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[Drama 2020] The Flower of Evil, 악의 꽃

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  • They manage to talk to YJT at a cafe 
  • DHS asks what sort of thing he did against him and it seems like he spread the rumor about DHS in the village?
  • DHS asks that he says what he says at the trial 
  • YJT says that he works at a school and i don't think wants to ruin his job
  • DHS tells him to do what he has to but he hopes that he'll help them in their search and also says that he's forgiving him so he hopes that YJT will stop feeling guilty towards him
  • Later in the car, CJW tells him that forgiving someone isn't easy so DHS must've had a hard time but DHS says that it was easy because it was a lie
  • DHS gets a call from YJT who agrees for the evidence, feeling that he must do it
  • DHS notices CJW looking slightly uncomfortable, is it because how he just deceived her?
  • She asks what kind of thoughts she's thinking and DHS calls her out for thinking that he's not the person she knew
  • In tears she asks if he's doing that on purpose and DHS says that he's someone with the inability to feel and someone who can lie and it seems like she doesn't know that about him
  • KMJ is at home looking for DHS and seems shocked to find something in the fridge?
  • I think DHS said that he knows how to use emotions and basically use people and knows what CJW wants him to say but she says that there is nothing
  • DHS says that there is and that she wants to hear him say something
  • The kind of lie that CJW wants him to say is that he may have lost his memories but his feelings about her stay the same
  • They're both in tears and CJW asks when she said she wants to hear that kind of thing
  • She begins to ask him how he could forget after everything they went through, how he could just leave her to remember everything
  • In tears, DHS is saying that he can't believe her but I think he does feel something when he looks at her
  • CJW asks why he doesn't believe in himself and I think he says that she just thinks he's the past version and he says that he doesn't want to know that person and hates them
  • I think DHS said that in the end, neither of them will be able to move on, CJW from what she wants to see and I guess him from the person he doesn't remember being
  • They both break down in the car even more
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9 minutes ago, Jillia said:

@Madu Mita @violina

I also got the impression from Hae Soo she wants to get punished for what she did? She lived with this guilt for so many years including the guilt that her brother was accused for what she did. I think she can only live in peace when she gets the punishment. It seems unfair to us because she went through a lot but I think it seems fair to HER. :D

You are right, given the fact that she was ready to tell about it literally to anyone who she would know and everyone would stop her, just like teacher stopping the topper kid who knows the answer and wants to answer.:loolz:

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2020] The Flower of Evil, 악의 꽃

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