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[Drama 2020] Record of Youth / The Moment, 청춘기록

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I have so many thoughts about this drama, but I will just hone in on the most important.   The biggest underlying theme in this drama is CLASS.    From the very beginning, everyone

Silent lurker n regular follower here.  Annyeong, welcome to the thread  chingu.    had to get this off my chest abt ep 11 n 12.. do let me know your thoughts if you guys perceived thes

When a simple “annyeong” means a lot more than hello    It can’t be easy having a celebrity for a boyfriend. I hope Jeong Ha sees and realizes how much she really means to Hye Jun. 

Powerful entrance of HyeJun to JungHa. Love it!  Hye Jun's facial expression is really gold. 



44 minutes ago, autumnight said:

Their friendship looks great


lol at the friend who can't keep up at the back... He's really making me laugh


I'm glad they won't be the kind of rivals that would try to sabotage each other :)

Yup I'm so glad... Bromance overload. 

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Netflix time. 


22 minutes ago, Jillia said:

Unfortunately the drama isn't available yet in my country. *sigh* But I hope it will be the case soon and not after the complete drama has aired. :D


Lol!  My region too. :bawling: Gonna wait on Netflix. 

10 minutes ago, rukizie said:

It’s already out on Netflix for episode 1. The irony of watching this while it’s still on running, oh agony. 


I hope the ratings do well tomorrow 

Yasss,  I also don't like watching like this. It's really agonizing. :criesariver:

Welcome to the thread, @rukizie:)

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6 minutes ago, Jillia said:

Yes, welcome to the thread, @rukizie! :D



We're truly not blessed. :lol: Do we really have to wait for HQ episodes until the drama is over?


Poor you. But i bet it’s worthy to have the HD version while watching his sexyness with hmm HD version. Being in quarantine makes me questioning everything 

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Fangirling over you is what keeps me going. Jung Ha represents our thirstiness for our Oppa in drama not in real life :shaq: 


How i am supposed to have a boyfriend if there are too many list of our Oppa that can’t compare with other man 

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Preview for Ep 2 of Record of Youth


Jung-Ha is watching Hye-Joon's video clip on his runway walk as she says...


Jung-Ha : I'm feeling really nervous...


Jung-Ha continues saying : Do you know how nervous I am feeling right now?


Manager Min-Jae on the phone : Hey Daniel! It's me! 


Thereafter, she seems to be waving to Hye-Joon who is looking on at her...


Hey-Joon's voiceover : Starting over again will be fine...


Male voice saying (Hye-Joon's dad?) : You say to start over again together...


Male voice continues saying (Hye-Joon's dad?) : You can clearly see that he (Hae-Hyo) has certain background so that he's why he is always on the rise...


Male voice continues on (Hye-Joon's dad?)  : If one is unable to achieve it, he should just give it all up...


Hye-Joon's dad : Then you should just join the military...


Hye-Joon : Didn't you say that we are family?


Hye-Joon continue saying : Didn't you say that it's all for my sake?


Hye-Joon's bro : Is (your) family omnipotent?! Then...


Hye-Joon lashes out : Don't make carping comments about my life!

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The last scene...



A tear-eyed Jung-Ha is seen muttering to herself...


Jung-Ha : How can such a lucky thing ever happen to me?


Jung-Ha : Can't believe that I've encountered such a complicated moment....


Jung-Ha continues on : It also pays to live my life earnestly...


Jung-Ha : No matter what, he is living his life gratefully...


Jung-Ha sighs : How can our Hye-Joon be so gorgeous?!


She whips out her cell phone and looks at Hye-Joon's pics on her phone...


Jung-Ha is admiring Hye-Joon's pics as she says...Jung-Ha : Living your life gratefully...And living your life happily...what's the correlation between the two...


Jung-Ha : Life is all about swallowing's one's pride (implying submitting to humiliation)...


Jung-Ha : People who are able to care for others...are the ultimate winners..


Jung-Ha : I think that being able to become your fan is really good...


Hye-Joon overhears her words as he asks her : Are you my fan?


