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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] My Little Happiness 我的小确幸

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Cr mydramalist


Chinese title: 我的小确幸/ Wo De Xiao Que Xing
English title: My Little Happiness 

Genre:  Romance

Episodes: 28

Director: Yang Long (杨龙)

Broadcast Period: 1/13/2021 - 1/27/2021



Xing Fei as Zhuo Rong
Tang Xiao Tian as Wen Shaoqing
Huang Yi Lin as Zhou Chengcheng
Li Chuan as Wen Rang
Deng Yu Li as Qin Chu
Fu Wei Lun as Zhong Zhen
Chang Long as Chen Cu
Yang An Qi as San Bao
Ye Hong Mei
Luo Chen Shu
Liu Chang as Shang Guanyi
Pan Shi Qi as Jiang Yao
Cui Yi
Wang Qing
Liu Pi Dong
Yu Hui
Zhang Tian Shu
Wang Mo Han as Xiong Jingjing
Guo Rui Zhi


Zhuo Rong followed her mother' wish for her to study finance in an overseas university, but at the same time she couldn't help but to follow her desire to pursue law. She secretly returns to China and became an intern at the law firm, but in her first case she meets a difficult client in Wen Shaoqing. To keep her job, she does her best to please Wen Shaoqing. However, fate seems to play with the both of them when Wen Shaoqing becomes Zhuo Rong's landlord and neighbour. Zhuo Rong and Wen Shaoqing slowly began to fall in love. (Source: DramaWiki).

**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**




Coming soon...


Additional Links:

My Little Happiness 我的小确幸 Novel Translation


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As several of commentors in mdl said, it bothers them that the first time SQ fell in love with CR, it was only when he knew CR was his old friend from the past. Before that he did treat her coldly and

@_jeslyn I've only started looking at this drama recently because I remembered seeing both main leads on "Put Your Head On My Shoulder" and I agree the story development is a bit predictable. To me Xi

Just saw the ending of the drama...   Why was WX not at the stage waiting for CR during the wedding again?   Seeing CR's boss at the wedding, i would thought that it would be nice

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] My Little Happiness 我的小确幸

Omg!!!! Si Tu Mo and Fu Pei from PYHOMS are a couple in this show and he gets a second chance.  From the recent trailer released below, they are hot and the chemistry is amazing!!!!! :smooches2:

New trailer

Cr:as tagged


This mv was posted in weibo page and is very nice to hear



Omg!!! The second leads also look adorable and sweet.



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  • sugarplum892 changed the title to [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] My Little Happiness 我的小确幸

I am yet to watch the released episodes. Anybody watched already???  And this is getting subbed quickly too.  It's getting excellent reviews from MDL so far.  Hope it maintains its goodness till the end.  And everybody wants to give Fu Pei a second chance, lol!!!!

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On 1/14/2021 at 12:57 PM, pad-hari said:

I am yet to watch the released episodes. Anybody watched already???  And this is getting subbed quickly too.  It's getting excellent reviews from MDL so far.  Hope it maintains its goodness till the end.  And everybody wants to give Fu Pei a second chance, lol!!!!

Its zippy. I went to ep 7-12 raw because I couldn't wait. I saw the airing schedule so I am proabably going to be too impatient to wait for the viki schedule. Its good enough for a rewatch with subs.


I did a 2 day marathon for this. I also went back to Put your head on my shoulder yesterday to compare. It took me awhile to get over his dorky persona to him being a neurosurgeon here. He is actually not bad as a male lead character. In that the writer made him quite a sensible male lead. Him cooking so many dishes in such a short time was improbable but the dishes made me hungry. The writer kept empathising the height. But the 2 leads chemistry is quite good. Ok very good actually.


I also just did an ep 1-9 yesterday of Invisible Love. Knowing that viewers were complaining about the tedious female lead and endless mothers whiney. Omg it is so bad that I am dropping it completely. Yes I watched ep 39-40 too. I was also on A Love So Romantic. It turned stupid.


So when I say ep 1-12 has been totally watchable you have no idea how relieved I am. The other shows were so FRUSTRATING. This show made me smile. Of course the evil 2nd female lead is a pain. And I am totally not into the 2nd ML. The second couple is so- so. I like the guy but totally disgusted with the brainless chick. Yup. A chick. Not even an adult. She would be hard work as a wife.


The main couple makes up for it. Seriously cute interactions. The childhood versions are pretty cute actors too. Vs the usual bad child actors I see in Cdramas where they just recite the line in a deadpan voice.


