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[Upcoming Drama 2020/2021] Penthouse/War in Life, 펜트하우스 - Season 3 premieres in June

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4 hours ago, Curlytop Asmr Lee said:

Come on guys...YH is not the killer. She has trouble remembering things from that night because she was drunk. Wasn;t she with Her old friend YC.?  She is just having delusions. They wouldn't have the protaganist be the killer. 


Yes they can. I have watched other dramas where the protagonist is a killer. I'd say that YH finally has all her memories back that night and it makes sense that she turned out to be the killer. One of the plot summaries specifically describes YH's plot, "A woman puts everything on the line to achieve her goal of being able to move into a luxury penthouse in the Gangnam District. In the process, she gradually finds herself turning into a monster."  When it came to who I originally suspected on MSA's killer, I assumed it was either JDT or SJ. But if it turned out to be neither of them, it had to be YH. She had another opportunity to get her daughter in that school and she finally took it. Either way this just got more interesting.


1 hour ago, Cinderello Martinez said:

so YH is the killer? so who is the father of hye jin?

Hye Jin was just random girl who got switched with MSA at birth. Who her real parents are isn't important. What's important is that SR is kind enough to still think of her as a daughter and SR's land is under her name.

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After episode 8 I am convinced it's 100% Shim Su Ryeon, even Joo Dan Tae said that she was acting weird 2 years ago ignoring his calls etc. I mean Na Ae Gyo wouldn't do that especially if she is on go

Here's my theory about the relationship between NAG, JDT, and SSR.    NAG and JDT knew each other since childhood. When they became adults, they discovered that NAG looked like SSR. They too

Honestly, the melodramatics of both Rona and her mother are too much. They bring their troubles on themselves.   Rona, give up classical and go audition at a kpop agency. At least you will l

2 hours ago, lebritneeey said:

Okay I have no idea what to describe today's ep but like.. SOMEONE GIVE KIM SOYEON BEST ACTRESS PLS?! The only thing memorable to me today was her screaming. Seojin's just screaming and screaming and screaming the entire episode lmao!

Seriously, I was like damn she must’ve been damn exhausted from those scenes...she literally owned her character. The scene when her dad died and she ran away with the folder she literally became a small, selfish, narcissistic, evil child in a woman’s body.


4 hours ago, chococarmela said:

I went back to episode one... short hair, dark sleeves... it's not DT. Can't be SJ either. The only logical answer is YH. Plus, in the next episode, she burns the stuff she wore that night. We don't know when she went back home...

Short hair, dark sleeves could also be Seok Hoon...right? Would make sense to be him as he is his father’s child and has trauma from being abused by him!


I really don’t want YH to be the killer but I don’t want it to be SH either...I’d rather it be one of DT’s minions...


I really think the writer is trolling us...YH is having a bad memory and will have a fallout with Suryeon...Which I don’t like because I feel they are both outcasts and need each other.


When it comes to the kids, I’m not rooting for anyone they’re all bad apples and brats...and Rona is just so ungrateful to her mom from the beginning. 

The only child who was sane was Min Seola, I kinda wish they hit us with the she’s not really dead at some point... just like Suryeon’s fake child Hye Jin.


can anyone tell me what was the point of DT’s old secretary helping Suryeon? Personally that never made sense to me as to his motivations and I was kind’ve waiting for the writers to give a solid explanation but they just killed him off. Unless I missed it 

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Look Away if you don't want spoilers


So Rona and SeokHoon are together. EB tries to turn SH against Rona by telling him that YH is having an affair with her dad but SH plays uno reverse and says that it's actually HER MOM that's sleeping with her dad.


Rona and Yoon Hee are shaping up to be even worse than SeoJin and EB. Rona is now going to throw her weight around by using SH while her MOTHER is apparently eying SR's place.


The core of this show is basically parallels of different pairs of mothers and daughters. SR has been earmarked to be the hero from the start while her daughter who is the innocent that died. The death that sparked off this whole plot. 


Logan Lee and SR are going to have a love line while YH is now suspicious of Logan Lee and SR while making moves towards Dantae because they are having more soft moments. SeoJin is basically out of the loop with all the plotting and I'm dying at how she suddenly became the lowest rung on the totem pole. 


