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[Drama 2020] Record of Youth / The Moment, 청춘기록

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Silent lurker n regular follower here.  Annyeong, welcome to the thread  chingu.    had to get this off my chest abt ep 11 n 12.. do let me know your thoughts if you guys perceived thes

I have so many thoughts about this drama, but I will just hone in on the most important.   The biggest underlying theme in this drama is CLASS.    From the very beginning, everyone

This confession scene will now be one of my favorite romantic moments in dramas because it was so raw and felt so real. And because it was true to Hye Jun’s character. He has always been a straightfor

On 9/23/2020 at 9:59 PM, Sakurafairy said:


*** Do you use stunt coordinators?

Do you use stunt doubles?

Are actors' allowed to improvise during a fight scene?  Surefire way to endanger actors.

- 101% Yes they  are using stunt coordinators and stunt doubles. As far as I remember gumtaek posted that here about practicing a fight scene in an open area (a Twitter post by Kim Dong Hyun,  the reliable staff of ROY). They are keeping everything in secure but sometimes accidents really happen.

So to connect with Hyejoon's character as SuYeong - that hitting is really needed although it got so strong. Park Do Ha is the main character so he needed to stand out but he didn't able to control the throwing and Hyejoon also untimely turned back so he got hit. But I believe  irl that PDs are allowing the actors to do in some point some of their stunts to make it believable like how Kwak Dong Hyun hit so hard the butt of Choi MinSik as per the sunbae's request to hit him very hard in the movie New World according to his story when he guested in MLOB and the day after MinSik's couldn't move good since his bottom parts were in pain and blue colors. :D


This person is a very good stunt coordinator and mostly his company provides training and security in dramas and movies. I got to know him in one of the episodes of 2D1N. 


***Are actors allowed to leave the set wearing their costumes. How can Hye-Jun seem so unconcerned about the suit getting soaking wet if it didn't belong to him? 

---What I know about this is there are sponsored clothes that an actor needs to return after they use and there are that they can use already. The company gives them. That is what stylist Han Hye Yoon said in one of her shows/interviews and what I also remember from Kim SoYeon of Esteem Ent in The Boss in the Mirror K Ent show. 

  Reveal hidden contents


Since hyejoon isn't that big in the industry so he doesn't have sponsor yet. So all the clothes/outfits are owned by him that even it got soaked in the rain it's still okay. 



***Are we to assume that he had a jacket we hadn't seen in his bag.The continuity at the top of the episode seemed a little sketchy as if there was explanation missing.

--- I think he was wearing the casual suit, the one he used when he changed his soaking suit. I think at that sweet moment, for me at least even if I have a jacket in the bag since the adrenaline is running so fast I can never think of any clothes or the rain pouring on me. I only want to finish my confession if I were Hyejoon. So thinking of this and that in that particular heavenly moment is unnecessary for me and I think it is also for the writer. :sweat_smile:


***Kissing (becoming a couple) this early in the drama almost guarantee a break up along the way to HEA.

---  breaking up and getting back to each other are part of relationships, it's unreal if there is no situation like that. 


*-**-brother gets scam

-grandpa becomes successful

These two for sure is a 90% that will happen in the drama. The process of how these events will take place is what I'm so excited to see. Hyejoon's high and mighty hyung and appa's reactions after the scam and haraboji's success story I love to see the final laugh of haraboji just to let his son knows that he is also a productive person. 


What I'm wondering about here is why he isn't using undershirt?  When he got soaked with rain water his back shown. Do you think without the inner shirt the longsleeve is fitter. Lol!  I think it fits so good to him without the inner shirt. :D


Thank you for so diligently responding to the questions.

Some of them were rhetorical.  More than being concerned about the actors in Record of Youth improvising their fight scenes, I was more concerned about how Record of Youth was portraying the Korean entertainment industry especially since in the past several actors have been injured doing stunts.