The make up artist needs to be taught some techniques. The dead white complexion mud mask they slapped on her is SO THICK though that its ridiculous. Its not a sheer look its a mask.

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@ck1Oz, thank you for your detailed post.  I managed to binge watch the 12 subbed episodes yesterday itself.  I liked it very much.  The OTP are the best.  Their chemistry is super good.  I liked the second couple ML more than the FL.  He looks very handsome.  2nd FL attitude towards him is kinda childish.   Its annoying and i think she is taking him for granted.  Hehe, you are right!!! she will be a hardwork as a wife.   

All the side characters are also ok.  I dont know if there is something fishy about her father's death.  Her mom is not telling the whole truth to her but just dont accept in her lawyers career.    the second FL is not so evil as shown in the dramas.  she is kinda ok.  I dont know if her true colors will come out in the later episodes?????

I also dropped Love so romantic.  It was boring and some of the facial expressions of the leads were not upto the par.  The other one i did not watch at all.  i saw the ratings in MDL was very low, so did not even tried it.

I saw the trailers for this weeks episodes, they were superb.  looking forward to their release.  

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Currently watching My Little Happiness! Also my first C-drama.


I managed to binge the first 12 episodes over 2 nights too. It has been a really good one to ease me into the world of C-dramas. 


@ck1Oz Contrary to you, I checked out PYHOMS while waiting for new episodes of MLH and found so hard to get used to the dorky character of Tang Xiao Tian in it. I think I'll stick to MLH for now... 


P.S Does anyone know what is the opening song of MLH? :sweatingbullets:

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What's PYHOMS? I have gone onto Royal secret inspector. I am normally a Kdrama viewer. Who's Tang Xiao Tan? I am very bad with Cdramas since I don't read novels or read Chinese. I just understand Mandarin.


I googled it. Hahaha its the male lead.  He was just dorky there. I just skipped his story there. I don't feel any guilt skipping scenes.


The only reason why I am praising him is that he looks natural. He has zits in the close up and has eyebags. However he looks like a Chinese actor. I have suffered through  the Chang Ji Wook, Song Joong Ki, Kim Ji Hoon, Park Min Young, Han Hye Joo lookalikes all year in Cdramas. The most horrifying in my latest is the male 2nd lead- this is love is so romantic- looks the spitting image of a Korean actress. I shuddered every time he came on.


So I am giving this actor a lot of grace for being able to secure a main lead role even though he looks as if he didn't have plastic surgery. Good on him.


I've just rewatched the hospital cafeteria scene in ep 12. It still made me chuckle again. I cannot stand the interfering Chinese parent. Entitled much? But the romance is cute


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2 hours ago, ck1Oz said:

What's PYHOMS?

Place your Head on my Shoulders.  Its a cute C-drama with this FL coupled with another ML  In this TXT, the ML of this drama is the second ML who will behave rude and arrogant towards the FL.  If you havent watched it, please do watch it.  You will really like it if you like this drama.

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One question... Dr Wen has been blunt about his feelings, ep11 onwards and yet or Ms Cong is still clueless?

What's with that...


I find the story okay but i just wish drama writers should stop having childhood love stories; are they trying to promote kids to have relationships in schools? Hehee.... mean but its a joke..:D


Looking at Mainland thread now after reading Zheng Shuang's scandal... man that is huge!.... 

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So I just started this drama today and am already 2 episodes in. I love it. Yes it has childhood love trope but I am still enjoying it. I'm happy to see a strong and determined FL. I hope she stays that way till the end. I know there was talk about the ML and his looks but I honestly don't mind it and am happy that he is the ML. 


I will be quite disappointed with Zheng Shuang if the scandal happened as they said it did. That being said I have enjoyed her other dramas. I hope things get cleared up and we find out what exactly happened/is going on. 

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19 hours ago, realistic2280a said:

One question... Dr Wen has been blunt about his feelings, ep11 onwards and yet or Ms Cong is still clueless?

What's with that...

She was wavering between the Dr. and her childhood friend without knowing its him.  Also after he confessed, she told him to take it slow as she wanted to finish her internship and secure a permanent job which is very difficult as it is one of the acclaimed and best legal firm.  thats what i understood


That was one big scandal of zheng shuang.   I hope she did not neglect/abort/give up her children, whatever, which is very heartless for a woman to do even if she did not burden or deliver the babies.  she will really loose all the respect she earned so far from the fans.

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] My Little Happiness 我的小确幸

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