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Welp!  I knew i should have dropped when the drama was still lacklustre at episode 5.  I let episode 6 and it's promise of plot progression fool me..but episode 7 is just more of the same nonsense and

@taskdramafanatic, thank you for starting the thread. Waives to @larus, @Jillia, @Helena, @Kita Techawongtham, @rocher22   Namgoong Min, Seolhyun, Lee Chung-Ah Lead Script Reading for tvN Dr

So does NGM had 'DID' in this drama?  Actually quite looking forward in his character, but seem like you guys don't have a good impression in this drama... 

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Nam Goong Min could read a grocery receipt and be great. The show itself  is largely a hot mess but his character and acting are the highlight. 

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JW keeps saying he doesnt have much time left.

If thats the case I hope Jamie will hug him atleast once.

HW is very considerate towards JW.

But I would like her to do something crazy again, for example to kiss him.


JW wont  be the first to do any of this.




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On 1/13/2021 at 11:57 PM, reddragon said:

but the actress's portrayal is so laid-back. I would have preferred if she showed alertness and better facial expressions, even if she lacks the strength and the brawn of Hye Won. In her scenes, she either looks spaced out or sleepy.

This is something I have also felt, but thought the contributing factors were her double eyelid (?) she has a type  of half-closed eyes and the character has a cool-cold-calm demeanor. They present her as a person who can't be surprised or shocked. 

LOL the type of script they gave to Jamie/lee Chung ah will make anyone feel sleepy. 

Agree with your other observations too. 


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What is going on in this drama anymore, everyone is literally betraying each other it is even more difficult to keep up who is on who's side in this dram than Keeping up with Kardashians!


It is a little disappointing that DJW and Jamie are not having a lot of interactions especially since they are twin siblings, shouldn't she be helping her brother instead of KHW. Sure her dad is the mad scientist who hopefully either dies or goes to prison, even if he has his redemption arc, it won't make a difference considering how many children he killed must be in triple digits, surprised he isn't getting haunted.


The crazy scientist lady needs to be out of the picture too by the end of the drama, what sort of "mother" would put their kids through such experiments, I mean even KHW dad has a fatherly instinct and he is just as insane! 


I know it sounds crazy but I don't really want Jae Woong to die, sure he killed all those people, but let's be fair if they were alive how many people would they have killed or assaulted especially since the "police" were letting them get away with everything, it's like their blind as long as you have money you can get away with murder! So, no I do not feel bad he killed those people and he does deserve a redemption especially seeing how sweet his other personality was. What bothers me is why did that guy whose name I can't be bothered remembering , basically the one he lived with, why did he beat him when he was in his other personality? That part was really confusing, especially seeing how scared he was when his other personality woken up, just realised his other personality probably gave the instructions as there was a scene where he was telling someone about the new friend he made aka Jamie. I just hope he doesn't die that easily!


Okay serious talk, so Jamie and DJW are twins and same age, they both have that brain thing, so he got Jamie to have a surgery which was successful. But why could he not do the same thing for himself that's what is confusing to me, apparently Jamie is all good now after the surgery. Why did Jae Woong not look into it either since he has the same problem, I mean DJW found the hospital that does the operation pretty easily, even the gangster guy is relying on the drug that he is promised (lol won't get it). So how did Jamie's problem go away, but they are all dying from the brain complication.


Jung Hwan congrats being 107! Think it is time for you to revert to your real age, Mr President of the White night Foundation! 


I can not wait to see what will happen in the last 2 episodes hopefully Jamie will play a bigger part considering she is DJW twin sister and if that crazy doctor is their mother, that means time for some family drama. Also, who is the fourth child? If it's that guy who led DJW into a trap, then that's disappointing. Not long till we get our answers, so excited to see how this will unfold.

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DJW has to keep the super human abilities And Intelligence, endurance Etc he got from the experiments so he could eventually take down the evil monsters and stop the horrible things they do.  Jamie has loving adopted parents to go back too As well which DJW does not. 


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“Awaken” Cast Reveals Their Favorite Plot Twists From The Drama Ahead Of Finale


With two episodes remaining until the finale of “Awaken,” Namgoong Min, AOA’s Seolhyun, Lee Chung Ah, and Yoon Sun Woo picked their favorite plot twist scenes from the drama!


