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40 minutes ago, Jillia said:

I just think that doesn't mean she needs to be 100% fearless and reckless. She can have her weak moments as well. :D

I just rewatch most of her scenes from EP 1 and I hope that running out from her house is going to be her only weak moment. I mean, she can have more but at least she will make an effort to fight it rather accepting it just as it is. Even 9 years old Ji Ah showed she was a quick thinker and really brave by tricking/fighting her parents' impersonator. I believe that the scene is real/not a dream because Yeon did come and save her, tried to erase her memory but it is not working. 


I am going to restrain myself from overthinking about Ji Ah and her action for now. There are plenty of episodes left and I hope the writer will stop contradicting Ji Ah's character trait just to move up the plot.


On another note, I am curious about Ji Ah's team leader. He is a too notable actor to be just a team manager and the fact that he is a regular customer at The Snail Bride make me think he must be related with the plot going forward.


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Just finished ep 6 and I am so conflicted. I'm going to put everything in the spoilers for key events that happened from ep 6 since ep 5 was mostly centered around JA and LY's growing relationship (wh

LY isnt in love with JA, yet.  He just wants her to have a happy life, and he will do everything so that can happen.   I like JAs loyalty and care for Yeon, whether she is in love or no

Popping by to share some of my theories ! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted on here !    Anyways I’m too lazy to retype all of my theories on here, but for anyone curious you can check t

Just random my thoughts after re-watching some scenes. Previously, Lee Yeon has kept finding girls whose appearance resemble Ah Reum's while it is warned that after reincarnation, that person's appearance may change. The stubbornness, loyalty and faithfulness have come together for so long, which may affect the effectiveness and effiency in finding his girl :)) At first, I hope that the writer would not make Ji Ah become Ah Reum's reincarnation, which may bring some plot twists to this series :)) For instance, Lee Yeon could fall for Ji Ah due to her charm and then he meets Ah Reum again in someone's appearance. He will have learn to deal with the situation: his current relationship and the spot in his heart for Ah Reum :)) Though the plot is now not surprising that Ji Ah is the one he has found for many years, I appreciate his thoughts during his punishment period. He expressed his flesh pain could be nothing compared to the pain of losing that girl, regardless of who Ji Ah is. I think it could be acceptable that Lee Yeon has a crush for Ji Ah because of her own characteristics, despite the fact that he finds some similar things between her and Ah Reum.

When Lee Yeon told that he did not care the gender of her reincarnation (male or female), her status (just under 60), I felt to some extents he accepts the modern world (somehow related to LGBTQ). Going through many centuries, experiencing many changes in people's lives, he has understood the precious value of a short life for an ordinary human. However, it is the only love which he keeps in his heart for Ah Reum to prevent others approaching him and expressing emotions to him. I supposed the signal of finding the right one does not only depend on Lee Yeon's connection with bead, but also the emotions between two people. Then, he actually missed many chances of finding his girl when he only saw them in each reincarnation once and passed by. I think it could stand for a message in building any relationship. Indeed, people care much the appearance and the first impression, then let it go. Many people do not give it a second chance to communicate or approach the other. If he tried once, maybe he had found earlier ^^ At least, he gradually opened his heart to someone, who may not be Ah Reum, then the fate gifted him the chance of reuniting with his girl in an unexpected moment. 

P/S: When I accidently searched the meaning of the name, I found something. Ah Ream refers to the beauty. Ji Ah could be an amalgamation of wisdom and beauty :D So at least hope the ending between Lee Yeon and his girl could be better than previous one. 

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9 hours ago, Jillia said:

I think the writer confuses a female lead being reckless with being strong and independent. :lol: I think a healthy amount of fear and good reasoning would be good for Ji Ah. :D


IMO she is reckless because for her, Her Life is not something she really cares for, the only purpose being she needs to Find where her Parents vanished. That is it. At least that's how I understood her :D 


FINALLY had to Bow down to Viki and get a Pass, they were not letting me watch TOG without it :(. 


Episode 3.

I would ask general audience or anyone to please not watch this drama while having any kind of food. Its Horror Dark and Creepy,,...But its different. Twilight tuned on Steroids at places, along with much loved Wuxia.

