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[Current Drama 2020/2021] Penthouse/War in Life, 펜트하우스 - Fri & Sat @ 22:00 KST - Season 2 premieres on February 19th

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I`ve just finished episode 2 and it is officially for me. The worst drama choice for Kim So Yeon and I watched everything it was available from her projects. This drama is extremely ridiculous that ev

Honestly, the melodramatics of both Rona and her mother are too much. They bring their troubles on themselves.   Rona, give up classical and go audition at a kpop agency. At least you will l

Yeah, the highlight of this week's episode was the last 10 mins of Ep 15. Kim So Yeon's brilliant acting, facial expressions of madness, relentlessness, anxiety, composure and guilt.   

On 11/17/2020 at 12:21 PM, lilcrash said:

This new character shown in Ep 8 preview can actually be Seol-ah's brother (not related, just that she transferred her bone marrow to him) in disguise? :joy:


Quoting myself from last week because after this week's Ep 8 and 9, I think it is clear that this PE teacher is Seol-ah's adoptive brother. 


I like how Soo-ryeon is always a step ahead of Dan-tae and Seo-jin! I cannot wait for Seo-jin to get her karma handed to her. I laughed when Seo-jin went back to check the necklace on the drawing and it changed from an apple to a heart.

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What’s that cool smart watch Eugene was wearing that recorded the criminal conversation? I loved it and want to get that too. Also, finally, after the Parent Teacher Kick, she finally did something cool.


Also, is the gym teacher the CA Oppar? In the middle of Ep 9 right now. How did this weird show become crack?





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What great News!

Second and Third Seasons Confirmed for "The Penthouse"


On November 24th "The Penthouse" confirmed that plans were in the works for a second ("The Penthouse - Season 2") and third season ("The Penthouse - Season 3") of the popular drama. Purportedly, these seasons will have twelve episodes apiece. This contrasts to the twenty episode run for the currently airing season of "The Penthouse" which had ratings of 16% in its ninth episode. "The Penthouse" also stated that future seasons of the drama would be moved to the Friday/Saturday night timeslot from the current Monday/Tuesday one.

The same statement also mentioned that "The Penthouse" was close to completing filming, in response to reports of COVID-19 shutting down the drama's production. It is as yet unknown who might star in the second and third seasons of "The Penthouse". Indeed, the news caught many off-guard, as the highly dramatic stylings of "The Penthouse" strongly suggest major characters will either die or be sent to prison by the drama's end, begging the question of what plotlines future seasons could indulge in.


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“The Penthouse” Soars Higher As “Birthcare Center” Ends On Personal Best Viewership Ratings


The Penthouse” continues to rise as “Birthcare Center” and “My Dangerous Wife” end on a high note!


According to Nielsen Korea, the November 24 episode of “The Penthouse” Recorded average nationwide ratings of 12.2 and 16.0 percent, a new personal best from last episode’s 15.5 percent.


tvN’s “Birthcare Center” went out on a high note, with its final episode recording average nationwide ratings of 4.2 percent and a peak of 5.6 percent. This is a new personal best for the drama.


MBN’s “My Dangerous Wife” also concluded on a high note with ratings of 3.380 percent.


On MBC, “Kairos” recorded ratings of 2.6 and 2.7 percent for episode seven, and 3.0 and 3.0 percent for episode eight. On November 24, “Kairos” aired two episodes back-to-back after being several postponements due to sports broadcasts.


On JTBC, “Live On,” which only airs once a week, recorded ratings of 0.428 percent.



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I just rewatched episode 9 and here are the things I've learned:


1.  If you want to be rich, you have to rely on a rich person.

I was kinda hoping that YH climbs her way to the penthouse with her own barehands and her wits, but unfortunately she isn't really smart enough. She has to rely on SR who she calls her "sister" and is using her as her chesspiece. I mean, I not mad about it, but I'm slightly disappointed about it. Does the writer wants to portary the harsh reality where most people can't be rich in a short time without being supported by a millionare, or he is lacking of ideas?


2. Anything hidden behind you back can't be seen, and you won't be suspected.

I swear, they make all the characters look smart but they are just dumb when it comes to minor things. SR hid things behind her back TWICE! Her husband didn't even suspect her, I was like what? Everytime I hide things behind my back, I got called out by my parents. I do not see the logic?


