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[Drama 2021] Penthouse/War in Life, 펜트하우스


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Park Eun Seok uploaded a BTS pictures from the Penthouse shooting. He commented that it (the drama)  is going to be amazing. If you say so.... We`ll see.




We don`t know more informations about his character. They gave his old role to Yoon Jong Hyun and they made changes to the new character.  They changed the name from Logan Lee to Goo Ho-Dong, they made him a sport teacher rather than an English teacher but I don`t know if he will have the same background. I think the writer will make him a rich man too like the original Logan Lee.

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On 10/3/2020 at 4:41 PM, larus said:

If the Kairos offer had not intersected with Penthouse, Shin Sung Rok would have been in both dramas. I totally understand why he chose Kairos over Penthouse.  I would have chosen the same as well.

It would have been too similar roles after Return and The Last Empress but he would have been great playing a baddie. Probably the writer thought of him when she wrote the role. Imagine three actors from Return in this drama.:lol:  But I am pleased that Uhm Ki Joon took the role. It was a good remplacement.


It would be a treat for me if he is in both dramas. But character wise, I understand why he chose Kairos because it's a new type of character for him. Penthouse was actually planned to air after Alice in Fri/Sat slot, what a coincidence that both Kairos and Penthouse end up premiering on the same date hahaha. And Uhm Ki Joon and SSR will both be in Monte Cristo as Monte Cristo yay! 


12 hours ago, larus said:

Park Eun Seok uploaded a BTS pictures from the Penthouse shooting. He commented that it (the drama)  is going to be amazing. If you say so.... We`ll see.




We don`t know more informations about his character. They gave his old role to Yoon Jong Hyun and they made changes to the new character.  They changed the name from Logan Lee to Goo Ho-Dong, they made him a sport teacher rather than an English teacher but I don`t know if he will have the same background. I think the writer will make him a rich man too like the original Logan Lee.


Ohhh!!! Is that why Yoon Jung Hyun was not in the script read...because he was not cast yet? Hahaha. Anyways...Logan Lee was initially offered to Ha Suk Jin. I dunno what happened to his casting. Another casting that didn't come to light was Oh Man Seok. He was in talks but I didn't hear anything after that.

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6 hours ago, katakwasabi said:

And Uhm Ki Joon and SSR will both be in Monte Cristo as Monte Cristo yay! 

In ther same musical for the same titular role? It is funny how a musical actor is replacing another musical actor. And I saw Park Eun Seok was in the same musical with Uhm Ki Joon as well not long time ago.


6 hours ago, katakwasabi said:

Ohhh!!! Is that why Yoon Jung Hyun was not in the script read...because he was not cast yet? Hahaha. Anyways...Logan Lee was initially offered to Ha Suk Jin. I dunno what happened to his casting. Another casting that didn't come to light was Oh Man Seok. He was in talks but I didn't hear anything after that.

I think I saw Yoon Jung Hyun in the first script reading but I suspect he had a minor role (suporting cast) and that`s why he doesn`t appear in the group picture with the main actors. It was an article about Oh Man seok refusing the role after all and then we heard about his replacement with Park Eun Seok. They even announced that he took the role of Ha Yoon Cheol. We did not hear any news about Ha Seok Jin but I understand why they did not announce another failed cast. I think they decided to reorganize the script and made some changes. They gave Yoon Hyun Joon the role of Ha Yoon Cheol, Seo Jin`s husband, and gave Park Eun Seok the role of Logan Lee but it was changed a little and appeared as a new character Goo Ho-Dong .  I think this character has the base of Logan Lee or maybe it is entirely a new character. He remained the good guy of this drama but I bet he is still rich just like the former character.  We`ll see. 

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'Penthouse' Shin Eun-kyung, Kangmari's perfect transformation for 32 years "Complete the narrative with your eyes"


Shin Eun-kyung returns to the home theater with SBS's new Monday-Tuesday drama “Penthouse.”