The best thing I find here is The Lady is not slightly effected by either Male Leads, Lee Yeon warns her to forget it doesn't effect her, Lee Rang seduces her to accept a wish it doesn't smother her.


Lee Rang is a wounded Fox, and there is a backstory I am itching to see. I have watched and read a lot of Xianxia and Wuxia to know while Lee Yeon is all about saving his supposed Lady Love he is commuting violations against Law which will end up hindering the much needed reunion so I know how that might end up working. He hides his pain in Sarcasm. And he is funny :D His and LR's individual scenes with or without Jiah are so fascinating to see TBH.


Lee Yeon always ends up thinking Lee Rang is gonna harm Jiah but LR ultimate goal is LY not the Lady, and he plays right onto his smartly placed card. I mean Imugi Snake Monster was required to be summoned back to earth again , Jiah was just a bait, her Blood was needed, weather she stays alive or dies in the process did not really matter. But now Imugi is maybe an Infant , will we have to wait for a Time Jump to reveal the entire background? Whey...Anyhow


Now onto Jiah , I still think she is either possesed or sealed by some magic which is what is Forbidding LY to detect the Fox Bead/Pearl in her soul. She definitely is Ah Eum simply because the Fox Powers don't work on her and Her Sacrificial Blood was special.

The Russian Fox Lady, She is a Russian Fox who Looks Korean and Speaks in Fluent Korean? Really?? I mean this thing Lost me totally, K drama and weird logics. Lol.


Will be back will more thoughts on Episode 4 tomorrow. This show is legit Good , all my fav mythical urban fantasy elements are included. 


Anyone divided yet for Team Edward v/s Team Jacob err I mean Team Lee Yeon v/s Team Lee Rang. 


kristen stewart twilight GIF



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17 hours ago, soojeons said:

I definitely see your point! I mean they have to move the story along somehow, right? Haha I think there wouldn't be much of an epic romance if LY didn't get to save JA and the only way was to make it so that she had no choice (going all the way up to the creepy building lol /I shook my head at this scene too/)


And the spiderman scene repeated! :sweatingbullets:

But in that scene, i really mesmerized by LDW act. He throw his body very very natural..

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It was a powerful scene when JA just threw herself off that balcony...

For some reason it reminded me of a similar scene in the movie ''Crouching tiger hidden dragon''.





Poor JA...she was expecting some colorful bouquet of flowers...:lol:

He was a little uncomfortable...but that was so sweet...



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hello everyone! 


i am very excited to join you guys in watching this drama & talking how awesome it is and loving its leads’ character.


honestly, i lost track already on how many times i repeatedly watching each episode!


anyway, just want to share some of the thoughts that keep on bugging me  :-



episode 1

how come LR seem to know more about JA’s future than LY? i mean LY is supposed to be more powerful than LR.. probably someone higher up is backing his actions..


how JA was able to go inside LY house is something that keeps on crossing my mind everytime i saw that scene


episode 2

from the boat scene of LY & JA, i wonder how come they were together? did JA request LY to join her? or LY call up JA where she was heading and bring himself along? or it was simply the work of fate and found themsleves on the same boat going to the same island.


episode 3

i think there is definitely something hiding or not yet awaken inside JA.. something  powerful? but not sure if it is completely evil...


also, i notice there were instances that JA talks about human as 3rd party, that to me, it implies she does not belong to human species..


on the scene where the shaman was  preparing to offer JA, she mention that JA trick her parents when she was inside her mother’s womb... and that her mother keep on dreaming something


episode 4

finally, the fox bead shows up. 

was it the thing LR told LY to find or else JA will die?

preview of episode 5 doesnt seem to show that JA remembers her past life as AE though.. 


anyway, sorry for long post. i just really wanted to let it out from my system haha


see you around ^^



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Episode 4

This show gives me heebeejeebes and Satisfies my Korean Drama Xianxia Wuxia Thirst all at one go. Last 20 minutes were Awsome!!


As I said Lee Rang is a wounded Fox.

My 2 cents, there is a different Villain behind all of these Things who has not really come out. Maybe the Guy who is foster parenting Imugi is the one to be taken hold of.Looking at flashbacks he has been alive Since Ah Eum was a Human in Enchanted Mountain.



