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[variety] Yashimmanman 야심만만 재치만

Guest The Moose

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Guest luckyyou

y1as8.th.jpg y2hf4.th.jpg y3sb7.th.jpg y4gp0.th.jpg

YashimManMan - 092506 - Kang In, Chun Myung Hoon, Kim Jung Eun, Lee Bum Soo & Lee Young Ja

available @ http://clubbox.co.kr/NowNForever

In the most recent Yashimmanman (E180--09-25-2006) you see in the preview at the beginning Chun Myung Hoon talking about how he got eye surgery when he was in middle school but I didn't see the actual thing in the episode... why?

I didn't see the latest episode yet but if he was explaining why he got ssangkapul, he said on another v-show that his eyelashes kept on poking him in his eyes. :P

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Guest krnsoccer1

Does anyone have this episode??

# Air Date: Oktober 17th, 2005

# Episode Number: #134

# Guests: Yoon Jong Shin, Jinu, Sean, Shin Dong Wook, Kim Jong Min, Suh Ji Young

# Subtitle: Unavailable

# Subtitle Credits: Translator: --- || Timer: --- || Editor: ---

# Download Episode: MegaUpload / SendSpace / FileSend

Thanks in advance!

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Guest mei_yee_chan

Man, I miss watching this. I should update myself.

I'm sure everyone knows by now, but Kang Ho Dong and Yoon Jong Shin are getting married! (not to each other!)

Lol. This made me laugh. Congrats to them both.

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Guest Dahee Fanel

YSMM - 092506 - Kang In, Chun Myung Hoon, Kim Jung Eun, Lee Bum Soo & Lee Young Ja (HQ)

YSMM - Episode177 - 060904 - Park Sang Min, MC Mong, Park Gun Tae, & Kim Ji Young (HQ)

YSMM - Episode 168 - Brian, HaHa, CrownJ, Im Ha Ryong, & Hyun Young (HQ) (SOFT SUBS)

All now available in my clubbox:


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Guest toxic-apple

Well I have an idea for the subbing team of Yashimmanman! If you guys by any chance copy it to a DVD w/subs and sell it for 3 dollar a disc. includes the cost of shipping together. It would be awesome since I don't have time to download it. And I’m sure there're others who would like to buy it too. If I were going to order it, it would be more than 5 discs. So it won't cost much for shipping. My friend sells DVDs for 2 dollars a disc includes shipping. It just a suggestion, don't criticize me. Cause I really am obsessed with Yashimmanman

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^^ really interesting....i wouldnt mind buyingif they sold it that cheap~~

just wanted to know where i can get this week's YSMM (Kim Jung Eun, Lee Young Ja, Chun Myung Hoon, Lee Bum Soo, Kang In) with chinese subs on clubbox....

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Guest Smelly Tofu

Ok thanx guys soo much, for considering subbing the dong bang episodes...I will support you guys...love you all

I really like this show...to bad no one upload it on youtube anymore...It take too long for me to dl from clubbox, does it have a forum or somfing?...

ME QUEEN OF THIS PAGE!!!! Buahahahhahaha

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its been a long-time since they subbed a YSMM, those chinese subber group

the last one was the 08/14 edition with chae yeon, goo hyesun, tablo and someone else...

i figured...thats pretty sad...YSMM is such a nice show....i was waiting for the latest YSMM to get uploaded to the usual clubbox i dl from, and it doesnt appear. but i checked the older ones and its available....ah well...

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Hi everyone,

I just had a question. Is it possible to make the first page with all the info that everyone has already collected, such as the guests on the show and if subtitles are available... i see that mireille has made a post... (thank you mireille) ... can we put this on the first page or have a way to easily reference it so that when people add subs or links for new episodes we can find them more easily?? Just a thought...

here's the post i was talking about...

Post #798


by the way thanks to all those who have posted... it took me a while to go back and browse through all the pages, but you all are awesome for posting so much info!! and thanks to all the subbers!! :)

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Guest Saragorn

I've mentioned this already, and I think the first poster is gone from this forum, but we can use someone else's post on the first page (someone offered) and have a mod edit the first post with a link to the updated one.

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Guest Aikiraat

this thread could be closed and have a brand new start

That in my opinion would actually be a very good idea. Fresh start is always best :). Especially since we are just starting a subbing team.

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