Shin Eun-kyung takes on the role of Hera Palace representative Joolbu Kangmari, who sends her husband to Dubai in the ‘Penthouse’ and conducts a solo workshop. In the play, Kangmari seems to be hot-tempered, but if you know it, she is a very computational and cool personality. He has the duality of criticizing the gold spoons, but releasing all her stress to the housekeepers and knights. However, she had a desperate maternal love that could commit even theft if it was her daughter Yujeni (Jin Ji-hee).

In the'Penthouse', Shin Eun-kyung, who was living a secret double life,  is attracting attention. With her 32 years of experience and years of performance, she has already raised curiosity about the role of Kangmari, which Shin Eun-kyung will portray, who led each work's strong passion, personality, and beautiful immersion.

The production crew said, "Shin Eun-kyung is an actor who can complete the narrative of a character named Kangmari with only her eyes," and said, "Please watch the role of Kangmari, the'penthouse' that will be born by actor Shin Eun-kyung, who is overwhelming the scene with explosive hot performances in every scene."

(Google translate)


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Penthouse' Bong Tae-gyu, Mama Boy → Bluff end plate king...unique character birth notice


'Penthouse' Bong Tae-gyu changed into the pretentious Mama Boy lawyer Gyu-jin Lee, predicting the birth of a unique character.

In'Penthouse', Bong Tae-gyu is Lee Gyu-jin, the husband of Ko Sang-ah (Joo-hee Yoon) and a lawyer specializing in divorce at Victory Law Firm. Gyu-jin Lee is the only child of the third generation of the legal family, and she has lived as her mother told her since he was a child. He doesn't know how to do things himself, and he has a decision disability, and is a person who is confirmed by his mother and older sister.

Not only that, but the wife decided to marry Go Sang-ah through a family meeting because her mother's decision was never wrong. Gangjeong is empty, with only bluffs such as letting his wife do everything.


Above all, Bong Tae-gyu is reuniting with director Joo Dong-min, who had a relationship in SBS drama'Return' through'Penthouse', and is gathering attention.


Bong Tae-gyu, who played the role of Kim Hak-beom in'Return', drew a great reputation for his performance as a heinous villain. In this'Penthouse', a divorce lawyer who is an elite among the elite from outside, but appears as a super strong Mama Boy who knows nothing at home, shocking viewers once again.

Bong Tae-gyu said, "I'm so happy to be with good people for a good work. I want to tell you that you can dare to look forward to it."

(Google translate)







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Actor Kim Hyun-soo appears in SBS's new drama'Penthouse' (writen by Kim Soon-ok, director Joo Dong-min).



In this work, Kim Hyun-soo plays the role of Bae Rona, the daughter of Oh Yoon-hee, which Yujin will play. Bae Ro na, who has a heavenly voice, inherited the talent of her mother who was unable to sing due to injured vocal chords, decides to go to Cheong-A High School to major in vocal music, contrary to her mother's desire for a professional job. To play Rona, Kim Hyun-soo is immersed in the character while learning vocal music and piano.





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Second teaser was release.




SBS'Penthouse' unveiled the '2nd teaser' with extraordinary intensity, with no time to breathe.

'Penthouse' predicted a suspense revenge drama that has never been seen through'Second Teaser' in which mysterious events and accidents are drawn one after another, centering on Shim Su-ryun (Jia Ji-ah) in the play. Following the '1st Teaser', which featured the intense appearances and lines of the characters, and the view of Hera Palace, this'Second Teaser' is attracting attention by containing the intricate relationships of the characters surrounding'Hera Palace'.

First, a scene where Shim Su-ryun and husband Ju Dan-tae (Um Gi-jun) whisper, "You are mine forever," and kiss them, attracts attention. However, afterwards, it was shocked by Jo Dan-tae's narration, "It's pitiful. I wouldn't have died if I didn't know anything." Shim Su-ryun's screaming screaming resonates, and Shim Su-ryun, who is trembling in fear with his head covered, crosses with a man walking with threatening scissors, multiplying the tension in the play.

