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Lee Dong Wook's official ig posted the 1st official teaser, as well as Jo Bo Ah posted with a caption "This is really fun. Who wants to wait with me?" and her celebrity friends Kim So Eun and Sung Yu Ri replied her "Me" (wow friendship goals)...   :love:







Jo Bo Ah's recent tv CF projects the gumiho vibe with her eyes, seems like promoting her new drama at the same time :wub:...





She's always too engrossed in her script... hahaha...






More photos of Kim Beom and Kim Yong Ji for Harper's Bazaar Korea (I can feel their chemistry already)...















photos ctto

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Just finished ep 6 and I am so conflicted. I'm going to put everything in the spoilers for key events that happened from ep 6 since ep 5 was mostly centered around JA and LY's growing relationship (wh

LY isnt in love with JA, yet.  He just wants her to have a happy life, and he will do everything so that can happen.   I like JAs loyalty and care for Yeon, whether she is in love or no

Popping by to share some of my theories ! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted on here !    Anyways I’m too lazy to retype all of my theories on here, but for anyone curious you can check t

Finally an update with new still cuts from tvn drama official ig...




(the proper English translation: " Welcome to the world of nine tailed foxes without an exit. The fantasy master Lee Dong Wook is dark charismatic nine tailed fox Yi Yeon!")










photos ctto



Top Daily Reporter Choi Ji-eun

tvN's new Wednesday and Thursday drama 'Tale of the Nine Tailed' Lee Dong-wook unveiled the 'first still' that exploded the charm of Gumiho and Yi Yeon, who have lived for over a thousand years.

 TVN's new Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Gumihodian' (director Shinhyo Kang/play Hanwoori/producer Studio Dragon, How Pictures), which will be aired for the first time in October following the'Flower of Evil', is a fantasy action romance drama between a Gumiho who settled in the city and the producer who’s following him.

 Above all, Dong-wook Lee, who shook women's hearts, re-enters the fantasy romance genre three years after the role of the grim reaper on tvN's 'Goblin' and shows off acting with a synchronized rate of 200% as if wearing custom clothes. In 'Tale of the Nine Tailed’, Lee Dong-wook is expected to show the mysterious and intense as a Gumiho in the setting of that the protagonists of the old fairy tales are living in the current world hiding in the city in the same way as us in 2020.

  Lee Dong-wook as Yi Yeon, was once a mountain god who ruled the Baekdu-daegan, but he is currently working as a judge who settles in the city center and punishes the monsters who disturb the world by going back and forth between this world and the underworld. With all kinds of abilities, such as a clever intelligence and a perfect human patch, Yi Yeon intertwines with humans and tells a fascinating and cruel love story, providing fresh fun and excitement.

 In this regard, the first filming site where Lee Dong-wook transformed into an off-white Gumiho Yi Yeon is captured and is robbing his eyes. In the midst of colorful lights, Yi Yeon (Lee Dong-wook) wearing a neat suit is showing a cynical appearance with a chic expression with a smile and a crooked head. Soon, Yi Yeon moved his body lightly and performed an action to overwhelm the opponent in an instant, exuding a dark charismatic anti-war beauty. Yi Yeon, who has revealed the deadly aura of a deadly nine tailed fox, is raising curiosity about what secret is hidden.

 Lee Dong-wook said, “The sequence itself is a scene with a lot of action and a lot of CG, so it was actually a bit difficult to shoot for the first time. The director, the martial arts director, the martial arts team, and the staff were perfectly prepared to finish the filming well.” Also, “It was a moment when I was proud of having finished the difficult scene well from the first shoot and have faith in the staff. I was relieved to believe that I could only trust them in the future shooting, and as I thought, I still believe and rely on the staff and shoot well.”

 The production team said, "I feel happy as if Lee Dong-wook played the role of Yi Yeon, as if he had hit the beginning of a big puzzle called 'Tale of the Nine Tailed'." . We ask for your interest in 'Gumiho,' where Lee Dong-wook's activities will shine.”

 Meanwhile, tvN's new Wednesday and Thursday drama 'Tale of the Nine Tailed' will be aired for the first time in October. (October 7,2020 if the schedule has pushed through and no more delays---hopeful) :P

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Another update with new still cuts of Jo Bo Ah and a short promotional video from tvn drama official ig...











photos ctto


Top Daily Reporter Choi Ji-eun

tvN's new Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Tale of the Nine Tailed' Jo Bo-ah transformed into a ghost story specialty PD Nam Ji-ah full of game desire, the 'first filming' scene was revealed.  TVN's new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Tale of the Nine Tailed' (director Kang Shinhyo/play Hanwoori/producer Studio Dragon, How Pictures), which will be aired for the first time in October following the 'Flower of Evil', is a fantasy action romance drama between Gumiho who settled in the city and the producer who’s following him.   Above all,  'Tale of the Nine Tailed' is 'Children of the Lesser God', director Kang Shin-hyo, who showed sensational videos with actors Lee Dong-wook, Jo Bo-ah, and Kim Beom, who boast of solid acting skills and individuality, as well as 'heirs' and 'children of the lesser god'. Woori Han, who has been recognized for her excellent writing skills, is foreshadowing the spirit of harmony and explosive synergy.


