was understandble because Hyun Soo suffered physical and emotional abuse throughout his life and it's not easy for him to erase those bad memories overnight.  It would require a lot of psychiatric help and love of Ji Won to make him whole again.  A three-year timelapse in the future when the viewers are treated to Hyun Soo and Ji Won basking in their happily ever after life, and maybe another baby.....that would be bliss.

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On 9/25/2020 at 8:49 AM, Lotuzea1 said:

Feeling sooo empty now I havent been able to move on from FOE. Needing some strength to move on Lol FOE is definitely the best drama in 2020!!!!

Me too.. I got some strenght from Junki oppa IG and rewatch his acttractive side in knowing brothers. I cant even remember his age, he looks so young.:dorashakes:

Well his IG post quite bother me haha why he had a lot of Eunha eomma pictures together? hahaha it seems odd. He really enjoys foe fame? Or he really enjoys his time with MCW? Lol


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EVENT : Re-watch Party with the theme Revenge


Chingus, by popular demand we are bringing you a second season of re-watch parties. This time the theme is revenge! Yes, you heard it!



The dramas chosen for this season are:

  • Money Flower (2017)
  • Secret (Love) (2013)
  • The Innocent Man (2012)  WITH MOON CHAE WON :kiss_wink:

For more information visit the event thread


re: @Lmangla

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@jeonghyang and everyone here... w/the drama finally ending on a happy note i think we're kinda satisfied! the actors esp the leads did a gr8 job! kudos to LJG, MCW & KJH for their convincing roles in it! this drama was full of surprised indeed! :)


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I just finished binge-watching this show over the past 24 hours. I thoroughly enjoyed it even when Hyun Soo and Ji Won were struggling through the deception in their relationship. The emotional confrontations and conflicts were very nicely done and deeply moving. I have watched Moon Chae Won in other ships that I really liked but I find her wonderfully matched as a wife with Lee Joongi’s Hyun Soo. For me they were sincerely believable as a young married couple. Very well done indeed. 


As far as the final episode. I actually think it was a quite appropriate end to a solemn and emotional crime story. I can’t imagine things just being happy without a proper time skip of six months to a year at least. Otherwise, it would be too artificial considering the circumstances. I’m really just happy that Hyun Soo, Ji Won and Eun Ha got a chance to start anew.  I keep thinking how will Hyun Soo’s reputation affect his business in a place like SK where people treat a person like a criminal even when they have been proven innocent. What about the fact that he’s the son of a serial killer and Eun Ha is a grand daughter of a serial killer? 


I’m okay with not knowing the details of the difficulties they will face but I definitely didn’t expect numerous happy scenes after an ordeal like that. The reality is that Hyun Soo will probably get to live his life freely now, without pretense, for the first time in his life since his father was exposed as a serial killer. This is a new chapter for him and his family. I know they will be fine though since they have been through the worse already and intend to face the future together.


This is definitely a favorite of mines now and one I intend to rewatch. I also appreciate that the OTP had a lot of powerful scenes throughout the drama that showed their commitment to each other. Hyun Soo might think he doesn’t have feelings but what I see from him is not an act. One of my favorite scenes was the one on the bridge where he was crying and apologizing to Ji Won in their first conversation after she openly acknowledged she knew he was Do Hyun Soo. More than happy scenes at the end, this couple has shown me throughout their journey that no matter how distressing their situation is, they still love and protect each other. 

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Hi Chingus, I already said my goodbyes but had to reappear to share some tidbits. Brace yourselves, its a LONG read but there are alot more insights that were not translated or only bits of it were translated by soompi, other news sources and fans. Here is the first part:


Lee Joon Gi’s post-Flower of Evil interview (2020/09/29) - Part 1


Thoughts on finishing Flower of Evil




I always get mixed feelings when I finish a project, but now even more so after finishing Flower of Evil. I feel relieved that I finished this race well; fulfilled that I took the weight I initially felt and channeled it into bringing [the drama] to a successful conclusion; and empty after saying goodbye to everyone I worked with on set through thick and thin. On top of that, doing this interview right after I finished it, I start missing everything again, which makes the feelings I have even more complicated. I feel so lonely, but I’m also grateful for so many things right now.


Why did you choose this drama?


When I first read the script for Flower of Evil, I thought, ‘I am not capable enough to handle this project.’ This character is equal parts a loving father, a devoted husband, and a man who’s hiding a sad and brutal past. So before I made my decision, I kept asking myself, ‘Is actor Lee Joon Gi capable enough to handle this role now?’ I wondered if I could convince viewers, and what if the ‘colors’ so unique to actor Lee Joon Gi that people had seen in my previous works came out too strong, upsetting the overall balance of the drama? I worried so much.


Fortunately, I had about two weeks until I had to make the decision. I read the script over and over again, picturing in my head how this was going to turn out. Then it occurred to me, ‘Maybe it’s destiny that sent this drama to me.’ I also wanted to make this drama a turning point in my acting career.


Before we got started, Chaewon and I said things like, ‘If we do a good job on this project, we can probably pioneer this new genre ‘suspense melodrama’ by bringing into it emotions that are unique to us.’ The talk we had further convinced me that I should do this drama.


In the end, for me, choosing Flower of Evil was a bold decision to make. I was so curious about this future yet to be painted and imagined what it’d be like. I was so inspired by the curiosity and imagination I had that I could barely contain myself.


Before the shoot began, I met writer Yoo Jung-hee and we talked a lot. She was so passionate about the drama and explained all the hints, clues, and emotions contained in scene after scene. This helped me a lot in building my character. I saw how immensely dedicated she was to this project, so I wanted to reciprocate by giving a really good performance. I am deeply grateful to the writer for having complete faith in me and giving me the chance to live as my character Do Hyun Soo.


(On the concern that Flower of Evil might remind people of his role in Two Weeks)


Actually, after I made my decision, the thing that concerned the director, the writer, and the production staff most was, ‘What if Flower of Evil reminds people of Two Weeks and feels familiar?’ In the latter, I also depicted a desperate father’s love. There my character gets pushed to the very edge and I had such a tough time while immersed in my role. But everyone told me, ‘No, this [Flower of Evil] is different.’


Despite all that, I don’t even remember how many times I went over the script, over and over again. Of course, there weren’t any scenes that felt too familiar. On the contrary, the unique and originally-written situations in Flower of Evil captured my imagination, and I found them so appealing.


