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[Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] Falling Into Your Smile 你微笑时很美

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Cr mydramalist


Chinese title: 你微笑时很美/Ni wei xiao shi hen mei 
English title: Falling Into Your Smile

Genre: Comedy, Modern, Romance

Episodes: 31

Director: Qiu Zhongwei 

Broadcast Period: 



Xu Kai as Lu Sicheng
Cheng Xiao as Tong Yao
Zhai Xiao Wen as Jian Yang
Yao Chi as Lu Yue
Zhou Yi Ran as Ai Jia
Wang Ruo Shan as Chen Lingyang
Merxat as Yu Ming
Ling Chao as Li Hengshuo
Gao Han as Lao K
Xiao Kai Zhong as Lao Mao
Wang Yi Jun as Jiao Huang
Qi Yan Di as Su Luo
Sun Kai as Xiao Pang
Cui Shao Yang as Xiao Rui
Gou Chen Hao Yu as Liang Sheng


A female e-sports player, who vows to never be in a relationship with someone in the same field, catches the attention of the elite team captain after making the natl team.

As a girl student, nursery rhymes have stepped into the e-sports professional circle with their real strength, becoming the first formal female e-sports player in the professional league of China. Facing doubts and inconveniences, they have overcome difficulties with the support of their teammates and persisted. Finally stood on the world stage, making up for the six-year unfortunate regret of the Chinese League of Legends Continental Division, and let the dream of e-sports bloom.
(Source: Baike.Baidu)

**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**





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Hi everyone! Can’t wait for this to come out. I’ve read the English translation of the novel up to what’s currently out, and love it!! Love the strong, quirky main leading lady. I hope they maintain her persona from the novel to drama. And of course the smitten tsundre male lead. Cannot wait to see Xu Kai bring this character out. A Shout of Thanks to @sugarplum892 for opening up this page, and @angelangie for your ever consistent drop of visual goodies. We can count on you to always give a feast for the eyes! :D 

Do we have an air date? I saw on mydramalist it’s supposed to be in December, but I wondered if that was definite. 

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Mhmm, I feel like I should give a heads up. This drama's source novel is fairly well known on c!net for plagiarism. It's not a regular case either, the novel consist of real people, real events, real gags/gimmicks/memes. 


The title is a ripoff of a well known retired LOL player's game ID 你微笑时好美, he later changed his name to WE's WeiXiao, active from s1 till s4 I believe. The original ID references WeiXiao's ex-girlfriend, who was a commentator for LOL. They are incredibly well known in esport circle, and their story is part of a lot of fans' memory. Anyways, both the male lead and female lead are mix of real people's background, skill, gimmicks and nicknames. The teams can be matched to a number of s6 teams (because the novel was written from s6 to s7), down to the scores, the matches are said to be playback of real matches.


It's not that you can't have references or homages to real life, it's unavoidable to have some influence. But when your entire novel is littered with them, I'm bit more hesitant in condoning it, and when you don't necessarily point out they are references, that's problematic. Moreover, the narrative doesn't particularly respect the esport community. It's not okay to steal other people's achievements, it's not okay to smear professional players or teams, it's absolutely not okay to write incredibly unprofessional behaviour to characters that's very clearly referencing a real person!! e.g. You can criticise people for sleeping around as a general criticism to the industry, but a) they are generally really busy training but ok this is a novel and they have holidays b) irl, they are not allowed to bring random people back to clubs c) if your FL bump into them, don't have them just offer to lose just to keep the secret WTF. 


It's also not goddamn okay to reference Faker multiple times, and demonise him as someone who's selfish and terrorise younger teammates just so he can have what he wants and dominate the team. Faker is a Korean (LCK) player, but he's incredibly gifted and hardworking, well respected around the world by people who know the game and loved by fans, he is not how he's characterised in the novel. Yes you changed the name (a little), but it's super apparent to anyone who has ever followed LOL matches. It's also grossly disrespectful to paint Korean players in negative light, especially when  almost every LPL (Chinese pro league) teams have one or two outstanding Korean players. The last two world championship (s8 and s9) were won by Chinese clubs, but both of them had two fabulous Korean players.


Some thought it was fun fanfic dedicated to WE when they started, but note that WE does not have a good image in the novel, they were mocked, and notable ex-WE players were also mocked and criticised. Maybe the author thought it was funny, but to anyone that knows the teams, it's absolutely not, to newbies, it's just a terrible introduction. Then there's the fact that in 2018, she specifically called out WE fans for using what she thought was a line from her novel. The line was NOT from her novel, she sicced her fans into a passerby, and subsequently went into fanwar with esport fans, where some of her fans say "gosh I wouldn't know WeiXiao if not for this novel", which okay fair if you weren't into esports. The absolute disdain that accompanied "the novel helped making WeiXiao and esport" is utterly ridiculous though, when WE won the first champion on world stage (IPL5) in 2012, which was when esports in China was still in its infancy, 2017 was the year that China hosted the s series games (world championship) and by then it was a billion dollar business. 


The novel's plagiarism issue was known while it was serialising (2016 to 2017ish) but perhaps limited to the small crossover between esport and web novel community, then parts of esport community in 2018 (plagiarism will pop up if you look up the novel, I specifically passed on the novel due to that in early '18), then when they sold the IP it's full blown everywhere on weibo. When they started filming, and just recently when they finished filming, the esport community was in an uproar (okay the spring games also just finished so they had free time, the players also knows by the way). I'm absolutely flabbergasted the production company had to pick THIS ONE out of many to adapt, I'm incredibly annoyed that this is going to draw a lot of new fans with wrong impression, the story or the author or perhaps even the production company doesn't respect or care about LOL or its community. I don't think the drama is using LOL, as Tencent's esport manager responded they didn't authorise usage of the game, godspeed to the game they decided to use, because the esport community is not going to let them live this down.


I'm not saying don't read the novel or don't watch the drama, but I do feel like I should spread awareness about the fact that the novel literally stole years of bloods, tears, frustrations of incredibly hardworking young people following their dreams, some retired but working behind the scene, some still playing today, and flippantly dumped bits and pieces into a story she claimed as her own, then sold the IP for massive amount of money. I'm not even an esport fan, since I only started watching a handful LOL matches last year, but good god did this upset me.

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@skibbies Wow, thanks for the eye opening background! That may affect a lot of people who have LOL connections on whether they’ll watch this or not. As for myself, I am one of those in it just for pure entertainment. Since I know nothing about the players nor the game it doesn’t hit my emotions in a negative light, however, I can see how those who are completely aware of the reality would be in an uproar. Had you not said anything, I’d be oblivious. So thank you for enlightenment. When I was on dramapanda website, I did notice that some of the characters names are different than the novel, so perhaps they are changing things up, but that doesn’t make it right.



This article has the characters names in the pictures. 


All things considered, plagiarism is a very serious issue, so to those whom are deeply affected by it may choose to avoid watching this drama entirely.

Thankfully, this forum has a mature audience that allows both sides to have their say and be civil about it too. 

Thank you again @skibbies Appreciate you sharing what you know behind the actual story.

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