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[Current Drama 2020] Record of Youth / The Moment, 청춘기록 - Mon & Tue @ 21:00 KST

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This confession scene will now be one of my favorite romantic moments in dramas because it was so raw and felt so real. And because it was true to Hye Jun’s character. He has always been a straightfor

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Continuation of Ep 2 synopsis...



Hye-Joon has received the enlistment notice to join the military. Hye-Joon's dad has injured his shoulder again while he is at work so he goes home to take a rest. Hye-Joon's dad doesn't want to go to the hospital as he knows it is likely to incur greater costs and their finances are pretty tight already so he just applies pain relief patches on his injured shoulder. He remarks that no one seems to understand him that he feels that one must start off on the right footing because if you were to start off on the wrong footing, you will be down on luck for your entire life. He doesn't want to become a burden to his family too so he would rather bear with the pain than go to the hospital to seek treatment there. 


Hye-Joon returns to the dressing room and asks Jung-Ha why she is still around and where everyone is so the latter replies that she still has some work to clear. Hye-joon then asks her why didn't she tell them earlier so Jung-ha replies that she doesn't want to spoil the mood and adds that she is just a nobody. So Hye-Joon tells her firmly that she certainly is not one...


Hye-Joon asks if she is going to return to the salon but Jung-Ha says that she does free make-up for people on the streets whenever she has some spare time. Hye-joon then remarks that she is really hardworking...just like his fans. So Jung-Ha tells Hye-Joon that his fans are really good too. Hye-Joon then remarks that since she readily agrees with what he says, she must be Hae-Hyo's fan. Jung-Ha then asks Hye-Joon isn't it difficult to maintain a long term friendship with someone he has known since elementary school so Hye-Joon is shocked that Jung-Ha knows that he and Hae-Hyo had been friends since elementary school. Hye-Joon is curious to know if Jung-Ha knows anything about him since she happens to be Hae-Hyo's fan. The latter keeps mum so Hye-Joon comments that she is keeping quiet cos he is just a nobody too...


Upon hearing this, Jung-Ha turns around and says aloud that that's not true! Hye-Joon is shocked and asks Jung-Ha why she is raising her voice almost making him seem like he really is a nobody...Of which, Jung-Ha speaks softly and says she has no idea why she raised her voice earlier too. Jung-Ha tells Hye-Joon that he shouldn't be saying such things to put himself down and think lowly of himself so she raised her voice to show her strong disapproval about it...Hye-Joon then reminds Jun-Ha that she was the one who said that she was a nobody earlier so he is just trying to tell her that she isn't one then it wouldn't make her feel bad about it...


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The next scene...


As Jung-Ha and Hye-Joon are going to part ways, Hye-Joon offers to help Jung-Ha carry her bag to the bus stop as the bag is pretty heavy but the latter assures him that it's okay as she is used to carrying them. Hye-Joon then remarks that she seems very independent so Jung-Ha tells her that she can only rely on herself and no one else. Hye-Joon is surprised to hear her words as he thought that since she is Hae-Hyo's fan, she is also probably living her life comfortably just like him. He adds that people are usually attracted to someone who is similar to them. Cos he is like that too. Hye Joon then tells Jung-Ha that he will see her later....


Jung-Ha then adds that there is no such thing as later as people often say these words out of formality only...implying that they don't mean what they say...


Hye-Joon then asks Jung-Ha to pass him her cell phone. Jung-Ha tells Hye-joon to drop by at her salon as she would give him a discount. Hye-Joon then remarks that she is such a cool fan cos fans usually just follow their idols around. Jung-Ha then replies that she will need to have a stable life first then she can think about showing her support for others. Hye-Joon asks her is that how she got her name then... Jung-Ha then tells him that she has never been gotten the chance to decide on the things she wants in her life. Seeing that she is always quick to comment on everything he says, Hye-Joon then remarks that Jung-Ha seems to like winning...The latter then explains that it's because she is always losing...


Hye-Joon then asks if she is venting out her frustrations on him because they are just mere strangers. Jung-ha then remarks that he is really an honest person of which Hye-Joon tells her that he is someone who likes to speak directly...


