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Just finished ep 6 and I am so conflicted. I'm going to put everything in the spoilers for key events that happened from ep 6 since ep 5 was mostly centered around JA and LY's growing relationship (wh

Oh yes this is really good! Source: DCGall, credit as labeled

New stills for tomorrow's episode. Source: BreakNews

Lunch time here.


Thanks @yukiyukiku for the clips. @rocher22 for the LDW goodies. Hubba Hubba so handsome. Nice news about the spinoff thanks my friend  @Jillia


OMG loved ep 11 that I watched last night.


-Lee Rang and Lee Yeon (bros) turning the tables so he can get out of the fox promise WOW

so awesome


-LY bringing his love to the old grandmother pretty brave


-Cool that she told she knew who Imoogi was directly to hold him at the company welcome party for him

(NICE I was wondering why she was very ATTENTIVE to him and his movements, I felt that she figured out he was suspicious and Imoogi as LY warned he is VERY close.


-Ji Ah seeing her parents as they were released , how could they not age? (So being stuck there they did not age?)


-The Vet courting Yuri was cute. Pretending LY place is his and when caught--well his "su casa es mi casa" lol was cute., True LY home is good as his own.


-LR getting step dad of his reincarnated dog (despite the child saying I need to go home) He couldn't stomach the abuse he was getting. To hear that the mom left him to this mean /abusive step dad. He is better with the Vet (so sweet and affectionate glad he was there with Yuri). Yuri couldn't be bothered by the little boy.


-Curious how they will fight Imoogi. Imoogi was right to tell the now deceased Traitor Hye Rong (CEO tv station) to NOT underestimate LY


-Can I say I love UI Ong ---he cheers on LY despite his wife grandma/Tiluipa (she has affection for LY) so cool she told him where Ji Ah's parents were located. (She may have the bark/bite she does care for LY.)




OMG Shownu of MonstaX sang this song "I'll Be Here" for the OST (sorry if posted already) so proud of him as a Monbebe



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whoa that ending of ep.12. it have been in our face the whole time but still the revelation hit hard. :o


So sadly this news of no new episode next week is hard to swallow. But if that means the two last week gonna give us amazing episodes I can wait a little.... 



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TGIF all! 

:bawling: No new episodes next week.


@Jillia Thanks for the new BTS


I saw ep 12 last night after work.


-Cute how Lee Yeon was trying to impress the parents. His idea of good looking suits until the boring but conservative brown one was approved. The little present to show his wealth---the CAR OMG. Then when advised to keep answers short and honest. He was TOO much. Lol any parents would be like---no education,  no job yikes?! Only he loves our daughter but somehow he has money. I did like them all looking at cute baby pics of Ji Ah.


-Ji Ah's reunion with parents was sweet. The fact mom said we will always recognize you and them being sorry for being away "in resting/sleeping mode" . Or that he wrote that note thanks to Lee Yeon that one time he got out of his rest. Wow.


-Ji Ah's colleagues doing research on Imoogi for Lee Yeon (their recruitment) was cute to help battle him. If it were me, it would be hard and weird to take to be honest learning about past lives and your connections then and now.


-Finally Ji Ah's boss making the move on the restaurant widow owner. Cute. I loved her kind "free food" to Lee Yeon and Ji Ah when they were at the restaurant.


-Imoogi asking for a date. Very much dictating things and what she wears etc. Ack do you really like her? You just like the idea of her and she was sacrifice and has a part of you.


-Rots that Lee Yeon finds out that he was PART of the problem to release Imoogi. 


-Vet not wanting to be a burden on Lee Yeon asking to be killed by Imoogi. Imoogi intrigued that he can talk to animals. Dang chilling.


-Lee Rang ahhh Lee Rang when Yuri was hypnotized by Imoogi to harm him. Gosh the back story of her being rescued, eating jokpal, and him teaching her how to defend herself. She used those exact moves on him. So sad. The little boy better at giving care to Lee Rang than her (but due to his mom's injuries from step dad) So sad why HE knew how to take care of injuries. He knows Lee Yeon and Lee Rang are Foxes.


Going to be on hold as we wait for the battle and final 4 episodes for this drama.

Will Imoogi or Lee Yeon and friends win?

Will Lee Rang be ok?

What about Ji Ah ?




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Episode 11 Assumption and review.


1. My guesses were right about Her parents being inside Chinese lantern and Jiah soul infestation.

2. LR and LY finally did switch and literally trapped CEO in his own game , Loved Loved it.

3. Imugi is one sexy villain, not in looks but in gestures.

4. Again Assumption >>Imugi is the Son of Ahjumma Grim Reaper and Gate Keeper Ahjusshi.

5. Dr Doolittle , Yu Ri and Balcky are cute AF.



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Episode 12 Review....


Aishhhh I so Darn CONFUSED by the end of this episode. What a Mess.


Imugi was a Human baby deformed, Ninth son of a Noble in Silla Dynasty....Check.

Grim Reaper Ahjumma's Daughter in Law was the one who caused the Plague infestation who was Killed and Her son also committed suicide due to that. Check.

Ninth Deformed Son was thrown amongst people who were infested with Plague and was eaten...CHeck

After a time a White Snake came out and He was called the Imugi.....Check.

Imugi now has 2 Parts , one in TAe Ri who can Read Minds, Create Illusions and Teleport while fighting intercrossing particles and needs a Heart and BOdy of Fox King God...CHeck

Imugi 's second part is in JiAh who is the actual Vessel, Her Body is the one which needs to be destroyed in order for Imugi to be killed...OKAY???


If Jiah is the main vessel shouldn't she also posses similar powers like Taeri Imugi? I mean reading minds et. al?

Why did Sin Joo not tell Lee Yeon that Imugi came to visit him? Is he still under Illusion? What is HAPPPENING/////....My God



Imma Frustrated now.



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On 11/14/2020 at 7:54 PM, madmad min said:

Episode 11 Assumption and review.

4. Again Assumption >>Imugi is the Son of Ahjumma Grim Reaper and Gate Keeper Ahjusshi.





That theorie also crossed my mind! 


7 hours ago, H0ney said:

- I don't feel sympathy with Rang. He might has a tragic background, but it could not be the valid reason for him to work with imoogi or doing bad things. This world will be better if we have more people doing good things. *sighhh


I had no sympathy at all for him at first, but as the story moves along I find it hard not feel a bit of compassion... Since very young he was treated in an inhuman way by the one(s) who should have protected and cared for him. 

The only care he received was from Yeon, who he admired but who could also be distant. Rang, imo, is not heartless, but emotionally very immature. 


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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2020] Tale of Gumiho, 구미호뎐

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