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[Drama 2020] Record of Youth / The Moment, 청춘기록

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On 9/10/2020 at 7:20 PM, MinLyn said:

Hi @Sakurafairy! Yeah, I'll give it a try to translate the gist of the video clip! Though my chinese isn't that fantastic either! Have to go take my dinner now. Will post the translation later. 


Thanks a lot @MinLyn. You are one reliable chingu. :wub:



On 9/10/2020 at 9:39 PM, gumtaek said:

Since the drama made a strong stand against "sponsorship" through Sa Hye Jun's character, this article will help us gain insights on why SHJ was totally against it. It's not to be confused with "networking" or having good connections which comes handy in life...


Anonymous Insider Reveals Insidious Reality of Sponsorship in Entertainment World


Feb 13, 2016


by E. Kim


Anonymous Insider Reveals Insidious Reality of Sponsorship in Entertainment World

Anonymous Insider Reveals Insidious Reality of Sponsorship in Entertainment World

Feb 13, 2016
by E. Kim
The upcoming episode of SBS program “We Want to Know” (officially called “The Its Know”) delves into the shocking but unfortunately more-common-than-you-think reality of sponsorship in the Korean entertainment industry.


Source Y, the CEO of a management agency, agrees under the promise of anonymity to speak up about a “Secret List” that he has given the writers of the show. The list allegedly contains the names of famous actresses and aspiring stars who are sponsored.


“I used to be an insider involved in these covert deals,” Y says. “There are quite a lot of names that people would be shocked to hear off of this list. Are you sure we can broadcast this?”


Offering proof in the way of audio recordings, photos, and other documents, Y shares about his firsthand experiences in sponsorship brokering.


In order to verify the legitimacy of the “Secret List” offered by Y, the writers contact a number of the women named on the list but to no avail. For the most part, the women deny comment.


However, the writers do manage to get in touch with one actress X who is willing to speak up. “[My sponsor] would ask me whether anyone has recognized me for my efforts to make it in the industry purely through acting and told me to give a little. He’d ask me why I’m so straight-edged,” she shares.


Actress X expresses her deep regret at falling for her sponsor’s sly proposal. “Even now I would like to put a stop to all these dangerous deals,” she says.


X also provides the program a lead to a broker who connects aspiring female stars with sponsors. The writers tracks broker B down, but during the exchange, B says that he in fact is the one that feels aggrieved.

“I feel aggrieved in multiple ways. I have never even once contacted a female star first [about getting a sponsor]. Rather, they contact me, saying that they’re out of money and requesting that I introduce them to someone,” broker B shares.


“We Want to Know” also opened the floor on SNS for others involved in the sponsorship scene to share their experiences. There was a flood of reports, from minors aspiring to become celebrities to sponsors themselves.


“I went to an audition, and they asked me [whether I had a sponsor]. They said that if I gave my body to a sponsor, I could become a star,” aspiring actress F reports.


“Whenever my [sponsor] wants me, I must run over to him. Whether it’s night or day, if he calls I have to go no matter what. And I have to fulfill his demand, no matter what it may be,” shares aspiring singer J.




@gumtaek and to all ROY chingudeul. This issue in the celebrity and modeling  world is more likely true. That's one bad side of of the glitters we are seeing in them. I commend ROY for tackling issue like this but it will itch the part of the industry that's doing this.



On 9/10/2020 at 10:18 PM, Badette Aguilar said:

  Thank you for the warm welcome to the thread.  

  I am watching this drama together with my husband. Loving the positive vibe of the drama so far.  Even the stores/establishments  in the neighborhood are  so nicely. named and supports the positive theme.  There is "Happiness Day by Day" in Episode 1 and "Joy from Day to Day" in Episode 2. (I wanted to put the snapshots here but i can't find the button to attach, How are pictures attached to the post? Thank you.)


On 9/11/2020 at 9:22 AM, touchthesky99 said:

 Hi @Badette Aguilar

I notice that too about the signs of their shops that had positive phrases. It's as if they are giving support and encouragement for Hye Joon. This drama really has some interesting details.


As for posting pictures or Twitter feeds, I believe it is done by attaching the URLs on the icon on the top of the message box. The second icon that looks like a chain. (Sorry I'm no techie.) We have to upload the photos to a hosting site first in order to get the url. Hope that helps.

Someone made this instrumental version of one of the songs in the drama. I can’t wait for the release of this OST. 



Chingu,  don't have any idea about these signs. I just noticed the MLK grafitti. I'll watch again. 




20 hours ago, Badette Aguilar said:

     Thank you @touchthesky99 for the tip. I am not a techie as well and this is my first time to join a discussion thread (in support of Bo Gum) . 


     My husband told me that he cried with Hye Jun and his grandpa during their very touching moment in Ep 2.  After watching 2 episodes, he said he is now a fan of Hye Jun. 