Jung-Ha is shocked and she asks : What's up?


Hye-Joon walks up to Jung-Ha as he smiles at her and asks her : Do you like me?



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Poor Hye Joon.. he just can't catch a break! It's funny how he called his family judgmental (and geez his family are quite supportive aren't they!?) when he was just as judgmental by callin' Jung Ha cold.


Poor Jung Ha at the mercy of her ****** senior ugh. Although that end scene of ep.01. WooHoo.  I was surprised that Bo Gum's as tall as Woo Seok, 'cause he doesn't seem that tall to me ahahah?


I like how they added the military thing as Bo Gum is at the army right now.. Nice to see So Dam back on small screen after the success of Parasite. Lovin' the music as well. Hye Yoon's cameo was fun eheheh.


Just wanted to add that I'm thrilled Bo Gum mentioned Kota Kinabalu which is a state in my country.

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In the dressing room...



In the dressing room...


Hye-Joon signals to Jung-Ha if he should take a seat where she is seen standing...


Hye-Joon : Why didn't you call for me?


Jung-Ha awkwardly replies : Ah...yes...


Jung-Ha accidentally drops the bottle of moisturizer and Hye-Joon swiftly catches hold of it with his hand...


Jung-Ha : Mianhe...


Hye-Joon responds : It's alright...


Seeing that the other make-up artist has applied a mask on Hae-Hyo's face, Hye-Joon asks Jung-Ha...


Hye-Joon : Why didn't you apply a mask for me?


Jung-Ha replies : It's because you have really good skin so there is no need for it...


Hye-Joon then smiles to himself upon hearing her reply...


Finally, Jung-Ha is done with her make-up for Hye-Joon...


Jung-Ha : It's finished now...


Hye-Joon replies : You've worked hard...


Hye-Joon gets up from his seat and tells Hae-Hyo...


Hye-Joon : I'll wait for you outside (the dressing room)...


Hae-Hyo : Let's go together...


Hae-Hyo : (The make-up artist) said that I'll be done in a while...


Hye-Joon : I'm already done (with my make-up) so I feel a little embarrassed/uneasy just sitting there...


Hae-Hyo asks Jung-Ha : Can't he (Hye-Joon) just continue sitting there?


Jung-Ha replies : Yeah, he can...


As she pulls out a chair for Hye-Joon to sit on...



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Daebak!  Record of Youth unnies. The 

hashtags  #박보검 and #청춘기록 were trending. Co-BOGUMMY fans are really diligents. 





Done watching it. I'm still assimilating what happened in Ep1. So I'll try to share my thoughts with all of you when I finished savoring everything. B)




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Source : tvN


Text Preview for Ep 2 of ROY...


Jung-Ha felt that Hye-Joon, who had suddenly appeared in front of her, seemed to have discovered her feelings for him. Hence, she said in a hurry that she likes Hae-Hyo. Thus, she has made a confession that was not meant to be her true confession.


On the other hand, Hye-Joon and Hae-Hyo took part in a movie audition together but Hae-Hyo was eventually chosen for the role...

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Ohhh,  the first episode is so intense.


Ahhh,  so pitiful for my Hye Joon. I cried and sobbed with him. But Jeongha is really correct- he is so handsome and Hae hyo too. 


I do understand the sentiment of his father and brother but they should have just be more understanding and more supportive even if it takes another 7 years. 


I love that the samgyupsal restaurant owner offered him to be the manager and eventually owning the restaurant. That's a positive thing knowing he will have a fallback. 


I love the close relationship of Haraboshi and Hye Joon although grandpa experienced the bitter road of losing big things in the past in pursuing the same dream like of Hye joon but as he said and that dialogue is gold. 

"You are a gem and a gem is bound to shine." I cried on that. 




1 hour ago, Jillia said:

Record of Youth unnies and oppas, is this our name now, @Springmaiden?


I love it. @Springmaiden @Jillia 


Lol! can be also RoY Ahjummadeul or Ahjussideul. :kitty::hahah!:


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