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[Drama 2020] The Flower of Evil, 악의 꽃

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19 hours ago, Madu Mita said:

I'm starting to get disappointed in the writing of the drama. Here are my complaints.


Ultra Perfect leads

This drama characters, main ones are so different from what they lead us to believe. I'm not sure if they changed because they wanted to please the audience or something but the story and suspense was more interesting when they were at odds with each other.

But they made Ji Won and Hyunso literally flawless and perfect.

Ji won , though suspicious and angry, still supports and defends Hyunso and protects him.

She doesn't even mind that he lied to her and faked his whole identity. I thought fans would hate her but of course they don't,given how supports him and protects him, how could they? She is basically all they want in a female lead, especially since she into him just as much.

but she suddenly gets suspicious after all charges are cleared? I get that she had doubts but it looks like she suspects because the plot wants her to. She knows he was framed before and that he has enemies.


Do Hyunso's characterisation is all over the place. At first he kidnaps and holds a guy hostage.

Seems to be haunted by his dad and seems to have a troubled past.

But he's just a victim that happens to be good person? Someone who can't recognise his own feelings. Who never committed a murder but has impulses and experience in holding people hostage?

He is anti social but also nice?

I feel like all the suspense has been sucked out of the drama since secrets were revealed and they just accepted each other. It was sweet but can I get a conversation or argument?

Dad's ghost haunts whenever the plot wants him to.

Plot holes and inconsistent characterisation 


Do Hae soo is also all over the place?

She is nice and kind but she is capable of murder?

She doesn't have guilt for murder? I think we need more insight on village foreman's murder 

But she still needs moojin's protection after being quick to murder

Hee Sung is just psycho from day one? Was in a coma but can walk and get  to hae Soo's place?

Is in contact with seong cheol?

All the villainy is just left to villains?


It would been best if they didn't sanitise and victimise their leads so much and let them have their grey sides and made it about how they confront and reach a middle ground.

Couple who support each other and fight villains is a very cliche thing.

Just having them suspect each other suddenly after all that's happened is so plot convenient


I need  proper answers more than a happy ending 

About jiwon suspecting and unsuspecting her husband is natural. Jiwon is conflicted by emotions and evidence. On the one hand the evidence makes her suspect her husband and on the other hand if ever she finds any reason to believe her husband she takes it. Thanks why when she found blood in the basement she suspect her husband.  She was still trying to hold on to the loving memeory of her husband.  But when she hearda her husband never loved her she breaks down. She felt the base of her life was fake.  She was emotionally blinded by distrust. Later, she recalls her years with her husband when she was “loved” and her child was treasured. And she started to believe in their relationship again


about hyun so trying to torture reporter kim. I dont think he had intention of killing him.  I think maybe do hyun so has some problem with blood or trauma as he gets all weak like clenching his heart. 
i think the moment he met reporter he just wanted to scare him.  He wanted to make him feel how he was made feel when he was young. 

regarding hae soo , yes she is very innocent. All she wants is better environment for his brother. When his brother started to see dead father after different ritual done to her brother it was breaking point her. She could not stand not doing anything. That why she went to talk to foreman. We don't know what happened between them.  According to her, he attacked her. So we dont know the full story. Judging by the circumstances that she is not guilty could project that foreman was not a good person. 
Hae sung didnt show he had evil thought so without anyone letting him know his action were wrong. While hyun so personality was known to everyone so people criticized

him his sister tried to show the

right way. And so on

you can only mend the things you see is broken.  When things are already crumbled inside we dont put thought to mend it only to discover late that at the pieces that are too broken To be put back


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2 hours ago, Jillia said:

I definitely don't find it funny. :) They look exhausted and yes, they might ignore eachother. It actually looks like a new low for their marriage. I mean in the end Hyun Soo forced Ji Won to leave by holding a knife to her throat.


2 hours ago, violina said:

Them having a squabble is very realistic thats why people are laughing. Married people fight and makeup alot. Maybe some are thinking of their own partners while watching these two. 


Yes, @violina. That's exactly what I was thinking when I see the still. Actually many got similar reactions simply because it's very realistic. Everything just on point there.. like married couple who're fighting. Looks very real/natural.


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Watching episode 13 feels like...




what a twist ...


Sorry I wasn't able to do the gif-recap last time. The live streaming died77.gif



- EPISODE 14 -



















































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So I'm trying to watch it live but it does keep loading haha but these are some things from the first part, it's on commercial now. I used my limited understanding of Korean so there may be incorrect parts or parts I missed stuff because of it continuously loading sometimes


- In flashback, BHS wanted DHS to murder JMS but DMS was adamant in defending his son and even threatened BHS saying that he could’ve died, he stuck his knife, which wasn’t out, to his stomach

- GMJ names DHS as the one who wanted to murder the housekeeper to CJS and tells him that he lived as BHS for 15 years

- DHS whispered to CJW the reality that they were in before she raised her hands

- Once the camera is off he asks for a day

- CJW is angry that he held up a knife to her neck but it turns out that it does nothing as DHS shows her on his hand and it doesn’t cut him but she’s still angry

- DHS wants to go off on his own but CJW tells him she can’t send him and handcuffs herself to him

- Turns out they were hiding in the closet when CJS and the others were there

- DHS, I think, said that all of the evidence will lead back to him and CJW suggests that they go handcuffed like that

- CJW finally asks about the hidden space in the closet and DHS asks that she undo the handcuffs but CJW knows that if she does, he’ll run away from her

- She takes off her badge, as the request of DHS but is in the way of an oncoming bike so he moves her out of the way, hence the broken badge on the ground in the preview

- CJW’s boss is asked by his boss if she really didn’t know that DHS was her husband and he lies for her saying that she didn’t know when he remembers otherwise, he figures she knew from CJS confronting her before

- YSC must be in DMS’s house because he locks a crying JMS in the basement cage

- But JMS begins to think back and remember her time, faintly, spent in the cage and remembers BHS with the dog leash and she looks like she remembers his face, too

- She becomes frantic as she remembers and tries to cling onto YSC

- BHS is telling his mother she did well for telling the police about DHS and tells her that he’s guilty or caught or something

- GMJ asks if it’ll all be over and I think BHS says it will

- YSC calls BHS to tell him about JMS and tells him to contact him when he has the money

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2020] The Flower of Evil, 악의 꽃

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