Then I started to define the overall ‘tone and manner’ of the drama based on two words, ‘Truth’ and ‘Love.’ Doing this really put to rest those worries I initially had. Focusing on the original story line of Flower of Evil and the narrative revolving around this character Do Hyun Soo, I could create a unique character of my own.


What did you focus particularly on in your portrayal of Baek Hee Seong and Do Hyun Soo?


In portraying these two sides of the character, I put a great deal of effort into creating the reactions he shows in his interactions with various other characters. Since Do Hyunsoo cannot feel emotions, I thought every small expression and reaction mattered and it would make each scene powerful and convincing. Of course, it wasn’t something I could do alone just by doing research and lots of thinking. That’s why I kept sharing ideas with the director, the writer, and even the director of photography (cinematographer) who kept a close watch on me, as well as every single one of the cast. If poorly done, Do Hyunsoo could have easily been a cliché and a simple, emotionless psychopath. So I paid attention to and focused on small details.


It was so hard, but it was the director who worked the hardest. Hahaha. He really went out of his way to communicate with his actors and kept all the emotions in balance, keeping them perfectly under control. For my part, I focused particularly on rehearsals going over the previous scenes we did and working with my co-stars to find the emotional flows (continuity) and emotional highs and lows that would look convincing. Personally, I am very grateful to Chaewon for helping me come up with more diverse reactions.


Without the hard work put in by all these actors, who together delivered such an amazing ensemble performance, the synergy that enabled those explosive emotions in the latter half would not have been possible.Instead of monitoring how I acted on set, I tried to watch the drama from viewers’ point of view. I put a lot of thought into how I should convey the variations of the emotions Hyunsoo feels so they’d feel even more painful and poignant. I tried to make those emotions look not far-fetched, but convincing. So I put lots of thought into each and every single thing I created. Of course, it was really hard. Hahaha.


I actually had a bit of trouble understanding the bouts of hyperventilation Hyunsoo experiences until I read the scripts for the later episodes. I even jokingly said, ‘Since when did Hyunsoo have this chronic disease?’ It wasn’t clear to me so I had trouble getting the details right. I could only guess ‘Hyunsoo is going through some changes,’ ‘Maybe he’s experiencing physical changes as the emotions he’s feeling in his brain start to unlock.’ I think, in the end, those [physical symptoms] allowed me to effectively express the emotional changes in Hyunsoo. In fact, during the filming, I came up with different versions of those scenes of him hyperventilating. I even thought of seizures, but decided it’d be too much so didn’t end up using them.


How did you prepare to create this multifaceted character Do Hyun Soo?


Baek Hee Seong had to look natural as a metal craft artist. Before the shoot started, I pictured in my head how he should look by watching some metalworking videos on YouTube that might be helpful for my performance. I also met a real-life metal craft artist and learned some details in person, so I could use them to make me look like a real metal craft artist.


In portraying a warm, loving father, I actually improvised a lot. The director left it up to me to try out many different things. So I created a lot of things with Eunha from scratch, for instance, by playing with her. On days when I had scenes with Eunha, I showed up early to work and tried to stay close to her as much as possible. Sometimes, I was exhausted more from having so much fun with Eunha than from working on set. Hahaha.


In portraying a husband, I worked with Chaewon and we exchanged all kinds of ideas in building our characters. Chaewon is so detail-oriented and great at focusing on her emotions. So she helped me fill in a lot of the gaps I left and could have missed. Because of this, as we neared the end of the filming, just thinking about Cha Jiwon alone brought a lump to my throat.


In depicting the life of Do Hyunsoo, I owe my co-stars a lot for the help they gave me. With Seo Hyunwoo, who played Moojin, in particular, we have similar personalities so from the very outset, he helped me a lot in forming my own image of Do Hyunsoo, who lives the life of Baek Heeseong. He’s so great at reacting. I’d been really looking forward to working with him before the shoot began. It turned out, the chemistry between us was even better than I’d expected, so we ended up creating these ‘bromance’ scenes although we didn’t mean to. Hahaha.


Every bit part of the narrative centering on Hyunsoo derives from his relationships with the other characters. That’s why I focused on how to depict those things [relationships] to set my character apart.


How did you approach your role Do Hyun Soo (Baek Hee Seong), and what was your first impression of him?


I actually worried a lot about the scenes where I practice facial expressions in front of the mirror because there are similar scenes in the film ‘Joker.’ So I decided to approach it differently, and it occurred to me, ‘What if I make it look like an AI preparing for the day with a certain purpose in mind?’ It would make the character look a bit creepy as well. But at the same time, I wanted viewers to notice the innocence in this AI that wants to understand human emotions. So a lot of preparation went into those scenes.


My first impression of Do Hyunsoo was that I felt sorry for him. He had an unfortunate upbringing, grew up without getting any love, and suffered mentally from his relationship with his father. Ultimately, what he needed was love. But everyone around him was prejudiced in the way they treated him and those circumstances made Hyunsoo want to escape reality. In the end, Hyunsoo abandoned everything and ran away to protect his sister, the only person who treated him with love. But again, he’s betrayed and hurt by people. To Hyunsoo, living as Baek Heeseong was probably the sweetest offer he’d ever received; the hope that he could live a new life like a human being.


After that, he meets Cha Jiwon and, for the first time in his life, he has his own people he wants to protect. Every step of his journey captured my imagination. As an actor, I was so inspired by the thrills coming from all the emotional details Do Hyunsoo feels and the different relationships he has. On top of that, I had so much fun thinking about the tightrope of this new life Do Hyunsoo is walking and my own interpretations of the different situations that could arise from it. Of course, it was pretty stressful, though. Hahaha.


Was there anything you watched for inspiration in preparing for this two-faced character? What did you do to set Do Hyunsoo apart from other emotionless characters?


I did watch films like Joker and No Country for Old Men for inspiration in order to portray this emotionless character. But in the end, the situations Do Hyunsoo is in are very different from those the others are in. Hyunsoo may be lacking empathy, but he’s innocent at heart. Early into the drama, I kind of based Heeseong’s expressionless face when he talks to others on some of the expressions I watched in No Country for Old Men. However, those are vastly different situations and emotions, so I just focused on the emotions I actually felt on set.


