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[Drama 2020] Record of Youth / The Moment, 청춘기록

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Just want to share my thoughts here after watching some parts of our OTP..


Im beginning to hate the distance between our couple. From the gap while they were seated on the sofa to when he was in the plane and she was in the province, alone while it was raining hard. Its just becoming too obvious that maybe the sad parts are about to come. 


I hate the color of their couple jacket/blouse in the preview. Why black? Plus his question about her not calling him first didnt sit well on me. He wasnt in SK while she was getting drenched from the heavy rain...I can sense that the thought of HH meeting JH without his knowledge could be bothering him but thats when they need to trust each other more...


I can also feel HJ's pain/sadness in the preview while getting his make-up done. We only have 4 eps left i hope the writer will be able to close all the issues nicely if we really have to go through the break-up part or maybe in case HJ will suddenly be in deep trouble and will have to leave the entertainment industry.

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I have so many thoughts about this drama, but I will just hone in on the most important.   The biggest underlying theme in this drama is CLASS.    From the very beginning, everyone

Silent lurker n regular follower here.  Annyeong, welcome to the thread  chingu.    had to get this off my chest abt ep 11 n 12.. do let me know your thoughts if you guys perceived thes

The last scenes...


Lee Sung-Kyung tells Hye-Joon that her make-up artist has gone on maternity leave and the new make-up artist is not very detailed nor considerate enough so Hye-Joon offers to introduce another make-up artist to her who is really good with her hands and is warmhearted too...
Lee Sung-kyung asks Hye-Joon if he is referring to his own girlfriend...so the latter is surprised and asks her how does she know...She asks him to give her Jung-ha's cell phone number. She then adds that Hye-Joon will need his phone to retrieve his girlfriend's number but the latter tells her that he has already memorised her phone number...
She then starts teasing Hye-Joon for being a lover boy...
While Hye-Joon is keying in Jung-Ha's number on Sung-Kyung's cell phone, all these are being captured and recorded by a staff who is holding a video camera in her hands...
Min-jae asks Hye-Joon how come his face can still be glowing when his work schedule is so hectic...and the new assistant also mentions that Hye-Joon will be going overseas soon for his fan-meeting and adds that he has already memorised his schedule by hard...
Min-jae has hired another make-up artist to do Hye-joon's make-up for his shooting as she doesn't want more rumours nor scandals to spread about Hye-Joon since they are being watched by so many people so it wouldn't be very convenient for Jung-ha to do the make-up for Hye-joon...
Min-jae adds that it will be better of Jung-ha can act as the observer now...
This is when Min-jae receives a call from Reporter Kim asking her if Hye-Joon is dating the make-up artist, Jung Ha now...
Min-jae denies that they are dating and ticks the reporter off for having written an article about Hye-Joon being linked with Charlie Jung...Then next his ex-girlfriend's interview...She asks Reporter Kim why can't she just leave Hye-Joon alone...
After she hangs up the phone, she then turns aound and tells Jung-ha that the reporter is planning to expose her relationship with Hye-joon...and she adds that this will really do harm and greatly affect his image and reputation...Because with the earlier news about his ex-girlfriend and then now, his current girlfriend...
She tells Jung-ha that she can foresee something really bad will come along too...
Reporter Kim is looking at the pictures of Hye-Joon taken together with Jung-Ha...
Lee Sung-Kyung makes a video call to Hye-Joon and is happily chatting with both he and Hae-Hyo...She then jests that she is now dating Hye-Joon and adds that she needs to think about them dating each other while they are filming the drama series...
A concerned looking Hye-Joon is worried about what Jung-ha would think about it...
She continues to tease Hye-Joon calling him "her boyfriend" as she tells Hae-hyo to take good care of her boyfriend...
Jung-ha feels really awkward while listening to their conversation...
Hye-Joon then remarks what's wrong with Sung-Kyung for making jokes like that so Hae-Hyo remarks that's her personality and she is just playing out her character in the show...
Hye-Joon then asks Hae-hyo to take a photo of him and Jung-ha together as he would like to capture that moment of them being together at the place...
Inside the car, Hae-Hyo offers to drive Jung-ha to the shooting site outside of town where she will be doing a make-up job and he tells her that Hye-Joon would be busy that day since he has to attend a fan meeting too...
On the bus, Jung-ha receives a text message from Hye-Joon who has sent her the picture of them taken together, His text message reads, "Having you by my side is always the best for me"...
Jung-ha's voiceover saying "Out of sight and out of mind...not being with each other within sight...causes us to become more distant..."
"I had faith that our relationship was solid and was going well..."
"But my faith is much more fragile than my love..."
It's almost midnight and they are still not done with the shooting yet...
Shooting has finally ended but Jung-ha is caught in the heavy downpour...She is reminded of Hye-Joon's question when he asks her why is it she doesn't like rainy days. She has told him that rainy days seems to make her feel that she is all alone by herself in this world. This is when Hye-Joon tells her that he would call her when it rains so that she wouldn't feel like she is all alone by herself...
She takes out her phone wanting to call Hye-Joon but the latter couldn't pick up her call as he is onboard the plane...
Instead, Hae-Hyo arrives at the scene to pick her up...
Jung-ha invites Hae-Hyo to come into her house...



