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[Drama 2020] Record of Youth / The Moment, 청춘기록

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Silent lurker n regular follower here.  Annyeong, welcome to the thread  chingu.    had to get this off my chest abt ep 11 n 12.. do let me know your thoughts if you guys perceived thes

I have so many thoughts about this drama, but I will just hone in on the most important.   The biggest underlying theme in this drama is CLASS.    From the very beginning, everyone

This confession scene will now be one of my favorite romantic moments in dramas because it was so raw and felt so real. And because it was true to Hye Jun’s character. He has always been a straightfor

26 minutes ago, Dj272 said:

What's in the message notification from charlie jung?anyone can translate it?please .

where's the bed scene ? Did i miss it? 

He died, supposedly because of suicide. HJ received a phone call from the police asking him to come for some questions


Bed scene: you didn't miss it, there's no bed scene in tonight ep. Should I convinced myself that it happened in ep 8 already? :(

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Man, the subs came out so fast!


Great to see a longer cameo by Park Seo Jun and didnt realise they knew each other from other shows? Or just maybe in the industry...


Charlie Jung's death and why was it even linked to HJ.. throwing an unnecessary storyline when we all wanna see how he deals with his fame and Jeong Ah? Im curious how the show will handle their relationship. Though it looks like Jeong Ah will leave HJ later on so as not to disrupt his career...


Urgh, who is the creep who has been taking pictures of him going to Jeong Ah's apartment? ... any guesses?


Overall, great episode:)



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I just wanted to stop by to say how much I LOVE Min-Jae.

I love everything about her.  I love her style. The hair, the clothes. I even love her depressed sloppy style that's so realistic.


I LOVE her PERSONALITY. Shin Dong-Mi is kicking it out the . . . where ever one kicks things out of. [Not a sport fan and I should avoid athletic metaphors]


Wow, she is tall. image_readtop_2020_924204_15994633074346





This episode also answered my question of Hye-Jun walking off the set in a costume piece and getting it soaked in the rain--the suit belonged to him.


Since I started watching K-dramas in 2005 the genre's portrayal of women have improved/matured a lot.  Back then the really good dramas often had three dimensional women--even if they were a bit self-sacrificing-- and the so-so what often had horrid female second leads who had no character/personality beyond a sense of entitlement.  Now even mediocre drama [or may just the ones I watch] now do a better job of fleshing out women.


They still do a terrible job with Black characters and LBGTQ folks.  I don't like how Charlie Jung has been written.  I sincerely hope they don't turn him into a vengeful villain.  A pathetic gay man is bad enough, but vengeful villain is worst.


I'm not sure how doing a small time jump and skipping to the award ceremony last episode helped the storytelling when the drama went back over the same ground today.


I guess the home audience would understand/assume that Hye-Joon and Hae-Hyo's connection to Park Seo-Joon is through their careers as models, because the drama didn't clearly spell it out.


I sincerely this is the last we see of Ji-A.


I hope Hye-Joon and his Dad reach an understanding.  Sometimes even when parents love you they can do psychological damage trying to guide you to what THEY feel is the best path.

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Ottoke, Charlie Jung died!  What a fate! :wut:

On 10/5/2020 at 6:04 PM, LanA said:

We only have 2 cute scenes of our OTP in today ep, that's a bit sad :(


Now I can be sure that "bed scene" is happening in JH's bedroom. But after tonight ep, I'm no longer sure 100% that it is what I hope it is. My guess dropped down to 80% :(


So we know more about the reason HJ and Jinah broke up, her family didn't allow the relationship. But hey, even if it's bcz of the family reason, she shouldn't have broke his heart twice, that's not cool. In the preview, her face seems to be thicker to show up at HJ's film set. Girl, you should have some self respect.


HN and JU had their bed scene already, but where's our OTP's?? Director, don't tell me you're just giving us a glimpse of what "might had happened" in her room before they went to the convet. That's not fair.

If you wanna give us a preview of the bed scene, why make us wait another ep??? Why why why???


Hahaha,  I was waiting for that too but Jin-u and Haena stole the scene. Maybe in ep11.:D


On 10/5/2020 at 3:55 PM, blue_izce8 said:


Thanks for sharing. They look cute hehhe but i think im the only one who thinks that BWS and PSD have better chem than PBG...




On 10/5/2020 at 6:49 PM, Boj said:

Good evening everyone, I just finished watching today's episode and I want to leave you my impressions. I really like this drama, it adds something more to Bogum's career, it not only allows us to see him in multiple roles in the same drama, making us appreciate his talent and technique, but also describes what goes on behind theglossy showbusiness world ,showing that really  not all is gold, there are rivalries, envy and wickedness. I am obviously rooting for Hye Joon, who like Bogum has a pure heart, and I hope that his love affair with Jong Ha will not be affected by media pressure, by the mounted scandals. To both, actors and the characters, I say: FIGHTING! 