3. With evidence, you're invincible

So we saw that YH recorded the conversation when she was kidnapped, and when SJ's husband was punched by DT, she threatened him with the evidence. And because of that he let them free. Dude you hired someone with a gun, you could've just threaten YH to give you the evidence while pointing the gun at HYC. Again, I don't know what is the writer thinking, but I don't blame YH for weaseling out her way everytime.


4. If you give someone a gift, it means you like them

The teenage fights are getting old dude. They are super annoy especially the punching scene. Dumb and boring. Idk what's the point of the scene, so the PE teacher can meet SR? That scene is so unnecessary I believe it's just a filler. I'm glad we're not seeing children fighting scenes in this episode.


I'm looking forward for episode 10, mainly because I want to see YH entering the penthouse, and Logan Lee. Yassssss, the PE teacher is introduced in a badass way! 


I really hope the staff team and the cast are safe, knowing that one of the background actors who acted a single scene in the drama was tested positive for COVID-19, one day before they planned to finish filming. 

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1 hour ago, monalisa said:

When SR finds out that YH didn't help her daughter, would she take revenge on YH too?

This's what I'm concerned as well. I really hope that wasn't the case...


Maybe SR will forgive her since she helped Seol A before? Unlikely, but maybe.


Since we don't know the entire story yet, we'll just hope and see how it goes.



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Am I the only who has noticed that in scenes post-Seol Ah's death where the camera comes up from behind the Hera statue, there are what appear to be blood stains on the back of the sculpture?


Not sure if the director is doing this on purpose to see if audiences catch on, but I also find it anatomically unreal given Seol Ah's fall. Her blood could not have splattered all the way to the backside of the statue. 

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More season. More of the scream. Hey I don't make the rules :lol:


On 11/18/2020 at 2:20 AM, tulip06 said:

What is it with Bae Ro Na, why can’t she be smart and keep her mouth shut? 


Exactly my thoughts.  The constant shouting and screaming and whining. First thing I notice watching the episodes.. scream cry, shout, whine, yell. rinse, repeat :D



I actually Kim Hyun Soo who playing Rona. ...when character fits her . Unfortunate I don't  character in this drama.  tbh,  I've seen all the drama's she's  appeared because they're good  (Tree w/ deep roots, Kings Dream, Bridal Mask, Good Doctor, My love from the star, Joseon's Gunman and then as one of the leads in my fav Solomon's Perjury, she's aslo appeared in Rookie Hisorian.


On 11/24/2020 at 10:36 PM, Nyein Chan said:

I think one season is enough or I hope KSY quits. She deserves better roles.


Agree.  I prefer her characters in her previous dramas. I'm gonna check episodes.



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On 11/24/2020 at 6:28 PM, tulip06 said:

What’s that cool smart watch Eugene was wearing that recorded the criminal conversation? I loved it and want to get that too.

Me too. I am curious. It's a good watch for us/our loved ones. Anyone?


Hello everyone! :issohappy:
I binged through to the last available ep, and just love this drama to death! Especially love the characters of YH and SR. I'm so happy to see Eugene and Lee Ji Ah (Shin Eun Kyung too) back on the small screen. They are true actresses who can flesh out their roles in amazing ways. AJA! Nice to see Kim So Yeon, too. Another awesome actress, though I don't quite like her role here, it's a good change for her.

Back to the drama, I wish they, YH and SR, will really get their just revenge. That ending bit where YH walks into Hera Palace, whoa!

walk.gifCR: Justme09

It got me (and those watching with me) standing up and clapping for her! lol. That was so satisfying, even just as a viewer. Go YH! Go SR! :elated:

Patiently waiting for what's to unfold.

Thanks to all for your thoughts and updates. I will backtrack to catch up. :fullofhearts:

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Can someone also fill me in on when Lee Ji-Ah's voice become so soft? Her voice almost sounds dubbed at some points due to how smooth and also whisper-like it is. I had to pull up her old work like "Style" and "Athena: Goddess of War" and her voice used to be much louder with more life to it. This isn't her acting either, as her voice sounds the same in interviews and BTS clips for this series.

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