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About 12


Again, we see people trying to solve problems for someone who is not in a coma, or having cognitive difficulties WITHOUT consulting them. Seriously WTH!?!??!!?




HJ "Am I your/a child" need to be said to so many people, including the parents.


I understand his family's concerns. AND  I also understand JH sense of privacy.  I assume he never brought the difficulties he was having in the business home to the family for fear that his father and brother would say--as they did without even knowing the true complexity--if you are not doing well, join the army then join my construction company.


Like this.



His family has no idea how the entertainment business works and now this father is pushing his nose into something he knows nothing about.  YES, work to protect your child. But you don't call up your ADULT son's business partner and start questioning her.  He has no right. 


I know this is the thing that makes for drama, but it also the thing that just boils my blood. 


Lee Tae-Su meets up with Hye-Joon's brother, Gyeong-Joon...


Gyeong-Joon tells Hye-Joon : He (Lee Tae-Su) appears to be really capable and competent...




WTH--manage GJ--I hope he is smart enough to stay in his own lane.  He never was helpful to HJ. I hope HJ explains that TS wouldn't pay him what he's owed.


I know this "in your family member's life" is cultural, but damn.


JH has matured a lot.  It was very adult of him to pull his father aside and to politely ask him not to interfere in his career.  Perhaps that could happen now because his father is now showing him some respect. 


I'm also glad that JH stood up for Min-Jae.  HIs brother was so out of place to be asking Min-jae for a ride as if she were the family's lackey to be made to fetch this and that.  Min-Jae is a professional. The head of her own company.  She is not a lackey. And even if she functions as JH's lackey, it doesn't give GJ the right to exploit her.


At the end, the drama sets up expectations that are unlikely to be met, because they are against HJ's personality.  I don't think HJ would be interested in HH even if JH isn't around.


The drama also shows how everyone one just wants to feed of "stars".  Everyone wants to be star-adjacent, in the circle of influence to get attention.  Even the "fan". People don't see "stars" as human, from the fans to co-workers.  Being beside a star is just another way to make cash or get attention.


TS can work as deceptively as he can to get JH back as as an actor, BUT he is doomed to fail because--

1- The drama already showed us that even when JH's career was going nowhere and it didn't look like things would work out, his choices were made on integrity, which is why he turned down Charlie Jung.

2- JH decision is based on relationship not on guarantee of success.  


The only way TS can get to represent JH is if GJ or their father do something stupid as to sign on JH's behalf. I can't understand any legal system that would allow anyone to enter into a contract for a 28 year old mentally competent MAN. 


EDIT:  I appreciate the way this drama is dealing with sexual health contraceptive.  It's interesting they are keeping those issues from the lead couple, but they are dealing with it in the drama. I guess they feel a responsible approach to sexual activity won't come off as romantic. In the drama sex is suggested more that illustrated.  Sexual relations between the leads is only lightly suggested, I assume it is to protect the innocent eyes that might we watching.  The audience can decide for themselves if the main couple are or are not sleeping together.   Hae-Na, despite being a little pouty, is a good example of an adult woman taking care of her sexuality and sexual help. 




