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[Drama 2020] The Flower of Evil, 악의 꽃

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If only the TIME didn't stopped... The kissing session will consume for 30 minutes.       The slow-burn sweet kisses  were so HOT and sexy.           

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  • DHS gets teary eyed remembering the interaction and he gets a phone call from a real estate person who has brought him to his actual house? I guess CJW put it up for sale
  • Yup, it's his house she brings him to
  • He enters behind her as she begins to talk about how it matches all of his qualifications and tells him to take his time looking around. I think she might just be renting out the workshop side maybe?
  • DHS walks around the workshop and picks up a notebook and begins paging through it stopping at a page that talks about how he likes the rain
  • CJW comes down at that moment telling him he can't look at that stuff, thinking it's just another person coming to look at the house but DHS turns around
  • CJW tells him she was just cleaning up 
  • I'm not entirely sure what they're talking about but I think DHS is referencing himself in whatever story he's telling
  • DHS turns around to look at CJW and says that he thought about her in the long road he took
  • CJW brushes it off thinking that he's telling a lie, that and whatever he said to her in the past and reveals that she's leaving
  • CJW says that she's going someplace new to start anew and that it's a coincidence that he was doing the same thing

And now my stream kinda crashes haha

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1 minute ago, thesuitelife547 said:

So my stream crashed so I probably missed everything that happened for the end haha. I'll just have to wait for the raw to be out and watch it but we end on a family hug?

i'm so sorry that your stream crashed ...

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So I don't know what I missed, if it was anything important...but we really just ended it with all of them hugging? I kinda wish we ended with the family meal that Hae Soo desperately wanted or that there'd just a single shot of that to end, Hae Soo traveling back from being abroad to all eat together. 


And I guess her relationship with KMJ is pretty much on point with what I thought. It's open ended. They call each other and talk on the phone now that she's off traveling and it looks like, based on their interactions this episode, that she does like having him around and cares for him as a friend at least for now.


But that ending lol.

1 minute ago, andy78 said:

i'm so sorry that your stream crashed ...


That's fine haha. I'll just watch the raw of the last like 5 minutes when it's out and say what I thought happened lol

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2020] The Flower of Evil, 악의 꽃

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