Jung-Ha thinks aloud to herself that Hye-Joon is not what she has imagined him to be...as she continues to look at him...causing the latter to ask why she is staring at him.  Jung-Ha tells him that she will continue to stare at him until he takes his leave. Of which, Hye-Joon tells her that he will go now since her stare is making him feel somewhat uneasy.


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The next scene...



Hae-Hyo's mom still blames her husband for sending Hae-Hyo to a public elementary school instead of a private school so that's how Hae-Hyo became best friends with Hye-Joon cos they have known each other since elementary school. She doesn't like the fact that Hae-Hyo is good friends with a housekeeper's son and tells her husband that Hye-Joon is likely to be a stumbling block in Hae-Hyo's life.


Jung-Ha is excited that she had met Hye-Joon for the first time and had gotten a chance to talk to him. It feels like a perfect day to her...filled with excitement and touching moments in spite of the unfairness she had encountered earlier...


Hye-Joon is being reprimanded by both his dad and older brother for harbouring the dream of becoming an actor as he has failed to get a role in the movie audition. His brother rebuked him saying that even though Hye-joon has worked for 7 years as a model, he is still unable to accumulate much savings and even if he were to walk on the streets, would anyone be able to recognise him as a top model. He tells Hye-Joon that since they are from a poor family, he should just join the military like him and not become a burden to the family. He adds that though they are family, they can't help him to resolve all the problems. Hye-joon then refutes that he has been supporting himself all these years whilst his brother was studying in the university.


Hye-Joon tells him that he is already having a tough time while working outside and at home, they (his dad & bro) are making it much harder for him too. Having failed the audition, he just wants to hear some words of comfort and encouragement when he returns home but all he has heard from them are their endless criticisms of him.


Grandpa then pulls Hye-Joon into the room and tells them not to rebuke him anymore.


Inside the room, Grandoa asks Hye-Joon to help him to look for a job because he has a wider network of contacts and knows more people. He also wants to earn some money so that Hye-Joon's dad can seek treatment at the hospital instead of just applying the pain relief patches on his injured shoulder. He knows that Hye-Joon's dad doesn't want to seek treatment at the hospital because he wants to save money.


Yeah, this scene caused me to tear too as both Hye-Joon and Grandpa break down into tears too as they hugged each other...


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I fell in love with this drama and the story is what I was expecting and it hit my expectations. 

This is for the dreamers who have been grinding and have been told that they make it and be successful. I'm rooting for Hye Jun who's on the pathway to becoming a humble actor. I'm rooting for Ahn Jeong Ha who speaks her mind and is honest. She doesn't believe in the positive, motivating RickRoll'D and she cries when she wants to. She feels all her feelings and is able to connect with people. She has a day time job but she also makes videos of doing makeup for free. I'm rooting for her. I'm rooting for both of them! 


Also, I love the family bickering in Hye Jun's household. I love it because it shows that this family is imperfect. We have a father who doesn't want to be a burden to his sons, but he clearly favorites the son who studied hard and has a stable job over Hye Jun who has been working hard for all these years in becoming an actor. 


I'm so glad I finally found a drama that speaks to me on another level. It gives me so much motivation.

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The last scene...



Through her contact, Daniel, MIn-Jae manages to get Hye-Joon to be a runway model for a fashion show in Milan. She even makes up a strory about forming her own modelling agency called Jjampong.  Hey-Joon tells Min-Jae that since he didn't get the role in the movie audition, it's only logical that he should join the military instead. Hye-Joon shared that the role has gone to Hae-Hyo instead. Min-Jae remarks that though Hae-Hyo has been doing great all along, Hye-Joon is the one who is able to move people's hearts just like he has moved hers.


Hye-Joon recommends Hae-Hyo to go to Jung-Ha's salon. He tells the director of the salon that he is a friend of Jung-Ha so Hae-Hyo is quick to add on that Hye-Joon's friend is also his friend too...