Moreover, with a cry "She is a murderer," Oh Yun-hee (Yujin) looks at the blood on her hand in amazement. In addition to this, behind the voice of Seo-jin Cheon (Kim So-yeon), saying, "There is something for your wife," Shim Su-ryun raises the trophy high with a lively look, and a scene unfolds in which anger explodes, saying, "Let's get it right one by one" while swinging a golf club Inspires curiosity. Moreover, the residents of Hera Palace, who are enjoying the party and cheering after the voice of Dan-tae Ju, "We will pass the crisis this time," stimulates the curiosity of the viewers.

Finally, Shim Su-ryun, who was shocked after witnessing the accident, and Seo-Jin Cheon, who were shocked by the scene of the accident, warned someone, "Because there is a limit to putting up with it," said "If you don't want to die, close your mouth and talk with me Shim Su-ryun's angry warning, "Because I'll break it up," triggers goosebumps.


(Google translate)



Teaser in Insragram



Character description













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SBS new drama'Penthouse' staff were injured while filming the fire scene.




An official from SBS's new Monday and Tuesday drama'Penthouse' (played by Kim Soon-ok, director Joo Dong-min) told OSEN on the 7th, "While filming the fire scene three weeks ago, the fire grew and an accident occurred, and two of the staff suffered minor abrasions and burns. The production crew stopped filming and applied both the treatment. For the staff and performers who would have been surprised, we once again apologized and resumed filming with a promise of safety. I apologize once again to the staff, actors, and viewers who would have been surprised.”

Recently, during the shooting of the'Penthouse' fire scene at the SBS Tanhyeon Production Center in Tanhyeon-dong, Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, the fire grew and two camera staff were injured and moved to the hospital. As a result, the filming scheduled for the day was stopped, and the injured staff returned to the scene after two days.






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Character descriptions



ShimSo Ryun (44 years old) played by Lee Ji Ah

Joo Dan-tae's wife. The mother of the twins Sun-hoon and Sun-gyeong. 

Hera Palace tenants both recognized, undisputed queen of clubs! 


Born in a chaebol family, she grew up lovingly with the generous love of her family. She is an attractive woman who is as gentle as her beautiful appearance and turns into a rash in love. For her, her marriage to Dan-tae Ju, who pursued only the best and perfection, was a series of breathtaking frustrations.


"I didn't really love him, but I tried to fulfill the role of a wife and mother for my two children. It has been a long time since I have been living a dry life in a penthouse while giving up my own happiness."






Seojin Cheon (43 years old) played by Kim So Yeon

Ha Yoon-cheol's wife. Eunbyul Ha's mother. 

The natural gold spoon. The Cheong-A Foundation`s chairman daughter. Famous soprano. The queen bee of “Hera Club”. 


A woman who must be the center of the world. She gets what she wants somehow. Whether it's someone else's dream or another woman's man. 


The spotlight was always shining on Seojin. The titles of'Korea's Best Soprano','Cheong-A Foundation Chairman's Daughter', and'Num Sa-Bye Um Chin-Ah' were always enough to draw her attention. She always won first place in Cheong-A kindergarten, Cheong-A Elementary School, and Cheong-A Ye-jung with enough skills without using the back of her parents.


Her husband Yun-cheol was also an ambitious man. The family was terrible, but he was sincere enough to aim for the next hospital chief. Seo Jin also did her own help to seat him in the position of the VIP dedicated surgeon. Everything seemed to be in place.






Yoonhee Oh (43 years old) played by Kim Yu Jin (Eugene)

Mommy. Unlicensed real estate consultant.


"My daughter should not suffer as much because the money, she should not faced sorrow, and discrimination, and shouldn't be overwhelmed!


When she was in school, she was a talented soprano known all over the country, but she gave up her vocal music due to fatal damage to her vocal chords in an unexpected accident. It was from then that Yunhee's life began to be twisted. 


She couldn't even cross the college door, and her boyfriend, whom she met for six years, left her. My husband, a high school student I met, was drunk after having an affair and fell off the railing and died. The mother-in-law, who lived with an incurable disease, wasted her money by selling gold rings for her granddaughter. That's when my daughter, Barona, was born.


