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[drama 2006] 'My Love' (Friday Night Drama) 마이 러브

Guest dramaok

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wahh both episodes came out already??

ahh i'm so excited

but i can't download off of clubbox.. haha

well i shouldn't watch it right now anyway.. haha ^^;; too much to study


i totally agree with ay_link

i'm afraid HJ is gonna be the one to tell MR about YH seeing her hubby fall :(

and thanks for uploading ay_link ^^

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ahh i just finished watching both episodes!!!

i really liked it.. hehehe

aww but the scenes with the former husband were TOOO SHORT!

and some were repeats!!

and OMGGGGG about the ending of episode 6

it was so crazy how YH said that he couldn't get married

and that's the right thing to do!!!!

and the look on the fiance's face was SOOO EVIL!

she's ognna be so EVIL!! AHHH!!!!

and the children are still not speaking.. so sad :(

i wish the kids would start speaking to her again.. the scenes together were so cute!!!

i hope YH starts trying to get with MR

he really like being with the children!!

i think it made him feel proud to be there as a father figure!! ^^

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Guest dramaok

well not a whole lot happens in ep. 5-6, just that miran's mother.in.law finds out from miran's friends that yi-hwan has a fiance so the m.i.l is now really worried about miran - yihwan's relationship.

the two friends continue to bud in miran's love life, and miran also asks them to find her a husband now.

let me see.. what else.. miran scolds the kids really hard and punishes them for calling yi-hwan and afterwards the oldest child, forgot her name? min-nee? she cries and tells miran she remembers their dad and has a lotta memories of him but the younger siblings don't and want a dad and that has miran bawling after she runs to her room.. and her deceased husband appears and comforts her saying she did no wrong..

oh, and m.i.l's 'guy friend' is now working for yi-hwan's mother fixing up the house and all. maybe she'll start to like him? ^^

at work, yi-hwan tells miran to tell the kids he said sorry that they got caught. and miran's puzzled.

well the drama's going a little slow... but pretty cute. not exciting so far for me. just mindless entertaiment so far. how about you guys?

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Can Someone Please Translate

마이 러브(7회) 방영일 : 2006-11-17

미란과 이환의 일을 알게 된 시어머니는 미란에게 안타까운 마음을 전하고 미란은 미안해 어쩔 줄 모른다. 그러면서 시어머니에게 이환과 희재 등에 대해 얘기한 수진이 원망스러워 수진에게 전화하는데, 거기서 대평과 이환이 싸웠다는 얘기를 듣고는 더욱 기가 막힌다.

희재는 전날 밤 이환이 결혼하지 않겠다고 한 일로 마음이 불편한데, 이환은 전혀 기억에 없으니 잊으라면서 자기와 미란이 어디 가당키나 한 일이냐고 하는데..

마이 러브(8회) 방영일 : 2006-11-17

이환은 아무래도 수진이 말한 미란의 상대가 마음에 걸려 반창회를 가야할까 고민하는데, 희재가 저녁 함께 하자는 얘기에 얼결에 약속을 해버린다.

반창회와 같은 장소에서 희재와 저녁을 하게 된 이환은 미란에게 전화해 주차장에서 만나서는 모임에 가지 말라며 말리다 미란을 안게되고, 이 모습을 희재가 보게된다.

미란과 이환은 희재에게 사실을 얘기해야 한다고 생각하지만, 얘기하던 중 이환이 결혼하자며 모든 걸 자신에게 맡기라고 하는데..

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there's no chinese subtitle available as of yet.. ususally the chinese subbing group don't sub friday night dramas.. I don't know why.. will come back with caps this weekend :)

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thank you dream _on for keeping this thread alive.. I'm waiting for Mic to get back before catching up with this drama again since I've been distracted by 90 days & queen of the game .. hehe.. :)

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we just started watching this in hawaii. i was wondering...how many episodes is this drama? and has it already ended?

thanks for the uploads....

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