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Year End Osts Poll

OSTs Of Your Choice  

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  1. 1. OSTs

    • Done For Me - Punch [Hotel De Luna]
    • Is You - Aliee [Memories Of Alhambra]
    • Yesterday - Sojung [Love Affairs In the Afternoon]
    • A Welcome Rain - Lee Moon Sae [Angel Last Mission]
    • Say to Myself - Lee Seol [When the Devil Calls My Name]
    • Masquerade - Aalia [Secret Boutique]
    • Way Back - Safia K [Doctor John]
    • Is it you? - Rachel Yamagata [One Spring Night]
    • Black Diamond - Lim Jeong Hee [Graceful Family]

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Sushi PD, In Pyjamas lying on her bed listening to OSTs


It is very fun to listen to music that we truly enjoy via the dramas we love. Throughout the year, many interesting dramas are released, meanwhile, the OSTs are getting released as well. Today, as we countdown till the year ends, let's take a look and vote on what people would prefer when it comes to their OSTs.


Below are some of the more notable series that a lot of discussions are made. First off, not all of them could be in the poll, but hey, don't be upset. Because there is a saying.."As long as you love it, nothing matters!" :D You may pick as many as you one, do enjoy! [When you are done voting, do go down to this post to take a look at all of what you have suggested, as a part of the year end re-look of the best moments]


I would like to thank everyone and have a good Christmas!




1st: DONE FOR ME - PUNCH [HOTEL DE LUNA] - @Lawyerh @Heidi Seow recommended this





2nd: IS YOU - AILEE [MEMORIES OF THE ALHAMBRA] - @thanie recommended this 




3rd: YESTERDAY - SOJUNG [LOVE AFFAIRS IN THE AFTERNOON] - @triplem recommend this 





4th: A WELCOME RAIN - LEE MOON SAE [ANGEL LAST MISSION] - @Sejabin recommended this 




5th: SAY TO MYSELF - LEE SEOL [WHEN THE DEVIL CALLS YOUR NAME] - @nateko recommended this 




6th: MASQUERADE - AALIA [SECRET BOUTIQUE] - @larus @Sarang21 recommended this 




7th: WAY BACK - SAFIA K [DOCTOR JOHN] - @Sarang21 recommended this 




8th: IS IT YOU? - RACHAEL YAMAGATA [ONE SPRING NIGHT] - @Dhakra recommended this 















Hotel De Luna 


Strangers from hell




Catch The Ghost

When the Devil Call your name 

  • Say to myself/ Lee Seol @Lawyerh
  • The Streets That You are not leaving/Jung Kyung Ho/Sondia @larus


Memories Of the Alhambra 


Love Affairs in the afternoon


My Country 

  • Flavour Of Life @byof
  • Because it’s you/ Jung Seung Hwan @byof


A place in the sun


The secret life of my secretary 


Angel last Mission


Doctor John 


Secret boutique


Search: WWW


Arthdal Chronicle


Graceful Family

-Black Diamond/Lim Jeong Hee @Sarang21


One Spring Night

  • Is it you?/Rachael Yamagata @Dhakra
  • We could still be happy/Rachael Yamagata @Dhakra
  • No Direction/Rachael Yamagata @Dhakra
  • Spring Rain/Oscar Dunbar @Dhakra




Her private life


Left handed wife


Love is beautiful life is wonderful


Sky Castle 




Mother of Min

  • Color Of My life/Lim Soo Yeon @tas82
  • You are a star/ Ra.L @tas82


Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung


Romance is a Bouns Book 

  • A Story I couldn’t see/Jannabi @larus


I wanna hear your song


Live Or Die


Clean with passion for now


Fiery Priest 



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I hardly watched much dramas this year. so only OST I recognize is from graceful family. loved the black diamond song as it perfectly set the mood for the drama.


graceful family chingus - @Fabbo @thistle @anng @ktcjdrama @mylovekge @celebrianna @bebebisous33 @joccu @mentarisenja @Cassandra E. Bett @Belinda Tan @guinearoyal @smhelen @Ameera Ali @ii panda @sksen @10192123sangre @hush puppy @soesje @Sarang21 @Auntie Mame @philosophie @rocher22 @astoral @serendipity... @foreverempress @roli @camichi @Takingthehighroad @lhynne @Lunkera @curly4hiro @Elfvanvan13 @nubianlegalmind 


join us and cast your vote!

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Just now, thanie said:

@Sushimi, too bad Taeyeon''s All About You didn't make it :mellow:

I'm not complaining ... 

It’s okay~ As Long as you yourself like the song :D it will all worked out. It’s a bummer that I can’t put it all in. But thank you for sharing! :thumbsup:

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Usually osts don't stuck in my head since most of them are similar to one another and nothing new but Doctor John's entire album is worth remembering. I also love the title track of Search WWW. It's such a cool & trendy song and too bad it's not mentioned in this poll 

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37 minutes ago, Jillia said:

So no Extraordinary You?

This poll is based after the recommendations from soompiers. If you refer to the bottom of the post there is a list I compile of what they have recommended.This is what I have:sweatingbullets:

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