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Just finished ep 6 and I am so conflicted. I'm going to put everything in the spoilers for key events that happened from ep 6 since ep 5 was mostly centered around JA and LY's growing relationship (wh

Oh yes this is really good! Source: DCGall, credit as labeled

New stills for tomorrow's episode. Source: BreakNews

8 minutes ago, an-naum said:

No recappers? Uuu.... 

Hoping LY will get his happy ending with his love.

Unfortunately I'm unable to recap the episodes. :D But I try to feed this thread after the episodes air on their respective days.


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Just finished ep 6 and I am so conflicted. I'm going to put everything in the spoilers for key events that happened from ep 6 since ep 5 was mostly centered around JA and LY's growing relationship (which I totally appreciated so that we can connect and believe their love is sincere. Ps. JBA and LDW chemistry went way up after ep 5 and I'm here for it. Like how can I not love these two together after their date and that umbrella scene??? Cutest thing I've seen in a drama)


BUT ANYWAYS back to my unnecessary commentary + my (hopeful) predictions for the end of the show


First off: fox bead???!!!



I really, really hoped JiAh wouldn't give the fox bead to the fortune teller. I mean, obviously for the plot to move and for Imoogi to actually make moves they had to get rid of it, but like WHYY it was supposed to protect her life (as the Governor said). With the safeguard gone, Imoogi has access to JA just like Voldemort had with Harry...and can manifest the spirit of the king into a physical form (?). However, I'm still curious: if imoogi was using the king as a vessel before AE was involved...what power did AE have to involve herself? I'm sensing there will be some reveal in ep 7/8.


The only hopeful thing about the fox bead being gone is JA's quote: "I don't believe in fate." The writer is explicitly hinting that things won't go "according to fate" or in this case "ill fate" as these two have an ill-fated relationship supposedly since they were never supposed to be together. In the past and even now. 


Also I'm going to safely assume that the fox bead won't stay in the clutches of the fortune teller for long. Who knows, it may hold some other power besides protection! I just wonder who or what will be sacrificed for it.



JA & LY's relationship


I really loved JA's response to LY's kiss. It confirmed her feelings and at the same time reinforced her characterization as someone who knows what she wants & will not accept being in another woman's shadow. I also loved how JBA acted out JA's conflicted feelings in the kiss bc you can see she wants to continue but she uses her hand as an obstacle to stop herself.  


Also, LY getting hurt because of JA and JA feeling guilt and wanting to repay him back: Are we seeing the recurring theme here??? However, I'm sure things won't end the way it did in the past life. JA will not die. The writer is too hyperaware of kdrama stereotypes (as shown in many situations within the drama). These two episodes have allowed viewers to witness our protagonists' budding relationship bloom. We can't help but cheer for their happy ending. I don't think this is done unintentionally. Especially when LY himself says that he will see through it to the end: JA's reunion with her parents and her "happy ending." 


Despite his promise, I don't expect LY to die because the whole gumiho thing is: the desire to become human. He's mentioned it in ep 5 on their date ;) Come to think of it, although many people have said ep 5/6 are fillers, it really is setting us up for what is to come. I like to think the fast development gives more room for the plot as well as character/relationship building. Not to mention, we can find out what LY did with all the other AE lookalikes of the past if he was hanging around JA even when she was young! Could he have also protected them? I hope to find out.


Who is the mystery boy?


A boy who would kill humans at first sight and yet heal a bird so it can fly. As ShinJoo mentioned in this very episode: people who look to hurt/injured animals are not truly evil. Yes, he could have been referring to our lovely YooRi, but the writer could have been setting it up for whoever this character is: imoogi or not. I know he is the other half of Imoogi's horcrux, but what if there is a potential for imoogi to turn good? 


Alright, I know my expectations are smidge too much, but it's good to know that there's potential to this foreboding character. My guess is that the boy will attempt to physically eat JA to gain the scales and thus try to repeat what was attempted years ago if LY hadn't intervened. Of course, this timeline is different: this time, Lee Rang is in the picture. 


Honestly, I still really love this drama and really appreciate how it executes stereotypical tropes in a refreshing way. It's not the next big Goblin, but it really has potential with folklore + leads' chemistry. Here's to waiting another long week for the next two episodes :tears:


PS. the bts for ep 5-6 came out! Wow....I say this every time but I love these two :tears: Most of what they said are a bit mumbly so I couldn't hear much, but if anyone wants a translation lmk and I can put on my detective hat. and add it to this post :)

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32 minutes ago, soojeons said:

I really loved JA's response to LY's kiss. It confirmed her feelings and at the same time reinforced her characterization as someone who knows what she wants & will not accept being in another woman's shadow. I also loved how JBA acted out JA's conflicted feelings in the kiss bc you can see she wants to continue but she uses her hand as an obstacle to stop herself.  


I totally felt the same. The kiss was beautiful, but I'm iffy about reincarnation tropes and I'm glad she's reminding him, hey, I'm my own person. I want him to fall in love with her for her, not because of a past life. She is not Ah Eum. 