I think YH might try and alert Dantae to SR/Logan's plotting to win him over and this is how Season 1 will end with YH as the new queen. There will probably be another death for sure. SR and Logan defn are cute together and their brains are evenly matched. Logan was the one who questioned how much they could trust Yoon Hee

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Gonna catch the subbed version of ep 17 tomorrow BUT FIRST! 


I actually saw a bit of Baddie Rona and I'm not exactly annoyed by it. Like it feels satisfying to see Eunbyeol getting treated this way for once. Also, I guess Seokhoon and Rona are "fake dating"? Gotta catch the subs version to see what exactly they discussed but for now, I'm kinda satisfied with the little couple moments in ep 17! Also.. now i'm wondering about Rona's true feelings for Seokhoon (since we all know that he really really like her)


ALSO MY LOGAN x SURYEON SHIP IS ABOUT TO SAIL?! WOOHOO! If I'm not wrong, in the preview for ep 18, Suryeon probably went to find Logan after almost getting killed by DT and Logan was like "come with me to america, i'll make you happy"(?) Again, I need the subs to know the accurate translation!!! 


Also it seems like the stage for Seojin is getting lesser now since we are seeing YH turning evil? I actually don't mind as long as Rona don't become exactly like Eunbyeol.. still giving her the benefit of doubt. 


Okay, i'll be back tomorrow after catching the subs version! 

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Yesterday was a doozy finding out about YH is the killer of MSA. OMG.

I am enjoying the sparks of Logan Lee and SR. Now LL knows that SR was NOT living happily as he thought.

Dr. Han is free of SJ but having EB unstable hearing of their divorce is upsetting to him.

RN is a bit crazy loose canon with the wig and trying to drink

YH going on the evil deep end, OMG. Def Makjang def not a boring moment.


some clips from today's episode



More clips in spoiler





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Okay i finally caught the subbed versions!! 


Firstly!! I'M LIVING FOR THIS RONA. like i actually like how she's behaving. i mean, it's not even as bad as what the other kids did to her. Even in the confrontation scene at the community room, Rona was calm and collected plus Eunbyeol was the one who started the fight because she was insecure (as always). And one thing stood out to me was the scene where Rona was about to head to school, she told Yoonhee "I will start fighting now". LIKE YOU GO GIRL. 


But, I am kinda bummed that Rona x Seokhoon's relationship isn't exactly genuine. Like its' pretty obvious (like what Seokyung told him) that she's "using" him as a "shield" in school. And I'm quite sure Seokhoon knows it too but I guess his heart's still soft for Rona. Anyway, there was this part where Rona told Seokhoon that he told her he liked her? Does anyone know if there was a scene where he actually said/confessed that? Cause I don't really recall him directly telling her he likes her..?


AND DAMN I LOVE WHAT SEOKHOON TOLD EUNBYEOL. The fact that he told her that they aren't any different and that they themselves are all trash inside. WOWS. Like boi actually knows what he's talking about man. I see this as a tiny step to him getting a redemption arc. At least he knows he's wrong and that him and the gang are not special in anyway too. AND YAS HE TOLD EUNBYEOL ABOUT HER MOM. Like ok, I felt a tiny tiny pity for eunbyeol since she realises that her mom is a mistress and an adulteress which causes her a big mental breakdown.. 


Secondly! I still have doubts about YH being the killer though? Like it's only ep 18 and we already know the killer?! Like, a bit too fast isn't it? Plus, it's a makjang so I think there's gonna be more plot twists that we will not see it coming. 


RIP Suryeon x Yoonhee's friendship :( It's obvious YH's gonna distance herself from Suryeon since she thinks MSA was killed by her.


I wonder who's the one blackmailing Seojin.. Dr Ha? Suryeon? Hmm! 

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30 minutes ago, chococarmela said:

Fake how?

I think they mean Eugene's acting skills.


Also, my thoughts and theories:



It is still possible that YH didn't kill MSA. Although the chances are fine, I still see hope. So now we know what the betrayal is, here are my thoughts.


