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[Drama 2020] The Flower of Evil, 악의 꽃

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- It's D-DAY       Calling all Pretty FLOWERS       EPISODE 01                  

If only the TIME didn't stopped... The kissing session will consume for 30 minutes.       The slow-burn sweet kisses  were so HOT and sexy.           

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Do Hyun Su tell Eun Ha not to follow stranger.He tell her if they will not allow her to talk and pick up by stranger.So Do Hyun Su will prepare for bad thing maybe happen because he know Baek Man Wo try to kill him and maybe also his family.But Baek Hee Sung more scary.He can do psycho behaviour and act like innocence from his teen.

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38 minutes ago, chickenchopflipflop83 said:

omo they didnt warn eunha that the other haelmoni cannot be trusted.....


33 minutes ago, Jillia said:

@chickenchopflipflop83 @hunybunny

But... Go Mi Ja isn't a stranger, right?

I dont think she would harm Eun Ha though or let anyone harm Eun Ha. This is a woman who stabbed her own son to save a stranger's life InfiniteIncomparableKitty-size_restricte

11 minutes ago, thephamle said:

The real BHS better not come after our Egg Tart or else he has to deal with me?


His mother will stab him again and maybe bury him this time instead of putting his sorry self into a coma

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Do Hyun Su found some writing.I can see you but you can't see me.BHS blackmail DHS by call Cha JiWon And Eun Ha name.that why DHS tell Eunha to be careful to a stranger and not allowed to pickup up or talk with stranger. Ahjuma maid body was found by a group of young people.The police go to there.and found ahjuma corpse.Baek Hee Sung must set a trap for DHS and blame DHs for murder

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I seriously think that It will the mom who'll end up killing Hee Sung. She cares for Eun Ha and won't let anyone touch him. The maid had betrayed them and attacked her, so I can understand her feelings then (she was still terrified). But there is a high chance that Hee Sung will get stabbed by her again OR... he'll end up killing her :sweating:

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6 minutes ago, an-naum said:

No live recap tonite?! Where's @jeonghyang when we need you?

Its okay anyway, we can chill and be patience while waiting for the RAW. I'm not into live streaming nowadays.. Life caught me.. Err.. 

Maybe livestream didn't work for @jeonghyang-chingu tonight or had rl stuff going on. :D 


The anticipation to watch the whole episode is higher now though.


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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2020] The Flower of Evil, 악의 꽃

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