Changing topic, I'm enjoying Yu-ri's character development. In the first episode or two I was getting sort of a femme fatale/Harley Quinn vibe and I wasn't into it, but I'm appreciating her more and more now. She's prickly and distrustful with a sadistic streak, but it's balanced by lighter moments. It's not so much that she's a horrible nasty cruel person, more like she has a different view on humans since she isn't one, and has been abused by them. The interactions between her and the veterinarian whose name I forget are great.


Also, Rang on the sedan chair? I love him. 

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DisclaimerI have been typing this for quite some time that I did not read a few posts before this. I have some insecurities with English not being my strong feat so I tend to re-read and re-wording everything. Some of my points are like what @soojeons said but it is not intentionally done. Hence, I did not quote what already has been said.  



Gathering my thoughts after watching Ep 6, I don't even know what to feel about anymore. I might be the only one who the more scene we get with both lead, the more I feel detached about them. I do love the part where Ji Ah assert herself that she is Ji Ah in present time, not reincarnation of Ah Eum and she wants Yeon to think it through which version of her he thinks about. Of course she still can't help to be affected by that kiss. I guess I am just feeling fatigue with fated epic love trope nowadays. Brace yourself for a really long disconnected rant. :coolshades:


1) Yeon and Ji Ah


I am now feeling more confused with Yeon now. In EP 6 where he criticized Governor for hiding and protecting his fox little sister even after she killed a lot of human, what does make him any different? While he does not really protecting Rang, he did not do anything to him either. It is like all the rules of their world does not apply to Rang. It has been shown that Rang has been killing human and abusing his power too. They have met few times now but they exchanged few banter and lead and just poof. Let's meet again when I need more information. His role make me more confused now and what is in his deal with Grandma and what kind of job he is entitled to fulfill now. And seeing how dismissal Yeon is towards Rang, I am feeling so detached with how is it possible for him to be so into protecting Ji Ah when he practically abandoned his half brother when he was still a child. I guess the relationship between family member means nothing here because we are sticking with fated epic love story between gumiho and human. Cue rolled eyes. 


With Ji Ah, I feel like since we are already established with the idea that she does not have any social circle outside her work place, I guess it makes sense how severely attached she is with Yeon. Along with the fact she knows Yeon did watch over her after the accident, it made her appreciates Yeon more. I do appreciate that she mentioned her non-existent uncle indeed took her in after the disappearance of her family meaning she grew up with her relatives. During the scene with Fortune Teller, she said that she does not believe in fate anyway and willingly to give whatever the precious thing she possessed even though she does not know the importance of it . My guess it is because she needs Yeon now more than anything. Who cares about consequences because Yeon will solve everything anyway and I only need him. And now that she already traded fox bead with Yeon, she will always be in danger because there is no more fox bead to protect her. I am definitely welcoming every scene she will be in danger and Yeon coming to the rescue in the upcoming episodes. Sarcasm in me talking .


I guess it is time for me to stop scrutinizing every little thing and just accept whatever being given about Yeon and Ji Ah. And I am sorry for being such a party pooper for those who enjoy their scenes together because I am really not a fan of when they are together.


2) Rang, Yuri and Shin Ju


Moving on, can I just cry for Rang. He is perfectly aware that Yeon is his most precious thing in his life but he traded him anyway because he does not care anymore. And it has been shown that he was still a child when Yeon abandoned him. So it actually took years in between when he was abandoned and when Yeon stabbed him. I cannot really blame him for becoming so twisted when his moral compass just disappear leaving him alone in danger and he was approached by a shady human at his lowest point in life. But watching the story keeps mentioning how heartbreaking that Yeon lost his love and wanted me to sympathized with him instead. Sorry, but not entirely buying it. The abandonment tremendously traumatized him and he refused to take in the dog because he does not want to feel any sort of attachment. But that do not excuse him for all the things he had done and I want him to face all the consequences for all his deeds. Cue ugly tears.


Yuri too faced a lot of abuse before being saved by Rang. Rang practically gives her new life and purpose and I feel it is natural for her to continue following him. Meeting with Shin Ju gives her different perspective on others and I am rooting for Shin Ju to correct her wrongdoings and teach her that even though she faces cruelty, that does not mean it is alright for her to abuse her power over others. She needs new moral compass because Rang definitely not it. 


Both Rang and Yuri needs proper care and healing now that I really hope they will get it before any punishments befall onto them.


3) Grandma and her husband.


WHY DO YOU NEED TO SHOUT IN PUBLIC PLACES AND INSTEAD OF APOLOGIZING YOU ARE MAD THAT YOU ARE BEING CORRECTED. Major props to Yuri for telling him off even after Shin Ju warn her that he is the husband of King Hades' little sister. This might be the little comedic relief that the writer wants to provide, but it really gets on my nerves. You are wrong for shouting, so if people tell you off, that is what you deserves. Who cares about your status. Right now I just want the Grandma to stop withholding information and being so cryptic with everything. Telling Yeon to stop never going to stop him. Tell him what you know, and come clean with what you do not know. And now I think her role will be the key who knows the information how to end this long fight between Yeon and Imoogi. 


