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[sitcom 2006] The Unstoppable High Kick 거침없이 하이킥

Guest yeohweping

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Guest yeohweping

[MBC] Jung Il Woo, Kim Hye Sung, Park Min Young, Kim Bum, Shinji

Official site: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/ent/highkick/index.html

Airing: Monday to friday at 8:20 p.m Korean time

Start : 6th of nov 2006



The Lee family


Lee Sun Jae plays the head of the Lee family and a hospital. He is only a "coward" in front of his first daughter in-law as she had been providing financial support when the hospital was doing poorly.

Shin Ji plays a CM singer who although divorced the second son of the family played by Choi Min Young, she can't break up with him completely because of their child and as they still some feelings for each other as well. They will have a triangle relationship with Seo Min Jung, Min Young's fellow teacher.

Min Young is a teacher at a high school where both his nephews are studying.

At School


Seo Min Jung

Kim Hye Sung (Lee Min Ho) & Jung Il Woo (Lee Yun Ho)'s classmates & Schoolmates


Kim Bum


Seung Hyun


Chan Seong


Kang Yu Min


Official MBC Picture thread




CB links



Non CB links



01 거침없이 하이킥 (Opening Theme) - 무가당

02 Love U Like U (Love Theme) - 무가당

03 왜 그래요 (나문희 Theme) - 이은주 (무가당)

04 삼부자 송 (준하, 윤호, 민호 Theme) -송백경


01 ›]ÓÐ×è“ϵÄHighkick (Opening Theme) - Îè¸èüh

02 Love U Like U (Love Theme) - Îè¸èüh

03 ÔõüNÁË (Á_ÎÄÎõ Theme) -Lee Eun Joo(Îè¸èüh)

04 Èý¸¸×ÓSong (¿¡ºÓ, ÔʺÆ, ÃñºÆ Theme) -Ëΰ׾©


Ben Folds-Still



01 거침없이 하이킥 (Opening Theme)


거침없이 하이킥 DIGITAL OST Vol.2


Release Date: 2007.05.03

01 사랑은 개나소나 (이순재 테마) - 이경미

02 그 자리에 (윤호테마) - 무가당





(Credit koreanwind)

Here's gae na so nah (yoomi's mom's song).


Credit parkie871


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Guest yeohweping

I thought MBC WASN'T going to do sitcoms anymore.. Cutting RR

What MBC quitted doing were the school sitcoms. They are going to focus more on the family ones from now on. :o



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Guest superivystar

Looks good! SHINJI! :D Is this her first acting stint?

And yay for Kim Bum on a daily basis!!! :w00t: Kim Hye Sung..sounds familiar..he's the guy in Jenny, Juno right?

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omg! it's Lee Min-Yong! o.o

wow. i was wondering where he went after New Nonstop3.. lol. loved his NN3 character.. so frugal. hahaha...

looking forward to this. loving the cast! ^^

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Guest lost_kim


the guy on the right, he's the one from the movie jeny juno right?

I will definetely miss nonstop, but this sitcom also sounds interesting, cannot wait to see the first episodes...

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