From the very beginning, Do Hyunsoo had to look mysterious, hiding those inner thorns in him. So I talked a lot with the director and discussed with Seo Hyunwoo the kinds of reactions that would make Hyunsoo look colder. But seeing viewers feel sympathy for Hyunsoo way earlier than I’d expected, I wondered if I should have made the character look even harsher. Hahaha. Sure, Hyunsoo lacks emotional empathy, but he’s innocent at heart, which sets him apart from the other emotionless characters.


Another thing that sets Do Hyunsoo apart from other emotionless characters is the fact that he has Jiwon and Eunha. This is how I approached it: He’s been living a lackluster life. Then he meets Jiwon, she gives him endless love, Eunha is born, and he starts learning new emotions without even realizing it.


Hyunsoo’s brain has already started to change so it can feel those things. Yet he needed this strong stimulus – a fear that he might lose someone so precious to him – to recognize the change in himself. That Hyunsoo is such a multifaceted character truly sets him apart. So I factored into my performance the specific moments at which he feels emotions and the fine details of the situations he’s in. All of those things came together making Hyunsoo an even more multifaceted character.


Any difficulty filming demanding action scenes, such as the apartment balcony scene and the fishing spot torture scene?


As many of you know, I enjoy working out regularly, so I didn’t find anything particularly physically demanding. I didn’t feel tired or exhausted. Instead, I was a lot more concerned about how much movement I had to make, or how much action I had to take, to help viewers relate to certain emotions and feelings coming from certain scenes.


Actually, before I got started on this project, I made up my mind to cut down action scenes (fights), which I love doing, to about one tenth of what I normally do. To do the kinds of action scenes I normally do, a lot of work goes into matching movements. So they are very eye-catching and tough. But for this project, I figured such action scenes would not be helpful. This time, I focused more on emotions than action.


As for the scenes where I get brutally pushed around, I didn’t use a stunt double, but actually knocked and threw myself around to make them more relatable to viewers.


How did you prepare for emotional scenes, especially in terms of using your eyes and tone of voice? How happy are you with the result? Any regrets?


This is the first project ever where I did not monitor each and every one of the shots I filmed. I knew so well what my strengths were, but I thought it [monitoring] might distract me from creating details for my character. So this time, I decided to let go a little, shared ideas and rehearsed with the others, and focused on what I had in each given situation. Above all, the director made sure everything was in balance, so I just left it all to the director to give me directions, while concentrating solely on building my own character.


In terms of using my eyes and tone of voice, I tried to not go overboard but keep it toned down. I guess that helped viewers focus more on little details. I think I received positive feedback on my performance, because of the hard work put in by the director, who helped polish things up, the cinematographer, and all the other staff members. I think everyone worked hard and contributed towards this. Thank you very much for the appreciation.


Working on this drama, I wanted to make beautiful and poignant melodramatic scenes. So Chaewon, the director, and I had a lot of talk. The only thing I probably regret a little is that we ended up focusing more heavily on deep, desperate melodramatic scenes than we’d expected. I wanted to show you more different sides of me. Of course, though, I got to act out such a rich variety of emotions and enjoyed the creative process working with so many fellow actors on this drama, so I have no regrets.


f27a9abb59f80fe1fd24a99ffd1f555f12e095fa.jpg (540×360)


Thoughts on working with your co-stars: Moon Chaewon, Seo Hyunwoo, Jang Heejin, Kim Jihun, and Jung Seoyeon.


As for Moon Chaewon, we actually had seen each other a few times even before we were offered Flower of Evil. We’d talk about what projects we’d been considering and what was going on in our lives. When I had so much trouble making my decision on Flower of Evil, Chaewon made me feel confident by saying, ‘You are more than capable enough to make this character attractive.’


On set, as an actor, Chaewon is very detail-oriented and focused. She does a lot of thinking until she feels she can interpret any given emotion. That’s why when we put our scenes together, I was so inspired by her and got a lot of help from her in creating emotions.


Without Cha Jiwon, Do Hyunsoo’s emotions would not have felt so desperate. She’s the kind of actor who excels at drawing people further into the drama. It must have been so tough for her expressing those emotions Cha Jiwon feels in the drama. She worked so hard. I think I should buy her something delicious so she can get her energy back up. Hahaha.


How did you benefit from working with her again? What was different this time?


The big difference is that this time, we did a melodrama together. Moon Chaewon’s melodrama is different from any other. It’s lovely, poignant, and sometimes so heartbreaking it makes you feel so sad. That’s why as an actor I had always wanted to do a melodrama with Chaewon because I wanted to see what we could create together. Thankfully, we were finally able to make a melodrama together through this project.


But I wonder if in real life, it would be possible for any couple to have a marriage like Hyunsoo and Jiwon’s. If this is a real-life story about a couple overcoming whatever comes between them to protect their love despite such a brutal past, then I think it’d be so sad and painful.


I wish we could have shot more scenes of more ordinary and happier everyday moments, like the ones where we were dating. Because the drama was a little too heavy on the desperate melodrama. Haha. But I’m so satisfied with the melodramatic scenes we created together. I think we had great chemistry, complementing each other’s performance.


As for Seo Hyunwoo, I had already heard that he is such a committed and passionate actor. Even before we got started, the people around me kept telling me I should stay on my toes. So I remember looking forward to meeting him for the first time, half excited, half worried. But in person, he’s so kind, hard-working, and above all, has his own principles as an actor.


He’s also similar to me in that we both enjoy being on set. So we constantly shared ideas and created our scenes in many different ways. I am particularly grateful for the help he gave me early in the drama in my creation of this character Do Hyunsoo. We became such good friends that we would keep saying let’s work together again on other projects. I love him even more because he can handle as much alcohol as I can.


This was my second time working with Jang Heejin. She hasn’t changed at all; she’s always cheerful and energetic. Also, she’s very considerate of the people around her. As an actor, she’s great at both conveying deep emotions and staying focused. So when I heard she’d been cast in the drama, I personally felt so relieved, thinking, ‘There we go.’


On set, she is just as playful as I am, having fun with me. But when she acts, she instantly gets into character, acting out new emotional details. Every time I saw her like that, I was so impressed by the skills this actor Jang Heejin possessed that I would call her ‘Pro Jang’ (*pro = professional). She’s a great friend and co-star who made being on set even more fun.


I’ve known Kim Jihun for seven to eight years. But this was my first time acting alongside him, so I was so looking forward to it. We nearly worked together once on another project. This time, we finally got to work together and we both found it amazing, saying, ‘We were meant to work together.’