A special greeting to our golden boy who is in the military: congratulations on your performance. i hope it gets rewarded like that Hye Joon's in The King Returns, even if you won't be there to collect the award :bawling:.

Some might think that it was easy for you to play Hye Joon, but I don't think it was really easy to keep yourself detached from him, while at the same time acting completely immersing yourself in that role during the filming of the Wonderland movie. You did a really good job, I'm proud to be your fan. 



I think the problem between them will be the media cameras, not the fact that she feels inferior to him, because he would never let her feel that way, but he will want to protect her

Welcome back @Boj:). It's nice reading your post again to support our Bogummy. :wub: 


God is good all the time. Bogum shall go to the stage of drama awards again in the perfect time. 


21 hours ago, Thirtysvn37 said:

I've been a silent reader to this thread for some weeks.


But anyway, I love last night's episode so much. I somehow felt proud and happy when thing goes into Hye-Jun's way. I also love that they actually shown his characters in each of the project, so that the drama felt more realistic.


  Hide contents

Because of this drama, I cant help to think that if some stars actually behave like park do-ha in real life?


I was thinking on that way also. I think one of that example is Bogum's label mate. A rising star also. Not gonna elaborate much here. :saitama:




The breaking up scene that we are always expecting gets so funny. :D



GyeongJun being the "keyboard warrior" makes me love his character. I love the witty replies of him.


"It takes one to know one. "

I bet you get dumped by Charlie Jung...:D


At least,  at this time he is showing love and concern for his brother. 


14 hours ago, LRM11219311 said:



October 6 Netflix Ranking 




Cr:Netflix Patrol 


















cr: owners



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All right, that was an unexpected ending. I’m liking how the writer just pulled the rug under and doesn’t shy away from controversial issues that celebrities have to deal with. I hope with Hye Jun’s character as someone with principles, that “scandal” will be dealt with in a sensitive manner.


I think on the flip side, the more important issue is with Hae Hyo and his inability to cope with the pressures in his career. Clearly, he can’t keep relying on Jeong Ha to be by his side when he’s feeling down or stressed. I hope someone, preferably his parents, would notice what he’s going through and be able to help him before things get out of control. But they’re so overbearing and controlling over him, they seem to be adding to the pressure rather than help him cope with it.


From the way things are going with Hye Jun and Jeong Ha, I still don’t see what could be the cause of their break up (should there be one). They seem more mature than most couples. They’re both grounded and very capable of handling tough issues. They don’t seem like the kind of people to let petty and trivial matters get in their way. One of the things I like about them is the trust they have in one another. So I hope the writer doesn’t make a big deal of Hae Hyo and Ji-A. I think maybe a misunderstanding may occur because of this. But it’s not something that Hye Jun and Jeong Ha can’t resolve.

I like the way Geong Jun has turned into a protective brother for Hye Jun. I hope Hye Jun’s dad will do the same transformation.

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I'm having a hard time figuring out why JH slipped away after the awards show and hung out with HH instead of celebrating with her boyfriend. Shy about meeting his family? Feeling insecure in the wake of his fame? It felt strange to me that she'd rather spend time with another man who, at least from my perspective if I were in her shoes, is pretty clearly interested in her.

Anyway, I'm really curious to see what happens now with the Charlie Jung suicide and the rumors about HJ. I saw someone above saying they'd rather focus on how HJ is dealing with his new fame but that's part of it, bits and piece of your life and your past getting twisted and bandied about in the court of public opinion. It was kind of funny seeing the brother trolling the comment sections! I've seen similar rumors about PBG himself before, one of the show's online comments was almost identical to what I saw, so I wonder if that factored into the plot at all. 

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1 hour ago, kehrite said:

I'm having a hard time figuring out why JH slipped away after the awards show and hung out with HH instead of celebrating with her boyfriend. Shy about meeting his family? Feeling insecure in the wake of his fame? It felt strange to me that she'd rather spend time with another man who, at least from my perspective if I were in her shoes, is pretty clearly interested in her.

In korean culture, you don’t really casually go and meet the parents. It’s very different from western culture. And in that situation he’s there with his whole family, she can’t just go up and introduce herself. 


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Hi everyone! Im still busy with work and can only check this thread for updates. I noticed that after 2 eps no one is actually talking about their scene in her room from ep 7....am i missing something? 


I hope someone could explain what happened in that scene. - TIA 

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