In some ways I felt some of the transitions at the top of the episode 6 were not graceful but required the audience to fill in the blank.  For instance Hye-Jun changed into a new outfit including shoes, that we had not seen before, but there was no notice that he was carrying a change of clothes with him.  Perhaps there was and I missed it.  It was weird since they seem to have been waiting for his suit jacket to stop dripping and then it was a none issue. Was sure if the new clothes was his own or if Jeong-Ha had loaned him.  Since they didn't spot light the moment, I assumed it was his own.


Great drama. 

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        it seems that Hye Jun and Jung Ha talked about what color to wear each time they see each other after agreeing to be in a relationship. Color coordinated!


1. after Grandpa's photoshoot (yellow)




2. Movie date (blue/denim)




3. Piano park (white)



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Uri Jeongha!  So fresh,  young and so kyeopta. :wub:


@Sodamssi @Nur Nuri




Still No.1 on Netflix Japan




 No.2 on Netflix Vietnam






No.1 on Netflix HongKong





Korean and International fans are really doing their parts to maintain Record of Youth in the top ten. Job well done K and Ifans. :approves:













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Dispatch Article


Worth posting here in full. We may be a bit gloomy with the domestic rating of Episode 6 but this is our answer. B) 




"A jackpot march"... 'Youth Record' ranked #1 on Netflix in 9 Asian countries

tvN's'Youth Record' has become a huge topic in Asia beyond its popularity in Korea. 


'Youth Record' is a work that contains the growth records of youth who are striving to achieve their dreams and love without despair against the walls of reality. In addition to tvN, it is being simultaneously serviced in 190 countries around the world through Netflix. 


Actors Park Bo-gum (playing Sa Hye-jun) and Park So-dam (playing Ahn Jeong-ha)'s heart-throbbing romance unfolds in earnest and becomes more popular. Thanks to the high-density play and the good performance of actors, the ratings are also rising little by little. 


In the midst of this, good news came. 'Youth Record' was ranked first in nine Asian countries on the 24th. Including Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand ranked the top 10. 


Interestingly, even in China, which has not been officially aired, the momentum of the drama is not unusual.  According to Pan Entertainment on the 23rd, the OST of'Youth Record' is recording good results on QQ Music, China's largest music streaming platform. 




@gumtaek posted this news here and on Twitter. :wub:



tvN updates on twitter








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To provided an extended version of the article posted by @SakuraFairy yesterday. A TV critic review of "Record of Youth".


Kim Sun-young, a TV critic


Who can represent the youth of the present age? This question, which had been difficult to answer for some time, was answered by this year's dramas JTBC's "Itaewon Class," and tvN's "Record of Youth".


Both films are a challenge to the dreams of young people. In the 2010s, "dirt spoons" became a representative keyword that shows the poverty and despair of young people of our time, along with the term "N-Generation." However, the reason why "Itaewon Class" and "Record of Youth" are interesting is that they look into the wounds of young people which cannot be explained simply by the sorrow of the class gap. It's a matter of self-esteem. What bothers today's youth most is the vast world of gas lighting (i.e., a manipulation tactic used to gain power) which limits other possibilities of life and ignores even dignity apart from the poor reality itself.


In "Record of Youth," Hye-jun, who wants to become an actor, is more hurt by the words of the world that ignore him than by the class barriers. Hye-joon's words, "You can do well without competition and without stepping on others," are dismissed as "deceptive." Even his manager, who supports him, advises him to face the weight of reality. "If you're not born with anything, you have to live in poverty for the rest of your life. It's not getting better. People in their 20s have a fantasy that they can dream and achieve. But smart kids realize it in their 20s: Let's make more money than hold fast to a dream we can't achieve." But Hye-jun's answer was "I'll keep what I want to protect."


This feature is also found in Ahn Jung-ha (Park So-dam), Hye-jun's lover and friend. She leaves the company and walks the path of a stylist (...) but is constantly hindered by the so-called workplace  hierarchy (...)


The decisive factor in the attraction of wounded Jung-ha and Hye-jun was the moment when they told each other, "You're special." The most important thing to them is self-esteem. They can survive poverty but they cannot withstand anyone trampling on their dignity.