It was probably very difficult for him working on this drama. He played the villain who made his first appearance at the midpoint, ramping up the tension that’d been built up to that point in the drama. He had to wait for a long time to start filming his parts. But once his character was revealed, I thought ‘Wow, he really has been waiting for this moment the whole time.’


He’s such a great inspiration. He has a great personality and enjoys being on set, so we really had lots of fun together. We even have similar approaches to analyzing scenes and working them out. We once spent almost an hour just discussing ideas on the phone and my voice got hoarse after that. Haha.


Personally, I think he gave a really wonderful performance, so I hope he finds an even greater project where he shines brighter. To me, he’s such a great co-star and a great bro. I am truly grateful to him for doing his best working with me.




As for Eunha, I’m tearing up just thinking about her. In fact, I cried all night before my last day of filming with Eunha. I guess I immersed myself so deeply in this role throughout. From the moment I met Seoyeon (Eunha), I never really stayed away from her on set because I wanted to help her relax and get close to her. So during the filming week when I couldn’t see her as often, I even felt depressed. I guess I got really attached to her.


Seoyeon is such a kind-hearted child who’s like a snowflake (that looks like a flower). She once said she’d tear up just thinking about me (Dad). I felt so grateful, proud, and deeply touched. She is a very dedicated actor, so she would get really disappointed when she couldn’t give the performance she’d prepared until the day before. As viewers have seen, she really delivered a stellar performance, so I can’t wait to see what the future holds in store for her. In the future, she will shine even brighter in even greater projects. Daddy will keep cheering you on from afar. I just want to say thank you so so much for being my beautiful daughter.


On working with the director


Director Kim Chulgyu is the person I am most thankful to on this project. He had complete faith in me and always set milestones in my long journey of portraying Do Hyunsoo who lives as Baek Heeseong. He always came to the set with a plan for how to put scenes together in his head, which he put lots of thought into. It helped me a lot with how I performed on set. Without any doubt I could rely on him and focus on my own work.


I think all these hard-working and great staff members came together to work with him because he’s such a gentle and warm person. I think we owe him a lot for bringing the drama to a successful conclusion. So I am truly grateful to him. I’d love to work with him again on other projects if he offers to do so.


Translation credit: @allaboutjoongi (tumblr)

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Moon Chae Won’s post-Flower of Evil interview (2020/09/24)





Q. Before airing, at 'Flower of Evil's online press con you said "I'm nervous and excited as I definitely wanted to do this drama". How do you feel now that its ended?


A. I think it's a project that I have a lot of affection for. I wanted to express Cha Jiwon's character, and her emotions as realistically as possible. So it was a tiring and difficult process, but in the end it has been a rewarding project where I did my best, and feel very satisfied. I am so thankful to all the staff and my co-workers, but I am especially sincerely, hugely grateful to director Kim Chulgyu. Hugging him after filming ended I felt refreshed and sad, so I cried a lot.


Q. Personally tracking down the identity of her husband of 14 yrs, Cha Jiwon's character has very unique circumstances. How do you see Jiwon as Moon Chaewon? And did you do anything special to prepare for the role, or  emphasise any points in your acting?


A. I see Jiwon as someone who doesn't change on the inside, or outside. I think she is someone honest with her feelings, and knows the value of other people well. So to prepare, I tried my best to become someone like Jiwon. I emphasised expressing Jiwon's sincerity.


Q. Taking up this challenge in a new suspense-melo genre, did you think "I really want to show this side" as an actor?


A. I wanted to show an image as before, or in other words an actor who's essence doesn't change, but at the same time I also wanted to show a new side. Acting more mature than last time and able to lead the story well. If I can make people feel that about me then I can't be happier. ha ha.


Q. The second half of the broadcast had the highest ratings. Did you experience any passionate reactions about the drama or your character?


A. I could feel a lot of love from the comments or real-time reactions, but I was even more touched when I saw my fan's supportive comments or feelings. My fans' warm support was been a huge support to me, I'm so thankful.


Q.As the protagonist leading the story, there were many emotional changes such as love, betrayal, trust, suspicion etc - these scenes look very hard. Was it not hard to express these changing emotions?


A. From the planing stage, Jiwon was meant to be on a roller coaster of emotions so I expected it to be hard, ha ha. But even then, it was many times harder than I had initially thought. Jiwon's changes of emotions were even more dynamic, because I had worried about how to express it so that it could convince viewers. I'm proud that the hard work produced many good scenes.


Q. In the BTS making videos I often see you repeating lines. Maybe it's because of that that there have been reviews of you perfectly capturing the character. What do you think?


A. I read the script a lot to understand the flow and feelings of the character as much as possible. Thanks to that I could express Jiwon better. I'm grateful that thanks to that, there have been good reviews of my acting. 


Q. How was working with Lee Joon Gi?




A. Lee Joon Gi is extroverted, while I'm introverted. Of course at times I can be extroverted, but we are a little different in personality. But working with him has always been enjoyable. Joongi gave me a lot of strength through his bright energy, and was a good partner. Through this project, I think we got a little closer.


Q. Are there any moments on the set of 'Flower of Evil' or in the drama you will remember?



A. My co-stars at the police station had a lot of energy and were very fun people. So every moment working with them was enjoyable. Particularly, there were some very small and silly moments I can't even remember.There were many moments it would start with a small smile, then burst into laughter, making an NG. Sometimes I think of those moments and laugh on my own.


Q. How do you imagine the story goes after the last episode?


A. I think they will live happily. Because Hyun Soo and Jiwon must not have any more pain and sadness.


Q. From the blooming spring to the cool wind of autumn, you were with 'Flower of Evil' for 3 seasons. I'm curious to know how will remember 'Flower of Evil'.


A. Filming 'Flower of Evil' felt like I was dreaming a good long dream. I will remember this project by the warmth and scents I felt of many good people for a long time.


Q. Finally, what would you like to say to those who loved "Flower of Evil"?


A. Thank you for loving 'Flower of Evil'. I think it felt even more rewarding thanks to all the love you sent. I hope everyone is health and at ease.


Translation Credit: @formoonchaewon (twitter)

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Grab your coffee and read the last part of LJG's post - FOE interview . Warning! Long READ ahead but its insightful when you get a glimpse into the actors mind and the creative process behind a production.