    This drama is so heart warming even at this early stage.  So far,  i like the following about the drama :


1. the acting of the cast (not just the leads, but the support as well)

        Park Bo Gums's acting is incredible.  the way he changes facial expression from one to another in a single scene is amazing.  i think he was called the "king of micro expressions" because of this ability.  Park So Dam's acting of her character is also on point and so natural.


2. the friendship between the 3 guys.

        I am looking forward to how they will handle the bigger and more difficult friendship challenges  they will face


3. the relationship between Hye Jun and Grandpa

       Hye Jun's love and support for Grandpa is so admirable. looks like they have a common situation which made them even drawn to one another. i want to know what happened to Grandpa in the coming episodes which made his life like that


4. the conversations between Hye Jun and Jung Ha

     the conversations they had so far are real, honest and enjoyable.  even when Jung Ha lied, which I did not appreciate at first, now I know that it's better that way so that they can be comfortable with one another. 


5. the story 

    it's about rising up and not letting the circumstances and the people around you dictate who you are.  i am also glad that they are approaching the main theme in a positive way (so far). i prefer dramas where you learn from the positive things (DO's) that the drama is telling you  rather than learning from the negatives (DON'T).


my post is taking so long, sorry. would like to say "Great job!" for everyone here who are really making this thread enjoyable, fun and informative. God bless us all.


looking forward to the coming episodes!





@Badette Aguilarit's very sweet of your husband to watch it together with you. If a man cries, it means the drama he is watching is really heartwarming or heartbreaking. 



We love to read insights here so no need to worry because we are welcoming even longer opinions. 


As for uploading pics you can go to that site. 



1.choose images from your file

2.check wc pics or gifs then upload 

3. Press direct link, link will be copied

4.then paste it here. 


Welcome to ROY thread @magrace93

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I have so many thoughts about this drama, but I will just hone in on the most important.   The biggest underlying theme in this drama is CLASS.    From the very beginning, everyone

Silent lurker n regular follower here.  Annyeong, welcome to the thread  chingu.    had to get this off my chest abt ep 11 n 12.. do let me know your thoughts if you guys perceived thes

What a coincidence! I was just thinking about how good the cinematography was and how well it expresses and complements the mood of each scene. I went over the parts of the window shops and I hope it’s okay if I go ahead and post them now 

 @Badette Aguilar and @Sakurafairy





This rooftop view from Hye Jun’s house takes my breath away. With some powerful words of affirmation from Hye Jun.







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There's one beautiful analysis of the rooftop scene @touchthesky99. It's in Korean. Reading it makes one realize how brilliant the directing was in complementing the script. It's one of my homework to post it in the thread. 


While we agonized over the assault scene these were the B-T-S.




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All KPop




Seventeen's Seungkwan releases feel-good alternative rock OST MV 'Go' for tvN's 'Record of Youth'


Seventeen's Seungkwan has released his OST Part.1 for tvN's new Mon-Tues drama series, 'Record of Youth'!


Titled "Go", Seungkwan's solo OST Part. 1 for 'Record of Youth' is a vibrant alternative rock genre containing a message of hope directed toward all of the struggling youths of this world, reaching for their dreams. Combining elements of electronic pop with a rhythmic guitar sound plus Seungkwan's sentimental vocals, "Go" delivers a bright melody to listeners. 


Meanwhile, tvN's 'Record of Youth' starring Park Bo Gum, Park So Dam, and more tells the stories of young adults in the world of entertainment as they strive for dreams, success, and love. Check out Seungkwan's "Go" OST in light of 'Record of Youth's premiere today, above!









Seventeen's Seungkwan to sing OST Part.1 for Park Bo Gum x Park So Dam's tvN drama 'Record of Youth'


Seventeen's Seungkwan will be lending his voice for OST Part.1 of tvN's upcoming new Mon-Tues drama series, 'Record of Youth'!

Titled "Go", Seungkwan's OST Part. 1 for 'Record of Youth' is an upbeat, electronic pop genre, complete with a vibrant rock guitar sound. This will mark Seungkwan's first solo OST release in 2 years. 


Meanwhile, tvN's 'Record of Youth' starring Park Bo Gum, Park So Dam, Byun Woo Seok, and more is set to premiere next week on September 7 at 9 PM KST. Seungkwan's OST will be released on the same day at 6 PM KST, as a teaser for fans waiting for the drama's premiere. 




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Okay, I had no plans to watch this drama, it didn't look interesting at all to me, but I kept seeing gifs that piqued my curiosity and decided to give it a try... the two episodes flew by, I enjoyed them! I'm quite impressed by Park Bo-gum's acting. It's not that I didn't think he had the chops, but the only other drama I've seen him in is Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, and I liked him but it wasn't exactly a meaty role. Here he feels very natural and authentic, there are none of those moments you sometimes get with mediocre actors where you can just see them acting, you know? Also, though I'm not familiar with Park So-dam, I appreciate that while she's obviously a cute young woman, she has a more natural look - rather than the perfect surgeried "drama star" appearance I'm sure we're all familiar with - that feels very suited to her character! 

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