As much as my daughter was struggling with money, she lived repressively with the mind that she would not let her live. There was no one I hadn't tried. Since a few years ago, he has been earning living expenses by finding secret hideouts for graduates. 


For Yunhee, Rona was everything and the reason in life. Even if I didn't have anything, I wanted to do everything to Rona. That's why Rona will enter Cheong-A Art High School and perform vocal music. I didn't want to have my daughter sing.



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2 Staff Members Revealed To Have Been Injured On Set Of Upcoming Drama “Penthouse”


Oct 7, 2020
by L. Kim

On October 7, a source from upcoming SBS drama “Penthouse” belatedly revealed that two staff members have been injured on the set.

According to YTN, two staff members were injured during a fire scene as the flames grew unexpectedly bigger. Multiple sources added that the two members of the camera crew were injured during an outdoor fire scene at the SBS Tanhyeon Production Center in the city of Goyang in Ilsan. As a result, the filming scheduled for the day was completely suspended. Fortunately, the injuries weren’t that serious, and the two staff members reportedly returned to the set after two days.

The production crew of “Penthouse” released an official statement that reads as follows:

About three weeks ago, two staff members suffered minor abrasions and burns in an accident that occurred when the flames grew bigger while filming a fire scene.

The production crew stopped filming and provided both materially and psychologically for the injured staff members’ treatment.

We would like to apologize once again to the cast and crew, who must have been shocked about the incident. We will resume filming with the promise to provide a safe filming environment.

Once more, we apologize to the cast, crew, and viewers, and we will do our best to film safely.


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Character description


Ju Dan-tae (45 years old) played by Uhm Ki Joon

Shim Su-ryun's husband. Joo Joo-hoon and Joo-kyung`s father 

CEO of J. King Holdings Architects. Real estate genius.


His buildings are located in Seoul, Beijing, Las Vegas, Indonesia and all over the world. Hera Palace, the tallest residential-commercial building in Samseong-dong, is also his work! 


With a natural talent not only in architecture but also in real estate, he smelled money like a ghost and spent money on every real estate he invested. It is said that he cannot travel around Gangnam without stepping on his land.


As a self-made character, he has a compulsive perfectionist temperament. 

It does not tolerate even a bit of distraction or word of mouth. Always be the best, and be perfect.

Cold-blooded blood flows and treats his family harshly, but he tries tirelessly to make it a perfect home to others.



Kang Marie (45 years old) played by Shin Eun Kyung

Eugene's mom. Mrs. Yu Dong-pil.

Life's motto is to earn like a dog and use it like Jeongseung Joolbu.


A woman who sends her husband to Dubai and goes to work for herself . It looks like she's hot-tempered, but when you know her, she's incredibly computational and cool.


She criticizes the golden spoons inside, and the dirt spoons outside. She lives a life of releasing all the stress from his house assistants and drivers.


However, if it's her daughter (Yu Jenny), she can commit theft. "Because Jenny is my only princess."









Gyujin Lee (43 years old) played by Bong Tae gyu

Go Sang-ah's husband. Lee Min-hyuk's father. Divorce lawyer specialized in Victory Law Firm.

Mamaboy in Gangjeong, who is only son of a conglomerate who is a legal profession. King of the end plates of flakes.


He is the 3rd generation of the legal family and is the youngest of 1 boy and 2 daughters. Since I was a child, I had lived as my mother told me to do, and I became a  lawyer. Of course, he doesn't have confidence, and he needs to be confirmed by her sister or mother about everything he has to do.


The marriage to Sang-ah was also decided through a family meeting. Gyujin accepted it as always. My mother's decision has never been wrong.





Ha Yun-cheol (43 years old) played by Yoon jong Hyun

Seojin Cheon's husband. Ha Eun-byul's father. 

Cheong-A Medical Center VIP dedicated surgeon head of a large general hospital. The authority of lumbar disc surgery.