Lee Joon Gi’s post-Flower of Evil interview (2020/09/29) - Part 2


Most memorable scenes and lines 

I really loved all of them. Each and every single one of them. But if I had to choose just one, the scene that lingers in my memory is one where Hyunsoo realizes his feelings and bursts into sobs. I remember the director and I were so worried and did a lot of thinking to create this scene.


We spent about an hour discussing even during the rehearsal. We spent about an hour discussing even during the rehearsal. The more we thought and talked about it, the more blocked we felt. We thought, if we failed to keep [the emotions] in balance and convince viewers, we might end up breaking the whole emotional continuity we’d built thus far. Eventually, I told the director that I wanted to stick with the initial feelings I had when I first read the script for that episode. Like a baby who bursts into their first tears letting the whole world hear. In short, so much thinking and discussion went into creating that scene. I remember I had such a hard time getting my emotions under control even after I’d finished shooting it.


I was so happy when viewers started calling Do Hyunsoo ‘Baby Flower’ after watching him realize his feelings for the first time and cry like a baby. During the filming, I hoped Hyunsoo in that scene would remind people of Eunha letting out her first tears. So I was so grateful that viewers related to the emotion I tried to convey. I found that [nickname ‘Baby Flower’] so cute as well.


The most memorable line is the one Hyunsoo says to Jiwon in the finale: ‘I will be really good to you. I will give you lots of love.’ It shows Hyunsoo, who lost his memory, reciprocating the warm love Jiwon gave him in the past, which his heart vaguely remembers. I thought it meant a new love and a new life for them, so I couldn’t stop crying on set.


There are two major scenes in which Hyunsoo breaks into sobs. I worried a lot about how to portray Hyunsoo crying in those scenes.


First, as for the scene where Do Hyunsoo realizes his feelings for the first time when he is about to lose everything he wanted to protect, I hoped Hyunsoo would look like Eunha letting out her first tears so the whole world hears. After I finished the filming, though, I actually worried a lot it might come across as over the top. Thankfully, lots of viewers understood what I meant to do and related to the emotion.


(In Episode 15) Also, I thought of this image of an animal licking his/her baby’s cold dead body and wailing so desperately when I tried to come up with how to portray Hyunsoo thinking he’d lost Jiwon. I wanted to express his feelings of loss through some primitive way of crying. Right after that, he becomes an animal that’s out of control. I discussed the scene thoroughly with the director and we went for a lengthy take to film it. I cried so much I couldn’t keep my emotion under control. So after shooting that scene, I spent the next few days working with my eyes all puffy and swollen. Hahaha.


(More on the same scene in Ep 15)


In that scene, Hyunsoo is like an animal out of control, assuming he has lost Jiwon. If Hyunsoo knew that Jiwon would be there to say (to Jung Misook, who says ‘It’s not Do Hyunsoo’s fault even if he committed murder), ‘Murder is murder,’ while still believing or desperately hoping that Hyunsoo did not commit murder – then Hyunsoo wouldn’t have gone to such extremes. I think he just wanted to be held in Jiwon’s arms.


(In the Episode 15 scene that looks like a fantasy after Heeseong has shot at Hyunsoo, Jiwon tells Hyunsoo, ‘You’ve lived your life as best you could. Thank you.’ Have you ever wanted to be comforted like that?)


Maybe at some point in my life, there’ll come a time when I hit a major slump. When that happens, I hope I’ll feel confident enough to say that [Jiwon’s line] to myself. Also, if I have someone say that to me as I approach the end of my life, and if that someone is the people I love most and the people who have walked by my side the entire path of my life as an actor [*], then I think I can close my eyes happily, without a single regret.


[*He seems to refer to his fans]


In Flower of Evil, which character do you feel the most sympathy for? The overall theme (message) of the drama.


Every character that appears in this drama: all the characters in it go through changes in their lives. Some feel this emotion called ‘malice’; some become victims and some offenders. Having watched it all the way to the finale, I felt sympathy for all of the characters. To me, Flower of Evil is a drama that made me think about what kind of flower we end up making our lives into – whether it’s a flower of evil or a flower of good, and what it means to us. In the end, I don’t think there was an absolute evil here. I just feel sad that some of the characters ended up becoming evil. I hope this drama made you ask yourself, ‘Has there ever been a moment when I felt malice towards anyone?’  


Thoughts on the ending of Flower of Evil. What does the ending mean to you? 


When I look back and reflect on it [later], I will definitely find something I feel regretful about, but now, I am very satisfied with the ending as it is. I felt like the ending – in which the new life of Do Hyunsoo has begun and gets accepted – is a process whereby the most painful petals of his life have fallen off and another beautiful bud has started to grow. I think it was a great ending.


In those two years when I was taking a break, I had a lot of worries. Each time I get an offer, I always wonder, ‘Am I an actor that’s capable enough to convey the message and the depth this project is trying to convey?’ Of course, worrying can be also motivating. I am just truly grateful that Flower of Evil got so much love from so many people and turned out so well, putting to rest all those worries I had. In fact, even after I finished the project, I still wonder: ‘Did I really do a good job [of conveying the message, etc. of the drama]?’ One thing I’m sure of is that this drama gave me the opportunity to broaden my horizons.


No matter what project I work on, I’m always left with things I find valuable, and the whole process makes me feel happy. Above all, I am grateful that I made great memories with great people and that I made a great drama with them.


Thoughts on getting so much fan support. The live chat rooms were full of people praising your performance each time an episode ended. Did you feel yourself how popular you were?


It amazed me how I gained more fans from more diverse age groups than before because of the very romantic (melodramatic) aspects of this drama. From the outset of the drama, my global fans organized various types of ads across the city of Seoul. During its run, I was deeply touched by the way fans compared Jiwon and Hyunsoo to Juliet and Romeo, feeling their pain together and loving them. I also saw a video of overseas fans watching Flower of Evil in real time. Their genuine expressions and reactions were so cute and lovely I even teared up. I was so grateful.


(What do you think makes actor Lee Joongi so attractive?)


I don’t really know what makes me attractive. I am only grateful that fans love me unconditionally for the way I fully immerse myself in my work as an actor and relate to it. I am always thankful for the endless love my fans show me even when Lee Joongi is being just an ordinary human being.  


The ratings fell a little short despite the drama’s popularity. Did you feel disappointed?