Jo Boah played the role of Nam Ji-ah, a city ghost story producer with an innocent face like a female protagonist in a romance drama in ‘Tale of the Nine Tailed '. In particular, Nam Ji ah is a person with persistence and bold courage who has been constantly pursuing the truth about the bizarre traffic accident where both parents disappeared 20 years ago.  Jo Boah has been constantly transforming into acting with a wide spectrum of acting skills, from lively and wacky characters to villains that cannot be hated. The attention is focused on what kind of new girl Jo will be born through the role of Nam Jiah, who is passionate about her own destiny, and the pulpit who takes on the role of PD for the first time since her debut.  In this regard, the first filming site where Jo Boah transformed into unstoppable Nam Jiah captured attention and is being drawn. In the play, Nam Jiah (Jo Boah), who is dressed in casual clothes with unaffected hair, burns her coverage instinct and devotes herself to a passionate investigation. Nam Jiah frowns her eyebrows with a serious eyebrows, while biting her lips after her pen, suffering from unresolved frustration. In addition, the appearance of staring and digging through the data is added, giving the appearance of a professional PD who wants to see the end of the incident. Curiosity is growing about what was the case of the report that fueled Nam Jiah's coverage instinct.


Jo Boa, who revealed that she had created a character by having a lot of conversations with the director for the first PD role, expressed her feelings after finishing the first filming, "I was very excited and nervous, but the atmosphere on the scene was so soft and fun that I started having fun." In addition, she raised interest by saying, "As much as the filming site is interesting, I think it will contain the drama as interesting as it is."  The production crew said, "Jo Boah is an actress with a variety of faces and colorful textures," and together with the words, "Please watch Jo Boah's passionate performance through ‘Tale of the Nine Tailed' to express Nam Jiah, who crosses the loveliness and unstoppable stone ball.  Meanwhile, tvN's new Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Tale of the Nine Tailed' will be aired for the first time in October. 







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I'm loving it that tvn is giving us the still cuts every day. Hopefully this drama will be KB's great comback project...






photos ctto

Kim Bum Transforms Into Charismatic Gumiho With Volatile Temper In Upcoming Fantasy Drama

Sep 3, 2020
by S. Nam

tvN’s upcoming drama “Tale of the Nine Tailed” released new stills of Kim Bum!

“Tale of the Nine Tailed” is described as an “urban fantasy drama” and tells the story of a male gumiho (a mythical nine-tailed fox) named Yi Yeon (Lee Dong Wook) who has settled in the city and the fearless producing director (PD) who is determined to hunt him down (Jo Bo Ah).

Kim Bum will be playing Yi Rang, Yi Yeon’s half-brother who was born from a human and a gumiho. Yi Rang is a dangerous gumiho with volatile emotions who will bring conflict to the story. Skilled at transformation, he’s a constantly changing figure who sees through human greed and uses their desires to place bets.

Returning to acting in a drama for the first time in four years, Kim Bum will make a shocking acting transformation with his first role as a half-human character that will highlight his wide acting spectrum.

In the midst of growing anticipation for Kim Bum’s role, the drama released captivating new stills of his character. Yi Rang exudes a laid-back attitude as he holds a glass of wine while wearing a classy outfit that matches the atmosphere of the luxurious restaurant. Smiling slightly while having a conversation with someone, Yi Rang’s smile later turns wild, raising curiosity about his sudden  display of extreme emotion.




Kim Bum shared, “My nervousness and excitement were doubled because it was my first time filming a drama in a long time, but the filming set felt welcoming thanks to the kind director, staff members, and fellow actors who melted my heart and body that were stiff with nervousness.” He continued, “After meeting the character Yi Rang, I have been able to act in a new and interesting concept that I haven’t experienced before in previous dramas and films. We’re preparing safely, carefully, and very hard, so please anticipate the upcoming ‘Tale of the Nine Tailed’ a lot.”





The production team shared, “Like a spring that doesn’t dry, Kim Bum is an actor who endlessly showcases different charms. In ‘Tale of the Nine Tailed,’ Kim Bum will act as a new type of catalyst that will keep viewers intrigued. Please show lots of interest.”

“Tale of the Nine Tailed” will premiere on October 7 at 10:50 p.m. KST as the follow-up to “Flower of Evil.”


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I think there’d be no possibility for this drama to air on Netflix anymore coz it will be aired on tvN Asia in October just a day delayed from its Wed-Thu Korean broadcasting time slot. It will be aired on Thu-Fri on tvN Asia. Congrats to those who could watch this on cable channel tvN Asia!