He is the last king of Cheosesul who treats people according to class as a person who knows how to make a moderate compromise to reality. After all, an ambition that men should have money and power.


His abilities and skills as a doctor are second to none. However, he prioritizes profit and loss calculations over thoughtfulness, skill over effort, and surgery over observations. He is the next president of Cheong-A Medical Center, who has achieved the highest number of patients with surgery reservations in Korea and a 200% return on Cheong-A Medical Center.


Yoon Chul-do believes that his wife, Cheon Seo-jin's housewife, played a part in his success. There are times when the goal-oriented Seojin is a bit burdensome, but as a result, Seojin's intention was never wrong. So, the education of daughter Ha Eun-byul was also assigned to Seo-jin. She was a satisfied wife as a partner in her life. In particular, both of them had the same goal. 'Being the best! '


A satisfying life and a peaceful family that everyone envy. Everything was going the way Yun-cheol had dreamed of.





Go Sang-ah (42 years old) played by Yoon Joo hee

Lee Gyu-jin's wife. Lee Min-hyuk's mother.

The youngest member of "Hera Club" who used to be an announcer. 


Pretending to be educated, pretending to be happy in the world, and pretending to be loved, it is a half-marriage. From the once promising announcer, he is now the daughter-in-law of a conglomerate and is living with her husband Lee Gyu-jin.


My husband is a scarecrow attorney at the'Victory' law firm run by his father-in-law, and no one knows that she is acting as the daughter-in-law of a conglomerate. In short, her marriage was a prison without bars.


The in-laws and family members did all kinds of dirty and nasty things and enjoyed luxury, and forced her to frugality, moderation, and integrity. The mother-in-law, holding the money line, froze the living cost to 2 million won, and she couldn't buy 100g of bean sprouts without her confirmation. I have never touched my husband's salary.




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Penthouse' Yoon Jong-hoon, elite doctor + Kim So-yeon` husband, Ha Yoon Cheol, "The Glory of Author Kim Soon-ok"




SBS's new Monday-Tuesday drama “Penthouse” Yoon Jong-hoon appeared as the director of the neurosurgery department of a large general hospital, “The King of the End of Cheongsik,” and showed sharp charisma.

In ‘Penthouse’, Yoon Jong-hoon played the role of Ha Yun-cheol, the husband of Seo-jin Cheon (Kim So-yeon) and the chief of the neurosurgery department in charge of VIP at Cheong-A Medical Center. In the play, Ha Yun-cheol knows how to make a moderate compromise to reality, and is the ultimate king of Cheosesul who treats people by class.

In addition, Ha Yun-cheol is an elite among the elite with unrivaled ability  as a doctor, and has the highest record of the number of patients booked for surgery in Korea, earning 200% of the profit rate at Cheong-A Medical Center. In addition, Ha Yun-cheol is a person who shows a strong trust in his wife, Seo-jin Cheon as a life partner and draws a peaceful life at home.


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'Penthouse' Yoon Joo-hee, daughter-in-law of a conglomerate who can't even buy bean sprouts without mother in law `s confirmation!




In'Penthouse', Yoon Joo-hee played Lee Gyu-jin's (Bong Tae-gyu)'s wife and the youngest member of'Hera Club', the youngest member of Hera Palace residents. In the play, Sang-ah Ko was once a promising announcer, but now he is living by marrying and supporting Lee Gyu-jin, the only son of the third generation of the legal family.

Ko Sang-ah, who has been turned into a conglomerate daughter-in-law and  because of the extreme mama boy Lee Gyu-jin, she is living a salty life that can't buy 100 grams of bean sprouts without a mother-in-law's confirmation .

Moreover, although Ko Sang-ah has never touched her husband's salary, she has a half-married life pretending to be educated, happy in the world, and loved.






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Watch: Lee Ji Ah, Uhm Ki Joon, Kim So Yeon, And More Struggle For Power In Chilling New Teaser For “Penthouse”



Oct 11, 2020
by S. P

SBS has revealed a new suspense-filled teaser for the upcoming drama “Penthouse”!