Itaewon Class and Record of Youth show that the only weapon left for young people who have little is self-esteem. The two dramas will likely be remembered for a long time as dramas that showed faces of actors shouting "I will live as myself" to the world which admonishes everyone to pursue money rather than dreams.


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I find myself keep refreshing this topic hoping to see new posts about ROY. I guess I'm obsessed with ROY already. 

Normally I grow tired of a drama after ep 10-12 (e.g apply to the latest drama I've watched is "It's OK to be NOK"). 

I really hope it's not the case for ROY. I'm still very much interested in what will happen.

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Tvn updates on Twitter 












Record of Youth official IG updated photos














Thanks @gumtaekfor the English trans. I sent my email already. :wub:


Btw,  I got so interested to know what's the critic's verdict and I tried to trans some of the comments using Google photo trans. They are quite positive. Here are some comments:



Zeen 2 hours ago:

Wow, you and I have similar expectations. I think it's the beauty of a fantasy drama based on reality that reflects the youth of 2030. After the sixth episode, After the 6th episode, Hye-jun is only looking for success. 


jj • 2 hours ago:

Park Bo-gum Visual is also visual, but he is acting so well that he is in the middle of shooting.


Love 2 hours ago:

I saw Park Bo-gum coming out, and the story is fun. I really want to show him how successful he is in the drama. I think that'll be a vicarious satisfaction.


16 Lia Ging 2 hours ago :

I started watching the drama as Park Bo Gum came out, but it seems like the drama I'm getting into the more I watch it. I really want to see Hye-jun, who plays Park Bo-gum, succeed.


Marissa L. 3 hours ago:

I'm enjoying youth record. I'm reading comments by Jeong Deok-hyun. I'm so happy to see this video. I read the drama well, sympathizing with what you wrote when you were my boyfriend. I'm also looking forward to seeing how Hyejun's dream will come true. I'm curious. I'm rooting for Hyejun and Jungha. I can't wait until the end of the sixth episode. 


Another trans:

Youth record is fun and immersed in watching, and critic Jeong Deok-hyun is also watching the writings, but it's a very nice and sympathetic video.  I read the writings that I wrote when I was my boyfriend in the drama and read them well.  I'm also very excited and curious about the growth period for Hyejun Sa's dream to come true, and I support Hyejun and Jungha.  The lingering lingering until the ending of the 6th episode is so big. 



35 Love 2 hours ago I watched it because I heard Park Bo-gum was coming out, but the story is fun. I really want to show him how successful he is in the drama so that I can be satisfied with his acting.


ljs9514 lee. 3 hours agot:

Thank you. Let's cheer together.


 ID 21 Kim Eunmi 2 hours ago: Eunmi Jung Deokhyun. I enjoyed your comment  on youth record. The drama "Youth Record" is something different and it's a new drama. 


Choi Sung-eun, 15, is really into the real world. If I don't see you become a superstar, I'll be really sad.


bgm happy. 2 hours ago:

I am also immersed in the youth record. I'm always reading comments from critic Jung Duk-hyun. I'm looking forward to a successful youth record. 



12 min young lee. 2 hours ago m Park Bo Gum came out and started watching it, but I was so fascinated by Sa Hye-jun that I'm watching while cheering him on. It will remain a good drama that gives hope and support to young people in need. I watch Park Bogum no matter what


Lee Kyung-hee  · 1hour ago: I support Hye-jun's youth with the same mind. 


moon sun 2hours ago:

I wish Hye-jun and Ahn Jung-ha the dreams come true!!! They are still very well-off, but I hope they do better in the drama. These days, everything is hard, but I can get healing and courage from watching their youth records.


Ji m • 2 hours ago:

I am also looking at the youth record and I feel the same way as critic Jung Duk-hyun said. I hope the drama goes well.


28 Gummy Bear • 2 hours ago Youth Record Park Bo-gum Unknowingly, I cheer with all my heart! I enjoy your review of the drama. ~ Cheer up!




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