There was a sns post of Lee Dong Wook with a woman(1stlook officer/staff) while taking a photo shoot for 1stlook and a lot are saying that it might be a couple photo shoot because of the photo’s backdrop but still unsure if it would really be a couple photo shoot and if it will be with Jo Bo Ah. They had been on Nylon Magazine separately...




But I hope for a photo shoot together since we already got Kim Beom’s with Kim Yong Ji... KB updated his ig of his HB photos with KYJ...





While this is my favorite among them...




And here's a couple of cute doodles made by LDW's fans. One is our Gumiho Yi Yeon enjoying his banana milk while watching Netflix and the other one is the cool Gumiho cleaning up the mess in the wedding banquet hall... :mrgreen:






all photos and doodles ctto

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Hii huge Lee Dongwook fan here! I just wanted to express how excited I am and after having watched the second teaser trailer today I just can't wait to see Dongwook and Jo Boah's chemistry! And well, having a beautiful man like him play a Nine-tailed Fox doesn't sound too bad either, right? Really can't wait haha.

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KB posted the trailer on his ig and KYJ left a comment...











While JBA's hanbok with flowers a bit similar with LDW's umbrella...



I love their chemistry already and their height difference...






photos ctto

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JBA: What's your name?

LDW: Yi Yeon

JBA: Age?

LDW: 36   :D

JBA: How many years did you take off, 36?

LDW: 1600 years... no comment

JBA: How many tails do you have?

LDW: 9 ...are you asking a human about his tails? No comment.

JBA: It must be difficult to take care of all those tails.

LDW: Ah that's right, I use shampoo and conditioner from (Brand name ***), for treatment I use... no comment

JBA: What's your favourite food? Liver?

LDW: pfft who even eats liver in this time and age. Mint chocolate. :D

JBA: Why do you like mint chocolate?

LDW: From its texture to its fresh colour to its refreshing and sweet taste, it is the ideal combination. On top of that, the smell is so addictive. I totally love you mint chocolate.

JBA: Ok this is my last question. What are you trying to do here?

LDW: I'm looking for someone, only one.

JBA: That's all for today.

LDW: I have a question of my own too. What kind of person are you looking for?

JBA: Your question is wrong, the thing I'm looking for is not human. Plus... I just found it.





...Oh, it's love at first hunt. October please come pali pali !!!  :hooray2:

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Additional gifs
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photos ctto



Male Gumiho Yi Yeon X ghost story pd Nam Ji Ah  o-<-< Already hit by the atmosphere of the main poster... First broadcast at 10:30 pm on Wednesday, October 7th



The main poster of tvN's new Wednesday-Thursday drama <Gumihodian> released! "I've been waiting for you" Those who are waiting for the Gumiho, shake the carrot 9!

Lee Dong Wook And Jo Bo Ah Are Drawn To Each Other In Alluring New Poster For Upcoming Drama

Sep 9, 2020
by S. Nam
tvN’s upcoming drama “Tale of the Nine Tailed” released a captivating new poster starring Lee Dong Wook and Jo Bo Ah!

The newly released main poster shows Yi Yeon and Nam Ji Ah fiercely locking gazes. In the dark night with dimly lit buildings in the background, the two shine bewitchingly beneath the moonlight as they lean in close. However, unlike the beautiful background, the two people exchange deep gazes that create a cold atmosphere. Furthermore, Nam Ji Ah exudes a volatile aura as she grasps Yi Yeon by the collar.

Nonetheless, the two are drawn towards each other and unable to take their eyes off of one another. They complete a tense scene for the poster with the emotions they portray. Furthermore, the text on the poster reads, “I waited for you,” raising curiosity as to whether Yi Yeon is the person Nam Ji Ah has been crazily searching for and what relationship the two could have.

The photos for the poster were taken in August, and the two rehearsed amidst a warm atmosphere as Lee Dong Wook playfully joked around to prevent Jo Bo Ah from feeling awkward while he had to hold her close. As soon as they began filming, the two actors completely transformed into their respective roles to create a powerful image.

The production team commented that Lee Dong Wook and Jo Bo Ah skillfully portrayed the tense relationship between their characters. They added, “The combination of Lee Dong Wook and Jo Bo Ah goes beyond our imagination. Please keep your eyes on the two actors’ synergy as they showcase perfect visual and acting chemistry through ‘Tale of the Nine Tailed.'”


... I wonder if tvn will release the video of the bts of this poster photo shoot but I hope so. It's official this drama series will premier on Oct. 7, 2020 according to tvN drama official ig and JBA and LDW's ig posts. Jo Bo Ah is close with her current and previous co-stars who have been giving her support by leaving comments under her ig posts...




KYJ said: "What a jawline"

... while KB said on her teaser: "I found it?" (with a fox icon)








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