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[Drama 2020] Record of Youth / The Moment, 청춘기록

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I have so many thoughts about this drama, but I will just hone in on the most important.   The biggest underlying theme in this drama is CLASS.    From the very beginning, everyone

Silent lurker n regular follower here.  Annyeong, welcome to the thread  chingu.    had to get this off my chest abt ep 11 n 12.. do let me know your thoughts if you guys perceived thes

When a simple “annyeong” means a lot more than hello    It can’t be easy having a celebrity for a boyfriend. I hope Jeong Ha sees and realizes how much she really means to Hye Jun. 

Well  ... when the happy ending wasnt clear and to say that JH didnt know he left the army seemed unbelieveable... wearing his shoes shows that she still has feelings for him, then again he  is also a famous and handsome actor, hence its natural to do so?... (hey, did people forget the taboo of sending / buying shoes between couples???)


Ah well it was a good run, but could have been better :D

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Byun Woo Seok talks about working with Shin Ae Ra, Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam in RoY.


Byun Woo Seok Talks About Working With Park Bo Gum, Park So Dam, And More In “Record Of Youth”





Following the conclusion of tvN’s “Record of Youth,” Byun Woo Seok shared his thoughts on working with his co-stars from the drama, the hardest part of acting, and more in a recent interview.


“Record of Youth,” which aired its finale on October 27, is about young people who struggle for their dreams and their love amidst the harsh realities of the modeling industry. Byun Woo Seok starred as Won Hae Hyo, a model who wants to make a name for himself without relying on his family.


In the interview, Byun Woo Seok started off by describing his character. “Hae Hyo is someone who has a lot of emotions,” he said. “The environment and the emotions in the drama weren’t easy for me. There were a lot of things I could identify with in terms of my character being a model-turned-actor, but I looked at a lot of things for reference in order to understand his emotions that weren’t as easy for me.”


He continued, “The director guided me in a detailed way, and although Hae Hyo’s emotions were difficult, I think that I worked hard to create my character. Each of his feelings is important, but the most important one is when he’s talking to his mom (played by Shin Ae Ra) in the 13th episode, and his beliefs become shattered. I tried to build the emotions leading up to that point from the beginning.”


Byun Woo Seok went on to explain that connecting his character’s emotions throughout the drama was difficult. “I thought that I had to be able to make people relate to his feelings,” he said. “In order to do that, I worked especially a lot during the beginning stages of the drama, and I spoke often with the director.”


On working with Shin Ae Ra, he shared, “Shin Ae Ra took care of me a lot while we were filming. She gave me lots of advice and taught me about the direction I should go in.”

Byun Woo Seok continued, “I’m thankful for her because she was very attentive to me off the set, and she made me feel like her real son.”


However, working with senior actors like Shin Ae Ra wasn’t always easy for Byun Woo Seok. “It was so difficult in the beginning,” he admitted. “It was hard because Shin Ae Ra is so famous and such a big senior in the industry to me. She tried to make me comfortable, and I think that worked out well for us.”


Byun Woo Seok also spoke about starring alongside Park Bo Gum, who played the aspiring actor and model Sa Hye Joon, in the drama. “As everyone knows, Park Bo Gum is very considerate and kind, and he’s someone who immerses himself really deeply in his acting,” Byun Woo Seok said. “He’s great at expressing emotions. I learned a lot from him, and I was happy whenever I talked to him. We filmed together like close friends.”

He added, “I did worry about those things in the beginning. Hye Joon and Hae Hyo have been good friends since they were younger, so I thought that I should show off the side of me that seems like a close friend. That’s why I tried to get closer to Park Bo Gum in the beginning by having meals with him several times.” Byun Woo Seok then expressed his gratitude that Park Bo Gum had been very friendly to him, even helping him out with his lines.


Byun Woo Seok also talked about working with Park So Dam, who played the aspiring makeup artist Ahn Jung Ha. “Park So Dam also made me comfortable on set,” Byun Woo Seok said. “Being on set still feels unfamiliar to me because I don’t have a lot of experience. But Park So Dam made the set feel comfortable for me, so I was able to take on filming successfully.”


After wrapping up “Record of Youth,” Byun Woo Seok is currently filming his new movie “SoulMate” (working title).






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According to him, it took him a month to decide whether or not to accept the role only because he didn't think he could portray it well. He's grateful he did.


I observe the divide between Korean and international viewers with this drama. Knets are very satisfied with the open ending and the sense of realism that was kept all throughout the drama while a good number of international viewers felt robbed of an explicit happy ending for the couple and the lack of depiction of Jung Ha's "Record of Youth". 


The sense of dissatisfaction expressed by international viewers really revolved around two sub-plots: a) open ending love story of Hye Jun & Jung Ha & b) trajectory of Jung Ha's professional success in comparison to Hye Jun and the perceived lack of depiction of her growth. 


Rewatching the drama, I realized I have missed out on a lot of salient lines/dialogue in relation to these 2 sub-plots. However, the important thing to take note of for our greater understanding of the drama is this:

The main plot of "Record of Youth" is precisely the record of the growth of youth (both the chronologically youth and those way past their youthful years with both having a youthful mindset) in relation to chasing their dreams against the harsh reality they face. The only way way we can fairly assess the drama is from this vantage.


I hope to come up with posts on these 2 points.

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As Ha Hee-ra's husband Choi Soo-jong made a special appearance on "Record of Youth," Shin Ae-ra also drew attention by saying that her husband Cha In-pyo expressed his intention to make a special appearance. She said, "My husband said he'd like to cameo in the drama, too. But I'm embarrassed to work with my family. The scene in which Choi Soo-jong appears was really funny," she recalled. 


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