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So watched ep 15, JW was saved by the police chief. The serum that was injected into DW didn't make much effect on him. This was due to the plan made by JW and the thug.

The thug from WNV is still on JW side.

JW saved jae woong and brought him into his hiding place. Jaime and Hye won was also there, they know Jae woong has DID.

They injected something which brought out the convience store jae woong.

Jaime was happy to see him again.

The crazy scientist lady is really JW's mom . She gave birth to the twins.

JW made a plan using hye won dad as bait. He gave the formula to the foundation. I don't know if the formula is real or not.

The blue house guy uses son minho as test subject.

According to preview to the preview, JW doesn't make it to the end it seems.

He will probably die, or he could pull a fake death don't know.

He seems to have another evil personality it seems.

I have to watch the ep with subs.


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Welp!  I knew i should have dropped when the drama was still lacklustre at episode 5.  I let episode 6 and it's promise of plot progression fool me..but episode 7 is just more of the same nonsense and

@Oksana Sutra @sal2 @x_x___chi @RobinM Agree so much with your posts. Casting Seolhyun was a huge mistake.   SH brings absolutely nothing to the drama except negative coverage, controversy and trolls.

Jae Woong switching like that and after killing a lot of people, still ended up forgiven with just a slap in the wrist. The writing is really misplaced for me. Hopefully the ending will not be as tragic as I predict. 

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Such beautiful scenes in ep.15...

- when HW told JW he needed to be closer to Jamie

- the conversation between JW and Jamie while they were drinking coffee

- that scene when everyone was sitting in Jaewoong's room...

The basement scene was something special.

JW showed them how strong he is.

I liked his calm voice and everything he said...

Im glad the fourth child was  loyal.

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Thank you Awaken Team! Not a perfect drama but few things I enjoyed and commend.


- Nam Goong Min’s acting! The best of the male actors today. 
- Lee Chung Ah. Charisma overload. I still believe she deserved more than what was portrayed of her.

- Not the best pacing but story is really nice. 

Thank you for all the discussions we had chingus! :)

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So watched the finale

The blue house guy is captured by JW , but when his crazy mother calls the blue house guy, she figures out he is in danger. So she kidnaps Jaime instead.

They reach the facility for exchange and JW is not alone. He is with his full team. The police wait outside , jae woong also helps him from outside to hack into the system.

They hack into the system and destroys the data.

JW plays the blue house guy by telling him the serum may not work and his mom has already killed son minho using the fake serum. The blue house guy gets scared and runs outside as his rest of medicine is in the car JW drove. But there was no medicine , when the time limit is over he dies of old-age.

Many of our guess were right JW too has DID .

His DID came from the that incident in WNV. The personality is the one who is the monster.

He really destroys the lab with his powers.

He then asks the thug to save the children. Hye won drags her father out and asks Jaime to go outside. The building is filled with explosives.

JW lets everyone out and locks himself inside with his mother.

The explosives goes off and he dies with his mother.

Rest 20 minutes u guys have to watch it.

Thanks Everyone ... good-bye ..

Hopes to see everyone in another forum.



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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2020/2021] Day and Night/Awaken, 낮과 밤



“Awaken” Cast Shares Thoughts As Drama Comes To An End


Jan 20, 2021

by J. K


The cast of “Awaken” shared their farewells as the show wrapped up on January 19!


“Awaken” is a murder mystery drama that follows the connections between mysterious events unfolding in the present and the secrets behind an enigmatic incident that took place in an unusual village 28 years ago. Namgoong Min stars in the drama as Do Jung Woo, the eccentric but brilliant team leader of a special task force at the National Police Agency, while Seolhyun plays hot-blooded police officer Gong Hye Won and Lee Chung Ah plays cool-headed FBI agent Jamie.


On the finale day, the tvN drama shared shots of stars Namgoong Min, Seolhyun, Lee Chung Ah, and Yoon Sun Woo (who played Moon Jae Woong) smiling with their final scripts. They also took a group photo along with Lee Shin Young (Jang Ji Wan) and Choi Dae Chul (Yoon Seok Pil) and shared their thoughts as the show came to an end.




Namgoong Min stated, “Our filming period became longer because of COVID-19, so I think everyone who worked on the project really worked hard at filming. After we wrapped up, I shaved my mustache off for the first time in nine months and it felt a bit strange. I feel very sad to part with Do Jung Woo and I think I’ll really miss the time that I spent with the staff and actors.” Finally, he added, “I’ll return with a good project.”


Seolhyun said, “‘Awaken’ has now come to an end after I spent the long time of almost a year with it. I became very attached to it as well but I feel like I put a lot of care into the project while filming. It was great to be able to play Hye Won, who tries to take the right path. I want to express my thanks to the director, writer, actors, and staff for all their hard work on ‘Awaken’ and to the viewers for all their love as they stayed with us until the end.”


Lee Chung Ah shared, “I think I’ll remember ‘Awaken’ for a very long time. I learned a lot and I was helped by many people. Although it was inevitably difficult for everyone because of various situations like COVID-19, I was able to not feel worn out because I was working with the ‘Awaken’ team. I particularly feel more sad about it because we can’t all get together and talk or have a drink together. I’ll look forward to seeing them again and I want to express that I was happy to be able to work together with them on ‘Awaken.'”


Finally, Yoon Sun Woo commented, “As always, it feels bittersweet. I don’t want to write the word ‘bittersweet’ because it seems cliche but I wonder if there could be a word that similarly conveys the emotions felt after finishing a project. I’m grateful to the directors, staff, and actors, and I feel very sad about our parting. In regards to my performance, I feel both a sense of accomplishment now that it’s over and sadness as I could have done better. However, if you asked me whether I felt the sadness or happiness in ‘bittersweet’ more, I think the sadness would be greater. Thank you to the ‘Awaken’ team, and I miss you.”




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For me the ending was not fully satisfying.  We never see evil mad prof Gong suffer as he should have suffered in a world of true justice.......instead he got the world  where justice is rarely served.  


Then there is Gyo Hye's nice little momnny at the end, just as she was the nice little mommy at the beginning. Just nothing happened.. she's good. after learning her husband for 25+ years was using human children as lab rats..  Somehow that didn't work for me.  Nor, did Hye Won glamming herself up, now that the man she was mad about likely blew himself up to bits?  Maybe if she combed her hair while he was alive he would have shown a bit more interest.  And why in hxll did they give her a promotion?  She did not even stick a tracking device on her father when she had plenty of oppportunities... lthey do it to her, and these top detectives were surprised?  


I find the ending so off balance that I don't even know if  I am happy that monster and mad mom live . Sort of who cares? Are they going to make another series?



Here are my thoughts on why I thought the ending was lousy.



Happy watching everyone!

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12 hours ago, Samuel Yohanes said:

So what do you guys think about ending ?


  Hide contents

I mean do jung woo and his mother still alive or not?


They're both alive.   Could be a 2nd season.  But useless ending emotionally, flat.

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This show had abysmal ratings and a controversial lead actress. Dramas that have wonderful ratings and viewer response don’t usually get sequels so why should this show? 

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Jamie and HW called  him out but JW just walked by that window.

I dont think he had the courage to look at them.

And maybe he didnt look at them because he knew that he would 

still manage to escape.





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2 minutes ago, RobinM said:

This show had abysmal ratings and a controversial lead actress. Dramas that have wonderful ratings and viewer response don’t usually get sequels so why should this show? 

Oh boy the rating is actually really stable and the finale got 6%+ which is pretty massive for monday cable tv drama


Sequel.. i dont think so but if u think it had abysmal rating then hell nah the rating is pretty good for cable on weekday

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