“Awaken” is a murder mystery drama that follows the connections between mysterious events unfolding in the present and the secrets behind an enigmatic incident that took place in an unusual village 28 years ago. Namgoong Min stars in the drama as Do Jung Woo, the eccentric but brilliant team leader of a special task force at the National Police Agency, while Seolhyun plays hot-blooded police officer Gong Hye Won and Lee Chung Ah plays cool-headed FBI agent Jamie.


Namgoong Min

Namgoong Min chose the scene in which the home of Son Min Ho (Choi Jin Ho) caught on fire in episode 4 as one of the best scenes with a plot twist. Following this particular scene, the mystery behind Do Jung Woo’s identity gradually began to be revealed.


The actor shared, “Since filming this part was dangerous, I was tense while filming. We checked the safety with the staff members multiple times, and it was a scene we thought hard about what we could do to create a more impressive scene.”


Furthermore, Namgoong Min teased information about the upcoming episodes. He shared, “In episode 16, a great twist regarding Do Jung Woo will be revealed,” picking one of the scenes that will be released in episode 16 as another scene with a great plot twist. The actor added that he also arrived on the set wondering how the scene will appear on screen. He shared, “After wrapping up all the filming, my face was red under my eyes possibly because of the increased pressure,” revealing that one of the small veins under his eyes had burst and caused his face color to change.



The actress chose the ending of episode 10 in which Gong Hye Won’s action scene shined as one of the best scenes with a twist. This was also the scene in which Do Jung Woo used superhuman strength after being hit by a container truck.


Seolhyun shared, “It’s the scene in which Gong Hye Won personally checks her father Gong Il Do’s (Kim Chang Wan‘s) face right in front of her eyes. It’s also the moment in which she sees another side she hasn’t seen before of team leader Do Jung Woo, who she has admired, right in front of her eyes. I think both Hye Won’s father and Do Jung Woo were surprising in her perspective.”


The scene Seolhyun picked was also a powerful action scene in which Gong Hye Won used a pole to fight off a group of men in order to save Do Jung Woo.


Lee Chung Ah

Lee Chung Ah chose the scene from episode 13 in which Do Jung Woo and Jamie met as siblings as the scene with the greatest twist. In the scene, Jamie, who finally recalled all her memories of the past, encountered Do Jung Woo for the first time after realizing that he is her twin brother.


The actress shared, “I want to choose the scene that reveals the two people’s relationship, which has been shrouded in mystery, as the best scene with a twist. While acting out the scene, I felt that the two people were facing great emotions inside even though they didn’t express it on the outside. I think it was a scene in which our feelings on the inside felt like a storm even though our surroundings were quiet.”


The scene was filmed with a field of reeds in the background, highlight the siblings’ affectionate and warm reunion even more.



Yoon Sun Woo

Finally, Yoon Sun Woo picked the scene in which Moon Jae Woong (Yoon Sun Woo) looked up at Jang Yong Shik (Jang Hyuk Jin) after grabbing the hand that was hitting him in episode 9. The actor shared, “It’s the scene in which Moon Jae Wong’s other personality began to appear. Through this scene, I felt that Moon Jae Woong’s and Jang Yong Shik’s positions were reversed in an instant. Considering both the drama’s flow and atmosphere, I think it was the scene that personally left the greatest impression.” The scene also instantly flipped viewers’ initial suspicions that Do Jung Woo was the serial killer.



The final episodes of “Awaken” will air on January 18 and 19 at 9 p.m. KST.



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So watched ep 15, JW was saved by the police chief. The serum that was injected into DW didn't make much effect on him. This was due to the plan made by JW and the thug.

The thug from WNV is still on JW side.

JW saved jae woong and brought him into his hiding place. Jaime and Hye won was also there, they know Jae woong has DID.

They injected something which brought out the convience store jae woong.

Jaime was happy to see him again.

The crazy scientist lady is really JW's mom . She gave birth to the twins.

JW made a plan using hye won dad as bait. He gave the formula to the foundation. I don't know if the formula is real or not.

The blue house guy uses son minho as test subject.

According to preview to the preview, JW doesn't make it to the end it seems.

He will probably die, or he could pull a fake death don't know.

He seems to have another evil personality it seems.

I have to watch the ep with subs.


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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2020/2021] Day and Night/Awaken, 낮과 밤

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