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[Drama 2020] The Flower of Evil, 악의 꽃

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Best Kdrama Actors: StellarSis Awards (France) 2021

CAROLINE & ELODIE LEROY | FEBRUARY 28, 2021                                                                             SHARE

Here is the list of the 2021 StellarSis Awards, through which the Editors nominate the best k-drama actors and actresses of the past year.


What a challenge for actors in the teeming world of Korean dramas! We reviewed all of the 2020 trendy drama lineup and debated at length to elect the Korean actors and actresses whose performances were the most outstanding. After our selection of the essential series of 2020, here is our list of k-drama actors.

Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won, Acting Duo of the Year


Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won Flower of Evil (tvN)

As we explained to you in our review , Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won bowled us over in Flower of Evil , a psychological thriller in which a female cop uncovers her husband's hidden past. Between couple crisis and police investigation, the drama gives pride of place to a face-to-face meeting of actors of rare intensity.


We've been following Lee Joon Gi's career since his early days , and it's especially gratifying to see him blossom today in a role as ambitious as that of loving family man Baek Hee Seong / Do Hyun Soo, caring husband, and double-sided thriller character. Throughout Flower of Evil , his interpretation never ceases to reveal new riches, appearing remarkable in mastery and sensitivity.


For her part, Moon Chae Won delivers the best performance of his career in a role more difficult than it seems. Between the ordinary woman and the cop full of conviction ready to take all the risks to save her husband, she brings to her character a lot of nuance and truth. She is undoubtedly the actress who has moved us the most this year.

Avalanche of revelations

Unlike in other years, when the Revelations category was mixed, we decided to separate men and women. The reason is simple: the year 2020 saw the emergence of an incredibly high number of young talents. It would have been a shame to miss half of them.


As every year, the StellarSisters editorial staff awards its prizes to the actors of k-dramas by classifying them in several categories: best actor, best actress, best actor in a supporting role, best actress in a supporting role, male revelation, female revelation. , best villain and special prizes.


Like our ranking of the best dramas of the year , the StellarSis Awards take into account the dramas of which at least 50% were broadcast in the previous year, that is to say in 2020.


Finally, in addition to our traditional distinctions granted to the best male and female supporting roles and to the villains of k-dramas, the list of StellarSis Awards ends like last year with Special Prizes. In this series, the categories are free and allow us to distinguish special contributions or scenes that have marked us.

StellarSis Awards 2021

Best Actor:
Lee Joon Gi

Baek Hee Sung / Do Hyun Soo in Flower of Evil


Lee Joon Gi, best actor

Special mentions:

2 - Son Hyun Joo - Kang Do Chang in The Good Detective
3 - Shin Sung Rok - Kim Seo Jin in Kairos


Other nominees (alphabetical order):

Cho Jeong Seok - Hospital Playlist
Joo Ji Hoon - Hyena
Kim Min Jae - Do You Like Brahms?
Kim Soo Hyun - It's Okay to Not Be Okay
Namgoong Min - Hot Stove League
Park Hae Joon - The World Of The Married
Park Seo Joon - Itaewon Class
Song Kang - Sweet Home

Best Actress:
Moon Chae Won

Cha Ji Won in Flower of Evil


Moon Chae Won, best actress

Special mentions:

2 - Seo Yea Ji - Go Moon Young in It's Okay to Not Be Okay
3 - Kim Hee Ae - Ji Sun Woo in World of the Married


Other nominees (alphabetical order):

Kim Ha Neul  - 18 Again
Kim Hye Soo - Hyena
Kim Seo Hyung - Nobody Knows
Lee Se Young - Kairos
Park Eun Bin - Do You Like Brahms?
Son Ye Jin - Crash Landing On You



Best Villain
Jo Min Soo - The Cursed

The shaman Jin Kyung in The Cursed


Special mentions:

2 - Kim Ji Hoon - Baek Hee Sung in Flower Of Evil
3 - Yoo Jae Myung - Jang Dae Hee in Itaewon Class



Kim Ji Hoon and Yoo Jae Myung, best villains



Other nominees (alphabetical order):

Ahn Bo Hyun - Itaewon Class
Jo Han Chul - Memorist
Oh Jung Se - The Good Detective / Hot Stove League
Park Hoon - Nobody Knows
Sung Dong Il - The Cursed


Source: https://www.stellarsisters.com/les-meilleurs-acteurs-de-kdramas-stellarsis-awards-2021

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The drama is still getting article coverage :innocent:


7 Crime & Mystery K-Dramas That Keep Us On The Edge Of Our Seats




Crime and mystery K-dramas are often underrated in favor of their romantic counterparts. While there’s nothing more satisfying to watch than an epic romance unfold, sometimes you want to put the fluttering feelings of love to the side and watch something more thrilling. From murder mysteries to conspiracies, to delving into the paranormal, there are so many good, thrilling crime and mystery dramas to watch. Here are a few favorites.


Warning: mentions of violence, sexual assault, and death below.


Flower of Evil

When it comes to crime and romance, usually the two don’t mix. Or, more commonly, there are just subtle hints since romance isn’t the main plotline of the show. However, tvN’s “Flower of Evil” takes the plunge of intricately tying a marriage into a cold case that’s over a decade old. The story follows detective Cha Ji Won (Moon Chae Won) who discovers that her husband, Baek Hee Sung (Lee Joon Gi) may actually be a murderer. It feels like an understatement to say that these two go through hell as they both try to solve the case and reveal the true events that happened.


The romance absolutely drives this drama forward. With every episode, you truly have no idea if their marriage will fall apart or become stronger than ever. The drama toys with Hee Sung’s innocence quite a bit in the beginning, but by the end, you can’t help but hope for their happy ending.
Each character is deeply connected, and those connections plus the drama’s insane attention to detail make the murder mystery so addicting to figure out. Once you start this drama, you’ll have to keep watching until you finish.


(skipped unrelated.....)

Credit : soompi news

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