They approach Jung-Ha and Hye-joon tells Jung-Ha that she would give them a discount if they patronise her salon. Hae-Hyo then remarks that the two seem to be pretty close to each other and asks if they had already known each other even before the fashion show.  Hye-Joon then tells Hae-Hyo is because Jung-Ha is really friendly and that she is a fan of his. Hae-Hyo is pleasantly surprised to hear this and asks Hye-Joon why is it he didn't tell him earlier. He then asks Jung-Ha if she is really his fan...and Jung-Ha replies no but Hye-Joon motions for Jung-Ha to tell Hae-Hyo about her being his fan and all. Jung-Ha then gently chides Hye-Hyo for being a blabbermouth...Of which, Hye-Joon remarks that Jung-Ha is being too harsh with her words and asks her if they share such a close relationship for her to make such comments about him. Jung-Ha then quickly apologises to Hye-Joon feeling somewhat unnerved. Hae-Hyo knows better and tells Hye-joon not to tease her anymore by pulling a such a serious face as she looks rather perturbed. Hye-Joon then lets laughs aloud and asks Hae-Hyo if his acting skills has improved and turns to Jung-ha asking her if she was also fooled by him too.


Hye-Joon motions to Hae-Hyo that Jung-Ha will help to attend to him. Hae-Hyo tells Jung-ha that she needn't feel uncomfortable around him because she is his fan. Jung-ha then replies that she is really not his fan and asks Jung-Ha why she doesn't want to say to admit that she is his fan. Jung-ha then tells Hae-Hyo that she is Hye-joon's fan but she can't possibly tell him the truth because it would make her feel so flustered. Hae-Hyo then asks Jung-Ha that she is really funny as she has no qualms about telling him that she is Hye-Joon's fan. Jung-ha pleads with Hae-Hyo not to tell Hye-joon about it so the latter asks why he should do that. Jung-Ha then replies it's because he is Won Hae-Hyo and he is known to be a kind and warm person as is mentioned by all the models who have worked together with him. 


Hye-Joon bumps into Jung-Ha at the doorway as he asks her if she is happy to see Hae-Hyo and then he asks if she knows how to cut people's hair aside from doing make-up. He then tells her that there will be a photoshoot 2 days later and she should try to be there and beat her senior, Jin Ju at it. Cos with his help, she will not lose.


Hye-Joon learns from Min-Jae that he didn't get the role in the movie not because of his acting skills but rather he is not as popular as Hae-Hyo because he has many more followers. So the director has selected Hae-Hyo instead based on his popularity.


(But then, we know better that his mom had a hand in this...)


Hye-Joon goes to look for Jung-ha at the salon and asks if she can cut his hair for him as he will be going to the military...


Video Preview for Ep 3 of Record of Youth...



Translation as follows :-


Hye-Joon asks Jung-Ha : Have you been on a date before?


Jung-ha replies : Yes, of course!


Hye-Joon's dad : Do you think I like reprimanding Hye-Joon?


Hye-Joon walks past his dad so the latter yells at him : You're not going to greet me?


Hye-joon replies : Didn't you see me too....


Grandpa tells Hye-Joon : What should I do now that you are going to join the military?? I will definitely miss you...


Hye-Joon replies : You only have to wait for another 18 months...


Hae-Hyo's mom to Hye-Joon's mom : You must be troubled now that Hye-Joon is going to join the military....and that his career is likely to end too...


Hye-Joon :  It's merely a passing phase....


Min-Jae : Never give up until you've tried everything that you can at it...

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Hello Everyone!

Saw the premiere last night after talking to my korean friend ( I forgot it was premiere day due to being a holiday weekend in the USA.) 

So DEFINITELY on board with our OTP.


@ponderings Wave hello my friend!


I did not read alot of the pages before episode two. But a thousand thanks for @MinLyn for the thoughtful and thorough recaps. OMG  you are too kind. I have tried my hand at recapping and not being fluent Korean made it harder. So many thanks as I read this while at work. You are an angel.


@Jillia and others I recognize, hello! Thanks for the goodies and videos too.


The longer videos of ep 2 clips.