4) Imoogi and prediction 


Now we know that Yeon did not fully kill Imoogi and he was reborn ala Voldermort. Initially a baby who becomes a kid in days that feed on human. I guess the relationship between him and Ah Eum/Ji Ah make it possible for him to reborn with just Ji Ah's blood. Ah Eum mentioned that she wants to kill her father, the King and Yeon mentioned that the King actually being controlled by other creature which I deduced it is Imoogi. I think Imoogi possesses the King and Ah Eum was born during that time. Which is most probably why she got the scaly skin. Does that make her half-Imoogi. Or she received Imoogi pieces ala horcruxes when Yeon tried to kill him. Why does it really feel like a crossover between korean folklore and Harry Potter just like what the earlier posts mention? 


All this while, Ah Eum's reincarnation has been protected by the fox bead and Yeon did not become so attached to them unlike Ji Ah because he could not detect the fox bead hence they remained safe. But now Ji Ah is heavily involved with Yeon, fox bead has been traded and she no longer in possession of the fox bead, we can say she is vulnerable with Imoogi advances and it is now his chance to retrieve back his pieces that went into Ji Ah. And Yeon will come to save the day and finally kill Imoogi for good. Whether he will get his happy ending with Ji Ah, that is still up in the air but we have been told over and over again that gumiho can never be with human. 


Before I forget, the show team did received tip that the caretaker has been missing. So I guess that will be the lead for them to finding Imoogi since Yeon's trick with the shoes means nothing since they did not managed to follow Rang. Who wanna bet that Ji Ah will find Imoogi first and went there alone and Yeon sensing she is in danger and went for her rescue?



Finally finished letting out my disconnected thought for now. Definitely need a little pick me up right now and I am relived that Jun and Ra Ra exist. Till then, annyeong. :offtospace:



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thank you for sharing, @kehrite & @kdramagrandma!!! You guys made some really good points. I'm a little biased because I'm really here for LDW and JBA, but I do see the flaws, plot holes, and cover ups. In response to what kdramagrandma said about the fox bead, I actually hoped Lee Rang would go back to the fortune teller and retract the trade before JA, but show really let me down on that one lol


I was confused because since she's the producer of the supernatural show, and should know about gumihos and fox beads, I didn't expect her to toss it away so easily. I think your worries are totally valid because it does seem like the writer is focusing on making this an epic love story much about the two leads. I mean, for fans like myself, this is what I live for. BUT that doesn't mean everything else should be forsaken. Esp the brothers' relationship. I definitely side-eyed LY on that. I'm hoping we see something along the lines of LY checking up on LR throughout the years or doing something in the background. 


I hope things will pick up between the brothers and more backstory will be given on our other characters (like Shinjoo - where is he from and why does he serve LY???) I'm also curious about the team manager and the woman on the island (is she still there?? How come she was awake at that specific time when everyone else died?) I only ask because the two actors took a picture with the leads during the script reading so they aren't some extras.


The fact that ep 5-6 was focused mainly on the couple makes me think that these two won't have much time with each other for long. :unsure: but hopefully that means making more room for SJ - YR - LR plus a full backstory on Hades' brother in law and Granny LOL


Anyways, next week will mark halfway through the drama so I'm excited to see what the writer/director duo will bring to the table! Till then, :byebye2:

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2 hours ago, soojeons said:

I was confused because since she's the producer of the supernatural show, and should know about gumihos and fox beads, I didn't expect her to toss it away so easily. 


Oh my. You have no idea how I force myself be distracted during that scene because I just do not want my brain go haywire. I said it before, I guess I am saying it again. She is too reckless and so over confident and she put all her hope on Yeon now that I hate how someone so independent becoming so dependent on a person that she is only starting to get to know about. I am soooooo disappointed with her character now I don't bother to think anymore. I refuse to believe that all this happen in span of more than 2/3 months and now Ji Ah is betting everything on Yeon. The evil in me says that she needs to experience more than the children ghost to come to her senses. My head will only hurt thinking about the relationship between them.


However, when they are doing their own thing, I do enjoy their scenes. But when they are together, I am sorry. That epic love story does not appeal to me for now. 



P/s; I did some re-watch on Scent of a Woman last weekend. Can I just say I loooove Lee Dong Wook and Kim Suh Ah more in there rather that Lee Dong Wook and Jo Bo Ah here. I did watch this drama initially for him but now I am staying for Kim Bum and Kim Yong Ji.



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Annyeong Chingudeul.. 

Now I am a little worried about our leads...

Will JA lose her protection cos she gave away the fox bead??.. How did she get the scales??.. And the imoogi kid is so creepy.. :crazy:


I am thinking her parents got sacrificed for this imoogi.. 

With so many people saying that JA and LY are ill fated.. Arggghh.. One of them is going to die for sure.. 


How I wish LY dies and become immortal and they live happy human life together.. :fullofhearts:

Please please don't let this be an open ending... Chaebal!!!! :sparklyeyes:

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LY isnt in love with JA, yet. 

He just wants her to have a happy life, and he will do everything so that can happen.


I like JAs loyalty and care for Yeon, whether she is in love or not.

She gave the fox bead without hesitation, because she just wanted to save Yeon.

And even if she wanted to hesitate a little there was no time for that.  :)


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