Everyone on the staff, including the director, had absolute confidence in [the quality of] the drama. That’s why we were always brimming with passion on set, regardless of the ratings. Of course, even if they say a drama should not be judged by the numbers only anymore, I was a tiny bit disappointed because the ratings were not as high as I’d hoped.


But I knew there were so many people showing love for the drama, on the internet or off, and that this was becoming a ‘drama of my life.’ That’s why I worked even harder and did the best I could. The drama got a ratings boost because of word of mouth, and I think this was made possible by everyone on the staff and the cast doing their best in their positions, keeping to the flow of the great script. We conveyed to viewers what makes the drama so touching and convinced them. From the bottom of my heart I thank everybody.


I worried so much because this was my comeback project after a long time. But the satisfaction and gratitude I felt through the work put those worries to rest. Also, we owe the dedicated fans of Flower of Evil a lot for the love they showed from start to finish. Thank you.


(Because of the committed performance from Lee Joongi, Flower of Evil got more word of mouth from viewers with each episode. Even after it ended, the drama is still getting so much attention, encouraging binge-watching)


The thing I was most often told during the drama’s run was that the best way to appreciate ‘Flower of Evil’ is by binge-watching it. Some people I know were deliberately not watching it while it aired because they wanted to binge-watch it after it ended. Haha. But there’s nothing special to keep in mind when binge-watching Flower of Evil. You just enjoy the emotions contained in this ‘suspense melodrama’ – like the love between Do Hyunsoo and Cha Jiwon, for a start.


The greatest strength of our drama is that there is not an episode that feels dragged out. So it won’t take you long to finish binge-watching it. Right. Also, our drama is jam-packed with foreshadowing. I can assure you you are going to enjoy it even more the more times you watch it. Hahaha.


Thoughts on receiving a great deal of praise for your role in the drama.


It’s true I feel good about it. But at the same time, it puts a lot of pressure on me. (Laughs) I do think I still have a long road ahead of me as long as I live as an actor. I’m serious. It takes so much hard work from so many people, as well as my own hard work, for me to continuously grow and evolve with each project and create a great character in it. That’s why I am particularly happier this time. This drama made me wish more than ever that ‘I want to live a better life and more happily as an actor, having great people around me.’ I want to say hi in advance to all those people who will be there with me. Nice to meet you.


You’re famous for being a ‘mood maker’ on set and also for being an extraordinary leader.


My job is essentially about being in a community of people creating together. As a member of that community, I only do what I have to do – fulfil my responsibilities.


Especially if I play the title role, I think I should work even harder and ensure that every member on set is in their best condition so they will make good memories working on this project. I guess it varies from person to person, but no matter the project, I go to work hoping that everyone will have fun on set.


The very act of creating something together with passion is, in and of itself, a joy and happiness for me. It’s my principle and my value – that I do my best to give and receive good energy with people I work with and enjoy myself. That way, I will evolve and learn a lot.


On the actor who plays younger Do Hyunsoo looking so much like you


While working on the drama, I always felt director Kim Chulgyu had every little detail in mind and prepared. The most unforgettable moment that gave me goosebumps was when the younger version of my character made his appearance.


He really does look like me. On top of that, he has exceptional acting skills. An actor who plays the younger version of my character to tell his backstory plays such a major part in my work. That’s why I was so, so grateful to the director and actor Park Hyunjoon (Rue), who played younger Hyunsoo. He was so brilliant.




On creating Hyunsoo’s hairstyle (e.g. blonde hair)


It really took a lot of thought from many people to come up with that blonde hair. I had to put on a wig due to the [tight] shooting schedule. I’d been asked to look mysteriously handsome, instead of looking awkward. So I did a lot of research with my staff. While it’s important to create a feeling of being in the past, there was also concern over it coming off as too flamboyant, ruining the emotion in the character. So it took a lot of hard work from so many people.


Early in the drama, I had this hairstyle on covering my forehead to hide Baek Heeseong’s facial expressions. Then, as my character started to realize his feelings and became more expressive, I gradually changed my hairstyle.  


On difficulty filming due to COVID-19.


The biggest challenge was that we worried so much about losing focus because when the filming is halted, it causes a break in emotional continuity. Even during the filming, we had a hard time finding filming locations due to COVID-19. So it’s a shame that we couldn’t create an even better look for the drama. But I realize that we were not the only people having difficulty, but everyone in this country is experiencing (COVID-19-related) inconveniences, and what we had is nothing compared to people’s suffering. So we did the best we could under the circumstances.


You had a long shooting schedule. How did you manage to lead the drama staying energized and not getting tired?


As you know, I love exercise. I went to jiu jitsu glasses regularly at least until February this year. But due to COVID-19, which brought hardships to everyone, I couldn’t go to the gym any more. Still, my motto in life is, ‘The mind rules the body.’ So I always try to think positively. By giving and receiving good energy with those many staff and cast members on set, I could make good memories without getting exhausted despite the lengthy filming.


What does ‘Flower of Evil’ mean to you?


With each project I work on, I feel this sense of responsibility that as an actor playing the title role, I should contribute to making the story as best as possible. I really gave a lot of thought to this matter particularly when doing this drama. I’m only grateful that we were able to finish it successfully. I feel even happier because this is the result of constant communication and interaction with all staff members and actors, as well as the director and the writer.


Actually, for me, in life, it is more important to feel fulfilled and happy that I am doing things I’ve dreamed of doing with people I love – than just me growing and becoming more successful. That’s the meaning of life and an important value for me.


That’s why Flower of Evil was yet another source of nourishment for my [personal growth] and it strengthened and enriched Lee Joon Gi as a human being. Once again, I think I am such a blessed person. I really want to say thank you to everyone.


On continuously playing characters that experience so many hardships (shedding blood, sweat, and tears)


Personally, I prefer playing characters that experience such emotions as sadness, hurt, loneliness, and pain, than those in cheerful and lighthearted stories. I’ve filled my filmography with ‘blood, sweat, and tears’ without even realizing it. Hahaha. Of course, I can do well in roles that are really cheerful and fun, but as an actor, I still want to do roles that allow me to express deep emotions I very rarely experience in everyday life. I think I still have a long life ahead of me as an actor. I will equip myself and wait. Please reach out to me if you have great roles to offer.


It’s so hard to rank my characters in terms of the hardships they go through. They all go through a lot of hardships, but since it’s Flower of Evil that I’ve recently put all my passion into, I will rank Do Hyun Soo at the top. I will leave it to viewers who love my work to judge for themselves.