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I have so many thoughts about this drama, but I will just hone in on the most important.


The biggest underlying theme in this drama is CLASS. 


From the very beginning, everyone who came in contact with HJ could see he was "special", that he had immeasurable talent. LTS could see even though he allowed his greed to keep him from doing right by HJ. Had he not gotten bought out by people and been a little patient, HJ would still be his client. There is a reason things took off for HJ after he left LTS's agency. MJ could see it, which is why she decided to start her own agency and convinced him not to enlist yet. HH's mom could see it, which is why she interfered and started using her money and connections to get opportunities for HH. And finally, CJ could see it. I got the impression that CJ was really lonely and didn't just want some young model he could play daddy long legs to, but was sincerely looking for love. He was attracted to HJ not only physically, but he was attracted to his character. HJ was not the type to use anyone. He wasn't looking for fame, he really wanted to move into acting and he showed a lot of respect for the craft. With "special talent and gifts" come greed, jealousy and malicious intent.


HJ is just spreading his wings to fly and the sharks are circling around him.  I knew when he won best new actor, HH's mom was going to lose her mind. First of all, it should be noted that HJ was nominated for Best Actor instead of Rookie of the Year like HH. I feel like HH was nominated because of his looks and "alleged" popularity. But, I have never gotten the impression that HH even cares about acting. It is just something to do in order to be famous, talked about, adored and gain a bigger social media following. I have never heard HH talking about a script he loved, a director he wanted to work with, none of that. And his indifference is translating on the screen. It was very telling when they were at the movie premiere, how the press was more interested in HJ, someone fairly unknown then they were HH and PDH. HJ stole the show because of his ability. No one purchased followers for him, or paid off a director or producer. 


The fact that HH has no work or projects right now is even more interesting because it also shows the negative effects his mother's interference is having on his career. Even LTS wanted an apology from her. She is an elitist snob, who thinks money and class trumps natural talent. That is the main reason she didn't want HJ to succeed. You could just see her looking like how dare the maid's son become more famous than my silver-spooned son?? The inevitable is going to happen. HJ's mom won't be working there much longer, nor will she have to. HJ has already paid off their debts and taken some of the financial pressure away. He has already secured projects overseas, further evidence of his talent. And, truly, how much longer is that arrangement going to work out? HH's mother has rubbed off on HH in my opinion. His mother wants to exert dominance over HJ's mom because of her money and social status, but then at the same time, she wants to be friends. That is just not possible. Let me mop your floors while you brag about your wealthy life, then turn around and have cocktails with you? That is why she doesn't have any friends. HH also is very aware of his status and money. He didn't hesitate to hire JH as his makeup artist and then lock her in a contract, even though he knew she was a fan of HJ. Also, I feel like he is intrigued with her choosing his friend, before he blew up into a star. Now that he knows, because she has told him many times, that she is in love with HJ and they have a solid relationship, he wants to confess? Talk about a bad friend.


I won't elaborate further, but there are some things that need to happen before this drama ends.

MJ needs to STEP it way up. HJ is becoming too big of a star for her to have a panic attack every time something happens, otherwise she really will lose him as a client.

I would like to see LTS truly pay for what he has done and continues to do. How dare he try to steal HJ back when he treated him so poorly before.

I need HH's mom to get humbled because she still thinks her money is enough to make her son a star.

I want HH to be an actual friend to HJ instead of competition. 

I hope haraboji becomes successful with the senior modeling.

And I want our OTP to find their own true happiness despite their individual careers.

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Hello everyone!

Bogum's fan here. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the discussion. I appreciate everyone who has provided their feedback and special thanks to @MinLyn who provided the recap and to @gumtaekfor the constant update. Please know that there are more people who are reading your comments even though we don't always login. RoY fighting! :)

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I’ve watched the latest episodes and there’s so many things going on in the show but I’ll focus on our OTP and Hae Hyo for now. 


Somehow, every couple will have to go through some sort of "test" to see how strong their bond is. It's understandable how HJ celebrity status will put a strain on his relationships as his work schedules start piling up. Both HJ and JH just have to learn how to navigate through the hurdles. I like the scene where HJ tells JH he loves her. And she says she loves him back. That should have have some significance for both of them down the road.