“Penthouse” tells the story of a woman who strives to achieve her goal of entering high society by becoming the “queen” in the 100th floor penthouse in Gangnam, which is the pinnacle of success in her eyes. The drama will also touch on women who have no choice but to become villains in order to protect themselves. The main cast includes Lee Ji Ah, Kim So Yeon, Eugene, Uhm Ki Joon, Shin Eun Kyung, Bong Tae Gyu, Yoon Jong Hoon, Park Eun Seok, and Yoon Joo Hee.

The teaser opens as Shim Soo Ryeon (Lee Ji Ah) whispers, “You are forever mine,” while sharing a kiss with her husband Joo Dan Tae (Uhm Ki Joon). Joo Dan Tae then ominously says, “Pitiful. If she didn’t know anything she wouldn’t have died,” as someone falls into the penthouse fountain. While Shim Soo Ryeon looks on in fright, a mysterious figure approaches her with a threatening pair of scissors.

The scene then cuts to a woman pushing someone down the stairs as a voice says urgently, “That woman is a murderer.” Shim Soo Ryeon then holds up a trophy with a murderous glare as Chun Seo Jin (Kim So Yeon) says, “There’s something suspicious about your wife.” Her anger continues as she smashes a golf club on the ground in the following clip. Joo Dan Tae then promises, “We’ll get through this crisis this time as well,” amidst scenes of a glamorous party.

The chilling atmosphere returns as Shim Soo Ryeon visits the scene of an accident. Chun Seo Jin threatens, “Stop messing with me. There’s a limit to my patience.” The teaser comes to an end as Shim Soo Ryun furiously warns, “If you don’t want to die, shut your mouth and talk with me. Otherwise, I’m going to expose everything.”




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Penthouse’ Ha Do Kwon changed 180 degrees...long-haired charisma


SBS's new Monday and Tuesday drama “Penthouse” Ha Do-kwon transformed into a music teacher Ma Doo-gi, who teaches vocal music to children, and overwhelmed the gaze with her long-haired charisma.

In ‘Penthouse’, Ha Do-kwon played the role of Ma Doo-gi, a music teacher at Hwayoung Middle School, with a long-haired hairstyle. In the drama, Ma Dougi is a typical strong-weak-gang style that naturally bends his knees in front of money and power, weak to the strong and infinitely strong to the weak. Even if Hera Palace parents scratch their pride, they always stand up like weeds.

From the fiercely staring at the student with arms folded to the depth of eyes and gestures, it is captivating with an unrivaled aura. In the midst of the fierce competition for preliminary entrance exams among children, attention is being paid to what kind of performance the vocal teacher Madoogi will perform.

Do-Kwon Ha said about the role of Madogi, “I am very grateful for the role that I can perform while reminiscent of my dreamy vocal music and my student days. “I am honored to be able to do even a small part in such a great work,” he said. “

In particular, referring to writer Kim Soon-ok and director Joo Dong-min, who have been together for the second time since “The Dignity of the Empress,” “I am very happy and grateful as an actor to breathe, speak, and sing as one person in the world of artist Kim Soon-ok. Also, I am confident that it will be a reassuring and enjoyable work because there is a respectable artist Dongmin Joo.” In addition, Ha Do Kwon raised expectations by adding a testimony that "Please give me a lot of support and encouragement for playing a new character that has not been shown before."

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Preview! Hera Palace, a super-luxurious apartment on the 100th floor of luxury, for the first time ever released!





Penthouse Drops Unintentionally Hilarious Character Posters of Leads Posting Like Fascimile of Rich People



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Suporting characters


Joo Seok Hoon Played by Kim Young Dae


The son of Joo Dan Tae and Shin Su Ryun
He is perfect in everything from appearance, hair, and skill. Besides, he fights well.

He always plays perfection in front of Ju Dan-tae, who doesn't allow even a small distractions. In school, a boy who has a double aspect who enjoys aberrations by treating his teacher and his friends like toys.
With such a new toy of Seok-hoon, Baerona is chosen. However, this target is not easy. Little by little, Rona, who does not succumb to any harassment, becomes more and more his interest.