Any specific genre or type of character you want to take on in the future?


The sageuk (historical drama) is a genre I absolutely love so much so I have personally mentioned it a lot. Nowadays, there are such diverse subjects that allow us to express a lot more than we did before and that capture our imagination. It’s such a shame, though, that it is now so hard to get a sageuk made because of the current challenging circumstances. I will do a great sageuk someday when the right opportunity comes along. Please continue to show support and look forward to it.


Ever thought about making appearances on variety shows?


By now, it’s a well-known fact that I am such an energetic and upbeat person so I have actually gotten a lot of offers and suggestions. But when I did make an appearance on a variety program, I just ended up trying too hard probably because I got anxious. Hahaha. So I’ve been cautious [about appearing on variety shows] because I’m afraid I might make viewers feel uncomfortable seeing me like that. Right now, I don’t really have a strong desire to appear on variety programs. But it would be fun if I get a good opportunity to appear one of those naturally.


On the ‘Exceptionally Shy Lee Joon Gi’ meme


From time to time, it gets talked about a lot. I’m grateful because I personally love that photo so much. Hahaha. I’ve always had a great sense of balance ever since I was a child. I think because my father helped me develop that sense of balance, I was able to have so many people coming to see me in King and the Clown.


People don’t believe me when I say this, but I am actually very, very introverted at home. I am also very introverted when I meet someone for the first time, but I try extra hard to make myself more approachable. But Lee Joon Gi as a person is, by nature, an introvert. It’s just that you can’t see it.


 You’ve had so many expressions describing you, such as ‘pretty boy.’ Which one particularly made you feel good, and how would you like people to describe you in the future?


Probably the ‘trustworthy / dependable actor’ is the best description I’ve earned. I think feedback like this creates a lot more opportunities for me to try new things. That’s why I am grateful for [such a description]. It also makes me more determined to be more responsible and more dedicated to my job.

Well, I haven’t really thought about what I would like people to call me in the future – although I do wonder what people who will work with actor Lee Joon Gi will call me in the future. So I want to live a better life.  


What kind of father and husband do you want to be?


Like Baek Hee Seong, it’s my dream to have a warm and happy family of my own, and I want to be a good husband and father. During this project, the staff I worked with kept telling me, ‘When married, Lee Joon Gi will really live a great life,’ or ‘He will be a complete fool for his daughter.’ Of course, I don’t know what my future will be like, but when I do have my own family, I will do my best to give love to them.


There is a scene in which Hyunsoo sees Eunha crying after her birth and asks with an expressionless face, ‘Why is she crying?’ It was a situation where I was supposed to look emotionless, but I kept tearing up. I just couldn’t take my eyes off of the baby and kept staring at her during the filming. Seeing me like that, the cinematographer told me, ‘Joongi, maybe it’s time for you to get married.’


Tips for taking care of yourself [beauty tips]


Every time I work on a new project, there are a lot of things I keep under control to stay in character. When I immerse myself in the emotions my character feels, certain facial expressions and gestures show, which I didn’t even know existed. I think those new sides of me were well-received and I’m grateful. Other than that, I don’t have special tips for taking care of myself. Sure, I get [basic] skincare treatments, but when I’m on a break, I don’t really go out because I’m such a homebody. I get so lazy I don’t even get those treatments that often (laughs). I just force myself to get rest and try to think about good things only.


On experiencing a slump


I haven’t really had a slump per se, but I have experienced loneliness that would come to me after I finished a project. At times, I felt so enervated. I looked really hard for ways to overcome this, but ultimately, the answer was: getting back to the set. I often hear I look like the happiest person on earth when I am on set. So my secret is to stay committed to work and do a great job on the set that I love so much. I will equip myself physically and mentally so I can enjoy myself on my next project as well.


 On being careful in choosing a project


Actually, I worried a lot while taking a break last year. It’s true that I was being careful in choosing my next project, but I also had this great fear that I might become a parody of myself - of ‘actor Lee Joon Gi’ I had in me. So I spent the whole year worrying like that.


Once I started working on my new drama Flower of Evil, I came to the conclusion that I should not think more than necessary. The time I spent staying away from the set actually gave me more worries than good things.


On getting more fans through Flower of Evil


I was deeply touched to hear my fans started binge-watching my previous works after watching Flower of Evil. It is such a shame I can’t see them in person due to COVID-19.


From King and the Clown, which helped me establish a certain set of values as an actor, to Time between Dog and Wolf that helped me learn how to express the fervor and passion I felt at work, and to Iljimae, which received so much love from viewers and helped me get recognized for my passion as an actor – each and every one of these works has been a ‘work of my life’ and a ‘character of my life.’ So nothing makes me happier than my fans showing love for my previous works.


Each project was a turning point in my acting career. Of course, fans have their own favorites among my works, but I consider every single work of mine to be a valuable part of me. All those times made me who I am now, and I am enjoying and loving every single moment I live as an actor – and I will continue to do so.


One of the biggest joys of my life was to meet my fans and express my gratitude before I choose my next project, but I can’t do it this year due to COVID-19. I hope the pandemic will end soon so we can make great memories together.


How do you feel when looking back at your 16-year acting career? How would you score yourself (out of 100)?


I do think that I have worked hard and diligently all my life. Of course, I have regrets. But just as small dots gather and become a line, all those moments I have lived and spent working diligently have gathered and made me the way ‘Lee Joon Gi’ is now. I don’t think there is such a thing as a wasted life. Every single moment has its own value and is a source of great strength that encourages me to try new things as I move forward.


Also, my single greatest source of strength that has allowed me to keep ‘running’ is my fans, who understand my true value and give me love. When I’m tired or exhausted, every single word they say [to cheer me on] gives me lots of energy. If I had to score my life so far, I guess I’d give at least 60. I want to fill in the remainder as I continue on [making up for where I fell short]. I have so much time ahead of me to create and try new things.


In the future, as an actor, this is how I want to be remembered by people: ‘He is so consistent and diligent. He brings good energy. Watching his work, I learn many different emotions and lessons. So he is a good actor.’


I saw some comments like ‘Sorry I didn’t know there was an actor like you’ from people who got to know me for the first time through Flower of Evil. Reactions like that made me so happy. I want to be the kind of actor who keeps people curious and wanting to know more about me, even when I get older, even after being around for long as an actor. Of course, the kind of actor who builds such curiosity on the basis of trust. I want to continue my acting career diligently, one step at a time.