>>>So Imugi took over AhEums Body, LY wanted to kill Imugi but ended up sealing him.and killing Ah Eum in the process hence she has the Snake scale leftovers.LY bargained and stopped AEs soul to transport into afterworld and gave her the Fox Bead, which was somehow manipulated by GrimReaper Halmoni hence whenever reincarnated LY was not able to search for her.

LY was made to let go of his position as a Fox Mountain King and asked to do services ie to kill Foxes who Takeover Human Life and Kill them mercilessly. During that process he left his Brother(Who I am still confused is a Hybrid or Pure Blood atm because he dosent have Red Hair and Only 1 eye is Foxy) Lee Rang in the forest.

Humans in the mountain were INSTIGATED hence they Burnt the Mountains which Led LR to save the foxes and Kill the Humans Mercilessly. LY when returns says he lost LR and could not find him but now he is orded to Kill LR.He still Does not DESTROY HIS CORE which technically is against the Law, LR survives with the help of Immortal Human Uncle and now is crazy mad to Take Revenge or Nirvana in his brothers Hand itself.

Meanwhile AE reincarnates maybe multiple times but bcuz LY was never able to detect the Pearl directly he never indulged more.Now in 2020 he still cant find the bead but suspects Jiah to be AE and slowly falls for her. LY kills a Shaman to safeguard her again violating the rule but somehow even after continuosly commiting crimes LR Is Alive?? As much as I love LR This is a bit screwes up.LY is made to go to hell and JH having always dealt with Foxes and ended up being saved by the evil Foxes is trapped by soul of Twin Ghosts and Kids (esshh) and LY gets turned into a Kebab still crosses bridge of Hell and saves Jiah and then The fox pearl shows itself creating a Magic Hallo around them.


LY dosent want to reveal her Memories looking at the spoilers but LR will for sure tell the entire truth because he wants her dead for making his brothet Left their People and The Mountains. LR did wrong but he thinks he was wronged, If LY did not care for him.why would he have deliberatley spared him multiple times? Despite Grim Reaper Halmoni practically sitting on his heas every minute to balance out Life Death Karmic Cycle? Man talk about being a Sadist Victim.Nvm though.


I am ok with LR being crazy Cute Mad he provides a much needed Oomoh factor Here. I am not quite sure how Yu Ri the Russian Fox will play into the entire storyline but lets see. It is wonderful to watch a Fantasy Drama this good after 3 yrs. K dramas IMO lost that touch for few years.

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I recalled the gift of mugwort which Lee Yeon brought to Ji Ah :)) I tried to search the meaning of mugwort when Lee Yeon explained briefly that it can survive anything even on irradiated land. According to the source which I see in Internet, mugwort is a member of the genus Artemisia, a group of plants named for the Greek Goddess of the moon. Mugwort also excels in the Lunar realm of divination and dreams. But occasionally someone makes an argument for Venus, the ruler of many healing herbs. This plain-looking, low-growing plant corresponds to the element of Earth. To some extents, Lee Yeon literally hopes that Ji Ah could live well onwards despite the hardships that she experienced in the past.


A cute fanart by luga_bel at Twitter.



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I expect to see another date between Lee Yeon and Ji Ah in ep 5 so that we can see their walk in the rain :)) I really like that rainy scene when Lee Yeon wants to spare the most of his precious umbrella with Ji Ah, but Ji Ah wants it to be shared equally =))


(Photo from Xinxaxin & three_bears_mom at Twitter)





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these two are back at it again! I seriously think this has got to be the best promotion actors can give to fans. I'm here for it!!! Here is a translation for anyone curious~



JBA: Oppa

LDW: Where did you get that, that's mine!!

JBA: Oppa, are you gonna watch episode 5 and 6 or not? You were waiting for me too (in reference to the ending quote made by LY at the end of ep 4). C'mon, there's not even anything scary coming out this week!!!

LDW: Alright, alright. I'll watch it. Wed, Thurs. 10:30pm, TVN. Tale of the Nine Tailed. 

JBA: Watch the original airing~



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