Joo Seok Kyung played by Han Ji Hyun

The daughter of Dan-tae Ju and Su-ryun Shim. Seok-hoon's twin sister.

She majored in vocal music at Cheong-A High School.

A child who is always gentle and generous despite the competition in the arts and sports industry, which is like a war.
Seokkyung's course was decided from the beginning. 'vocalist' but she hated both singing and studying. Compared to my brother Seok-hoon, who is the number one in the school, Ju Dan-tae was very cold to Seok-kyung. He was always compared her with Seok-hoon.



Ha Eun byul played by Choi Ye Bin

The daughter of Seojin Chun and Yooncheol Ha.

She majored in vocal music at Cheong-A High School. She is always anxious because she couldn't satisfy her mother Seo-jin Cheon with her ability to stay in number two.

Eunbyul's life has been decided since birth. She has never dreamed of anything other than vocal music. The Cheong-A Foundation was the most prestigious private school in the art field. When the mother Seo-jin Cheon, who was a prima donna, becomes the chairman of the Cheong-A Foundation, after that, Eunbyul will take over. It was a natural procedure as if washing your face when you wake up in the morning.

Eunbyul liked to sing too, but he wasn't a natural genius.

“I won’t be able to surpass my mother even if I wake up from death”
Low self-esteem dominates her mind.




Bae Ro Na played by Kim Hyun soo

Oh Yoon-hee's only child. She has a unique talent for vocal music. She has a strong personality.

Brave. I don't have a dad, I don't have money, but I'm not afraid.
She studied sincerely and made the first grade in all subjects
She liked singing a song.
Her mom (Oh Yoon-hee) stopped Rona from singing but that made Rona sang like crazy. She  worked hard at a hundred times more than others.
A girl who sings every day, thinking that no one can ignore her if she becomes the best.





Yoo Je Ni played by Jin Ji Hee

The only daughter of Mari Kang and Yoo-pil. She majored in vocal music at Cheong-A High School.




Lee Min-hyuk played by Lee Tae Vin

Son of Go Sang-ah and Lee Gyu-jin. Cheong-A High School Vocal Music Major.

The fact that I couldn't go to Seoul National University to study discouraged the whole family.
Right now, He is in charge of the artist's role as my grandfather and grandmother decided.
He a quiet son at home but outside family he is completely transformed into a joker. He is majoring in vocal music, but he has no outstanding talent. He is far from being sincere, and his studies are always in the lower part.









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Character posters

"Elegant beauty-alluring beauty-reversal beauty, no one can cross!"




SBS's new Monday and Tuesday drama “Penthouse” Lee Ji-ah, Kim So-yeon, and Yujin overwhelmed the eyes with an unfamiliar aura.

In this regard, on the 14th, Lee Ji-ah, Kim So-yeon, and Yujin unveiled a “three-person character poster” that reveals each atmosphere entwined with revenge, vanity, and desire. First, Ji-A Lee, who plays Sim Su-ryun under intense red lighting, is staring at the front with her eyes filled with sadness and anger at the same time. In addition, the site is expressing a bloody, bloody vengeful spirit with the words "you can never forgive those who made you this way" “Penthouse” Queen Shim Su-ryun, who has everything, is raising questions about what kind of story is hiding.


Soyeon Kim, who plays Seo-jin Cheon, creates a sense of extreme tension with gorgeous accessories and alluring red lips in the cold purple light. The phrase “the world only listens to powerful people” is added to this, giving a glimpse into the life of Seojin Cheon, covered with distorted desires and vanity.


Lastly, Yujin, who plays Oh Yoon-hee, wrapped in a half-and-half mixed light of red and purple, is sending a sharp gaze with a sad expression full of poison. The phrase “I'll let you live here even if I sell my mother's heart in half” conveys strong aspiration and fright, and stimulates curiosity about how Oh Yoon-hee's life, who will run toward desire, will flow.