I admit it's disappointing to see how HH character is turning out. His feelings for JH is making him do all the wrong moves. He's being a lousy, two-faced friend because of it. It’s important to note that HJ trusts him to be with JH. But HH is violating that trust by being disrespectful. If he's really a good friend, he would not take advantage of JH and her kindness. A good man would not allow his feelings for a woman to dictate his actions so badly. He did that first when he lost the Rookie award. He acted pitiful and took advantage of JH kindness then.

Now by giving her a ride home he's doing a good friend deed. He’s making sure she’s safely home. A good friend would offer the umbrella and the ride home without going up to the girl's house. Even if he was invited (most likely out of politeness by JH). I didn’t see anything that JH did to give him the impression that she likes him more than a friend. In fact, most of their conversations were about HJ. Maybe JH feels vulnerable and distant from HJ at that moment but that’s all the more reason for HH to stay away.


There's no excuse for a character that crosses the line. He knows HJ and JH are in a relationship and by deliberately pursuing JH, it just makes HH very disrespectful of HJ and JH.


If HH confesses his feelings and create more tension in the couple’s relationship, that will take the last semblance of decency from his character. I hope he doesn't go that far.


He might want to ask himself this, if the roles were reversed, would HH want his male best friend to behave this way with his girlfriend too?

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As a fansgirl, it is happy to see that HJ is success and has many jobs. As a girl friend, however, it is not easy to keep the relationship if lack of communication. JH already told that she wants HJ can share the difficulty with her. But at the last scene, JH know HJ’s schedule from HH. It seems that HJ is very very busy and JH doesn’t want to disturb him, and then just have few chat via message... They love each other very much but do not know how to represent it... Any one can teach/tell them? HH, can you do it?:huh:



I think HH is a simple person. He told HJ he needs him and he also forgive JU and HN easily. For EP 12, he also help HJ take photos of JH. It shows HH already recognised the relationship between HJ and JH. At the last scene, he takes 2 umbrellas. One for himself and one for JH. 
It likes the signal of Help (as friends). I hope I am not wrong. HH is not easy too because  of his mom.:unsure:


LTS and the reporter are terrible. They can destroy people. But they exist because there are many readers want to know star’s privacy. Star = Product? <_<  I always think that stars are just human being, not own by us. Their jobs entertain the fans and the public but we also need to understand they cannot be perfect. If we know too much, we do not have imagination space, they cannot be shine for a long time. Just keep the best distance (support) for their good performance. ;)






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I agree with you, HH and his mother are so focused on themselves that they disrespect others, HJ and his mother above all, but also JH.  HH has not had any permission from HJ to look after his girlfriend, twice he "jokingly" grabbed her as if she were his property and has now entered her house.  There is something wrong with him.  But what this drama shows without any justification is the world around these stars, from ruthless managers, to sponsors, fans with malevolent intentions (like the two girls who asked HJ for a photo by not keeping their promise and saying that he was  with boyfriend), greedy journalists and crazy haters.  It is not just a life of luxury and joy, because popularity also gives responsibility.  JH's character was written before Bo Gum accepted, but their life is similar, even Bo Gum paid off his father's debts when he became famous.  I hope he can find a way to reconnect with JH and I hope for a happy ending.  But do we want to talk a little about Jeong Ha?

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HH has not had any permission from HJ to look after his girlfriend, twice he "jokingly" grabbed her as if she were his property and has now entered her house.

For me, HH always treat JH with respect. In the last scene, he brings two umbrellas. One for him, one for JH. He knows, he must keep the distance from JH, because JH is HJ's girlfriend. And it's look that JH is the one who allow HH to enter her house. She is the one who let HH in.

I actually feel hurt for HH when he got the hate comments in instagram. People said he is pretend to close with HJ just because HJ is famous. In every interview, even before HJ as famous as now, HH always said that HJ is his best friend, but HJ never said that. HJ is never make HH his priority. For HJ, HH and JU just a friend. Not bestfriend. Even though HH always helps and brings HJ in his photoshoot before HJ got famous.

Btw I am sorry for my bad English, I hope you get my point.

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