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[Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] The Eternal Love 3 双世宠妃 III

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Wow, looks like we will have no problem hitting 100 kissing scenes in no time    邢昭林:“我进组了12天,拍了十天吻戏,每天三场” XZL : "I went into the group for 12 days, filmed 10 days kiss scenes, every day

They get married for 4th times 

Talking about kissing scenes, let’s recap the kissing scenes in season 1!      


@lovehuche Here's the english translation of their full videos.


@annamchoi Since you are watching Eternal love 2 after YAMD, here's a sneak preview of their interactions after Eternal Love 1. :doggie:



1st video:

XZL: Haha, I'm late.


2nd video:

XZL: Cheng Cheng is a gay!

LJ: This little girl really didn't know the meaning of this word.

XZL: You really don't know the meaning of this word?

LJ: Forgive my ignorance. I really don't know. Hehe..


3rd video:

LJ: Cheng Cheng, how are you?

XZL: This is the prince's palace.  You are the wife of this prince. Don't go anywhere.

LJ: Haha...Ok, I won't go anywhere.


4th video:

XZL: This prince is not satisfied. This woman is not satisfied yet!




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