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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] My Little Happiness 我的小确幸

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Hello everyone am new here just finished this drama, I read all the comments and I agree with most stuff said here but regardless I really enjoyed it. It was really cute. But who else saw that kiss in episode 25, the sofa kiss I know there is some acting but to me they seemed really flustered like for real it felt like I was watching a really private moment  was it me only?:dontwanna:

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As several of commentors in mdl said, it bothers them that the first time SQ fell in love with CR, it was only when he knew CR was his old friend from the past. Before that he did treat her coldly and

@_jeslyn I've only started looking at this drama recently because I remembered seeing both main leads on "Put Your Head On My Shoulder" and I agree the story development is a bit predictable. To me Xi

Just saw the ending of the drama...   Why was WX not at the stage waiting for CR during the wedding again?   Seeing CR's boss at the wedding, i would thought that it would be nice

I finished watching this drama a couple days ago. I must say the later half of the series was definitely more interesting compared to the first half. The screen writers did well by putting in a good amount of romantic scenes, compared to other dramas I've seen this one had a lot of kissing scenes woo-hoo. All in all it turned out to be a lovely fun drama.


Cong Rong & Wen Shaoqing relationship developed quite nicely and their on screen chemistry got better & better at the end. Wen Shaoqing surely turned out to be quite the lover man LOL. It was also a nice touch to see they had twins later on.


I think Cheng Cheng & Wen Rang relationship was interesting from the start and also matured well nearing the end, would have liked to see them get married too.


I was a little sad to see Zhong Zhen with his cute & funny personality remained single throughout the series, at least he was made to look like a distinguished hottie doctor at the end LOL.


Finally, I really liked Wen Shaoqing adorable fluffy dog & was happy to seeing it in each episode.

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