-Love that our OTP are getting to know each other well and comfortably.

Both working hard with their lives and trying to deal with the daily grind.


-I love the colleague being Hye Jun's manager and hooking him up with the gig in Milan.

Also her tellng him it was the lack of SNS followers he did not get the role not his acting. As mentioned before we know it is also majorly due to Hae Hyo's mom.


-Hye Jun's relationship with his grandpa is tops . Funny how the door fell down after grandpa slammed it. The drama with family and yes it is VERY realistic. The reality of paying bills and choosing something you love but pays pittance and is a constant struggle.


Jung Ha being cute pretending to NOT be Hye Jun's fan. Their interactions are not contrived and cute. (Reminds me of Joon Young and Seung Ah in -Do you like brahms? -In the sense both get each other well and are very natural together.)


Hye Jun avoiding the gay designer. There was a whiff as we knew when he had no COMPLAINTS on Hye Jun's walk and the assistant had to remind the designer to WIPE HIS DROOLING tongue up from the floor to remember to critique the others after Hye Jun's "perfect" walk. So his trying to get Hye Jun alone and seduce is not a surprise. But interesting this drama went there. tvN definitely is the pioneer with very different and interesting story plots/twists that you don't see in other dramas. Thanks Park Bo Gum for this gift before going to the military. Loving he is looking so handsome as he models. His puppy dewy eyes that are so caring and emotional so when he is teary he is just so handsome. 


I cannot wait to watch the whole episode tonight but appreciate the very detailed RECAP. I am grateful for ANY in any format or in any kind as I know it is hard work. So blessed and grateful. Looking forward to this forum and this new drama in my drama rotation-what a welcome addition.

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Park Bo-gum's Youth Record, 190,000 viewers in one day...Toward 2 million viewers



Since tvN's Monday-Tuesday drama "Youth Records," starring Park Bo-gum, started its first broadcast successfully on September 7, it has been gaining popularity with 190,000 more viewers in just one day on its second episode on September 8.

tvN's new Monday-Tuesday drama "Youth Record" (directed by Ahn Kil-ho, scripted by Ha Myung-hee, produced by Fan Entertainment, and Studio Dragon) was first aired on the 7th amid keen interest. "Youth Records" depicts the growth records of young people who strive to achieve their dreams and love without despair on the wall of reality. The hot records of young people who go straight for their dreams in their own ways, which have become luxury, give excitement and empathy.

According to TNMS viewer data, "Youth Record" set a record of 1.78 million viewers on its first broadcast on September 7, and in the second episode, it is on the verge of surpassing 2 million viewers as it secured 1.97 million viewers with an increase of 190,000 viewers.

Following the previous day, women in their 40s watched "Youth Records" the most, while those in their 30s saw the highest ratings compared to the previous day.


Tho Record of youth is a story about youth, but the one who watched it is women in their 40s and 30s :approves:

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Record of Youth continues to maintain its 1st spot as the Number One Drama in its time slot!!



“Record Of Youth” Sees Increase In Ratings For Day 2


Sep 9, 2020

by R. Jun


tvN’s “Record of Youth” has seen an increase in ratings on day two.


“Record of Youth” is about young people who struggle to achieve their dreams and find love amid the harsh realities of the modeling industry. Park Bo Gum plays Sa Hye Joon, an aspiring actor and model, Park So Dam plays Ahn Jung Ha, an aspiring makeup artist, and Byun Woo Seok plays Won Hae Hyo, a model who wants to achieve success on his own terms.


According to Nielsen Korea, the September 9 broadcast of “Record of Youth” recorded an average of 6.802 percent viewership. The drama saw a 0.4 point increase from its premiere and maintained its spot as the No. 1 drama in its time slot.


SBS’s “Do You Like Brahms?” maintained ratings in the 5 percent range, hitting 5.3 percent with its Tuesday episode. The previous episode recorded 5.6 percent.


Meanwhile, MBC every1’s “Lonely Enough to Love” recorded 0.4 percent viewership, for a 0.1 point decrease from last week’s episode.


Source : Soompi Article


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