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[Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] My Little Happiness 我的小确幸

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Its 28 episodes, so its shorter than some dramas. So far, its cute enough for me to watch (coz no dramas interests me at the moment - funny that im looking for more Chinese dramas to watch rather than korean in the past few months, probably the rate of China's tv channels churning out dramas is faster than the koreans - Mr Queen, despite the rave reviews, i feel pace-wise, slow).... 2nd couple didnt really interest me until about ep14 when the 2nd female lead gets a bit mature?


While i like dramas where the leads do not play hard to get, i do find it uneasy with the whole childhood love stories however....  i dont think such thing realistically happens, definately rare, but not often... yet most modern romance drama from China always seemed to lean towards that angle, childhood love, etc etc.....  cant the writers think of love at first sight kinda thing?... haa


Everyone remembers male lead from PYHOMS but i cant remember him in it! Im old... sigh... i just see and remembers Lin Yi in that drama, haaaaa...


Zheng Shuang, sad end to her career... she admitted to the scandal and said she didnt break any countries national laws.... the fight between her and the husband is the cause of this.. sigh, 2 innocent kids will be dragged on this scandal for years to come. 


Sad because Love 020 was the first modern China drama that i like and because of her, the drama will be literally ban in china together with her previous and current works. Sigh.. hopefully she will self reflect and try to take some responsibility to the two children who has her genes.. sigh...

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