On future plans


In the past, when I finished a project, I would tour different countries to express my gratitude, present my fans with good shows, and interact with them in various ways. So it’s a great shame I can’t do that now. I hope the current situation will end soon so I can laugh and cry with my fans and make new memories with them.


(Any plans on working in Hollywood; he starred in 2017 movie ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’)


I want to experience and feel a lot of new things by working with artists from different countries, in addition to working in Hollywood. When the coronavirus dies down and things get better around the world, I would never hesitate to take a good opportunity when it comes up. I am always keeping an open mind and waiting. If you have any good opportunity you can offer me, please reach out to me anytime.

Right now, so many people are suffering due to COVID-19, so I want to do whatever I can do to bring you joy, happiness, and hope. Since I am an actor, the best way for me to bring you joy is to be in a great project. I will stay diligent and get myself prepared physically and mentally so I can come back with my next project as soon as possible.



Article translation credit: @allaboutjoongi (tumblr)


Eng subbed version of the last BTS video released by Namoo Actors( LJK and MCW's agency)



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Please vote for our beloved Lee Joon Gi or Moon Chae Won for Asia Star Awards 


download Choeaedol Celeb app  

set your MyCeleb as Lee Joongi (in your profile page)


if you click on Lee Joon Gi’s name and sort the post by “most heart, there is instruction on how to vote  

thank you

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 Article Translation



October 20, 2020


Korean drama ‘Flower of Evil’ finished with perfect ending last month. It was the second collaboration between leading actors Moon Chaewon and Lee Joongi, after Criminal Minds in 2017. The role played by Lee Joongi is of a apparent excellent husband and father who could devote himself to his family. But in fact he is a suspect in a serial murder case, in addition, he deceiving his wife (played by Moon Chaewon), a detective who has loved him for 14 years. The audience of the drama were addicted to the intense and exciting story. In the past few days, Moon Chaewon received an overseas interview with Sanli News. She shared her thoughts about acting and interesting things behind the scenes.




▲ Lee Joongi and Moon Chaewon collaborating on “Flower of Evil” for the second time after “Criminal Minds”





▲ Moon Chaewon accepted an exclusive interview with “Sanli News Network” to share her experience with acting.


The detective played by Moon Chaewon kept discovering all sorts of amazing secrets about her husband Baek Heesung/Do Hyunsoo (Lee Joongi), even handcuffing him herself. She was asked about which part of the script shocked her the most when she read the script for the first time. Moon Chaewon said that on Episode 8, when Cha Jiwon eavesdrop Do Hyunsoo by the abandoned swimming pool, when he was answering his sister Do Haesoo (Jang Heejin) with considerably indifference: “Even only for an instant, I have never loved Jiwon”. The moment of hearing this was very shocking and full of betrayal, “This is a feeling I don’t know how to describe, and there is no way to describe it with one word, therefore, it is actually quite difficult to express and act Jiwon’s inner feeling. This is the part I was concerned at that time.”




▲ Moon Chaewon constantly discovers various amazing secrets about her husband in the drama.


In the process of arresting criminals and rescuing her husband, Cha Jiwon also had many highly difficult action scenes. Moon Chaewon revealed that fortunately, during the shooting, she was lucky not to be seriously injured, only some minor scratches. She also shared about a scene which she had to jump up the stairs quickly, but it had rained heavily that day and the stairs were slippery, so she slipped and fell. She laughed and said, “I felt so embarrassed at the time. Although it was painful, because I was so embarrassed, I had to endure it all the time”. Compared with Cha Jiwon’s bravely rushing into every crime scene, even entering the terrible basement of Do Hyunsoo’s home, Moon Chaewon said that in real life, she is actually quite timid. When she goes to play in haunted houses, she always stands behind her friends, “I’m afraid of ghosts, haha”.





▲ Moon Chaewon had a lot of difficult action scenes, but fortunately there is no serious injury.


When Moon Chaewon was asked at the press conference how she felt about partnering with Lee Joongi again, she was shy and blew herself up talking about how often she went to the theater to watch movies after school. At that time, Lee Joongi’s emblematic movie "The King and The Clown” was released. She went to watch it with her friend, but then her friend was fascinated by him and searched about Lee Joongi on the internet. She didn’t expected to work with him with after “growing up”, she was called a successful fan. Later, she revealed that after the first episode was broadcast, she talked with that same friend for 3 hour on the phone. When asked Moon Chaewon which Lee Joongi’s scene deeply impressed her, Moon Chaewon replied, “On Episode 15, Hyunsoo is shoot to save Jiwon. Because of his deeply love for Jiwon, he could give up his life, right?” 





▲ Moon Chaewon talked with a her friend who likes Lee Joongi for 3 hours on the phone.





▲ Moon Chaewon felt that the moment Lee Joongi was shot to save Jiwon was the most impressive.


And about which three scenes in “Flower of Evil” impressed her the most, Moon Chaewon replied, “Compared to scenes of sadness and showing a lot of emotions, I still think the most about the moment of happiness.” She told the scene she liked the most is when Cha Jiwon dove into the pool without hesitation, to save Do Hyunsoo at the opening, “The feeling of love for Hyunsoo can be felt, and she is willing to sacrifice for him.” The second scene is under the cherry blossom tree, when Cha Jiwon took the initiative to kiss Do Hyunsoo, and then the couple kiss lovingly, “The scene is beautiful. It contains romance, whether it is feelings or visual. The heartbeat feelings which can bring people into Spring, and Jiwon, who loves Hyunsoo, is a a bit clumsy but also has a sincere heart.” It’s also a meaningful turning point, “Because it shows Hyunsoo falling in love with Jiwon unconsciously”. The last scene is when Do Hyunsoo and Cha Jiwon hide under the edge together because of the rain, and smile into each other’s eyes, “A slight heartbeat can be felt, so I like it”.



▲ Do Hyunsoo and Cha Jiwon looked at each other and smiled.


In the end, Moon Chaewon did not forget to leave a message to her Chinese fans: “Thank you everyone for supporting ‘Flower of Evil’ and Jiwon. Audience and fans could enjoy our performance and support us until the end. It gave us a lot of strength. I hope everyone will be healthy and all of you can feel happiness!“


Source: Setn

Credit: @moonchaewonarchive

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