On the other hand, Lee Ji-ah, Kim So-yeon, and Yujin showed off their different charms at the poster shoot. Ji-A Lee, who arrived at the scene with a gentle smile, expressed admiration for Shim Soo-ryun, a ‘woman stained with revenge’, with sad expressions and anger eyes. In addition, Kim So-yeon, who consistently lit up the set with a unique bright smile, exudes perfect instinct and sharp charisma as a “woman stained with vanity” Cheon Seo-jin as the camera lighted up. Eugene, who gave energy to the scene with a bright smile, fascinated the viewers by portraying Oh Yoon-hee, a "woman stained with desire" with a freely changing expression and a fascinating pose.

The production crew said, “Though life is different, we projected the stories of three women, Shim Su-ryun, Cheon Seo-jin, Oh Yun-hee, and three women who had no choice but to become evil women for their children. Please look forward to the fantastic hot acting that will be done.”











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Penthouse' Lee Ji-ah "Does not lose elegance while sharpening revenge swords"




“Shim Su-ryun, it was an adventure for me!”
Lee Ji-ah, SBS's new Monday-Tuesday drama “Penthouse,” gave a comeback to the home theater in about two years, and expressed her feelings about challenging Shim Su-ryun, an unusual character.
Ji-ah Lee takes on the role of Su-ryun Shim, the wife of Joo Dan-tae (Um Ki-jun), who burns her vengeance with a secret story that no one knows about in ‘Penthouse,’ and is the mother of the twins of Joong-hoon and Sun-gyeong.

Lee Ji-ah said, “First of all, the script was very fun. I was so curious about how Shim Su-ryun expresses his pain and revenge and read it down quickly. I was so curious about how Su-ryun Shim expressed her pain, and I was looking forward to reading it. There was no reason not to choose this role, so I felt challenged.”
She expressed her belief in writer Kim Soon-ok and director Joo Dong-min.


Lee Ji-ah said, “Shim Su-ryun determines and controls one's emotional state under a thorough plan. Shim Su-ryun was a three-dimensional character that was harder to predict than any other character I was in charge of, so it was more interesting and attracting.” Also, “I focused on how Shim Su-ryun expresses and revenges her inner pain, and embodies her dual appearance. She expressed her efforts and process to express the role of Shim Su-ryun, saying, “I keep thinking about what will be a noble and strong accent and moderate but elegant behavior.”


Moreover, Lee Ji-a is the biggest attraction of Sim Su-ryun, “It gives off the untouchable force that silently blows a shot without raising her voice. She is a person with a pure and clear mind, so she always considers everyone, but she is not a character who only gets hit, but she is attractive.” I consulted with the author and director and pondered whether it would be possible to coexist with the dual appearance that is infested with. Maybe this part will be a fun factor for viewers.”


Regarding actors who is working together in the play, such as Kim So-yeon, Yujin, Um Ki-jun, Shin Eun-kyung, and Bong Tae-gyu, “All the actors are in good harmony, so we are shooting happily without difficulty. Actor Kim So-yeon appears as an intense character, but in reality, she has a weird, cute, and kind charm. Actor Eugene also energizes the scene with a modest and furry look. “Senior Eom Gi-jun, who seems to be cold, is also taking photos with ease because he takes care and care so well. Shin Eun-kyung gave us a lot of supportive stories and, above all, volunteered as an atmosphere maker, so the shooting site is always bright. When actor Bong Tae-gyu plays the character of Lee Gyu-jin, it is a very enjoyable filming site so that he has to bow his head to hold back laughter.”


Lastly, Jia Lee said, “There are so many things to see visually. The story of human instincts that everyone can relate to will unfold without any addition or subtraction.” He added, “Preparation of the heart is essential,” and gave a point to watch the “penthouse”, raising expectations.

The production crew said, “lee Jia is an actor who has the power to capture the eye.” Please look forward to Shim Su-ryun's role as “Penthouse,” who will be drawn with Lee Jia's own color.”




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