It is possible that YH tried to save MSA after DT pushed SA. Maybe MSA was just hanging here but she wasn't able to pull her up so she remembered wrongly out of guilt, which also explains the apple necklace she has. 


Also, some people said that the housekeeper is the twin's birth mother? I don't think so because I don't like DT knows that she's obsessed with him?


Idk how to feel about DT and YH as a potential love line. It feels weird? If it happens I don't think YH will like him she'll just be using him. I seriously don't know how to react with this.


Good luck with SSR battling out for 2 more seasons I guess.

Also, I just realised there will be two more weeks until this season ends.

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You wanna know what else is disappointing about YH? It's not just the fact that YH might have killed MSA. It's also the fact that YH turned her back on SR so quickly. Not to mention, her and JDT are eventually going to become a couple at some point. They obviously won't last but what's important is that she's gonna wanna take SR's place as queen of the penthouse. Let's ask ourselves. Is she really better than her arch nemesis SJ? Because I see a lot of similarities between them now. 


2 hours ago, Secretz said:


  Hide contents

Idk how to feel about DT and YH as a potential love line. It feels weird? If it happens I don't think YH will like him she'll just be using him. I seriously don't know how to react with this.



"If it happens I don't think YH will like him she'll just be using him."


I agree. I have watched 6 dramas from this writer and I can say that this seems pretty accurate. Not only will YH use him, DT will fall for her just because he thinks she's "different and considerate." Only for him to find out later that that might not be the case. 

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“The Penthouse” Sets New Personal Best In Ratings + “Royal Secret Agent” Sees Rise For 2nd Episode


The Penthouse” continues to stay strong in the lead in the Monday-Tuesday evening time slot.


According to Nielsen Korea, the December 22 episode of the SBS drama recorded average nationwide viewership ratings of 19.1 and 24.0 percent. This is a new personal best for the drama after setting a personal best last episode with 23.7 percent.


KBS’s new drama “Royal Secret Agent” saw a rise in ratings for its second episode. After premiering to solid ratings of 5.0 percent, the December 22 episode recorded ratings of 5.5 and 5.8 percent.


On MBC, “Kairos” aired its final episode to ratings of 3.3 and 3.3 percent, not far from its personal best of 3.7 percent. On tvN, “Awaken” saw a slight rise from last episode with ratings of 4.103 percent. On JTBC, “Live On” recorded ratings of 0.6 percent.



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With YH turning evil I am just watching only for SR and LL falling in love. Even if it’s strange because her daughter is the adoptive dongsaeng of LL. But it is a kdrama, more a Makjang. LOL. 
Did I miss something ?! Episode 16 introduced us for the first time that SR knew DT killed her husband ?! Since when ?

I am really disappointed that YH is not on the good side anymore. Will they cut off SJ in season 2 ? Will SR will get revenge against DT and YH in season 2 ? BTW if SR leaves for the US, I suppose she would let the twins with their super psycho dad. So scary. I am really sad for all the children who are really broken because of their parents :( except for RN who was mistreated at school.  
Don’t know what the writer will do for season 3... It’s my first time watching one of her dramas. I am afraid we won’t see SR’s revenge until the ending of season 3. Oh god


Hopefully Park Eun Seok will be in season 2

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1 hour ago, poppie said:

Did I miss something ?! Episode 16 introduced us for the first time that SR knew DT killed her husband ?! Since when?

She found that finger in earlier episodes.



BTW if SR leaves for the US, I suppose she would let the twins with their super psycho dad.

I can't understand how she was raising them all those years. No affection at all. I understand, that she had her own daughter in hospital and now she has a mission, but she forgot tweens so easily. This part of her I don't like at all. She is a bad mother for tweens.

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Eh, I don't feel that SR will leave the twins. If anything, I find that she will take the twins away(or attempt to) in order to throw Dantae off. I remember the twins always wanted to go overseas so they might leap on this chance as well. I feel that Logan has enough balls to tell Dantae and ENJOY telling him that I'm taking your wife and kids with me


Seo Jin is completely cracking. Not only is she being blackmailed, her letting her dad die is making her unstable.


I feel that YoonHee's acting can be abit annoying ESPECIALLY when she gasps and covers her mouth with both her hands. It's so over the top but that's also pure makjang lol

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